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February Community Newsletter

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The Urantia Book Fellowship

13 de marzo de 2013 23:26
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The Urantia Book Fellowship

Community Newsletter February  2013

In This Issue
SSS '13
YaYa Conference
Buddy Program
Upcoming Events

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Secretary General

Judicial Chair

Membership Chair

Interfaith Chair

Outreach Chair
Andrea Barnes 

International Chair
Buck Weimer

Education Chair
David Kulieke

Publications Chair
Linda Buselli

Finance Chair
John D. Hay

Youth and Young Adult Chair

General Council

Lara Amyx

Agustin Arellano

Andrea Barnes

Katharina Becker 

Lawrence J. Bowman

Dana Bredemeyer

Robert Bruyn

Linda Buselli

Robert Burns

Michael Challis  

Barry Clark

Emilio Coppola

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Lila Dogim

Stephen Dreier

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Charlene Morrow

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Thomas Orjala

Cristina Seaborn

Cayce Snider

Paula Thompson

Angie Thurston

Arlene Weimer  

Buck Weimer


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The Urantia Book Fellowship's  

 Summer Study Session 2013


Our Gift to God the Father: Service to the Supreme

July 10 - 14, 2013


study group What is the relationship of doing the Father's will to serving the Supreme? How does worshiping God foster serving our brothers and sisters? How do mortals reveal the Supreme to their fellows?


Join with other Urantia Book students to explore the answers to these and many other life transforming questions this July at The Fellowship's Summer Study Session. It will again be held at Techny Towers which is just north of Chicago. Plenary speakers Gary Deinstadt, Cristina Seaborn, Seth Wood, and Tamara Strumfeld will share their insights on the topic. The Education Committee's commitment to cultivate high quality thinking and nurture the pursuit of wisdom through in-depth study of the teachings of The Urantia Book promises to provide stimulating workshops.


In addition to the regular program, you may extend your stay by attending one of several preconference events. A spiritual retreat, "The Unity of Worship and Service," the Urantia Society Representatives Conclave, and a speakers and presenters workshop will begin on Wednesday evening, July 10th and continue on Thursday, July 11th. A Chicago city tour will be held on Thursday as well. You are also welcome to stay at Techny on Sunday night to observe the General Council meeting on Monday, July 14th. As always, the Summer Study Session is a time for making new friends, renewing old relationships and joining with each other in prayer and gratitude.


If you are interested in giving a workshop, please contact Nick Stefero at


Registration begins today! Click here: REGISTER NOW to register online and secure a room at Techny Towers. Last year we ran out of rooms!


Paper registrations forms are available on request; call the office at 303-467-7858.





(20% off if registered before March 15th)


A Youth and Young Adult Conference

Gloucester, MA

Thurs, Apr 18 - Sun, Apr 21, 2013


Join us in New England this spring! Our upcoming YaYA Conference takes us to Massachusetts, where idealists once gathered to bring forth a nation founded on the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. More than 200 years later, a new group of idealists will gather to bring forth a world founded on the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind.


This will be a very special gathering of youth and young adults who are interested in dedicating themselves to creating spiritual fellowship on Urantia. We will focus on the theme of REGENERATION as we seek to carry out these ideals from The Urantia Book:


Religion does need new leaders, spiritual men and women who will dare to depend solely on Jesus and his incomparable teachings. If Christianity persists in neglecting its spiritual mission while it continues to busy itself with social and material problems, the spiritual renaissance must await the coming of these new teachers of Jesus' religion who will be exclusively devoted to the spiritual regeneration of men. And then will these spirit-born souls quickly supply the leadership and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, economic, and political reorganization of the world. (195:9.4) (pp. 2082-83) 


This historic event will fittingly be held at a historic home on the North Shore: The Charles Hovey House. This beautiful space will be ours for lodging, meals, group gatherings, and walks on the beach all weekend. We invite you to join us there for a groundbreaking conference that will include:

  • Group discussions and workshops on the theme of spiritual regeneration: How do we personally and collectively devote ourselves to the leadership and inspiration that will change the world?
  • Service work on a local farm called the Food Project
  • A potluck lunch and social with Urantia Book readers of all ages from the local area
  • Interfaith discussion and activities with youth and young adults in the dynamic Christian community on the North Shore
  • Daily worship and music, hiking, beach combing, sharing meals, and exploring the historic towns of Gloucester and Beverly and the natural beauty that surrounds them

We ask everyone to try to arrive Thursday evening so we can begin the program Friday morning. Check-in time at the Hovey House is 4 pm Thursday. The nearest airport is Logan International in Boston, and there are a number of transportation options to get from Boston to the Hovey House. The easiest is the Gloucester commuter rail line, which stops just a ½ mile from the house. We will be happy to help you coordinate transportation.


Thanks to funding from The Urantia Book Fellowship, registration and housing at the Hovey House is only $25 for the entire conference. A delicious free breakfast will also be provided each morning. We will need a firm commitment in order to accommodate everyone. Please register to let us know you plan to join us for this regenerating Earth Day weekend!


With love,

The YaYA Committee



Introducing The Study Buddy Program


The Urantia Book Remember when you first discovered The Urantia Book? Do you remember how so many things became suddenly clear? How so much of history suddenly made sense? How so many mysteries suddenly had plausible explanations? And did your relationship with God change to a "nearer than breathing, closer than hands and feet" loving companionship? What a transformational experience to learn that we live in a friendly Universe, and there is nothing to fear...ever...from our loving Father, God.


Was it sometimes difficult reading The Urantia Book alone in wide-eyed wonder, filled with hope and joy? How much did you yearn to spend some time with anyone who had a common conceptual framework and vocabulary? Do you treasure the experience of meeting "new Urantia Book readers" partly because you get to share in those early moments of amazement and profound enthusiasm?


Then it's your lucky day. There are opportunities for you!


The Fellowship's Outreach and International Fellowship Committee along with our staff want to be able to offer mentors to new readers, to invite more wonderful people into the circles of our fellowship. We are launching what we call the Study Buddy Program because we believe that every Urantia Book reader should have someone to talk to, ask questions of, or share insights with, if they are so inclined.


We are creating a list of long time Urantia students who are willing to pair with newer students one-to-one. Study Buddies can meet at a local fast food place, coffee shop, or library, or just over the phone. We need permission to help one Urantia reader to contact another so we ask, are you interested in meeting with and mentoring a new Urantia Book reader occasionally? If you are interested in being or having a Study Buddy to meet with, it's easy; just fill out this form online, 

  and we'll do the rest.



Upcoming Events


To participate in Urantia Book related outreach events, conferences, worships, and retreats, check out our online calendar at: 


Outreach Event - Denver. CO- Body, Mind, Spirit Expo

15-Mar-2013 ~ 17-Mar-2013


Outreach Event - Guayaquil Ecuador - Expo Holistica

22-Mar-2013 ~ 24-Mar-2013


Outreach Event - Ft. Collins, CO - Holistic Fair

23-Mar-2013 ~ 24-Feb-2013


Interfaith/Outreach Event - Natural Living Expo - North Bethesda, MD

24-Mar-2013 ~ 25-Mar-2013


YaYA Regeneration Conference

18-Apr-2013 ~ 21-Apr-2013


Urantia Family Reunion with Pato Banton

10-May-2013 ~ 12-May-2013


Angel House Annual Retreat - 2013 - The Spirit of Worship

17-May-2013 ~ 19-May-2013


Outreach - Honolulu, HI - Body, Mind, Spirit Expo

18-May-2013 ~ 19-May-2013


Cruise With Florida Students of The Urantia Book

22-May-2013 ~ 27-May-2013


2013 Summer Study Session at Techny Towers - Chicago IL

11-Jul-2013 ~ 14-Jul-2013


General Council Meeting - Summer 2013

14-Jul-2013 ~ 15-Jul-2013


United Urantia Family Festival 2013 - Yosemite, CA

20-Aug-2013 ~ 24-Aug-2013


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