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Writers Needed Weekly
Dirk Vander Ploeg, editor and publisher of ufoDigest.comThis week we have huge news. Luca Scantamburlo interviews astronaut William Rutlege who was part of the Apollo 20 mission and investigated a crashed UFO! Then Robert Morningstar tells us the real story on the Rosetta Stone! Next, Christian Mace send us exclusive UFO photos from France. We have an article from Rich Reynolds about UFOs and Time Travel. Patrick Cooke submits 'The Great Battle in Heaven - A Paradigm Out of Order'. Tim Swartz is back and writes about Richard Shaver's Inner Earth. Art Champoux writes about the atheist in a foxhole. Finally, Ron Murdock offers insight on Sharon Murphy, pathworker. Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.

ufoDIGEST presents the ufo top story of the week

An Ancient Alien Spacecraft on the Backside of the Moon by Luca Scantamburlo

An Acient Alein Spacecraft on the Backside of the MoonA secret joint space mission on the Moon, result of an American-Soviet collaboration taken place in August 1976? Is it possible? Why not, if you consider that the existence of a Federal Agency like NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), and its missions of overhead reconnaissance, "were declassified in September 1992" (according to its official website). Read Article

What 'The Rosetta Stone' Really Says

While many people discuss "The Rosetta Stone" as a historical artifact, few take the time to read the story that it tells. Since childhood, I wondered about what was really written on "The Rosetta Stone." Read Article

EXCLUSIVE! : Photograph of an UFO in Provence, Taken by Catherine Saclier
Here two photographs of an UFO, taken by the Friend Catherine Saclier! Catherine was in the area of GEMENOS, area of Provence, in the South-east of France, on January 28, 2007… Read Article

Are UFOs Inter-Dimensional or Time Travelers? Nope!
Michio Kaku, in his book, Parallel Worlds [Doubleday, NY, 2005, Page 20] writes that civilizations trillions [sic] of years ahead of us could possibly find ways to leave their dying universe, via worm holes or black holes – time warps, and travel to other younger or warmer universes. Read Article

The Great Battle in Heaven A Paradigm Out of Order
The concept that biblical prophecy confirms Satan will battle Jesus in the sky at his return is almost as widely accepted as the return itself. Read Article

Richard Shaver's Inner Earth Mysteries
In 1943, Ray Palmer, editor of the pulp sci-fi magazine Amazing Stories, received a letter from Richard Shaver, a man who claimed to have knowledge of an ancient language he dubbed Mantong, an alphabet of "root words" that formed the source of all earthly languages. Read Article

Atheist in a Foxhole
Now most of you know what that means. But for those who do not it is a person in war whom with bullets flying over their heads pray, even though they do not believe in GOD. Read Article

Sharon Murphy: Pathworker
Most of Sharon Murphy's life has been one of pathworking and is used as a means to reach inner and outer peace. It can involve meditation on ideas embodied by a symbol. An example is a Chesad, a Sefirot of the Kabbalah, which stands for the qualities of mercy. One can meditate on what mercy means and how one can develop that particular quality. Read Article

Buenos Aires UFO Mystery Solved!

One of our readers, Emps (nickname), sent me an email today (Wednesday May 30, 2007 at 7:35 pm EDT) and reports that James Carrion has solved the mystery concerning a recent sighting and the accompanying set of photos of an unknown object reported by Gaston Damian Martinez. Read Story

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Quest for Middle-earth: Due to the popularity of the Da Vinci Code the Holy Grail is now more familiar than ever. But the question remains who or what is it? J.R.R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Ring is in reality a Grail Quest and what's truly fascinating is that it may be true! Click here.

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