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The Astrological Karma of the USA by Steffan Vanel

Conspiracy Theories and the
Problem of Evil

by Steffan Vanel 2/04/04

As one who has taken upon himself the task of trying to make sense of what is happening in the U.S.A., I am constantly confronted with the myriad of secret conspiracy theories which are now in circulation. I myself am open to believing in a certain amount of conspiracy taking place behind the surface appearance of things. I personally do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assasination of John Kennedy.

However, I also do not believe that President Bush and his cohorts, themselves orchestrated September 11, or consciously colluded with those who did. I believe that Bush and his cohorts have taken tremendous advantage of the fear generated by the events of that day to implement their own agenda.

I am amazed how many people I meet continually, however, who earnestly believe in a One World Government conspiracy which is manipulating everything for their own ends. To these people I often ask the question: “If Bush and the CIA actually orchestrated 9/11 then why haven’t they just ‘found’ weapons of mass destruction in Iraq by now? Why haven’t they just placed them in some remote site of discovery?” Even I am capable of believing in that level of conspiracy.

Now, if weapons of mass destruction are discovered a week before the election when Bush is trailing in the polls, I may have to rethink everything I am about to say.

The US with its Sagittarian Ascendant which can see itself as honest upright and morally strong, whether true or not, and its Ninth House Neptune in tension with Mars in Gemini, making us prone to illusion and confusion in our belief systems, makes us particularly prone to these kinds of Conspiracy theories. In my experience, Americans will believe in things which most people in other countries would never believe in.

I personally think the promoters of many of these conspiracy theories are themselves being influenced by what the Ascended Master Hilarion calls ‘The Dark Forces.’

Those who know my work know that I work extensively with the Karmic Astrological information channeled from the Master Hilarion, as well as with other information coming from this same source. Of all the sources of information available out there, this is the source I trust the most.

Hilarion has a book called: ‘Dark Robes, Dark Brothers.’ In it he says that the dark forces exist and that they are part of God’s plan, because God created everything, the dark and the light. The truth is, without darkness there is no concept or possible experience of light. It is this opposing darkness which tests us in our growth towards the light.

There is a very interesting chapter in this book in which Hilarion discusses how the dark forces attack those who are already on the path of spiritual development. He says that they do it through different teachers, or gurus, or channeled entities, who have a lot of truth, who have a lot of wisdom. Carefully interwoven with that truth and wisdom, however, consciously or unconsciously, are things which are not true. This holds the seeker back because they buy the whole package.

This is what I personally feel is taking place with many of the conspiracy theorists, for the most part, unconsciously. They have enough truth and wisdom to make the rest of what they say believable. The purpose and effect of this activity of the Dark Forces is to marginalize people. If you really believe many of those theories, that the One World Government or the Reptilian Aliens are really in control of everything, then you are not even going to bother to vote for a Democrat. Why bother?

You are also not going to be giving a very coherent argument to your cousin who thinks he should vote for Bush as to why he should reconsider.

Hilarion goes on to say that they, the Spiritual Hierarchy, cannot tell us who is good and who is bad, because this very situation serves a purpose. It is for us to develop our own powers of discrimination. Our own, what I call, ‘bullshit detector.’

Elsewhere, Hilarion says that if anything doesn’t seem right to you, then you should reject it, because either it means that it isn’t right, or it is simply information which you at this time are not capable of benefitting from. In either regard you are totally justified in rejecting it. That, however, is the kind of clear wise wisdom that tends to make me appreciate and trust Hilarion.

Hilarion has said that the Anti-Christ energy does exist on this planet today. He has said that just as the Christ is really an energy and not limited to the expression of one historical person, so too the Anti-Christ is an energy, and it exists now within elements of Politics, Business, and Military.

Nonetheless, I have a hard time with people who have more compassion for Osama Bin Laden than for George Bush. To me there is too great a temptation to want things to be black and white. To always have a bad guy, either George Bush, or Bin Laden, or the Reptilian Aliens, instead of accepting that we are all just frightened little girls and boys doing the best that we can.

Personally, I am glad that I have faith in the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy in service of God/Goddess/All that is as being the true ultimate power behind the orchestration of events and the evolution of life on this planet. That behind all of the darkness and pain and suffering there is a higher plan of karmic evolution and the ultimate spirtual liberation of the human family.

For a further discussion of the unique experiment of evolution taking place on this planet and the hidden reason for the great toll of human suffering taking place on this otherwise glorious planet I refer you to the last chapter in my book on the US: ‘The Experiment of Oceania.’

Blessings to you all, SteffanVanel