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UFO CONTACT FROM VENUS  A 219 page narrative account of Ron Cards ongoing contact with a male being from  Venus who gave him a very extensive coverage of the history or our earth, before the written coverage we now have. The Venusians took an earth battleship from mid-voyage to the Atlantic.


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UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET NORCA  A 130 page account of Albert Coe's ongoing contacts with a male being from an exhausted planet they called Norca, before they moved their operation to our neighboring planet Venus. They met Coe, including his fiance who became his wife, many time together.


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THE BLUE PLANET PROJECT  A mysterious manuscript authored by a US Government insider, describing the inter relationship between the US Government and several extraterrestrials societies with whom we have working agreements. Never intended to be released to the USA.


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EARTH COSMOLOGY A 25 page account of the effects of the Destroyer Comet that upset our whole Solar System, in the ancient past carefully searched out in Billy Meier contact reports. Larry Driscol reads and translates directly from the original German transcripts, carefully connecting the notes.


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UFO CAPTURE  The carefully investigated report of two F-14 Navy Tomcat  Jet fighters captured in full flight by a  giant delta-shaped fling object before the astonished eyes of hundreds of first person witnesses on the ground near Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico. Very mysterious government activites followed.



UFO ART  A 119 page survey  of UFO art by the best and most used artists in the UFO Literature. This includes the works of Robert Castillo of Baja Calif,  Jim Nichols of Tucson Az, Rudolph  Dass of Holland, Jacques Drabier of Phoenix Az,Wesley Crum of Ill, Chan HJohnson of Nv and China.



UMMO- CAT  References to 1,364 pages of UMMO Communications to the Spanish Scientist on the UMMITE list of Contacts. These are fromn  the collection of the original UMMO communication files of Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos of Sevilla Spain


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UFO CONTACT FROM BEYOND RIGAL A ethnic Cherokee American Indian girl is abducted from her home in full view of her Mother, was taken aboard a hovering flying disc, was examined and then was shown around the craft and allowed to ask questions. She observed amazing technology and and in answer to her many questions was shown remarkable machinery and devices that were demonstrated to her.


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MESSAGE FROM THE PLEIADES, Vol. 2, originally published in 1980 in Hardback library style edition.  This E-Book version has all the  photographs digitized in full color, and all the dialogue with the Ets, not purged to eliminate possible grounds for libel.  It also has a subject contents in the front to facilitate research.





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