Written by Christian Pfeiler

Hello and welcome to the eleventh issue of the magazine.

I hope you will find again some interesting stuff in this issue. Have a special look at my article about the relations between local tales from my area and current UFO experiences. I stumbled across that interesting topic while doing some research for my haunted houses/places project (for which I will need a little bit more time) and I thought that would be an interesting thing for an article. I have also written a sceptical article about the question "Alien bases on Moon and Mars - do they really exist?". Furthermore, we have in this issue the second part of the Jinn article from Gordon Creighton and the fourth part of the weird "Krill Papers". Both are certainly very controversial articles, but I think it´s no problem to publish them in the magazine, because everyone of you can make his or her own opinion about that stuff. By the way, as far as I have seen in the questionnaire, most of you like the simple layout of the magazine, so I will continue to use it.

Thanks to Dave, John, Derek, Ray, Roger, Kerry and Mike Hallowell for their help or for the permission to use their articles for this issue and special thanks to all of you who had sent me encouraging mails last month when I was disappointed because of the many unsubscribers. Well, we have some new subcribers in the meantime and the number of readers is again over 130 people and I´m very happy about that. I´m sure my work is no waste of time and many of you are really interested in the magazine and in my articles (I hope so) so I´ll continue with my research with new hope <g>.

The next issue in June will be the twelfth issue and this means one year "UFO + PSI Research Magazine". This is excellent, especially if you consider that many people thought at the beginning that the magazine is just one of my usual "weird" ideas and that I would publish only one or maybe two small issues and loose then my interest in the topic. We started in 1999 with around 40 or 50 readers and with a small issue with 19 or 20 pages with a few short and maybe boring articles about usual UFO topics in very bad English. What have we today:

- over 130 monthly readers and the readership is growing
- every issue with more then 30 pages and with many photos
- interesting articles from various (even famous) writers
- sometimes controversial articles with new thoughts about Ufology
- an excellent online archive with over 1200 visitors in the last 5 months
- and contact to various experts and UFO research groups in the whole world.

Well, one thing hasn´t changed since the first issue: my English is still very bad <g>. Nevertheless, the next "anniversary" issue No 12 will be a very special issue with many articles about various topics and for this reason I will need a little bit more time, so the next issue won´t be published after 4 weeks (as usual) but after 5 weeks on June 18 2000. Please remember that and don´t think I have forgotten you if you receive no issue in June 11. I will use the week more to try to make the twelfth issue better and larger then every issue before to celebrate the anniversary.

To come again to an end with my as usual not very interesting foreword. I hope you will enjoy this eleventh issue (which is in my opinion again very well done). If you know other UFO + PSI interested people please tell them to contact me. Maybe (just a dream of me) we will have over 200 readers till issue No 24 (or over 300...400...500...well, that would cause big big trouble with the e-mail programme of AOL <g>.)

Best wishes


Contents of this issue

1.) UFO related sentence of the month

2.) Our Group Members

3.) UFO dictionary

4.) Local tales and UFO experiences

5.) Demons, Fairies...and their relationship with UFO abductions

6.) Alien Bases on Moon and Mars

7.) FBI document of the month

8.) Ufology´s Great Debate

9.) A Brief account of the true nature of "UFO entities" (Part 2)

10.) The KRILL papers (Part 4)

11.) Website Tip of the month

12.) UFO photo of the month

13.) Mail Corner

14.) Preview - in the next issue

UFO related sentence of the month

"We called the city police first to ask if anybody had reported a UFO, and the man at the telephone laughed so long and loud that I´m sure he must have almost fell off his chair... (the paper) ran some darn smart aleck story that made all of us look like fools..."

                                                                                     From the report of a UFO witness

Our Group Members
Written by John Hayes

Hi my name is John Hayes, I am 52 years old, live in London, England and work as a library assistant.

I have always had an interest in UFOs but it was not until I started working in a library about 11 years ago that I got seriously interested in the subject - I found a lot of UFO books while tidying the shelves <g>. The first book I read was "Clear Intent" which was full of American Freedom of Information Act documents, then I read "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good which really got me interested.

As I read more UFO books and magazines I started making notes of UFO Organizations, Magazines etc. As the list grew in size I realised it could be of use to others interested in UFOs and it was uploaded to a bulletin board, this information was found and used by Shane Nolan the sysop of the now closed STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN BBS and founder of UFONET. Originally titled "UFO Information List" this once small document was the start of the UFOINFO website.

Despite my interest I have never seen anything which could be a 'UFO'. People should think of me as a 'webmaster' (grand title for a hobby!) and not a researcher as keeping the website up to date uses most of my spare time. Perhaps I should say a big 'thank you' to my partner Charmaine who is very understanding and does not mind me 'disappearing' for hours at a time while I use the PC.

John Hayes


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UFO Dictionary
Written by Christian Pfeiler

Here is the seventh part of the UFO dictionary. In this issue I will try to explain some of the special UFO words, terms and abbreviations starting with the letter "G".

Ghost rockets

Unexplainable rocket-like flying objects, observed over Sweden in 1946. A possible explanation is, that the unidentified rockets were German V2 missiles, which were tested from the former Soviet Union after World War 2. However, this simple explanation isn´t really satisfying for many reseachers who believe that the rockets were some kind of early UFO sightings.


Abbreviaton for "Gemeinschaft zur Erforschung des UFO-Phänomens e.V", the leading German UFO research organisation beside CENAP (both organisations are very sceptical.)

Groom Lake (Base)

A dry lake in the desert of Nevada and another name for the "Area 51" base.


The mostly seen type of alien beings during abductions. The "Greys" are generally described as thin beings with grey skin and big black eyes. They often seem to have paranormal abilities and act without emotions. The many similarities in the descriptions of such "Greys" - sometimes from people who claimed to have never read something about UFOs and aliens before - are often seen as an evidence, that abductions are really true. However, the image of the "Grey" is today very popular, so these similarities are no real proof.

Grudge, Project

Project Grudge was an early UFO research project of the US Airforce (1949 - 1951) and the precursor of the more famous Project "Blue Book". The precursor of "Grudge" was Project Sign.

Gulf Breeze

A town in Florida, famous for various unsolved UFO sightings in the 1980s.

Local tales and UFO experiences
Written by Christian Pfeiler

A book about local tales from the Upper Palatinate

Strange flying objects in the sky, unexplainable noises from above, ghostly lights, missing time, paralyzed victims, encounters with small (sometimes grey) beings, bedroom visitors and much more. What is your first thought if you hear such terms? Obviously a description of current UFO sightings and abduction experiences? Really?

No, not really. Many descriptions about such strange events can also be found in various old local tales from the 19th and early 20th century. However, the explanation for unusual "encounters" in such times wasn’t UFOs and aliens, but ghosts, demons, devils and other supernatural beings with a base in the strong religious belief and superstition of the simple rural population of this remote area. The special region we are talking about is the area where I live. It’s just a small part of Bavaria in the South of Germany, namely the southern part of the Upper Palatinate with a diameter of only about 30 kilometres around my hometown Burglengenfeld. The local landscape is (even today) dominated by nature: rivers, valleys, rocks and hills covered with large dark forests, especially from the Western parts of the huge "Bavarian Forest" in the East near to the Czech border, which is one of the largest wood areas on the whole European continent. These forests (and the remote villages inside them) were always a good "ground" for local legends. Many people who entered the woods in former times came back very frightened, and reported the strange things they experienced there, like encounters with "dwarfs", "fairies" or other unusual beings (including small grey men - more about this later) or about missing time and other "paranormal" events often involving supernatural forces.

Well, the local woods are very large in some places and it’s quite easy for inexperienced hikers - sometimes even for those who are experienced - to get lost for many hours (believe me, I should know what I’m talking about ! ) and pure imagination can certainly play tricks on the human mind. But can all of the numerous unusual events really be explained only by superstition and imagination? Or were there, in fact, magical (alien-technological?) and "otherworldly" forces acting in the woods and in the villages and small towns during former times. It’s possible the people back then simply didn’t understand what was really going on, and created tales about "dwarfs" and "ghosts"? Well, let’s have a closer look at some of the beings or ghostly objects in such tales, so that you can come to your own opinion about the similarities between some of the over 100 year old tales from a small area in Southern Bavaria and between today’s UFO experiences from the whole world. And believe me, there are many similarities.

Dwarfs and "Little grey men"

I will show you in the following one of the local tales from my area in the original language in Bavarian dialect. Don’t be surprised if you understand nearly nothing even if you speak a little bit German. The local dialect is very strange and difficult and even Germans from others parts of the country would have difficulty understanding this stuff. I will later translate the important parts of the text into English. The following story tells of an encounter with a "small man":

"Des is in da Schlenklweil gwen, in Mühlschlooch da. De groußn Boum han bein Nachbarn gwen and d´ Muada, mei Großmuada, is in da Stu´m drin bei ihrn kloin Kind gsetzn und hot´s gweijgt. Aaf amol is Dier aafgsprunga und a kloans Mannl is anakumma. D´Stu´m is gleckerlhell gwen und des Mannl is awl um dej Weh´ng umegloffa. D´Muada hot des Kind packt, is in Hof asse und hot´s schreia og´fangt. Da Girgl und s´Nandl ham des g´hert, han asssa und ham d´Muada gfrougt: "Wos schreisd´n so, wos is´n?" "Mei", hot d´Muada gsagt, "a kloans Mannl is in da Stu´m drin." Na ham´s vir´s Fenster eig´schaut und ham bloß mehr a Feier gse´ng,´s Mannl nimmer."

This tale relates the strange experience of a woman, who is identified as the "Großmuada", the "Grandmother", of the person who wrote the tale. This grandmother, when she was a young woman, – let us suppose this means the early 20th century - was sitting in the main room of her farmhouse in a small local village called Mühlschlag ("Mühlschlooch" in dialect) and her baby was sleeping in a cradle in the same room. Suddenly, the door was opened very fast and violently ("...aaf amol is Dier aafgsprunga...") and a small man ("...a kloans Mannl...") entered the room. When the being came in, a very bright and blinding light ("...gleckerlhell...") was shining into the whole room from an unknown source. The small man was not interested in the woman but only in the child in the cradle and he started - according to the tale - to run around the cradle. This makes no sense and we don’t really know what the "man" did with the child, but what we do know is that he was obviously very interested in the baby. It seems to me that the woman was not able to do anything against the being, because the small man was able to run around the cradle many times (...awl um dej Weh´ng umegloffa...). It isn’t reported how long and how often the man was running around the child, so this could be evidence for missing time and for unknown things the being had done during this time. After this unknown period of time, the woman suddenly "woke up" and was now able to grab the child and to run away, despite the fact that the being was still present in the room (maybe the examination was over?). When she started crying for help in front of the house, other people approached and when the woman told them what had happened, they looked through the window into the room, but the small man was gone. They saw only a little fire (or a weak shine of light?) in the middle of the room.

So what does this mean?

The similarities to current abduction scenarios are obvious. At the beginning, the situation was absolutely normal and the woman was just sitting in the room. When the being entered the room, the situation changed. The door was opened very violently by an unknown force - a force which seemed to be much stronger than the small being. A bright light (either from outside or emitted from the being itself) flooded the room and the whole scene became unreal and strange. The simple word "gleckerlhell" - extremely bright - in the tale may be a certain state of unreality called "Oz-Factor" often reported by abducteest. The woman was definitely not able to move or protect the child for some time, and the small man had done something with the child during that time (certainly something else then merely running around the cradle.) When the examination - or whatever the purpose - was over, the woman grabbed the child and ran away to shout for help. However, the curious bystanders were no longer able to see the visitor, because the bright light was no longer visible- except only a small fire or weak glimmer of light - and the unreal atmosphere had disappeared together with the small man.

A major problem of such dialect tales is often the correct translation into normal German, and unfortunately it happens very often that important parts and details can’t be translated into proper German. These parts must be described in different modern words and this can sometimes change the whole meaning of a sentence or description. A good example is the dialect expression of the modern terms "old man" or "old dwarf" which can be found sometimes in translations. If you take a closer look at the dialect version, you read the term "kloans graus Mannl" but this doesn’t mean "small old man" but "small grey man". The translators obviously thought, that "grey" could only mean "old" and nothing else. For me, it somewhat resembles the abduction experiences of Alex (read my articles in issue 7 and 8) who compared "grey aliens" with "ugly old dwarfs" in his dreams. Remember the story of Rip Van Winkle from the last issue. He also met an old dwarf-like man. Why? I wondered why nearly all dwarfs in tales and fairytales are described as old men? Maybe because they were "grey men" in the original form of the legends?

I could tell you of numerous examples of local tales involving such small otherworldly entities and grey men, but I think you can clearly see the main characteristics of such "supernatural" beings in the tale described above and in the following list:

- They are always smaller then normal humans, often the size of children
- They are old or grey, sometimes with unusual clothing
- They are generally male, with some exceptions (like the female "Drud")
- Their behaviour is unusual and weird; they talk very seldom.
- They seem to be focused on one special task or work, even if this work is strange.
- They appear and disappear by use of "magical" forces.
- Such forces often involve loud noise or bright light or fire.
- Sometimes the beings themselves are described as "flaming men", whatever this means.
- If they make themselves visible to humans, it often happens in the woods or to people who are alone.
- and the whole scene around the "victim" becomes unreal and strange.

Tall strange beings

Another category of tales is encounters with tall non-human beings. These "men" (or whatever) are often described as unusually tall and frightening entities that generally wear completely black clothing (like today’s MiB?) or robes which sometimes cover their faces. The behaviour of such black men is similar to that of the small grey men, but also different. There were many tales about short encounters with such black men in the 1920s and 1930s, and the black men often appeared beside people walking at dusk or at night. They didn’t really threaten the people; they walked just a short time beside them without saying any word or doing anything else. Such black men are usually described in the tales as ghostly beings without feet or faces. They would disappear without a trace after a period of time walking beside the anxious witness. One popular belief is that they were poor souls of dead people who were condemned to walk on earth. On the other hand, the similarities between them and the small dwarfs are undoubtedly a fact. Were the tall beings maybe also part of an alien influence on the people? Were they screen memories hiding other events? Who knows.

The "Drud" - a classical Bedroom visitor?

In the following a short quotation from a dialect tale:

"...und scho is wer bei mein Bett gwen und aaf mi affe und hot me gmoatat und gwircht; koa Luft hoe mehr krejgt und schreia hoe niat kinna; des hot goawat, wej wenn´s ma de letzte Kraft assadruckt hejt..."

This tale describes a nightly encounter with a so-called "Drud" or "Old Hag". This being is generally described as small (!) and ugly old woman who appears beside someone’s bed. The behaviour of the "Drud" is very unusual, because she (or it) jumps on the chest of a person only to push the chest so that the person can’t breath for a certain time, then the "Drud" disappears. Such entities were often seen in connection with demons and witchcraft in the old tales, and many times an old woman from the village was later identified as the "Drud" (certainly very often mistakenly.)

The jumping on the chest and pushing of victims at first seems to make no sense, but we should see this pushing and the heavy weight on the whole body more as a simple description for a paralysed state in which the victims are completely unable to move, so that it must seem to them that something very heavy is sitting on their chest. There are really some interesting similarities to current "Bedroom Visitor" experiences:

- The "Drud" appears in the sleeping room or beside the bed.
- She (it) is generally described as a small being.
- The victims aren’t able to see from where the being had come.
- The victims are unable to move, breath or cry for help.
- The time period of the presence of the "Drud" isn’t described very clearly.
- The "Drud" often stops the attack after the victims are able to speak.
- After the disappearance of the "Drud", the vicitims feel very weak.
- Despite the strange experiences, the victims fall asleep again.

However, there are other - more scientific - explanations for the "Drud/Old Hag" attacks which do not involve the real presence of alien/supernatural forces, for example the so-called sleep paralysis (read the detailed article in issue 3.) In this certain psychological state of the mind, people and "victims" also feel unable to move or to speak, and they may also feel the presence of other beings in the room because the state is partly awake and partly dreamlike. Skeptics often see sleep paralysis as an explanation for every case of today’s "Alien Bedroom Visitors" and therefore they see the "Drud/Old Hag syndrome" simply as a precursor of such stories, because sleep paralysis had certainly occurred even in former times. In our modern world, some of us wake up and believe to see aliens examining them, while in former times some "sleep paralysis"-prone people woke up and believed they saw "Druds" pushing them. Is everything  caused by sleep paralysis? Is the explanation for both phenomena really so simple?

I don’t think so. This explanation is certainly correct in some cases but not in all (as usual) because many "Bedroom Visitor" cases involve really mysterious circumstances (like physical absence of the person, two or more persons with same experiences, physical evidence), which cannot be so easily explained. I think we can say the same about the "Drud" experiences in former times: some of them were caused by sleep paralysis and dreams, but others were not. The cases not caused by sleep paralysis are the most interesting and may involve the physical appearance of real existing entities in the bedrooms. The similarities between both phenomena are obvious, so we can say that the "Bedroom Visitors" and the "Drud attacks" are similar from a certain point of view (we can even go farther back into the Middle Ages where we meet the phenomenon again, now in the form of demonic incubi and succubi, but this is another story.) In addition, sometimes the "Drud" in the local tales did not only "push" the people but also performed other things, like playing tricks. There is a good example in a tale, in which a newborn baby had disappeared (stolen by the Drud) and the parents found it later lying under the bed. The question is: where was the baby? Was it really lying under the bed all the time or was it somewhere else? As we know from other tales, "dwarfs" were always very interested in babies.

Dragons and other unexplainable flying objects

A local farmer - abducted by the "Wild Hunt"?

When we look today into the sky and see there unknown lights, shapes or objects, we call them UFOs. We suppose that these objects are maybe something like ships from outer space, piloted by extraterrestrial beings. Some of us believe this. But there are also other people called skeptics. Such people would tell us, that we haven’t really seen unexplainable things from outer space but that we have only misidentied normal (modern) flying objects like balloons, planes, rockets or celestial bodies like stars, planets and so on. What about UFO sightings in former times? Today’s skeptics often claim that the first UFO sightings took place in the late 1940s and that a "UFO hysteria" started at that time (well, the same skeptics also claim that "abductions" are a modern phenomena of the late 20th century.)

Are UFOs mentioned in the local tales? Yes, they are. The simple people certainly used other words to describe the unusual things they saw in the sky, nevertheless what they saw was UFOs, despite the fact that they used religious or mythological terms to describe the objects. The skeptical explanation of "planes" can’t be correct, because aircraft hadn’t been invented in that time. So what was really flying around in the skies?

In the following a short part of an old tale concerning the sighting of a "flying dragon":

"In da Nacht uma zwölf hot d´Muatta gse´ng, wej vo ent her a Drach iwa unser Haus gflo´ng is in Richtung Doaknriad und Dinau. Ejamal hots´n a wieder z´ruck flej´ng se´ng...a poar Meter lang isa gwen, weja Wieschbam, weja so a Fiesch mit an feirichn Koopf und an langa Schwanz. Der hot richtig g´leicht..."

This tale from the late 19th century describes the nightly sighting of a fiery "dragon" in the sky. There were three witnesses in the village (this isn’t mentioned in the short part, but in the entire tale) who observed the same strange flying object, namely some unidentified glowing thing shaped like a fish with a length of some metres and with a fiery (bright?) head. Despite the strange look of the object, it was identified as a dragon by the local people. What was it really? Maybe a meteor or shooting star? Well, the description "shaped like a fish" seemed to back up this supposition a little bit, together with the "burning head", but it is clearly said in the tale that the object had changed it’s direction during the observation and that it flew back in the same direction from where it had come (...wieder z´ruck flej´ng se´ng...) That’s a highly unusual behaviour for a meteor or shooting star.

Another - much more dangerous - flying object in the sky was the so-called "Wilde Jagd" - the "Wild Hunt". In the common local belief, these "Hunt" were a group of frightening ghosts or demons in the shape of ugly hunters and horsemen who flew together with other devils and demonic animals very noisy through the air to catch people on earth and take their poor victims with them into the sky for eternity. This sounds at first absolutely unbelievable and like pure superstition, but if we have a closer look at some of the old tales, the whole weird story about the "Wild Hunt" reminds us again of today’s abduction experiences, especially of those which happened to people who were abducted while driving around with their car at night. Let me explain:

First of all, the belief that the "Wild Hunt" is really a group of flying ghosts and demons and the scary description of such creatures from hell comes certainly from local belief and religion (for example from the story about the horsemen of apocalypse from the Bible.) It’s surprising, but if you read most of the tales, the "Hunt" isn’t really seen very often but more often only heard. The noises are described as howling, rushing, humming and other weird noises, which come from above without a source, together with a heavy storm wind. The scared simple people then generally thought that the "Wild Hunt" is coming, but the ghostly horsemen themselves aren’t described very often. It was said, if the "Hunt" is coming - if you hear strange noises from above - you must run away and try to hide as fast as possible or you must press your body and face to the ground (don’t look up) otherwise the horsemen will "grab" you and throw you up to the sky, where you must fly around with them till the end of times. Well, it seems that people were not always really grabbed for eternity. While some victims of the "Wild Hunt" disappeared forever without a trace, others were found later either dead or alive - mostly dead as if they had been fallen down from a great height - often many kilometres away from the point of their disappearance or from the point of their abduction? There is one story about a brave (or silly?) young man who wanted to see the "Hunt" and who looked up into the storm wind and into the source of the strange sounds, while all other people were pressing their faces into the ground. The young "fool" was caught by the demonic forces and disappeared. Only one of his feet was later found.

Flying demons? Ghostly horsemen? Storm wind and strange sounds from above? Close Encounters? Abductions? Mutilations??? Let us suppose that the strange belief in the "Wild Hunt" really had a basis in fact and not only in simple superstition. What if there were no ghostly horsemen and demons but something else in the sky that caught people? Something which made a tremendously strange noise and caused storm wind and which was furthermore able to "throw" or suck people up to the sky and to throw them later down to earth (or even not) dead or alive many kilometres away. Certainly, many of the "Wild Hunt" stories are just superstitious legends, but I think we must ask where the roots of this belief can be found, what caused that strange idea in the minds of the local people that there is something loud and dangerous in the sky and that the only possibility of survival is to hide from the clear sky in a house or - if there is no possibility to hide - to press body and face on the ground and not to look up (under no circumstances) just as if you want to survive a nuclear detonation? Draw your own conclusions, but I think the similarities to current close encounters with UFOs are obvious.

A last category of strange flying objects in the old tales are the so-called "Irrlichter". These flying lights were described as small yellowish or white lights, often seen hovering over the ground in woods or near cemeteries. These mostly harmless lights were identified with the "souls" of dead people in the common belief, and it was said that you should pray if you see such a light so that the soul can find eternal peace. The scientific explanation for the "Irrlichter" is that they are either glowing marsh gas or other chemical reactions which can produce "cold" light. This is certainly correct in most of the cases, but as usual maybe not in all. There are some interesting tales about hovering lights with a very strange behaviour, like flying up into the sky with great speed or becoming so large and bright that a whole farmhouse and valley is illuminated by them, before they disappear. This sounds neither like lost poor souls nor like marsh gas but again more like current UFO sightings (or nocturnal light sightings to use the correct term from the Hynek classification.)

What does this mean?

Finally, we must ask - again - what does this mean? What is really described in the old tales? Imagination? Superstition? Pure fiction? Real Events? Grey dwarfs with magic forces and interest in children and babies, scary tall beings with black clothing, strange visitors in the bedroom, people unable to move, flying dragons and lights in the sky, the dangerous "Wild Hunt" who abducts people with noise and storm wind to some unknown place beyond earth and much more? Otherworldly and supernatural forces, the work of fairies, demons, ghosts and devils? Or technological forces and the work of extraterrestrials?

Skeptics often say that our modern weird belief in abductions and contact with aliens has its roots in the old superstitious belief of the simple and not very well educated people of former times. Skeptics say that "grey aliens" are just a modern version of the old "dwards and fairies" and they say that simple people always need the childish belief in supernatural forces (either good or evil.) Are they right? What if not? What, if the similarities between old tales and current UFO events mean that abductions and contacts with alien species have occurred for hundreds or even thousands of years? What if the old local tales about grey dwarfs and flying lights are evidence that the whole UFO phenomenon is much older then the skeptics want us to believe? Many interesting questions. That is something we should think about.

Demons, Fairies, Succubus, and Incubus and the
relationship with UFO abductions

Written by David Fritz

The article this week on ancient abductions will cover the fables of fairies, and demons. I have written in the past of the biblical abductions and there are many of them throughout the Bible. These abductions seem to be angels of heaven coming down and taking a selected group of individuals throughout the bible for purposes of guiding mankind in his battle with evil. These angels either take the people physically or they communicate with them through visions. There is no medical examinations of the people taken but the fact that people where taken and visions were given unto them makes most biblical accounts in concordance with the abduction phenomenon.

On the other side of the spectrum we have stories of people being taken into the realm of the fairies. Also we have vast testimony of people being visited and possessed by demons, succubi, and incubi. Most of these tales are in concordance with the modern abduction phenomenon. The tales are highly sexually graphic and most of the people in the tales have had numerous encounters with these beings. I in an attempt will try to give some of these tales as examples. If there are any children readers of this magazine I will try to leave out most of the sexually explicit details of the encounters.


Fairies are in an order of lower beings usually they live in the fields, wooded areas and are considered nature spirits. There are also the gnomes and the leprechauns which if you end up in their realms they can become quite nasty. When people tell of the fairy realm they are usually lost or they enter it by accident. It is almost like you walk through a screen in the air and you are on the other side in a different realm. When encountering the fairies they are usually in groups and sometimes come as balls of light.(Willo Wisps) they give you a liquid to drink which drugs you. Then they sing and dance and usually have sexual encounters with you. Sometimes they will appear out of thin air and put some kind of a spell on you and carry you off to fairy land. Then they will have sexual intercourse with you. They have been known to change form, and sometimes they have been known to be quite nasty. They take both male and female humans into their realm and usually when you come out of their realm into ours you have lost time.

Demons, Succubi and Incubi

A demon is a being or fallen angel which was cast into hell when Lucifer which is now Satan was cast out of heaven. A Succubi is a female spirit or vampire that comes to men in the middle of the night and sucks all the life energies out of the man through sexual intercourse. An Incubi is a male spirit or vampire that comes to women in the middle of the night and sucks all their life energies out of them through sexual intercourse.

In the old days of the church people who had any contact with these beings were usually excommunicated from the church. Then the church came to the decision that anyone having contact with demons, succubi, or incubi were in a pact with the devil himself and they were tortured for information and killed either by hanging, stoning, or they were burned at the stake alive until dead.

I´m not going to get into religion or religious practices here, but can you see the difference between the biblical abductions and the abductions of entities called fairies, demons, et? In the biblical (excuse me I should not say abductions. I´m leading the reader. It should be encounters) encounters angels came down for the purpose of the guidance of mankind. In demonic or fairy encounters the encounter was for the soul purpose of the demon or the fairies; just like modern ET abduction encounters. In biblical encounters the angels appear in human form and there is no paralyzing or rendering the person to not be in control of his or her own functions. In demon and fairy encounters they appear in different forms and there is always some sort of paralysis that comes before the actual encounter. Just like described in most of the modern abduction encounters.

Are the abductions of today being done by the same beings of ancient lore? Is the paranormal and the UFO phenomenon one and the same? From going through the material in several books and looking at the behavior of UFO’s and the abduction phenomenon I can see some sort of connection. What that connection is I am not positive about, but there does seem to be a very thin line between the three phenomena.

And that is why the editor named this magazine "UFO& PSI magazine". Now our job is to find the connections between the phenomena!

David R Fritz

Reference material for article
The Bible, The History of Magic and the Occult by Kurt Seligmann, The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft & Demonology by Russel Hope Robbins, The UFO Book Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial by Jerome Clark, Confirmation by Whitley Strieber, Communion by Whitley Strieber, Into the Fringe A true story of Alien Abduction by Karla Turner, Ph,D, The Vampire Book the encyclopedia of the undead by J.Gorden Melton,/ Photos taken from Witchcraft Magic and Alchemy by Grillot De Givery.

Alien Bases on Moon and Mars
Written by Christian Pfeiler

It is often claimed in certain documents that either active alien bases or long abandoned ancient ruins from previous extraterrestrial or advanced human civilisations can be found on Moon (especially on the dark side) and Mars and that some of our governments and organizations (for example the NASA) know much more about that but don´t inform the public. It´s furthermore claimed, that the American astronauts had seen and described such buildings on the Moon in the years 1969 to 1972 but that everything was covered up and that dangerous photo material and audio transmissions were confiscated or destroyed. However, the believers in such theories have always found witnesses and photo material which should prove that there are really alien bases in our solar system. Let´s have a closer and sceptical look at some of the stories and photos:

Everyone knows the famous words of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong "It´s a small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind" from July 20 1969. After this legendary sentence, the two astronauts started to examine the surface of the moon and to collect stones and dust. What had they really found? There were always rumours that the astronauts on the moon had much more discovered then only stones and dust, namely the evidence that extraterrestrial forces use our moon as a base to examine Earth and mankind. According the some sources, important parts of the audio transmission were censored, including a part in which Armstrong and Aldrin talked about "Visitors" and "Spaceships" they had seen inside a crater. Later, even former NASA employees seemed to confirm such stories and they claimed that they had heard the transmissions in which the Apollo 11 crew described strange shrill noises in their radio, giant UFOs flying around in the Moon orbit and hovering over and inside surface craters. In fact, some Apollo 11 photos showing strange lights over the moon were published some years later, but NASA experts explained the photo material as simple light reflections in the camera or as space debris.

There were also interesting rumours, that Neil Armstrong - a "hero" of the United States - himself had admitted (while talking with ufologists) that he had really seen such extraterrestrial "flying objects" on the Moon in 1969 and that the NASA had censored his report and the U.S. military and secret services ordered him, not to talk to anyone about his real experiences on Moon, because it concerns the National Security. Well, the truth of such claims isn´t proven and Mr. Armstrong had in fact denied many times that he had ever said such things, so we don´t really know whether these claims are (partly) true or not. Maybe the famous name of Mr. Armstrong was only used to let the theories seem more authentic (as it was also done with the names of other famous astronauts.)

Nevertheless, there are many photos showing strange structures on the surface of the Moon and we can see a lot of such pictures for example in the chapter about "Alien Bases" in the German UFO book "Geheimsache UFO" from Michael Hesemann (in my opinion a very uncritical and for this reason not very good UFO book, read my criticism in issue 7). We can find in this chapter the high number of 25 photos which should show artificial objects in the orbit (cigars, lights) or on the surface of Moon and Mars like towers, domes, pyramids, city-like shapes and more. However, from these 25 "amazing" photos, only 3 or 4 examples are in my opinion really interesting and we should consider only this small number as really unusual structures - and unusual means not automatically artificial and of alien origin, but that they are worth to examine them further. All other UFOs on the photos in that book can in my opinion be identified as simple light reflections or space debris (NASA seemed to be right with that explanation in most of the cases, but maybe not in all) or even as parts of the Apollo spaceship itself while the surface "buildings" are very often only geological and therefore completely natural structures or just simple imagination (the human eye tries always to see known shapes and structures.)

Many believers say, that some of the structures can´t be natural, because such geological structures don´t exist. Well, they don´t exist on Earth, but what about other planets? Fact is, that we don´t know much about the geology of other planetary bodies and the natural forces (certainly different from those on Earth) which created the surface so we can´t be absolutely sure whether a structure there is natural or not. In the following some examples:

The photo above shows you an unusual structure on the backside of the Moon. The rectangular shape of the "building" seemed to be an evidence for an artificial origin, but we can´t be absolutely sure about it. This structure should be examined more detailled.

These objects are called "Rolling Stones" from NASA experts (you can clearly see the traces in the dust, this seems to indicate that the objects are really moving.) Most interesting is, that the objects seem to roll up a crater hill and not down.

A nonsense photo from the book "Geheimsache UFO". It is claimed in the text that the photo shows a "glowing object" hovering over an astronaut. However, it is simple to see that this "UFO" is nothing more then a reflection of sunlight in the camera - you can even see the source of the reflection, namely an (earthly) technical device beside the right foot of the astronaut.

The Planet Mars is another story. A long time, the "Mars Face" was seen as evidence that the Planet was inhabited from intelligent beings some thousands (or millions) of years ago. Well, NASA had meanwhile identified the "Face" as natural structure and pure imagination, but some people still believe that the Face is real and that NASA had covered-up the real evidence and published faked photos to prove that the "Face" is a simple rock and an illusion of light and shadow. The pyramids of Mars were identified as special-shaped "Mountains" and this could be true (but it mustn´t be true.) We have a global weather on Mars - what we have not on the atmosphere-less Moon - so the forces of wind and erosion can certainly create various strange shapes on the surface. However, there are photos showing a crashed pyramid (this seems to indicate that the pyramids are partly hollow) with an absolut rectangular ground shape inside. This would be highly unusal for a natural structure.

So-called Mars Pyramids. Have a special look at the rectangular shape of the crashed pyramid. Right of the pyramids, you can see the "mysterious" Mars Face.

So what does this mean? Are there really alien bases or ancient ruins on Moon and on other planets of our solar system or is everything only imagination and misidentification of natural structures? Had astronauts really seen UFOs and buildings on the Moon and had NASA (which is a civilian and not military organization) really covered-up the evidence? Or are such stories only fiction? We must clearly see one fact: there is a possibility that alien bases do exist on other planets but there are also (as usual) many lies about such "artificial structures" and we should not believe everything. Some unusual structures should be examined further, while others should be considered as what they are: natural and geological and definetly not of alien origin.

FBI document of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

Here are again two documents from my FBI archive. Both are about UFO sightings, the first about a visual sighting in 1949 and the second about various unexplainable radar sightings in 1951. It´s nothing extraordinary, but I thought you may find it nevertheless interesting.

In the following the document concerning the radar sightings.

Ufology´s Great Debate
Written by Mike Hallowell (C)

(Remark: this article was originally published in the IRAAP Messenger Volume 3, April 2000,

An analysis of the debate between Ufology´s two opposing camps: The "nuts, bolts and hardware" proponents who believe that UFOs are real, physical objects, versus those who opt for a more metaphysical solution. Things are getting heated...

To suggest that the broad church of Ufology had ever been a united house would be folly. More than any other field of endeavor I am acquainted with, that populated by the students of strange aerial phenomena is riven by factions, splinter groups and persuasions of a multitude of hues. Give me five ufologists and I will show you six differing opinions.

One of the most interesting splits amongst the ufological ground troops is largely a geographical one, and I have commented upon this before in IRAAP literature. In the main, British investigators have witnessed a seachange amongst their ranks. There has been a diluting down of the conventional idea that UFOs are "real" interplanetary vehicles which have traveled here from goodness-knows-where. Unfortunately, those who have abandoned this theory with gusto can by no means agree on what to replace it with.

Veteran researcher Tim Matthews is the leading proponent - on this side of the Atlantic, at least - of the concept that UFOs are secret military aircraft developed from Nazi technology plundered from the Germans at the end of the last war. This notion is fast gaining ground, and mirrors the opinion of some heavyweight investigators Stateside.

Closely related to the above are what one colleague of mine had labeled "the Soft Skeptics". These are researchers - normally of long standing - who now seem to backpedaling away - albeit gently, and in the first gear - from the belief that UFOs are "from out there". They don´t necessarily believe in an alternative theory. They just seem to have adopted a poweful but basically subtle attitude that most, if not all, UFO sightings are non-events. They still seem to "believe" in UFOs in some nebulous way, but trying to pin them down and question them about it is as easy as squeezing toothpaste back into its tube; that is, not very.

In another aspect of this many-cornered pugilists ring we find the "alternative dimension" proponents, most of whom perform daily acts of obeisance before copies pf Jacques Vallée`s volume, Passport to Magonia. (I´m not knocking Dr. Vallée here, just illustrating how popular his theories are). These people invest ufology with the theory that UFOs are "real", but in a quasi-real sense, if that actually makes sense. UFOs, and particular their occupants, are to be seen as powerful icons and symbols which are associated with other bizarre phenomena throughout the ages. These include fairies, dragons, Green Men and other folklorist ideas. Here, of course, Freud and his colleagues enter the picture with gusto. At a recent conference I was told that UFOs were

a) "tulpas" (thought forms) created by the human mind
b) interdimensional spacecraft from alternative reality, and
c) ancient British gods and goddesses trying to communicate with us in a meaningful way.

Well, you pays yer money an´ you takes yer choice, as they say.

Finally, there are those whom I have labeled the Nasties. These are articulate, well-educated investigators who have been in the cut-and-thrust of ufological research for some time, but who cannot understand why many other investigators are not overwhelmed with their new found scepticism. Angry at this, they wreak revenge by dousing their opponents whit acid-like rhetoric. In the UK, at the moment, its almost chic in some circles to be an extreme sceptic. To be frank, it wouldn´t surprise me in the least if some organization or other didn´t pay Phil Klass, or maybe James Randi, to pop out of a giant, cardboard cake at their 20th anniversary party. Personally, when I hold a party I don´t invite people who, as soon as they´ve taken their coat off, start poking holes in the canpés and sprinkling vinegar over the cup cakes. What I´m saying here is that some of the Nasties have become so sceptical that they really should be questioning whether they want to hang around at all. And this brings me nicely to another aspect of the debate, namely, the differing perceptions of British and American ufologists.

Truth to tell, the Alien Abduction proposition - as espoused by Hopkins, Mack, etc. - is also getting a rough ride in Great Britain at the moment. Those who believe in the abduction theory - Greys abduct human, Greys insert probes into various orifices, Greys then return human back to where they found him / her - are largely labeled as frauds, quack-psychologists, nut cases, and dangerous New Age Medlers. Find me a prominent British ufologist who openly espouses every aspect of the abduction theory, and I´ll show you Phil Klass kissing the feet of Bob Lazar. It just doesn´t happen.

In the final analysis, I think it is safe to say that the majority of British ufologists are either non- abductionists or anti-abductionists in their stance. The former I can cope with. They have simply interpreted the evidence differently. The later I find hard to swallow, for they heap scom on a group of people who may - just may - be telling the truth when they say that they have been forcibly abducted by non-human entities. Whilst the jury is still out I think a little decorum would not come amiss. Sadly, not a few British r esearchers have cast aside their ususal reserve and begun to gnaw at the intestines of both the abductees and the abductionists alike. If it turns out that there is something in what the abductees say after all, they´re going to look pretty stupid.

A Brief Account of the True Nature of the "UFO Entities" (Part 2)
Written by Gordon Creighton (C)

Flying Saucer Review
Vol. 23, No. 5

Article reproduced in UFO + PSI Magazine with the permission and Gordon Creighton and Flying Saucer Review.

Flying Saucer Review
PO Box 162
High Wycombe
HP13 5DZ

The Chief Characteristics of the Jinns

1. In the normal state they are not visible to ordinary human sight.

2. They are, however, capable of materializing and appearing in the physical world. And they can alternately make themselves visible or invisible at will.

3. They can change shape, and appear in any sort of guise, large or small. (See for example, Ahmad Jamaludin's excellent report, A Wave of Small Humanoids in Malaysia in 1970, in FSR Vol. 28, No. 5). Ahmad Jamaludin is a Muslim, and he knows, of course, what it is that we are talking about.

4. They are able also to appear in the guise of animals. (Yetis? Pumas? Loch Ness Monsters?)

5. They are inveterate liars and deceivers, and delight in bamboozling and misleading mankind with all manner of nonsense. (See the average Spiritualist seance for examples of their activities, and also the usual "communications" from UFO entities in close-encounter cases.)

6. They are addicted to the abduction or kidnapping of humans. (The Scotsman Robert Kirk, who wrote "The Secret Commonwealth" in 1691, evidently "knew more than was good for his health", and was killed by them.)

7. They delight in tempting humans into sexual intercourse and liaisons with them, and Arabic literature abounds with accounts of this kind of contact by mankind with both the "goodies" and the "baddies" among the Jinns. There are also even a considerable number of accounts of encounters between the "goodies" and famous Muslim saints. For example, the book Manaquib al-Arifin6 has a number of very significant references to contacts between such higher beings, and Jalal al-Din Rumi, Islam's greatest mystical poet, who lived from 1207 to 1273.

(I often wonder which category of Jinns it was that was encountered in Brazil by the farmer A. V. B. See my third article on "A. V. B.", Postscript to the Most Amazing Case of All, in FSR Vol. 11, No. 4, August 1965.)

In official Islam - and this cannot be over-emphasized - the existence of the Jinns has always been completely accepted, even legally, and even to this day, in Islamic jurisprudence. The full consequences implied by their existence were worked out long ago. Their legal status, in all respects, was discussed and fixed, and the possible relations between them and mankind - especially in relation to questions of marriage and property! - were seriously examined by jurists, as the greatest and most authoritative Western source, the Encyclopaedia of Islam, confirms.

Stories of sexual commerce between Jinns and mankind have been of perennial interest to Arab readers, and it is important at this point to mention that in Chinese literature (and in China the Han population are not Muslims - only certain of the smaller minority peoples of the North-West and Far West are) there is also a considerable tradition of this sort which awaits examination by Ufologists.

The great Arabic literary catalogue known as the Fihrist,7 compiled in the year 373 of the Muslim Calendar (= A.D. 995) by Muhammad bin Ishaq bin Abi Ya'qub al-Nadim al-Warraq al-Baghdadi, lists no less than sixteen works dealing with this theme. (Compare also the European occultists' records of sexual contact between men and female Sylphs, as well as the copious medieval Christian records relating to Incubi and Succabae.)

Most Westerners will discount all this talk about the Jinns with the usual argument that the Arabs "are barbarians anyway". Let me therefore point out that, in A.D. 995, when the Fihrist was written, the brilliant civilization of the Arabs was incomparably higher than anything elsewhere in the world except for China and that our Christian, Western Renaissance owes its origins as much to our contact with Islam (the Crusades) as to the early percolation of Greek learning to the West. As a matter of fact quite a lot of the philosophy and the literature of the Greeks reached us first, not in Greek at all, but in the Arabic translations secured from Cordoba and Toledo in Spain in the 10th and 11th centuries, when the Muslims still held most of Spain. It is only in the last few centuries, and particularly since the Industrial Revolution and the growth of modern materialistic Science, that the West has forged ahead. But in 1200 A.D. Muslim Science was in the lead, particularly in such fields as Medicine, Mathematics, and Astronomy, and it would be grossly impudent to assume that our current "superiority" over them has anything permanent about it.

8. The Jinns are wont to snatch up humans and teleport or transport them, setting them down again - if indeed they ever do set them down again - miles away from where they were picked up, and all this is the "twinkling of an eye". (See my first article on Teleportations, about the Spanish soldier who, on October 25, 1593, was suddenly taken from Manila in the Philippine Islands across the Pacific to Mexico City. In FSR Vol. 11, No. 2, 1965).

9. The Arabian tradition asserts that, throughout all known history, there have been a few particular human beings who, through some strange favour, have "been in league with the Jinns" or "had a compact with the Jinns" - to such a degree that the Jinns have endowed them with what we regard as "preternatural powers" - ie., psychic powers. These humans have consequently become known as wonder-workers, soothsayers, and magicians. (Either "white magicians" or "black magicians", depending of course upon what sort of Jinns they were in league with.)

Here again, compare the European tradition about individuals who have discovered how to collaborate with the Kingdom of the Sylphs or the Fairies. For example, there is the case of the "working partnership", not more than seventy years ago, between a Sylph and a highly successful Parisian dealer in rare old books. The Sylph made its contribution by acting as the "scout" and finding out where and in whose possession the rare books were. All the dealer had to do then was to approach the owners and offer to buy!

10. Along with all these displays of prowess by the Jinns there goes, finally, a tremendous telepathic power and the ability (to use an age-old term) to 'cast a glamour' over their human victims. Our UFO records are already full of evidence of this.

How much of what we see happening today, at the highest levels of international politics, as well as in ordinary human affairs, can be attributed to this subtle control and interference in our lives by insidious and unseen forces! Indeed, this is one of the prime reasons for the parlous state in which man finds himself. Some recent reports from UFO investigators hint at alien plans to provoke war here and drive the Gadarene Swine (mankind) over into the abyss.

The present-day Christians, who generally seem to have very little sense of curiosity, are apparently quite happy to pass their days in total ignorance of all this. But a careful study of the New Testament (and only in the original Greek!) will show clearly that nothing of what is said above was unknown either to the Teacher and Healer Jeshu of Nazareth or to his principal followers - particularly Paul. (Incidentally, Christians may like to know that in Islam the full name and title of Jeshu of Nazareth is ISSA, SON OF MARY, WORD OF GOD.

Long before the rise of Christianity or Islam there were of course other great Teachers (Messengers) who perceived clearly the situation in which mankind finds itself. One of these was Zarathustra (Zoroaster) in the old Iranian civilization of the Achaemenidae -- about 600 or 700 years B. C. The great religious text left by Zarathustra is the AVESTA, which tells us much about the Demonic Forces, referred to under the blanket term of AHRIMAN, the Enemy of Light. Mankind, in this teaching, is seen as a special creation of ORMAZD, the SUPREME SPIRIT, who is locked in permanent conflict with AHRIMAN.

The soul of man is the object of the war, and man himself is the battlefield.

Dr. Rudolph Steiner

In our own days, there has probably been no teacher who saw and understood all this more clearly that the great Austrian Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), founder of the Anthroposophical Society.

Clairvoyant from childhood, Steiner saw into the other worlds and planes and saw deeply into the human heart, and no books or teachings are so relevant as his are to the crisis of mankind that is now upon us. His lectures throughout 1917, for example, show clearly that he foresaw, in their totality, the political, social, and military results and the police-state tyranny which would inevitably follow from the Russian Revolution, just as the "Lady" of the Apparitions at Fatima in the same year also did. Steiner foresaw what would result in the world as a whole from a materialistic science run mad: the development of "test-tube" man, "biological engineering" and other horrors; the deliberate creation and development of living monsters; and the soul-less, God-less, dehumanized, computerized, insect-like chromium and plastic slave world of "1984" that may now be at hand.

According to Steiner, a tremendous and crucial round in the battle was fought out in the last thirty years of the 19th century, and on the Inner Planes, between the Forces of AHRIMAN (the term he took over from Zarathustra) and the FORCES OF LIGHT. These latter are conventionally known to our Western, Christian tradition as the Cohorts of Michael. Steiner said that the fight ended in a complete victory for the LIGHT, but that, as a result of it, a great many of the powerful demonic beings had been actually cast down upon the planet Earth, with the consequence that their presence and their influence now impinge more than ever upon the prospects and the destiny of mankind.

Steiner taught that the coming years will see incredible upheavals, in the course of which this great battle will be carried forward, to its conclusion, INSIDE EVERY HUMAN HEART. See Rudolf Steiner: Der Sturz der Geister der Finsternis: (The Overthrow of the Spirits of Darkness), Series of Lectures, 1917. (Available only in German.)

The objective of the Forces of Darkness is to take over the stream of human evolution, to merge with it, and to divert mankind from the evolutionary development "planned" for it. The end result of this would be new creatures in which those qualities that represent the highest that we know would have been eliminated.

Smart-alecky modern man of the Pop Age, the "Trousered Ape" as he has been called, has of course no use for all this sort of "rubbish", and immense numbers of our species have discarded all belief in the existence of demons, along with any belief in the Great Power that rules the Universe.

(Sophisticated folk nowadays know that the world was not created by God, but by Karl Marx. And they know that Lenin and successors are His prophets.)

There is a delightful passage in C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, where the Senior Devil, talking to one of his underlings, makes a profoundly important remark: "of course, our greatest trump-card is the fact that everybody KNOWS we don't exist." (Or words to that effect.)

Similarly, the vast majority of mankind KNOW that Jinns and UFOs and UFO entities don't exist. And what a nice advantage that is for the entities!

But what if Homo Sap (so-called, self-dubbed) were in for some big shocks in the near future? What then?

With the recent advance of Science, man has rapidly become aware of the vastness of the Cosmos and of the probability that there exist out there innumerable other physical worlds inhabited by intelligent beings, some of which, for all we know, may be (as we dearly hope) identical with men, with our tastes and our values, our hopes and our fears.

It is natural that some among us, surveying the impasse into which we have got ourselves, might well be tempted to look up to the stars in the hope that someone wiser than we are might arrive one day from there and give us all the easy answers.

If there be any truth in the ancient story that the inhabitants of Magonia, unlike men, do not possess the possibility of developing immortal souls, and therefore are anxious to acquire such by mating with us and mingling their life-stream with ours, what moment could be more propitious to them for achieving their purpose than now?

Can't you just hear the message of their Captain?

- "We are from Tau Ceti, and we come to bring you salvation and show you the way out of your problems. We will get you off the hook!"

The KRILL papers (Part 4)
Written by O.H. Krill (pseudonym)

Dr. Vannevar Bush - leader of MJ 12?

(Remark from Chris: here is the fourth part of the so-called KRILL papers. As I have said, there is no need to believe everything in this text, but I think there is maybe a true core behind the more or less weird story. Please make your own opinion about the claims.)

In fact, the present-day NSA is the current main extension of MJ-12 pertaining to the "Flying Saucer Program." Vast amounts of disinformation are spread throughout the UFO research field. Any witnesses to any aspect of the program have their lives monitored in every detail, for each has signed a security oath. For people who have worked in the program, including military members, breaking that oath could have any of the following direct consequences:

This is usually in closed facilities with little contact with the outside world. Underground facilities are the usual place for this. Any individual who they perceive to be "too close to the truth" will be treated in the same manner. MJ-12 will go to any length to preserve and protect the ultimate secret. As we will see later, the characteristics of what this ultimate secret would turnout to be would change drastically, for it was something even MJ-12 could not predict - actual contact with alien groups.

How the actual contact between the government and aliens was initially made is not known, but the government was made aware that it could be done by a civilian using the right equipment. Dr. Paul Bennewitz, civilian scientist, did so using computer equipment and informed the government he had done so, not realizing that by then, in 1983, that the government was in truth as deep into dealing with the aliens as his communications with them revealed. Dr. Bennewitz lives next to Manzano Weapons Storage Area in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He observed UFOs constantly over the area and initially decided that they were a threat to the installation. He proceeded to figure out a coding system and attempted and was successful in communicating with the aliens that were flying over that area. What he found out is that after initial contacts with the aliens years ago, we agreed to provide them with bases underground in the United States in return for certain technological secrets which the aliens would reveal to us. The aliens would also be allowed to carry out certain operations,abductions, and mutilations without intervention. The original contact between the government and the extraterrestrial biological entities, who are grey in color and about 3.5 to 4.5 feet high (here after referred to as the Greys), was achieved between 1947 and 1951. We knew that the Greys were instrumental in performing the mutilations of animals (and some humans) and that they were using the glandular substances derived from these materials for food (absorbed through the skin) and to clone more Greys in their underground laboratories.

The government was also aware that the Greys performed some of the abductions to secure genetic materials. The government insisted that the Greys provide them with a list that would be presented to the National Security Council. Through all this, the government thought that the Greys were basically tolerable creatures, although a bit distasteful. They presumed at the time that it was not unreasonable to assume thatthe public would and could get used to their presence. Between1968 and 1969 a plan was formulated to make the public aware oftheir existence over the succeeding twenty years. This time period would culminate with a series of documentaries that would explain the history and intentions of the Greys. The Greys assured us that the real purpose of the abductions was for monitoring of our civilization, and when we learned that the abductions were a lot more frequent and insidious than we were led to believe, the government became concerned. Their concern was also based on additional information regarding the purposes for the abductions:>

By the time we had found out the truth about the intentions of the Greys (they intend to stay here and stay in control of our world) it was too late. We had already "sold out" humanity. Not that it would have made any difference, because they were here doing what they were doing anyway. In 1983, a story was outlined by government sources that said that the Greys are responsible for our biological evolution through manipulation of the DNA of already evolving primates on this planet. Various time intervals of the DNA manipulation were specified for 25,000, 15,000, 5,000, and 2,500 years ago. Originally, the government thought that the Greys meant us no harm, but today, in 1988, the picture that is emerging is exactly the opposite.

The story now is one of great deception at several different levels: the Greys Trojan Horse-style manipulation and lying which allied MJ-12 forces with them four decades ago; the government's disinformation of the subject of UFOs in order to perpetuate the agreement with the Greys free of public scrutiny; the lies to the abductees; the Greys on-going abduction of people and mutilation of animals in order to harvest enzymes, blood and other tissues for their own survival needs; and a genetic blend of the Grey race and a tall Nordic race to enable Grey interface with humans to be done with greater ease. Information from a source at a southwest Army base reveals that these multiple levels of deception are true.

Website tip of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

The website tip of this month is the website of the UFO*BC group from British Columbia in Canada. They have a very interesting and informative site which is not only related to UFO research but also to various other paranornmal topics like ghosts, Bigfoot and more (the remote woods in this part of the world seemed to be a good area for strange phenomena.)

The URL of the website is:

UFO photo of the month
Written by Christian Pfeiler

On the 24th of August, 1975 at 2:00pm in Takamatsu City, Japan, Masahiro Fujikawa, a high school student working a telescope on the veranda of his home, noticed a flash in the sky above the Saitokuji Temple nearby. He quickly snapped a picture with a pocket camera as the object curved down in his direction and then zoomed away into the afternoon sky.

Mail Corner

In the following two interesting e-mails and comments about the last issue (including some corrections of scientific mistakes I had made) and the magazine in general. Feel free to send me your comments and criticisms for the next issue. The first mail is from Roger Anderton:

Dear Chris

You wanted some feedback on issue 10. You were worried that it might be too weird, bad etc. I have read it, enjoyed it and found it very good. Some interesting ideas, and new insights to UFOlogy.

In your article The name of the Truth:  I agree "there is too much confusion".

From my corner of study, I am now directing my scepticism against modern science. It fails the 'test' that I had been applying to topics that modern science deems nonsense. Looking just at standard books of history, science, archaeology etc. etc., I find mysteries . The 20 th century seems to have been subjected to numerous Revisions. Modern science from my perspective is wrong, but what that means in relation to alien contacts etc., I have no idea. Just something is being hidden in the Labyrinth's library, because there are major disagreements in the books and there is no smooth continuous consistent history of events in the 20th century.

Now your article The "Lacerta" File an obvious fake.

From my corner the physics is of interest. I would dismiss the story from my studies for different reasons than you give. The information comes from a person that wishes to remain anonymous. And it is a sad fact that there are people that like to play jokes, and test our gullibility. So, that means the information is useless, because it cannot establish anything.

Your criticism of some of the science information is inaccurate, when talking from a perspective of conventional science. For instance: You say things like " .... 'hot' fusion with something is not able to produce a fall out of different elements, because the result of a fusion is generally only pure energy.." This is not true. If it is 'hot' fusion and not some unknown fusion to our science, then what fusion is about is 'fusing' different elements together e.g. fusing hydrogen nuclei (protons) together to create larger nuclei such as helium.

Splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen would produce lots of oxygen. But I presume what is meant is that the fusion process is fusing the oxygen nuclei and hydrogen nuclei together in various combinations. Maybe hydrogen nuclei are being fused together to create an excess of oxygen nuclei, and oxygen nuclei are being fused together to create heavier nuclei such as iridium ??

Another thing you say 'Well, isn't it very surprising that such an advanced species used an experimental weapon (?) which caused for them unpredictable (?) fusion process... should an advanced species not be able to predict such an event?....' Well - when America exploded the first A - Bomb test, there were various theories as to what would happen. One theory was that the explosion would cause a chain reaction and cause all the air in the atmosphere to ignite all around the world into an unstoppable atomic explosion - i.e. 'end of the world'. The first A - bomb test was unpredictable. All that we had were theories, and the only way to find out which theory was correct was to do the experiment, and keep fingers cross that the expected theory proved correct.

A general point: You seem to dismiss the science offered by this article when it agrees with speculation from known science, because it need not come from aliens. Then you dismiss ideas that are unknown with known science, because they do not seem to make sense. In other words you dismiss any science being told by the supposed aliens as:

1. it is already known
2. it is unknown.

What sort of scientific information would fit your criterion for being reliably from aliens?

Don't feel hard about this, criticizing from a subject from which you are not familiar is not easy.  Anyway from my perspective: I no longer believe in orthodox science. Given that orthodox science is wrong, then an alternative science would sound nonsense to our ears that believe in orthodox science. Consider the following:

In 1925 Quantum Mechanics was developed. Einstein said it was wrong, and was ignored. The science community then proceeded to revise science into a context that Einstein disagreed with, which means that all scientific concepts are now defined with one overall frame work theory. Ideas that do not agree within this framework are from this framework nonsense, and worst of all the words that could be used to describe concepts within a different framework have now been used to mean something else. i.e. Science chooses to steal all the words available and leaves nothing for a different perspective than the one that orthodox science is advocating.

Modern science is wrong, but it has taken away all the words that could have been used to describe a different science, leaving only words that have been defined as being nonsense. A similar situation befell Galileo. He was rebelling against a science derived from the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, that was developed for more than a thousand years.

Galileo's job when he started to rebel was as 'jester'. He was the entertainment for rich people while they ate their dinner. He used to engage in argument with scientists that believed in Aristotle. The words that Galileo was left with to describe a different science to Aristotle's science were already defined as being nonsense by that science. Hence the reason why Galileo had the job of 'jester', was because what he had to say was ridiculous. He was supposed to have lost the arguments and been mocked. But he achieved the impossible and turned the tables, ands instead of being the object of the joke, he turned his opponents into the joke. When what he was saying was no longer considered to be funny, attempts were then made to shut him up.

If our science is wrong, then from the perspective of aliens what we have to say about science is nonsense, and similarly what they say makes no sense to us.

The first step in studying UFOlogy needs to be to decide if our science is correct.

Cheers Roger

The second mail is from Kerry Marshall

Chris - may I make some suggestions as to the reason why you are finding reader interest is not matching your own?

Different people have a different level of interest in UFOs, and it's my belief that the level of interest is related to what else interests and inspires them in life. My own story is probably a useful example: I started taking UFOs seriously about 3 years ago, after general lack of interest. Watching "Sightings" on cable TV, reading classic books by Nick Pope, Whitley Streiber, John Mack, Philip Corso (the Day After Roswell) and Timothy Good was an exhilarating learning process for me, and provided a form of spiritual inspiration - after all these beings are more advanced than us scientifically, intellectually, and spiritually (I'm not including the Greys in this). I also found "the Extraterrestrial Vision" by Gina Lake quite awe-inspiring - a channeled work that pulls everything together into the big picture.

However, having reached this level of conviction and underatanding, I find myself asking "OK, they're here, they use electromagnetism and anti-gravity ( as a Physics graduate I am particularly interested in learning more of their science - particularly power and propulsion systems ) , they are advanced beings, but NOTHING MORE HAPPENS! "

Having educated myself about them as far as I can, I reach a point where "more" is necessary, but what becomes very clear at this point is what we all know - they are unwilling to communicate with you or me (or any of us in this mailing list) and give us direct contact (maybe oneday, but not now, unless your name is Billy Meier or George Adamski!), Without this contact, I personally find that reading any more books / reports etc. is unproductive. There is nothing essentially new about a "new sighting"; it's much of the same stuff, and I find myself thinking "OK, so what?".

In my life I have always searched for inspiration, and hence my involvement with a spirituual Master, who has shown me , through meditation practice, how to directly contact the truly most inspirational experience - the experience of my own true nature, deep and vibrant, within. This puts all other inspirations in the shade, whether music, nature, advanced ET beings , or whatever.

I would dearly love to now take my UFO interest further, but without any movement from their side, I feel I can go no further, and I turn my attention instead to more rewarding sources of interest and inspiration - as well as what I've just described, I'm learning more about our own advanced science - "The Elegant Universe" by populist physicist Brian Greene is truly inspiring, going way beyond my University physics, but put in language and using simple analogies that even non-techical people can follow.

I still keep an interest in ET, but what interests me most now is

a) contact (very unlikely)

b) to learn about life on their home planet - life and technology. Information about the latter is very hard to find; I recently read "Encounter in the Pleiades" by Preston Nichols (and my review of it sits now at & and was diappointed to discover that only 5 pages described life in Pleiaden society.

So it's a matter of having exhausted the subject, learned all that is useful, and moving on, which is what I suspect some of your readers are doing. Someone like yourself, of course, is undaunted by the limitations that I mention, and you become the dedicated UFO researchers. But please understand that we are all different! You are doing nothing wrong! You don't need to send out questionnaires.

I suspect that you might get more interest if the magazine comes out bi-monthly rather than every month; people who fit my description will find it hard to read so much information every month. This is no criticism; just plain advice. You may take it or not, as you see fit. Maybe publish this email in the next mag. see if any of the others share similar sentiments.

Kerry Marshall (

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