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ParaNet's roots are with a bulletin board system (BBS) called "The Other Side" created by former Director of ParaNet Jim Speiser, who was Director of ParaNet from 1986-88.  In 1988, Jim turned over the directorship of ParaNet to Michael Corbin, who further developed the ParaNet-MICAP Bulletin Board Service (BBS). The ParaNet-MICAP BBS ran from 1989-1995. Ahead of its time, the BBS was unique in terms of its ability to link researchers (and skeptics) in the field to those investigators interested in paranormal, anomalous and unexplained activities.  There is much historically valuable information buried within the files listed below that may possibly lend insight into the same questions that plague researchers today: UFOs, cattle mutilations, crop circles, conspiracy theory,  and other phenomena. 

In providing opening our files to the public at large, we at ParaNet share Albert Einstein's thought that 


It is of great importance that the general public be given an opportunity to experience - consciously and intelligently - the effects and results of scientific research. It is not sufficient that each result be taken up, elaborated, and applied by a few specialists in their field. Restricting the body of knowledge to a small group deadens the philosophical spirit of a people and leads to spiritual poverty.


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0749.TXT     [00] Newsclip on Roswell, 7/49.
1089IUR.EDI  [00] IUR Editorial on MJ-12/Roswell
1117NAP.TXT  [02] Interview: George Knapp re:Lazar/Area51
1122LACO.TXT [02] Notes on Lazar's KVEG radio co. 11/22/89
115.TXT      [00] File on Bob Lazar/Element 115
1209LAZ.TXT  [02] KLAS interview w/Lazar 12/9/89. Text
1214HARD.TXT [02] 12/14/89 Radio/Harder/Area51/Lazar
1220LAZ.TXT  [03] KVEG/Lazar Transcript 12/20/89. Best Yet
1796UFO.TXT  [00] 1796 UFO Sighting
2020.TXT     [01] 2020 meeting at Berkeley 6/20/92 
3-19DISC.TXT [00] CIS messages on Discovery/Aliens
3STAR.INT    [02] Interview with 3 star General on UFOs.
61MONTH.TXT  [00] 61 Month cycle for UFO Waves Theory. 
A-12.ART     [00] Article on the A-12 / Stealth
AAAS.DOC     [01] AAS Summary Report on the UFO phenomenon
AAVFAQ1.TXT  [02] UFO "Frequently Asked Questions, Pt. 1"
AAVFAQ2.TXT  [02] UFO "Frequently Asked Questions, Pt. 2"
AAVFAQ3.TXT  [02] UFO "Frequently Asked Questions, Pt. 3"
ABDUCT.AUS   [02] A compilation of abduction cases in Australia.
ABDUCT_2.AUS [01] The abduction phenomenon in Australia
ABMATTER.TXT [01] The non-physical reality of UFOs.
ABUPD.TXT    [02] HUFON Abduction research update. 
ADS.TXT      [01] Alien theme in advertising.  Why? 
AF10-704.TXT      Alleged Government Document on Military Deception Program
AFTHES1.TXT  [01] Thesis titled "UFOs and  Extraterrestrial Life" su
AFTHES2.TXT  [01] Thesis titled "The UFO Problem: Time  for a Reasse
AFU.TXT      [01] Introduction to Space Science, USAF  Dept. of Phys
ALAOBJ.TXT   [00] Birmingham, AL fireball sighting. 
ALIEN.TXT    [00] Variety of alien species from reports. 
ALT3.TXT     [00] Robert Sheaffer on Alternative 3. 
ALTERN3.TXT  [02] Expanded version of Sheaffer on Alt3 
ANTISEM.TXT  [00] Omni article 7/93 on UFOs and Anti-semitism
APINDEX.TXT  [00] AP articles on UFO Sightings w/Articles 
APOLLO.TXT   [01] Did Apollo 11 encounter UFOs on moon in 69?
AQUARIUM.TXT [00] Dan Smith on Aquarium Conspiracy.
AQUARIUS.TWO [00] Further notes on Moore/Aquarius letter
AQUARIUS.TXT [00] Special Aquarius Designations.
ARCHIVES.TXT [00] List of Canadian Govt. Archives
AREA51-2.TXT [00] Part 2 Lazar Transcript on KLAS 11/13/89
AREA51-3.TXT [00] Part 3 Lazar Transcript on KLAS 11/13/89
AREA51.TXT   [00] Part 1 Lazar Transcript on KLAS 11/13/89
ARMEN.TXT    [01] Armen Victorian review of Alien Liaison 
ARTICLE.TXT  [00] Rocky Mtn. News Article on "Out There".
ARTICLE1.TXT [01] File on Colorado UFO Sighting.
ARTICLES.TXT      Various UFO Articles
ASTRONAU.TXT [00] UFO sightings by astronauts.
ATF.TXT      [00] Advanced Tactical Fighter or UFO?
AUG_89.TXT   [00] Research Digest for Aug. 89/Australia
AUSSIE.TXT   [00] On Australian close encounters. 
AUS_GOV.TXT  [00] A briefing on Australian govt and UFOs
AZMUTES.TXT  [00] File on Arizona and Alabama  mutilations. 
BALLUFO.TXT  [00] File on ball lightning and UFO skepticism.
BASEMENT.TXT [00] Aliens in the basement at Wright-Pat? Hangar 18  
BAZAN.TXT    [00] Personal UFO Sighting Report
BBUNKNOW.TXT [00] Complete list of Blue Book Unknown Cases
BELGIAN.TXT  [00] Belgium Military Briefing on UFO
BELGIUM.TXT  [00] Was Belgium UFO an aircraft? 
BELGIUM1.TXT [00] Antonio Huneuus on Belgium UFO.
BELMATCH.TXT [00] Paris Match Article on Belgium UFO
BENTWAT.TXT  [00] File on Bentwaters AFB incident 1980.
BENTWAT1.TXT      Article on Bentwaters AFB Incident.
BERLIN.TXT   [02] Report on Berlin UFO Conference 1992.
BIBLIO.TXT   [00] Updated UFO Bibliography w/Annotations.
BIBLIO1.TXT  [00] List of UFO Books for the novice
BLKHELO.TXT  [00] Black helicopters in Sedona, AZ
BLUHYNEK.TXT      J. Allen Hynek on Project Blue Book.
BOOKLIST.TXT [00] CUFON suggested reading list.  Good. 
BOWART.TXT        Letter from Walter Bowart on bizarre testing.
BREEZE.TXT   [00] Personal investigation and observations
BRISBANE.TXT [00] 1992 conference in Brisbane, NSW, Aust. 
BRITUFO.TXT  [00] Status of British UFOlogy/Steve Gamble 
CANSURV.TXT       Report on Canadian UFOlogy.
CARP.TXT     [00] A CARP.UFO Update
CARP1.TXT    [00] Unverified Crash/Retrieval Report
CAUSE.TXT    [01] CAUS drops bomb on William Moore
CAUTION.TXT  [01] Hypothesis on alien motivations. 
CCUPD.TXT    [00] June 93 crop circles update.
CHALMERS.ART [01] Psychic Warfare and UFOs.  Paris Match.
CHASUFO.TXT  [00] Eerie UFO sighted in Charleston, S.C.
CHASUFO2.TXT [00] UFO in Charleston, S.C. -- Explained
CHINAUFO.TXT [00] 1992 sighting over Beijing China. 
CHIP.UFO     [00] 
CHRONO.UFO   [00] Chronocentricity re:UFOs /User Upload
CIAUFO1.TXT  [00] Christian Science Monitor article on CIA.
CIN.TXT      [01] 10/91 conference on underground bases. 
CIRCLES.MSG  [01] Are crop circles saucer "nests"?
CIRCLES.TXT  [01] Crop circle theory.  Private. 
CIRVIS.TXT   [00] FOIA document concerning CIRVIS reporting.
CISLIST.UFO  [01] Reports containing ParaNet ratings.
CISU.TXT     [01] CISU-Italian Center for UFO Studies  Case Files. 
CLARK.REP    [00] Rebuttal to Smith.TXT - Jerry Clark CUFOS
CLASSIC.UFO  [00] Article on Air Force procedure.
CLOSE84.TXT  [00] Close Encounter on I-84 by Phil Imbrogno
CLOUD.UFO    [00] UFO Report from AP 8/13/86
CMARK.TXT    [00] Personal sighting report.
CO9990.TXT   [00] CI$ Conference/Rex and Carol Salisberry
COMMENT2.UFO [00] User comment on UFOs
CONFIRM.TXT  [01] Paper linking UFOs, NSA, CIA, IAC and  thru the NS
CONTACT2.TXT [01] Billy Meier/Semjase/Beamships UFO
COOPCORB.TXT [01] Bill Cooper's open letters to Corbin/Knapp/Lazar 
COOPENGL.TXT [00] Bill English on Bill Cooper 
COOPER.ANY   [00] Analysis of Bill Cooper's ravings. 
COOPER.TXT   [00] Don Mason responds to Cooper.
COOPFLY.TXT  [00] Flyer on alien/government  collusion/Cooper 
COOPRAVE.TXT [00] The UFO Conspiracy - Cooper's  Interpretation. 
COPTER.TXT   [00] File on Alabama Copters/Mutes 1993.
CORDER.TXT   [01] Dr. Scott Corder makes predictions.
COVERUP.UFO  [00] AP report 3/17/87
CRASHRET.TXT [01] Alleged crash retrieval reports.
CRBIBL.TXT   [00] Bibliography on crop circles publications.
CRCLES.TXT   [00] Recent crop circle cases from around the world.
CROP.DOC     [00] Radio transcript on crop circles.
CROP.TXT     [01] HUFON/Bill Eatwell-Field of  Schemes/Circles. 
CROPS.TXT    [01] Is cereology dead?  Crop Circles 
CROPTXT.TXT  [01] Interview with Gerald Hawkins/Crop  Circles. 
CUFOSPR.DOC  [00] Info on Journal of UFO Studies from CUFOS
CYBORG.UFO   [02] Are aliens man-made cyborgs?
CYDONIA.TXT  [00] The message of Mars?
CYDONIA2.TXT [00] Technical paper on "The Message of Mars"
DAME1.TXT    [01] Telephone conversation between Smith/Dames/PSITECH
DAMES.TXT    [01] Interview/Notes w/ Dames/Remote  Viewing/PSITECH 
DATELINE.TXT [00] Transcript of Dateline/UFO hackers. 
DISC.TXT     [00] Story about disks which explain...
DOTY.TXT     [00] March 89 statement by Doty
DOUBLE.TXT   [00] Gulf Breeze Update from John Hicks
DREAM390.UFO [02] ParaNet Subscriber's Views on Lazar/A51
DULCEDOC.REP [01] Phoenix Project-Findings on Dulce Base
DUST_OZ.TXT  [00] A report by Bob Fletcher on Aus. UFO.
EARTHLTS.TXT [00] Earthlights Phenomena: Related to UFOs?
EASTLAKE.TXT [02] Eastlake, Ohio UFO Report.
EDWARDS.UFO  [00] 1988-Giant Box-shaped UFO over Calif.
ELFWARS.ASC  [01] More from the Phoenix Foundation.
EM.TXT       [00] UFOs & Electromagnetic Effects. 
ENGINT.TXT   [00] Bill English on KOA Radio in 1992. 
ENGLISH1.RPT [01] Analysis on Bill English's claims.
ETHICS.TXT   [00] Ethics Questionaire by Sally Sheridan
ETMSG.TXT    [00] 10/10/92 conference on ETs. 
ETOBSERV.TXT [00] Report to the Galactic Council Article. 
ETSEARCH.TXT [00] Hoagland: Implications of the Disc. of ET life
FATEKLAS.TXT [01] Klass rebuffs CSICOP. 
FAXFONE.TXT  [01] Media FAX numbers. 
FEDWARDS.UFO [00] Frank Edwards on Space program & UFOs
FEINMARS.UFO [00] Article on Mars -- Investment Opps.
FETUS.UFO    [03] Specimen studied as possible alien fetus
FIFFE01.UFO  [00] Transcript of Fyffe, AL sighting
FINLAND.UFO  [01] Numerous sightings over Finland. 1992
FIREBALL.TXT [01] Huge Fireball Rumbles Over Europe 1992.
FIVE.TXT     [01] ParaNet:  The First Five Years.
FOIA.REQ     [01] FOIA Request Information
FUTURE.STR   [01] ParaNet:  The Next Generation
GB.TXT       [01] John Hicks Updates Gulf Breeze
GB6.TXT      [00] Gulf Breeze 6 article. 
GBDON.TXT    [00] Don Allen's Gulf Breeze Report. 
GBREEZE.TXT  [00] MUFON report on Gulf Breeze. 
GBREFUTE.TXT [00] Maccabee Refutes latest photo controv.
GBREPORT.UFO [01] Rex and Carol Salisberry on Gulf Breeze
GBUPD.TXT    [00] Historical file on Gulf Breeze. 
GBWATER.TXT  [00] Gulf Breeze water sample report
GGREEN.TXT   [00] Georg Green.  A HUFON report on Phoenix 
GILBERT.TXT  [00] 1987 UFO Report.
GILLEUFO.ASC [00] File on Dulce, NM sighting of 10/88
GILSTRAP.TXT [01] UFOs and religion. 
GOVBOOK.TXT  [00] UFO Booklist from Federal government.
GRAVITY.TXT  [02] Text about gravity and anti-gravity
GRUDGE13.UFO [00] Bill English on Grudge 13 Report.
GUARD.TXT    [00] File on the "Guardian" UFO case.
GUARDIAN.TXT [00] Rutkowski on "real" Guardian story. 
GULFBREZ.TXT [00] Article on Steve Greer/CSETI
HANG18.TXT   [00] Letters from Goldwater re: Hangar 18 
HARDER.TXT   [00] James Harder on ETs and Media.
HASTINGS.TXT [01] Robert Hastings on MJ-12/William Moore
HATONN.TXT   [00] Hatonn responds to Don Ecker/UFO  Magazine. 
HILL.LTR     [00] Barbara Becker with Betty Hill/Abduction
HILL.TXT     [00] Excerpt from The UFO Verdict on Betty  Hill. 
HOAGLAND.CO  [00] CIS conference with R. Hoagland
HOAGLAND.TXT [00] Mars Face vs. ET Hypothesis/Hoagland
HOPKINS.LTR  [00] A personal abduction experience
HOPKINS.REP  [00] ParaNet Alpha's questions to Hopkins (Reply)
HOWE.REV     [00] 4/25/92 Whole Life Expo review of Linda Howe.
HOWE.TXT     [00] Excerpts from 10/92 MUFON Journal on  cattle mutilations. 
HUFF.REP     [03] Gene Huff on Robert Lazar
HUM.TXT      [00] File on Taos Hum
HUMMUTE.TXT  [00] Possible human mutilations by UFOs
HYINT.TXT    [00] Dennis Stacy interview w/ Hynek in  1985. 
HYNEK.TXT    [00] Omni interview with the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek
IFO.TXT      [00] CUFON's IFO List. 
IFO_LIST.TXT [00] List of things often misidentified as  UFOs. 
IMPLANT.REP  [00] Reply to Inside UFO article
INTRUDE.REV  [00] Intruders review 
INTRUDE.TXT  [00] Opinions on TV's "Intruders" movie. 
INTRUDER.TXT [03] Statistics on abductions may be wrong.
JAPAN.UFO    [00] UFO party active in Japan
JASON60.TXT  [00] Members of the alleged Jason Society
JUL0347.ASC  [01] 7/3/47 article from Las Vegas on UFOs.
JUL_89.DIG   [00] Research Digest for Jul. 89/Australia
K2RPT.REP    [00] Phoenix Project-North CA Alien Base
K2VALID.TXT  [01] Report on K2 claims/Phoenix Project 
KECKBURG.UFO [00] A refutation on Kecksburg UFO/T. Crain
KECKBURG.UPD [01] ParaNet subscriber on Kecksburg UFO
KECKSBRG.REP [00] Stan Gordon on Kecksburg UFO
KEEL.TXT     [00] Anecdotal information on John Keel. 
KFYI-GB.DOC  [00] ParaNet on Gulf Breeze
KINDER.TXT   [00] Open letter from Gary Kinder/Light  Years/Meier 
KINGSTON.TXT [00] File on UFOs in Kingston, Ontario
KIRTLAND.TXT [01] Underground testing at Kirtland AFB? 
KLASS.TXT    [01] ParaNet/MICAP press release on Klass
KNOWLES.UFO  [00] 1988 Mundrabilla UFO Incident.  Report
LAIBOW.TXT   [00] Rima S. Laibow on abductions.
LAND.TXT     [00] 5/93 article on aliens landing.  What would we do?
LASER.TXT    [01] CIUFOR Lasar Project
LAWSON.TXT   [03] Hypnosis of Imaginary UFO Abductees Study.
LAZ1121.UFO  [02] Goodman/Lazar Conf. 11/21/89
LAZAR.MON    [03] 1982 Article re:Lazar/Los Alamos employ
LAZAR.SCR    [04] Lazar's Transcript on Inside Report
LAZAR.TXT    [00] Article on Lazar's prostitution  conviction. 
LAZAR1.DOC   [04] News clip re: Lazar and prostitution
LAZAR10.TXT  [01] Strange Summary Report on Lazar
LAZARUFO.REP [03] Lazar's "Inside Report" Interview 6/1/90
LEAH.TXT     [00] Abduction experience of Leah Haley. 
LIEGE.TXT    [01] Scientists at Liege University on  Belgium UFO. 
LINDA.TXT    [01] Report on Linda Napolitano case. 
LIUFON.TXT   [01] Report from LIUFON on alleged NY crash  11/24/92. 
LOUISUFO.TXT [01] Louisville, KY sightings 3/4/93. 
LOUISVIL.TXT [01] Additional on Louisville, KY UFO  sightings. 3/4/9
LYDIA.ABD    [01] Jim Speiser/ParaNet Abduction Report
MACLEOD.DOC  [00] Oddysey article by Mike MacLeod - Oddysey
MAGNET.TXT   [00] Personal theory on UFO propulsion -  magnetism. 
MAJI.TXT     [01] "MAJI" acronym found in US files. 
MANBIO.TXT   [00] Biographies on scientists at Liege  University/Belgium. 
MANSFELD.MSG [00] Story about alien contact.
MARFA.LTS    [00] Article on Marfa Lights.
MARSFACE.GIF [01] GIF file of Martian Face.
MATHIAS.RES  [02] Second ParaNet Response to Phoenix Proj.
MATRIX3.TXT  [00] Valerian reviews Matrix III. 
MCCANN.RES   [01] Discrepancies in the Lear text
MCDON2.TXT   [00] "Science in Default: 22 Years of  Inadequate UFO Investigation
MCDON3.TXT   [00] Statement of Unidentified Flying  Objects to House Committee o
MENGER       [00] Research file on Howard Menger
METEOR.TXT   [00] House hit by meteor in Pennsylvania. 
MEXICO.TXT   [00] HUFON report on Mexico sightings. 
MIBS.TXT     [01] Discussion on MIBS. 
MIBS_HST.TXT [03] History of the Men In Black
MICHUFO.TXT  [00] UFOs in Michigan.
MILLER.MSG   [02] File on Richard Miller/Phoenix Project
MISC.TXT     [00] Why government might hide UFO  information. 
MISIDENT.TXT [00] Misidentification of UFOs.  Australian Bureau
MIT.TXT      [01] Discussion on MIT  conference/abductions. 
MJ12FAQ.TXT  [00] FAQ on MJ-12. 
MJ12HEAD.TXT [01] Biographies of alleged MJ-12 members. 
MOORELET.TXT [00] Moore defends his position on UFOs
MRED.RES     [00] Ed Walters response on Gulf Breeze
MUFON-NC.TXT [00] North Carolina UFOS
MUGGER.DOC   [00] Second MJ-12 document received from Cooper
MUTEALA.TXT  [00] Article from 3/4/93 concerning Alabama  mutilations. 
MUTES.TXT    [00] Mutilation reports from Idaho
MUTESAZ.TXT  [00] Cattle Mutilations in Arizona.
MUTILATE.TXT [00] Mutilation reports from Idaho
NAPOL.TXT    [00] Hansen and Clark on Linda Napolitano
NASA.UFO     [01] NASA employee on UFOs around launches.
NASAVID.TXT  [00] Discussion on NASA video & STS-48. 
NAVY.TXT     [00] FOIA document concerning JANAP and Navy
NCUFO.TXT    [00] North Carolina UFO sighting
NEFF.TXT     [00] Personal UFO account.
NEGATIV.TXT  [00] Skep Inquirer: Proving Negatives and the Paranormal
NELLESE.TXT  [00] Personal Sighting report.
NELLIS.FRE   [00] Nellis AFB Frequencies and Others
NELLIS.UFO   [01] Secrets of Dreamland.  Interesting!
NEOK.UFO     [00] Oklahoma investigation and report 10/89
NEWS51.UFO   [00] 
NICAP.TXT    [00] NICAP newsletters reprint.
NOMEM.LAZ    [02] Goodman/Lazar comments 12/20/89
NOV_89.DIG   [00] Research Digest for Nov. 89/Australia
NSDD145.DOC  [02] National Security Defense Directive 145
NYABDUCT.TXT [01] Report on Hopkins NY Abduction Case 1992.
NZLIGHT.TXT  [00] New Zealand Lights Report. 
OBJECT.TXT   [03] Mysterious Object Around Earth.
OCT_89.DIG   [00] Research Digest for Oct. 89/Australia
ODDAIR.UFO   [00] Strange objects seen over Edwards AFB
OGDEN1.GIF   [01] GIF file of mysterious Ogden object
OGDEN2.GIF   [00] GIF file of mysterious Ogden object.
ONTHIST.UFO  [01] Neil Palumbo on UFOs under Lake Ontario.
ORANGCO.TXT  [00] John Burke on Ellen Crystal/NY UFOs
OWENS        [00] A discussion with UFOlogist Ted Owens
OZ1992.TXT   [00] 1992 Australian (UFORA) report. 
OZCIRCLS.TXT [01] Keith Basterfield recaps Oz crop  circles cases. 
OZTRAIN.AUS  [00] Australian UFO sighting report
PARAENGL.TXT [00] Bill English on paranormal and UFOs. 
PARANOIA.TXT [00] International UFO Reporter on paranoia
PENTACLE.TXT [00] Complete Pentacle memo (Robertson). 
PETIT.REB    [00] James Roger Black rebuts Petit on UFOs
PETIT.TXT    [00] Discussion on Jean Petit's background. 
PETIT.UFO    [00] Int. w/Jean-Pierre Petit-Paris Match Mag
PHOBOS2.TXT  [01] On Phobos 2 photo.  No anomaly. 
PHOENIX.INV  [02] ParaNet's Findings on the Phoenix Proj.
PHOENIX.REP  [00] Complete Report on the Phoenix Project.
PHOENIX.TXT  [00] Excerpt from Phoenix Journals/Channelers
PHX2.TXT     [00] Analysis of Phoenix Project claims-Pt.  2 
PHX3.TXT     [00] Additional analysis on Phoenix Project. 
PIRIREIS.TXT [00] Keyhoe on OOPART Map found
POL_LTR.TXT  [00] Complete text of the Air Force  Information Policy Letter cite
POTASS.TXT   [00] UFO Magazine article on Australian dust from UFO
PRESSKIT.TXT [00] Press conference, National Press Club,  July 25, 1987, Project
PROJBETA.UFO [00] Bennewitz File.
PROPEL.TXT   [00] Discussion on UFO propulsion. 
PROPER_C.TXT [01] Rules for proper criticism.
PSITECH.TXT  [01] A brochure on PSITECH/Remote Viewing. 
PSURVEY.TXT  [00] Discussion of Instrumentation of UFOs. 
RAINBOW.DEC  [00] Human Destiny in the Cosmos.
RATING.TXT   [01] New Vallee/ParaNet/MICAP rating system!
REALITY.TXT  [00] The Nature of Reality
RESEARCH.TXT [00] A research guide.  Austalian Bureau
RESPONSE.TXT [00] Inside UFOlogy response from Dr. Andrews
REVIEW.TXT   [00] Comments on The UFO Abductors Book
ROBERTSO.TXT [00] Complete Robertson Panel Report. 
ROSCRASH.UFO [01] Another witness to Roswell confirms ETs
ROSDEATH.TXT [02] Rash of Murders Baffles Roswell
ROSENBER.TXT [00] Personal sighting report. 
ROSFBI.TXT   [00] FBI teletype on Roswell crash.  1947. 
ROSLADD.TXT  [00] FBI memo on Roswell. 
ROSREV.TXT   [01] Black/Corbin review UFO Crash/Roswell
ROSTEST.TXT  [00] Roswell witness testimony from  Friedman. 
ROSTIME.TXT  [00] Roswell time table. 
ROSWELL.DEB  [00] Debate on Internet regarding Roswell.
ROSWELL.TXT  [01] More Roswell crash analysis
ROSWELL.UPD  [01] A startling revelation on Roswell to come!
RUBY.UFO     [01] Alleged photo of alien taken in Arizona
RUSSIAN.NEW  [01] Russians worried UFOs could trigger Star Wars!
RUSSSDI.TXT  [00] Russia's Star Wars Systems. 
SAGAN.TXT    [01] UFO Evidence vs. Carl Sagan 
SARBACH.TXT  [01] Interview w/Friedman and Sarbacher
SATANISM.TXT [01] Induced visualization under hypnosis. 
SATRESO.ART  [00] On satellite resolution.
SCHEUSSL.TXT [01] United Nations and the UFO mystery.
SCIENCE.TXT  [00] Discussion of science and UFOs. 
SCIUFO.TXT   [00] Forest Crawford on Science and UFOlogy
SDI22.TXT    [05] Mysterious deaths of 22 SDI scientists.
SECRET.TXT   [00] National security statistics. 
SEP_89.DIG   [00] Research Digest Sep. 89/Australia
SETI.TXT     [01] The Search for ET -- SETI Research
SETI1012.TXT [00] Announcement on SETI/HRMS project. 
SETIUPD.TXT  [02] "Is Anybody Out There?" - SETI Update!
SETI_LAW.TXT [01] SETI information.  Reprint from magazine.
SFEMEIER.UFO [00] San Francisco Examiner article on the Plieadeans
SGJ6-3.TXT   [01] Swamp Gas Journal vol. 6 No. 3 
SHRIEK.TXT   [00] Shriek of the Loonys.
SIEGE.UPD    [01] Update on Hudson Valley by Phil Imbrogno
SIRENS.UFO   [00] Sirens in Dallas triggered by fireball
SKEPREP.UFO  [00] ParaNet member reply to Skeptical Inq.
SKEPTIC.CO   [00] CIS conference: Speiser vs. Skeptics Text
SLEEP.TXT    [01] Discussion on sleep paralysis  (abduction). 
SMITH.REP    [00] Dr. Smith's rebuttal to Clark and others
SMITH.TXT    [00] Dr. Willy Smith blasts the UFO community
SPACE        [00] A contribution by Floyd Petri
SPITZ.TXT    [00] Article on the Spitzbergen UFO. 
SPOOK.BIB    [01] Bibliography of intelligence agencies
SPRINKLE.UFO [00] Psychotherapeutic services for abductees
SPY.TXT      [01] A profile on the CIA
SR-71.TXT    [00] SR-71 or UFO? 
SRFRM.TXT    [00] Details on SR-71 aircraft. 
STEINMAN.REP [00] Steinman replies further.
STEINMAN.TXT [00] A declaration by William Steinman
STEVENS.TXT  [00] Viewpoints from a conferencee. 
STONEHEG.TXT [00] Interesting article on Stonehenge
STRING.CO    [00] Len Stringfield CI$ Conference
STRING.TXT   [01] Len Stringfield on ET contact  w/discussion. 
STS48.TXT    [01] HUFON report on Shuttle video.
STS48ART.TXT [00] HUFON report on Shuttle video.
STUMPS.UFO   [00] Lighthearted UFO story.
SWAMP.TXT    [00] Swamp Gas Joural, Vol. 6, No. 2
SWAN.TXT     [01] Conversation with Swan re: Cooper
TABAROB.UFO  [02] Robertson Panel's Tab A Briefing Document under FO
TAFF.TXT     [00] Screen writer Barry Taff on UFO Coverup Live
TIBET.UFO    [01] Tibetan Shambhala and MJ-12/Sally Sheridan
TIMETRAV.TXT [01] Time Travel:  A New Hypothesis
TODDLET1.TXT [00] Letter from Robert Todd to Grant Cameron 1989
TUNGUSK.TXT  [01] Tunguska Explosion background. 
TUNGUSKA.TXT [01] Discussion on Tunguska Explosion. 
TWINING.TXT  [01] Twining/Schulgen Memo on UFOs.
UFOBASE.UFO  [00] UFO base under Lake Ontario?
UFOCLIP.TXT  [00] Newsclipping on Soviet UFO crash.
UFOCOVUP.LIV [00] Selected excerpts from UFO CoverUp Live?
UFOFBI.TXT   [01] Hoover Memo on UFOs.
UFOQUEST.QST [00] ParaNet UFO Survey.  Complete it and upload!
UFOSAGAN.TXT [03] UFO Evidence vs. Carl Sagan
UFOSTORY.TXT [00] Article on Eastern US sightings. 
UGBASES.GIF  [07] Underground Bases GIF re: UGBASES.TXT
UGBASES.TXT  [05] Underground Bases Report
ULTSEC.TXT   [01] The Ultimate Secret as seen by the  Phoenix Projec
UMMO.TXT     [01] Article on UMMO group. 
UMMO92.TXT   [02] UFOs: Politics and Deception (UMMO)
UNDERGND.TXT [01] Underground bases/Vallee on Cooper 
UNLETTER.TXT [00] An open letter to the UN re: UFOs.
UNUFO.TXT    [00] UFOs, the UN and GA33/426 John  Scheussler 
UNUFO1.TXT   [00] United Nations and Aliens. 
USAFBOOK.TXT [00] Complete version of USAF textbook on  UFOs. 
USAFTXT.FIL  [00] Chapter from USAF training manual on UFOs.
VALLEE.DEB   [01] Vallee responds on Revelations
VALLEE.INT   [00] Interview with Jacques Vallee.
VALLEE.TXT   [01] Thad Floryan on Jacques Vallee. 
VANHORN.TXT  [00] Misperceptions and UFOs: a personal  mis-sighting. 
VESCO.TXT    [01] Nazis and UFOs.  Very interesting.
WALKER1.TXT  [00] Bibliography on Eric Arthur Walker (The Old Man)
WALTERS.PHO  [00] Ed Walter's statement on Gulf Breeze
WALTON.TXT   [00] Robert Sheaffer on Travis Walton (his  background.) 
WARNER.TXT   [00] Personal UFO experience. 
WARNINGS.UFO [00] Precautions dealing with UFO investigation
WASH.MSS     [00] Theme on brainwashing
WATCH.TXT    [00] Watch the Skies:  Article from  Baltimore, MD 
WHISTLE.TXT  [00] Articles by Don Ecker on Cooper. 
WHY_WW2.DOC  [00] File re: Fenwick.txt and Hitler
WINGFLD.TXT  [01] Article on crop circles/Wingfield
WINGPT1.UFO  [00] Westchester Wing-Hudson Valley/R. Perry Collins
WINGPT2.UFO  [00] Part II - R. Perry Collins -- Good articles
WOODBRDG.TXT [01] Witness to paranormal activity at  Bentwaters AFB.
WPAT.TXT     [00] Notes on Wright Patterson
WRIGHT.REP   [00] Dan Wright's rebuttal to Dr. Smith
WSMITH.HOX   [00] Ed Walters responds to Smith
WSSLET1.TXT  [00] Steinman reply to Friedman
WSSLET2.TXT  [00] Letter from Steinman to Friedman
WWII.TXT     [01] History of UFOs in World War II. 
WYTHE.UFO    [00] Interview with Danny Gordon
ZETARETI.UFO [00] Hill Star Map/Zeta Reticuli

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