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New Science

AI Magazine
ANAMRA - Technology of Nature
Center eleven - study and research on Bio-Energy
Views of the Solar System
Science Magazine
Nature - International weekly journal of science
David Bohm tirbute to Quantum mechanics, information and consciousness - dialogues
The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications
The New Science Network
The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications
BlackLight Power - Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman: Contents-Master Index
EARTH Prophecy -- Scientific Prophecy
EARTH Prophecy -- Science and the Future
Moorish Observatory - self organizing textures of human space-time experience
Ernst & Young, LLP - Center For Business Innovation - Research Initiatives - Knowledge Management
KeelyNet - Free Energy - Gravity Control - Electronic Health
AMARGILAND - Radionic Photography!!
Radionic Photography is a very rare and suppressed technology. This type of
photography involves the combination of photography with radionic/psychotronic
technology. This can become a very powerful tool once fully understood and applied.
Via the radionic component of this science, one is able to take REAL photographs of
things, places, people, substances, energies, events (past and present), etc. But what is
unique about this technology is the fact that it is done remotely; meaning that the goal
to be photographed does not have to be anywhere near the radionic camera. Thus, a
photograph can be made of a person (for example) when the person is hundreds of
miles away from the radionic camera (via a witness of the person). Not only can this
type of camera be used to photograph people and places remotely, but this technology
can also photograph energy patterns, dimensional realms and even thoughts!! For
example, by simply tuning into the cruxifiction of Christ, one can obtain a photograph of
the event.... or even a photograph of the thoughts of Christ or others during this event.
In a way, radionic cameras are implementing a form of remote viewing; with the
mechanisms being able to grab any pattern or knowledge found within the Collective
Consciousness. But please note that the mechanisms of these cameras include, most
importantly, the mind mechanism of the person using the camera.
The Millennium Frontier - future science, future technologies, free energy, space flight, antigravity, biological experiments, human cloning, ufo, extraterestrial life, government brainwashing . . . and more
THE NEW PHYSICS - Zero Point Physics, Vacuum Energy, Scalar Physics
De Negen Planeten - Een multimediaronde van het Zonnestelsel
Forbidden Science
The Borderlands Of Science - Info Sources: Organisations
Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP)
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF)
International Association For New Science (IANS)
International Fortean Organization
International Tesla Society (I.T.S.)
Tesla Incorporated
University of Science and Philosophy
Mike Levin's Parapsychology/Fringe Science Page
Journal of Borderland Research
Planetary Systems
Space Commune!
The Venus Project
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely, bio, work, inventions, Musical Dynasphere, science and physics by Dale Pond
The Science and Philosophy home page at the University of Science and Philosophy (Science/Philosophy)
A World Home-Study University for Self
Transcendency to teach Walter and Lao
Russell’s new knowledge of the nature of
Man and his Universe through Universal
Law, Natural Science and Living
Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure
of Quasars & Quanta
In these pages you can explore some of the most exciting things being
learned in the fields of physics and cosmology. At the same time, you will
find yourself exposed to the emergence of a new metaphysical
understanding of the Universe, one which reaffirms the most ancient
understanding, representing a very important step in the evolution of
human awareness.
The Godbox Holoform Projector
New Science, advanced radionic / psychotronic computer system for electronic homeopathy
The Resonance Project (TRP): Home
The Apocalyptic Files - The Ultimate Goal of Theoretical Physics and the Prophesies of the Book of Revelation
Center for Frontier Sciences - Temple University
Rupert Sheldrake Home Page
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research - Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena
Institute for Frontier Science - HealthWorld Online
The Institute for Frontier Science (IFS) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1996 to foster and maintain research, education, and information exchange at the frontiers of science, technology, wellness and healthcare, consciousness, and the mind-body-spirit. As an independent organization, IFS was established to explore novel scientific discoveries and ideas that are often
considered unconventional.
The Science of the Paranormal
The Quest for Free Energy - Paranormal Phenomena/The Unexplained - 09/07/98
International Space University
The Planetary Society
YGGDRASIL: The Journal of Paraphysics
A Journal of Paraphysics: This journal is dedicated to both the explanation of paranormal phenomena within the context of physics and extending the science of physics into areas of study which are normally considered beyond the scope of physics.  
This journal will offer a forum where refereed papers can be presented
without prior prejudice toward either their content or subject matter. The
material presented will span all levels of knowledge. Knowledge cannot be
reserved for those who are highly educated, but is the right of all who
search it out. It is hoped that this journal will prove interesting to the
self-educated reader as well as the professional scientist. The ideas and
content of the articles will be stressed rather than the "scholarly"
language of presentation, as long as the proper norms of presentation are
preserved. The journal will also offer a forum where issues concerning the
conceptual bases of physics and the validity of advances in the science of
physics into the paranormal and elsewhere can be openly discussed. As an
electronic journal, the editors have far more latitude for the presentation of ideas than would normally occur in a hardcopy journal and this latitude will be utilized whenever necessary.
P&P - Physics and Psi
DMILS: Direct Mental Interactions with Living Systems
Mind-Matter Unification Project - Cavendish Lab, Cambridge, UK
The RetroPsychoKinesis Project - University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
Society for Scientific Exploration
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR)
The Center for Frontier Sciences
Physics of Consciousness Research Group
The Institute for New Energy
Obscure Research Laboratory
The Intuition Network - incl paraphysical research
!!!New and Alternative Theories of Physics
Modern Physics Letters A (MPLA) - journal
This letters journal, launched in 1986, consists of research papers
covering current research developments in Gravitation, Cosmology, Nuclear
Physics, and Particles and Fields. A Brief Review section has also been
initiated with the purpose of publishing short reports on the latest
experimental findings and urgent new theoretical developments.
Modern Physics Letters B (MPLB) - journal
MPLB opens a channel for the fast circulation of important and useful research findings in Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Physics, Applied Physics and High-Tc Superconductivity. It provides a convenient avenue
for researchers all over the world to exchange information with others in similar fields of interest. A section consisting of brief reviews is included.
SpiritWeb - Light Technology
Press 1 Space News and Resources
HotAIR - international science humor magazine
MIT Technology Review (magazine)
CNN - Science - Technology
Infinite Energy Magazine Online - Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology
Institute for New Energy - links
Welcome to the Viktor Schaubergers Vortex World !
SpaceViews - space exploration ezine
Distant Star, The Electronic Magazine of the First Millennial Foundation (space colonization)
Standing Wave Compression; Transformation of Physical Dimensions; Rhythmodynamics
NASA Science News
Contd - art, culture, technology
ScienceDaily Magazine -- Home Page
THE MILLENNIUM GROUP - 'science in the service of humanity'
The Millennium Group is organized to create an unbiased outlet for scientific research and critical thinking. Our goal is Truth, however we do acknowledge the difficulties in attaining such a lofty destination. We
respect tradition only as much as it assists us in our quest and does not hinder the journey toward our chosen goal. We believe that the right to curiosity and the knowledge it produces cannot be compromised by personal agendas or secret combinations. We stand for team work, honesty, integrity, critical review, and pure democratic convention. We place value in the information itself, not in the acclamations given to the source of such information. Finally, we believe in the power of open honest communication.
Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMUS) - David Hudson
High-Spin Monatomic Research - David Hudson etc.
Planetary Mysteries - "Where Science and Art meet..."
The Silent Universe - World Space Administration's Interstellar Explorer Project
Scott Robert Ladd's ALife Central
Solar System Simulator
The Academy For Future Science is a non-profit, philosophical corporation that examines the roots of consciousness from the standpoint of new scientific ideas for the future. An association of scholars, professionals, and people from all walks of life, working in their individual areas of expertise in
order to network learning techniques, AFFS provides advanced education for new energy services that are now being tested on a worldwide level.
NEXUS Magazine - alternative science
NEXUS is an international bi-monthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of - Health Alternatives; Suppressed Science; Earth's Ancient Past; UFOs & the Unexplained; and Government Cover-Ups
"Science Without Bounds" - Overview
The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT
Breakthrough! - scitech ezine
MIT's Laboratory for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (LATH)
Discover Magazine - populaire scitech (breed)
Earth Core Spins Faster Than Earth
The Technological Sphere!! (breed)
General Technology and Policy , Biotechnology, Nanotechnology
Space Technology and Colonization ,Complex Systems ,Advanced Computing , Information Management , Megascale Engineering
Space Time Engineering , Miscellanous Technology
Essential Media Counterculture Book Catalog
The FringeWare Store - Recommended Reading & Upcoming Events
New Scientist Planet Science: The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
This archive contains over 450 questions on scientific phenomena, with
answers provided by our readers.
The Institute for Frontier Science: Frontier Sciences Electronic Journal - HealthWorld Online
Scientific & Medical Network - "Promoting open exploration in science and human experience"
Neural Networks That Autonomously Create and Discover
PC AI magazine - Artificial Intelligence
Horizon Technology - Tomorrow's Technology Today
MIT Media Laboratory Projects Index >> cyberculture
The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications
Society for Scientific Exploration - fringes of science
Journal of Scientific Exploration
Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation was founded by Meade Layne in 1945 for the purpose of investigating into realms normally beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurement. Today, Borderland
Sciences continues to be the premier information resource for discerning scholars and advanced researchers across the globe.
NASA's Origins Program
AI-Wars Nederland
Switch (Journal focussing on art/cultural and technology issues)
links uit Newsweek Magazine's Cyberscope
Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - folder van maken!!!
Massachussetts Institute of Technology
UNC-CH Telepresence Research Group
Telepresence and Links
CNET TV - The New Edge
Exopa Terra - E-journal of Technology and Society
Human Interface Technology Lab Home Page
Internet Resources in Virtual Reality
Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment (SARA)
Delft University of Technology
TUD's Home page


Fractal Shape Changing Robots
Leonard McMillan's Home page
McMillan's (Robotics-researcher) Home page
Principia Cybernetica Project
PCP at the VUB
Robotic Tele-Excavation at USC
Remote Control for Robotics
Robotics and Neurocomputing UVA
Robotics and Neural Networks in Amsterdam
Solarbotics Related sites of Interest
Survival Research Labs
Mark Pauline's pages
Interactive WEB-project


NASA-JSC Area Nanotechnology Study Group

Molecular Nano Technology

Foresight Institute
Nanotechnology (Mechanical Engineering)
The 'Official' Nanotechnology FTP Site
Computational Nanotechnology
Sean Morgan's Nanotechnology Pages
Index Librorum Liberorum: Contents of http://www.fourmilab.ch/
NanoCon Proceedings
Cornell Science & Technology Magazine
The Overtool: A Proposed Universal Assembler
Richard E. Smalley Home Page
Computational Molecular Nanotechnology at NASA Ames Research Center
Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering
nano musings
Web Publishing and Molecular Nanotechnology
NRG (Center for Solid State Electronics Research)
Construct's 3d Nanotech work in progress
Proximal Probes and Mechanosynthesis
Notre Dame Microelectronics Lab
Nanoelectronics & Nanocomputing
Sean Morgans - New on the Nanotech Pages
Brad Hein's Nanotechnology Page
Small is Beautiful: a collection of nanotechnology links
Nanotechnology (Mechanical Engineering)
Small world (by Merkle)
Nano News - Archives
NanoComputer Dream Team
Molecular Nanotechnology
Shape Changing Robots And Nano Technology
The NAS Computational Molecular Nanotechnology Group
IMM's Web site
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Carbon Nanotube Based Gears
NanoCAD, a freeware nanotech design system in Java (including source code)
From Neurons to Nanotechnology
NanoComputer Dream Team
Molecular Realities
Nanotechnology Papers and sci.nanotech archives

Nanocomputer Dream Team

Xerox - Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology FORESIGHT
Foresight Institute Home page
Nanotechnology PARC
Palo Alto Research and Links
Nanotechnology RICE


The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) -- The Gateway to Biotechnology
Institute For Biotechnology Information (IBI)
National Biotech Register
The Biotechnology Information Center (BIC)
BioTech's life science dictionary
Access Excellence
Roslin Institute Online
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK)
Bioscience Network
Time Online's Cloning Site
Cloning Research Abstracts Selected from the CAB ABSTRACTS Database
The Cloning of a Sheep Called Dolly
Cloning: A Special Report
A Clone in Sheep's Clothing
National Center for Biotechnology Information (US)
The Missyplicity Project


Fractal shape changing robots
Robotics Research at the Johns Hopkins University
Arrick Robotics
Interfacing Reality
NOMAD Project
BioRobotics Lab
Hans Moravec's Homepage
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
NASA Space Telerobotics Research Program
Xavier- an Internet-guided mobile robot
Carnegie Science Center's Online Telerobot
Australia's Telerobot on the Web
Robotics Frequently Asked Questions List
Humanoid Interaction Laboratory
Honeybee Robotics
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store
Dallas Personal Robotics Group
Real World Interface, Inc. (RWII)
HelpMate Robotics, Inc.
Elekit Co.
California Cybernetics Company
Robotics in Japan -- a collection of groups and projects
IS Robotics, Inc.
Various Motion Control and Robotics Links

Neural Nets / Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality

ALife Garden
Cellular Automata Loops (Java Applet)
Live Alife Page [framed]
Sea Monkey Artificial Life Online!
TechnoSphere's Homepage: V2-Beastie ID 1012
Thomas Ray
Ray's home on the Web
Thomas Ray's Tierra on the Web
Neural Networks at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Shareware and Freeware Neural Network Software
Agorics, Inc. Home Page
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Home Page
Principia Cybernetica Web
Neural Network FAQ, part 1 of 7: Introduction
An Introduction to Neural Networks
Atree 3.0 Educational Kit User Guide
Artificial Intelligence FAQ
Artificial Intelligence
Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence
Cycorp, Inc. (CYC)
Artificial Intelligence Page
Artificial Intelligence Archives for News Groups and Mailing Lists
Artificial Intelligence FAQs
Artificial Intelligence Personal Home Pages
European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Societies and Organizations Directory
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Robotics
Artificial Intelligence Resources
The American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
The Cognitive Science Society, Inc.
Evolution, Complexity and Philosophy
The Brain Project
Artificial Life Online
Introduction to Neural Networks
SRI International's Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC)

Emerging Technologies Research Group

Toekomstbeeld van Techniek
New Scientist Planet Science: Hot Spots
Technology Futures
FutureAlert - Providing information about tommorrows technology today
Technology Directions of the 21st Century (NASA)
Technology Foresight Programme (UK Office of Science & Technology)
SpaceCast 2020 (USAF)
Coca Cola City
tech90s: technology in the 1990s
HTI Home Toys - Home Automation Source
BT Technology Calendar - 1997
CEO Summit (future of technology)
Nanogear images, NASA Ames Public Affairs News Release & Pictures
Origin MediaLab - 'future in technology'
Vision of the Future Forum
Street Tech ('hardware beyond the hype'; van Wired)
wetWare, Inc. - Human technology on the cutting-edge
CMP's TechWeb - The Technology News Site
Scientific American
AgBiotech News and Information
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
FREAK TECHNOLOGY: A free e-zine on revolutionary news in software, hardware, communication, materials, production and more.
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Reports
International Technology Assessment Panorama
Nanotech Update
Technology in Society
Journal of Artificial Intelligence
CMPnet -- The Technology Network
National Academy of Sciences/National Academy of Engineering/Institute of Medicine/National Research Council
American Association for the Advancement of Science
National Science Foundation
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
Discovery Channel
Artificial Life Online - Santa Fe Institute
ETC-Lab Augmented and Virtual Reality Home Page
e-zine-list - Keyword: infotech
e-zine-list - Keyword: high-tech
e-zine-list - Keyword: science
e-zine-list - Keyword: technology
e-zine-list - Keyword: technology news
Augmented Reality - NSF/ARPA Science and Technology Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization
Welcome to the Home Page for the Learning On Line University
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence research links!!
Sun SITE - Sun Software, Information and Technology Exchange
Sun SITE(TM) (Sun Software, Information and Technology Exchange) is a Sun Microsystems sponsored program at leading universities around the world.  The Sun SITE goals are to: Provide easy, global access to free software and tools  Act as a repository for key Sun, local, and government information Promote development and research of new Internet tools
Launch hot new Internet-based applications
Intelligent Information Filters and Enhanced Reality by Alexander Chislenko V.0.84-3
Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net!!!
Augmented Reality - University of Rochester Department of Computer Science
Telepresence Research, Inc. Home Page
Telepresence - Strathclyde Transparent Telepresence Group
Directory of Cold-fusion
CMP's TechWeb - The Technology Super Site
Institute of Future Technology
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Reports
Strange Magazine Web Site
Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages)
Fusion FAQ Homepage
Superconductors and Gravity Shielding
Leading Edge International Research Group
Biological and Bioactive Holoforms
Frontier Research Seminars

GodBox betatesters page
The Global Agenda - use of environmental catastrophes to gain power
earthsystems.org: Educating the Earth
Artoworld - Art, Phi Geometry, Harmonics, Fractals and Magic Squares
!!Project Equinox 2000 - Giza, the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the New Millennium
With the millennium fast approaching, author and pyramid researcher Robert Bauval is bringing together twelve prominent authors and researchers from
around the world to perform a journey and global ritual. This journey will symbolically represent the departure of the Hermetic Tradition for Egypt, its
subsequent spread around the world, and now its return back into Egypt.
The authors include: Graham Hancock *, John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Colin Wilson, Andrew Collins, Michael Baigent, Robert Lomas, Christopher Knight, Paul William Roberts, John Lash, Rand Flem-Ath and Dr. Edmund
State of the World Forum
!! Laura Lee Show - Guests Links & Topic Information
School for Research in Yoga and Ayurveda
Truth Seeker Journal
The Truth Seeker focuses on matters concerning political religious issues
as well as intellectual liberation and civil liberties.
!!! The New Millenia - create a coordinated frequency of Light for all global meditations and actions
The Ancient Civilizations IQ Test
The New Age IQ Test
Crystalline Light Body
World Transformation / New Civilization Network
Communicating Science News (by the National Association of Science Writers)
EurekAlert! - global gateway to science, medicine and technology news
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Agora Arising Universal Ministry (AAUM)
Agora Arising Universal Ministry (AAUM) is a non-profit, non-denominational Spiritual Organization dedicated to assisting others in healing themselves and their lives and in raising the Vibration of the Whole through Enlightenment.
ORMUS Related Scientific References
nyu center for advanced technology
New Age Television Home Page
The Alternative Medicine Homepage
Alternative & Holistic Health
Healing Heart Center
Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Association (AMR'TA) - healing arts
Great Bear Astrological Center (WTPE) - Welcome To Planet Earth magazine
Steps of Zion Ministry - A Project of the Universal Life Trust
National Council for Geocosmic Research - Exploring the interaction between man and cosmosNational Council for Geocosmic Research - Exploring the interaction between man and cosmos
Esoteric Source Providers
International Institute of Forecasters - Business Forecasting
International Journal of Forecasting
The Future Project - online collaborative forecasting
Global Change - A review of climate change and ozone depletion
Theosofische Vereniging NL
EarthStar Power Points Maps, Rosetta's maps
The EarthStar Globe. Earth's natural geometry and map of megaliths,The pyramids in Egypt, China, and Mexico; the Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, and the Galapagos Islands are among the sites that share a geometric relationship.
Four Ahau Press - cosmology of indigenous mesoamerican cultures (incl. maya calendar)
The Enterprise Mission - Richard Hoagland - ET/ancient civalizations, conspiracy theory
WorldPuja - spiritual news network
SpiritWeb - Audio/Video Archive - Art Bell Show Sightings Radio Show Newage Music Spiritual Spectrum SpiritWeb-TV Suma Ching Hai Bridging Heaven & Earth Misc
Journal of Sound and Vibration
Issue Action News
Sound Healing
Sound and Healing Sites - Barbara Hero
!!!! Tools For Exploration - Alternative Therapies - Smart Nutrients+ | Light & Sound | Tapes & Cds
Explore Publications - alternative physics and medicine
Explore Publications is devoted to putting in front of the discriminating public,
quality reliable  information from the cutting edge of Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Therapies, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy and Physics. Explore Magazine is published for the Medical Profession, Scientists, and other serious researchers who are interested in these  areas. This site gives a glimpse into the magazine's contents on an ongoing basis.
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR)
Ian Goddard’s ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN Journal
nature's underlying structural elements along with their most prominent compounds and ensuing geodesic designs
Son of Ether Page
Paradigma Online - Journal of Progressive Sciences
Paradigma, The Journal of Etheric Science
Tony Smith - Schumann Resonances, Geomagnetic Reversals, and Human Brain States
Ashtar Command Communications
Campaign for the Earth Home Page
Linkages - A Multimedia Resource for Environment & Development Policy Makers
Leading Edge Research Group: The What's What Concept Guidebook
The New Evolution Centre is a paradigm-changing cooperative which began in 1996, under the direction of Theodore D. Hall, Ph.D., prime mover behind the 1989 work Blueprint for the Future, which delineated the teachings put forth by Bashar. In 1995, Dr. Hall released a compact distillation of years of sociocultural research called Avoiding Extinction, a prelude to his superlative work, the 450-page book called The Ark: Surviving the Flood of Disinformation, which was finally released in 1997, published by Leading
Edge Research Group.
After-Death Communication - www.After-Death.Com
ECHELON: America's Secret Global Surveillance Network -- Patrick S. Poole
SCIENCE-WEEK - A Weekly Email Digest of the News of Science
Brought to the Web by global educational publisher Addison Wesley Longman,
the PlanetDiary site provides weekly coverage of "the events and phenomena
that affect Earth and its residents." Each week, PlantDiary presents
astronomical, biological, environmental, geological, and meteorological
news from around the globe. An especially useful highlight of the Website
is the Phenomena Backgrounders section. The pages within this section
explain the science surrounding each event, provide links to local and
up-to-the-minute information, and suggest online (and hands-on) activities.
In addition, the Phenomena Backgrounders section is an excellent resource
for research projects or for tracking weekly weather and geological
activity. Other sections at the site include Current Phenomena (for the
latest geological, environmental, and meteorological news), Calender (for
upcoming events), and Universal Measurements (for tips on converting times
and distances).
Discovery Online, Earth Alert - The Week of November 9-November 13, 1998
Lee Chin's bookmarks
!!!!WeatherNet: WeatherSites - huge listing
Vatican Observatory - astronomical research institution
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
US Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) - Energy Science and Technology
New and Alternative Theories of Physics
The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications
Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils (Bill Beaty's Homepage)
Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils (Bill Beaty's Homepage)
the science behind the x-files//[scixf 2.0]
Nikola Tesla Museum - Belgrade - Museum
Quantum Metaphysics by Joachim E. Wolf
Society for Scientific Exploration - fringes of science
Scientific American
Scientific American Editors' Selections from the Web
International Association for New Science
Future Harmonix Magazine Contents
Future Harmonix - music, technology, and group consciousness
U.S. Psychotronics Association (USPA)
Oughten House Publications
Hay House Publications - spiritual and related
The Official Homepage of Dr. Richard J. Boylan
Doc Hambone's Guide to the Insane and Enlightened - Hundreds of addresses and links to alternative and fringe media
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Encyclopedia of Skepticism and the Paranormal
Skeptic Annotated Bibliography
New York Area Skeptics Bibliography
Skeptic Society
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal (CSICOP)
Robert Sheaffer's Skeptical Home Page
The Skeptic Tank
Worldwide skeptic archive
The Skeptic
San Diego Association for Rational Inquiry
The Connecticut Skeptical Society
UFOs and Aliens
Foundation for Meditation and Spiritual Unfoldment
Institute For Advanced Metaphysical Studies
New Medicine
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Shamanic Resources, Courses, Workshops
The Paradigm Clock - The official website of the Paradigm Research Group
New Earth News - OCTOBER 1998 Homepage
The Pearl of Wisdom
Bohm Compton Radius Vortex Sidharth Sarfatti
ORMUS Related Scientific References
Leading Edge Research - Quantum Physics, Space, Time and Dimensional Links!!!!
Leading Edge Research - The New Evolution Centre - by Bashar & Theodore D. Hall
Zero Point Physics, Vacuum Energy, Scalar Physics
ALPHAOMEGA - Publication for the Expansion of Consciousness
The Self-Mastery Earth Institute Homepage
LightWave Magazine
Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension
Vereniging de Nieuwe Mens (test)
SOTHIS Seminars and Earthgate Project (Saskia Bosman)
The Treasure Chest: Transformation of Consciousness, Heightened Awareness, Merkaba, Deliberate Creating, Near Death Experience, Time Travel and UFO, Superconscious, Higher Self, Hidden Truth, Inner Guidance, Light Body, Venusian Science, Vernon Howard, Alchemy, Invisibilty, Native American Spirituality, Quantum Field, Mind Power, False Self - Ego, Pleiades Teachings, Altered DNA, The Middle Way (Ron Voreis)
Life Forces Research Foundation
Our Pristine Planet-dolphins,clustered water,environmental care,photon
Spiritual-Endeavors www - nonprofit educational organization promoting Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental awareness
Spiritual, Holistic, Environmental Events - Free World Wide Calendar
Mystic Planet and New Age Directory of Planet Earth
International Light Workers Directory - World Light Center
Holistic Medicine Web Page
Andrew Collins - alternative archaeology
Healing Arts Report - A Guide to Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine
Wired Collections: Space Exploration
The Center for Strategic & International Studies
Anarchy - Mid Atlantic Infoshop
Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies
!!!!!Which World: Scenarios for the 21st Century, by Allen Hammond
Which World Resource Library -- Trends: Demographic Resources
Which World Resource Library -- Other Sustainable Development Sites
Which World Resource Library -- Other Data Collection Sites
Which World Resource Library -- Other Educational Sites
Which World Resource Library -- Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa
Which World Resource Library -- Regions: Russia
Which World Resource Library -- Regions: North Africa/Middle East
Which World Resource Library -- Regions: North America/Japan/Europe
Which World Resource Library -- Regions: Latin America
Which World Resource Library -- Regions: India
Which World Resource Library -- Regions: China
Which World Resource Library -- Trends: Social and Political Resources
Which World Resource Library -- Trends: Environmental Resources
Which World Resource Library -- Trends: Economics Resources
WebSitez - keyword "trend"
Earth Changes - links to Maps of the Future!!
International Guild of Advanced Sciences
International Guild of Occult Sciences
The Techno Shaman - occult journal of psychotronics/radionics
Atlapedia - full color physical and political maps and key facts and statistics on countries of countries
A Course in Miracles® - ACIM
University Of Melchizedek Home Page
Welcome to Vibrani's One Source, also known as Ur. This site is dedicated to the One Primal Source of All That Is - perfection of love, harmony and beauty - united with all.  Vibrani's focus is the evolution of consciousness and personal transformation through communication, self-empowerment, integration, healing, compassion with action, responsibility, always respecting autonomy. In Vibrani's One Source (which is up-dated daily), you will find a variety of Articles on many subjects, Channelings, Poetry, books and cd for sale, links to my favorite sites, human rights issues, global meditations, up-coming events, sharing and outreach, including specific information related to Sufism, Ancient Egypt and American Indians.
World Bank
Lucis Trust (founded by Alice and Foster Bailey) - Esoteric Training, World Service through Right Human Relations, Right Human Relations, Meditation, and Dynamic Goodwill.
Triangles: Network of Light and Love. World Service through Prayer and Meditation with the Great Invocation.
Planetwork Press
We publish books and educational tools related to:  The Seven Rays, The Great
Invocation, Esoteric Numerology , Esoteric Astrology , The Ageless Wisdom
Esoteric Psychology
Planetwork Press - Seven Ray Energy Cards
Planetwork Press - Seven Ray Energy Journal
Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine
EARTH Prophecy -- Bible Prophecy
My Close Encounters - spiritual quest into the realm of ET (boek)
This book will explain itself - it has been written from the Christian perspective and inspired to be written under the will of God.
Unknown Magazine
The Division of Consciousness: The Secret Afterlife of the Human Psyche, a new book on Christianity's Lost Doctrine of a Divided Afterlife, as Found in the Lost Gospels of Nag Hammadi Egypt, which Integrates & Reconciles Science with Religion and Christianity with Reincarnation, explaining Life After Death Theologies around the World, including Near-Death Experiences, Past-Life Regression, Ghosts, Apparitions, Souls, Spirits, and Nostradamus' Prophecies, by Peter Novak
!!!Dr. Odenwald's ASK THE ASTRONOMER page: Cosmology and the Big Bang
!!!Dr. Odenwald's ASK THE ASTRONOMER : FAQ page
Dr. Odenwald's ASK THE ASTRONOMER page : Astronomy and Religion
Dr. Odenwald's ASK THE ASTRONOMER page: Software
The Golden Key
!!!HyperHealth CD Rom
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