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Dear Ignacio,

It’s time to give you some news from us.

This last weekend we were in France, because André Jacques Holbecq and the French Ummo-list organised a meeting in the suburbs of Paris.

Jean had to speak about the “factor X” = krypton. Manuel Rotaeche about the IBOZOO UU. Jacques Costagliola about the “Sindon”, Julian Barrenechea about his memories hearing and living the phone calls from his uncle Jorge with the Ummitas.

As Holbecq’s wife does not have the least interest about the Ummo affair, I went to the Parisian Center with her (to my greatest disappointment) and we were both to visit the “boutiques” and other trivial details... I’m NOT interested in mode and couturiers... and she IS.

But, in the evening I was so lucky to meet the nice and open-minded Manuel Rotaeche and his superb, lovely and intelligent sister, who really speaks comprehensible French. There was also the funny side of my meeting with Julian Barrenechea : he pretended to have got a lump in his throat under my eyes expression ! But Julian is also very likeable and full of humour.


Julian Barrenechea told in the meeting to have unreleased Ummo-letters his uncle received in the 80s. He also said to have more transcriptions of phone calls with Ummo and he promised to send copies to the Ummo list.

I’ll be careful to forward you all what he should share with the list or with Jean.


May I come back to the package of the pseudo Ummo-letters from 1980 and 1981 sent to the Alicante or Albacete group ?

So far Jean and I have translated this letters in French but we didn’t provide them to the French Ummo-list of AJH because we didn’t ask your permission to do so, and we don’t have the permission of the original addressees: those letters are their property. What is your opinion about this matter ?

Jean thinks the members of the new Ummo-interested people may have knowledge of it: I think these letters have to remain confidentially for a longer time and above this reason also because the website of AJH is open for “all”.

Can you give your opinion about this ?


Did you hear from Rafael Farriols’ bad health? It seems the poor man has to use daily an oxygen cylinder to breath.


Sorry to have given this bad news at the end of my message. Perhaps you knew it already.

Dear Ignacio, I wish you a happy time for you and Mariluz, as happy as my life with Jean,

With all my love,


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