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................Links & Videos of Interest

Below is a growing collection of links that we find interesting and informative and here's hoping they will be the same for you. Now obviously we have no way of verifying the truthfulness of this information but it is presented here believing that open minds should at least have the opportunity to see and judge this information for oneself.



BAALBEK . 1 2 3 4 . Insight on Earth's largest building block evidence that may date back beyond known history into prehistory.

PIRI RE'IS MAP .1 2 3 4 . Information on an ancient map that shows continential coastlines before they were suppose to be known.

ANCIENT AIRCRAFT . 1 2 3 . Introductory information on ancient aircraft that may have existed on Earth long before they are suppose to.

DASHKA STONES . 1 2 . Information on large stone slabs discovered in 1999 in Russia with unknown writing & relief maps possibly dating back millions of years.

ACAMBARO FIGURES . 1 2 3 4 . Controversy over figurines in Mexico depicting dinosaurs & different non-native peoples together with religious overtones.



ADMIRAL BYRD's DIARY. 1 2 3 .. The first link is to Byrd's last North Polar expedition diary & the experience he encountered there. The others explore this credible national hero & intro the more questionable Hollow Earth theory sometimes mistakenly associated with him.

OBJECTS SWARMING...A video of a US experiment in space trying to deploy an experimental energy devise on a tether. The tether broke and many small objects began to swarm around it.

UFOs IN SPACE-1 .. A video of a UFO stopping & shooting off at a steep angle in a nearly opposite direction apparently to avoid being hit, possibly by weapons fire.

UFOs IN SPACE-2 .. A video of a UFO near the video end & on the right have to stop & reverse coarse to narrowly avoid being hit, again possibly by weapons fire.

UFOs IN SPACE-3 .. A video in infra-red demonstrating a UFO decending from space into Earth's atmosphere & then making a quick and incredible steep right angle turn.

SATISTICAL NUMBERS .. A nice video cruising through the universe & demonstrating how the sheer numbers literally guarantee the presence of civilizations.



OUR SOLAR SYSTEM . NASA's graphics of our solar system demonstrating distance from the sun and planet size scales relative to each other.

PLANETARY SIZE SCALES 1 2 . Videos demonstrating planetary size scales & just how tiny even our entire solar sytem is relative to other universe massive bodies.



OUR GALAXY . A light hearted amusing Australian video with voice and music conveying a surprising amount of information on our galaxy.

HUGE UFO ..Three videos in one of the same type of giant UFO with the view close. This can be interpreted as disturbing to some but it's apparently only very nice artificial CGI grahics work by someone callng himself Manbird12000.

CARTOON .. A cartoon demonstrating, in my opinion, a root problem as to why the secrecy is so successful and has such a firm grip on society.

CARTOON .. A just for fun cartoon


ELEPHANT PAINTS. An eye opening wake up video demonstrating that man is most definitely not the only intelligent creature on this planet. For the arrogant, what you thought you knew about intelligence will take a blow here.

LION/HUMAN REUNION . This shows a male lion growing up as a cub with two young human brothers. When he became to big and dangerous, he was released into the African wilds. A year later the two humans against all advise set out for a reunion in the wild even after he had been a successful killing predator and head of his own family. Note the completely wide female's reaction to the humans. It's all Incredible!




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