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What Happens if a Signal is Found
"In the dusty pastures edging the town of Hat Creek, in the northern shadow of moldering Mt. Lassen..."
...millions of planets orbiting the millions of stars of the night sky. But before these planets can be searched for extraterrestrial life, they need to be found. Finding planets millions of light years away..."
Click to see Full Image "24 lines, equally spaced radiating lines, plus four lines based on the sunrise/sunset at the two equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices, touched..." Read more
Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge
by Steven M. Greer

Ablaze!: The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion
by Larry E. Arnold

Voices from Legendary Times
by Ellen Lloyd

The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race
by Jim Sparks

Behold a Pale Horse
by William Cooper, Milton William Cooper

The Haunted Universe
by D. Scott Rogo

How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena
by Marie D. Jones

Disclosure:Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History
by Steven M. Greer

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us
by Jim Marrs

The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago
Robert Temple

Quest for Zero Point Energy
by Moray B. King

Invisible Residents
by Ivan T. Sanderson

Top Secret/Majic
by Stanton T. Friedman

2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl
by Daniel Pinchbeck

Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications
by Steven M. Greer
ET Visitors:
Scientists See High Likelihood
"best modern physics and astrophysics theories predict we should be experience extraterrestrial visitation..."
How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena
by Marie D. Jones

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They Watched Us for Three Weeks
"When one of the North American Air Defence System's tracking radars picked up a huge, unknown space satellite in orbit around the Earth, the military was alarmed. The satellite's path took it over the North and South Poles. Scientists calculated that the object's weight was about 15 tons. The Defence Department did not know how to handle the situation. Why? Because, it was obvious that the satellite had not been launched by either the United States or the Soviet Union.... "
Mystery of the Alien Satellite
"Did we pick up the signals from an artificial satellite sent to our planet by an extraterrestrial intelligence? In December 1927, Carl Stoermer, the Norwegian Professor of Mathematics at University in Olso, and explorer of echo radio was contacted by two American scientists, Leo C. Young, radio engineer and Dr. A. Hoyt Taylor, chief consultant of electronics at the naval research laboratory. During their experiments with radio waves, Young and Taylor observed unnatural signals coming from space..... "
Scientists Question the Age and Origins of Man
"Several puzzling ancient discoveries have led archaeologists to believe that our ancient civilizations were much more advanced than previously thought. The serious flaws in Darwin's theory of evolution challenge our deep-rooted beliefs and urge us to open our minds to new possibilities and explore the ancient world from a different perspective. Some members of the scientific community are now questioning the age and origins of man. Perhaps the time has come and we can finally re-write our history. (with video).... "
Marcahuasi: One of the greatest mysteries of human prehistory
"It may be true... This eerie place is related to many legends, all kind of stories about mysterious subterranean chambers, sightings of balls of light or even encounters with unknown inner-earth beings... This very little known place is one of the greatest and most mysterious places of still forbidden archaeology. The Marcahuasi Plateau is located near the small village of San Pedro de Casta, about 80 kilometers from Lima, Peru, at an altitude of over 12,000 (12,500) feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains.... "
The Hum in the Netherlands
"Many people have suffered because of an unknown and irritating humming sound. A resident in the Netherlands contacted the authorities and reports the following: I've read your page on the Taos Hum in New Mexico. Well, I experience the same in The Netherlands since 1998 and in 2003 I got sick of it and moved house for the second time to escape. It's true, very few people do hear it. I did some research and wrote a couple of articles in newspapers without much response.Officials who measure... "
Time Window at the Upper Current River?
"Can "time windows" into other worlds be opened and let us view scenes from the past or future? This is the story of Leonard Hall, who for a brief moment saw glimpses of past events that happened 400 hundred years ago. Did a "time window" accidentally open in front of him? ..."
Who Made the Giant Stone Spheres?
"Are the mysterious giant stone spheres of unknown age representations of planets and moons of the solar system? If the stone balls had been left at the original place, would they form a gigantic planetarium? Some scientists suggest that the ancient spheres are natural formations, others believe these round-shaped stones are man-made and a third group propose that the stone spheres were made by extraterrestrials, the inhabitants of Atlantis or perhaps an advanced lost civilization ..."
Mystery of Desert Glass Still Unsolved
"An extend area of fused silica has also been found in the most desolate areas of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Especially interesting are the layers discovered at Lop Nor in Sinkiang, in the vicinity of the present Chinese atomic site. The results obtained from examined radioactive surface in the area indicate that layers of fused silica does not originate from the modern nuclear detonations but had been there ages before China became a nuclear power. ..."
Sophisticated Surgeries in Prehistoric Times
"Prehistoric "primitive" cultures often benefited from the knowledge of unknown very advanced technologically civilizations they co-existed with. A number of discoveries made around the world indicate that sophisticated surgery was very often performed in prehistoric times. One of the most widespread medical practices in the world was skull trepanation ..."
Lost Kingdom of Chachapoyas - The Cloud People
"The Lake of the Condors, very beautiful, distant and full of secrets, is surrounded by dense cloudy forests. It is located in the vicinity of Chachapoyas, at 2600 meters above the sea level. One day, a decade ago, a group of laborers was cutting down trees near the Lake of the Condors, when one of the workers spotted a strange painting on a cliff face. Searching the area for more clues, they discovered seven burial chambers located above ground. What the workers did not realize was that they discovered a burial site of the mysterious and isolated civilization of the Chachapoyas. ..."
The Battle of the Cloudships
"Since the beginning of time, humans have looked at the sky wondering if someone from above was keeping a watching eye on us. Strange and unexplained phenomena in the skies have led the ancients to believe the heaven was the dwelling place of the gods. Is it possible that even today with our modern technology, we sometimes simply cannot comprehend and scientifically explain all that is happening above our heads...?"
Texas Family Experiences Missing Time
"On February 4, 2007, the Coast Guard rescued a family, including a 11-year-old boy from Intracoastal Waterway near High Island, Texas. The family was disoriented and could not remember their names and weight. It was indeed a surprise when the Coast Guard responded by saying that they did not have any information about this incident. When our reader called the Coast Guard again the next day, they explained that a rescue team did in fact pick up the family, but they were unwilling to provide additional information..."
Underwater Humming Sound in Portugal
"A resident living in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal tells of an unusual humming sound that he hears sometimes from his house, which is located close to the ocean. Occasionally, the sound is louder and our reader thinks that something unexplained is present underwater..."
The Mystery of the Lost Cycladic Civilization
"The Cycladic figurines made of marble originated from the best quarries in Naxos and Paros. For some millenia, they have remained anonymous because we know practically nothing about the mysterious Cycladic masters who created them. What was their real meaning and purpose in the Cycladic society? How important were these flat figurines? Were they perhaps artifacts related to an unknown cult's activities...?"
In Which Country Is Jesus Burried?
"The tomb of Jesus has been discovered, obviously once again. According to the recent news the real tomb of Jesus of Nazareth is now located in Jerusalem. A search for the real tomb can easily get confusing and somewhat tiresome. During the recent years, the grave of Jesus was reported being in Japan, India, France, Scotland, and... "
They came too close to a UFO - they disappeared (UPDATE)
"Could UFOs be responsible for a series of vanished ships, aircraft and people? SS Amelia J. Schooner, built at Hobart in 1919 and her Captain George Atwell disappeared off the New South Wales coast after leaving Newcastle for Hobart on 21 August 1920. She was last seen off Jervis Bay, NSW by the crew of SS Melbourne on 5 September 1920 and then, simply vanished without a trace....Now updated with a video Pilots and UFO sightings"
UFOs Visit Illinois
"The most significant UFO case in Illinois occurred seven years ago. On January 5, 2000 several police officers tracked a huge unidentified triangular-shaped object near Scott AFB. But did you know that mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects were reported already back in 1897?...(with videos)"
Ellen Lloyd's Work on Radio
"My work and articles have been featured on the weekly radio show Mysterious Universe hosted by Benjamin Grundy. You can now download the podcasts and listen..."
She lived 14, 000 years ago in a cave near Messina
"The skeleton of the woman, who lived 14,000 years ago, was discovered in a cave near Messina in 1937, along with the incomplete skeletons of six other humans, presumably her family. The face was reproduced using reconstruction techniques that calculate the appearance of features from the form of the cranium..."
Magnetic field suspected
"ESA's X-ray observatory XMM-Newton has revealed evidence for a magnetic field in space where astronomers never expected to find one. The magnetic field surrounds a young star called AB Aurigae and provides a possible solution to a 20-year old puzzle..."
Exploring deep sea of Antarctica
"Until now, a very rich marine life was hidden in the dark, cold ocean beneath Antarctica's ice. Researchers were only able to speculate about the secrets of deep sea life in this remote region of our planet. For the first time due to the more recent retreat of the ice masses over the past decades, researchers could begin to catalog wildlife of Antarctica's deep sea..."
1942: UFO over Los Angeles - The night of the giant UFO
"This is probably the most extraordinary UFO case in history. We came across an interesting movie. At around 4:50 of this clip, there is a short film with apparently live images of the February 25, 1942 Battle of Los Angeles. Is it a real footage of the actual event?..."
The Hum - a worldwide phenomenon
"This peculiar sound is also known as the Largs Hum. "The fact of the matter is that we do not yet have an answer even though there has been keen interest and plenty of speculation world wide on this phenomenon..." The noise of unknown origin which sounds like a "humming..."
Extraterrestrials in Our Oceans
"Have aliens established secret underwater bases on our planet? Is it possible that an extraterrestrial civilization has co-existed with humanity for thousands of years? Numerous world-wide sightings of USOs (Unidentified Submergible Objects) suggest extraterrestrial presence in our water...USOs are interesting for several reasons. For one thing, these remarkable objects have demonstrated on several occasions that they are a product of someone familiar with highly advanced technology. Not only are USOs able to travel faster than any of our modern submarines..."
"The Long Ears" - a vanished race
"The first men to live on the island were the survivors of the world's first race. They were yellow, very big, with long arms, great stout chests, huge ears although their lobes were not stretched: they had pure yellow hair and their bodies were hairless and shining. They did not possess fire. This race once existed on two other Polynesian islands. They came by boat from a land that lies behind America..." "
One of world's oldest cities - found
Clovis people arrived more recently than thought
"The Clovis people, known for their distinctive spear points, likely were not the first humans in the Americas..." "
Dwaraka - a "city in gold" - one of the seven holy cities
"The yellow glitter of the golden fort of the city in the sea throwing yellow light all round looked as if the flames of vadavagni came out tearing asunder the sea...Then came the deluge and Dwaraka, a "city of gold" vanished under water. Around 1500 B.C the whole western coast of India disappeared along with Lord Krishna's great city...There was no trace of the city. Dwaraka was just a name; just a memory..." "
DNA Hair sample from Human being apparently not from Earth
"An Australian's contact with a Human-looking Extraterrestrials has resulted in a DNA test of their biological material. The intriguing results demonstrate the need for more intensive scientific research on Extraterrestrials, in the West. The full case report by leading Australian researcher Bill Chalker was originally published...Mr. Chalker points out that "alien" beings are often described by experiencers as having no visible hair. But one species of Extraterrestrial being sometimes called..."
The Beauty of Nature
"Sometimes in our search for alien life we tend to forget the beauty of our nature here on Earth. Our reader from Norway sent us a wonderful image which we would like to share with you. He calls it "UFOs on my coastline". "My guess is that the tide have made it. It was very cold when the picture was taken so my guess is that water froze in small ponds when the tide was out and when the tide came back it shifted the ice back and forth. That is just my theory..."
Strange lights over Somerset County
"Callers from four southern Somerset County towns reported seeing strange lights in the sky Wednesday night. Though activities that night by the Vermont Air National Guard might provide an explanation, some sightings were close to the ground. From 7:35 to 8:12 p.m., the Somerset County Communications Center took calls from Anson, Fairfield, Norridgewock and Skowhegan..."
Canada's Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs
"I am not a believer alone. I am a UFO witness. When you see one of these things, all of the video tape you see in this film is "as it is": truly real. This is the truth to me because I saw a UFO metallic Flying Saucer, with several other witnesses, hovering in the sky above Berkeley, CA, 1967-68 for over twenty minutes..."
What's behind mysterious booms? - Phenomena produce theories, but no answers
"The odds of a plane in any of those areas creating a sonic boom that could be felt all over San Diego County are virtually nonexistent...Could some sort of rocket be the cause? A spokeswoman at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 60 miles north of Santa Barbara, said the base didn't launch any rockets that day. Neither did NASA..."
UFO or Supernatural Sighting in Missouri?
"One of our readers in Missouri caught something unusual on his camera. We asked him to relate the story and these are his words: "That camera was set up in an area that was a deer magnet! It was the night before our opening day of rifle season for deer in Missouri. No one was going to hunt that particular spot on opening morning, so I decided to put my trail camera there. In hopes of catching a big buck on film (or digital, in this case) and then I would know if I should move to that spot? Right?..."
Mystery Over Australia - Astronomy picture of the day
"Recorded Tuesday at about 2 am, the thirty minute long color film exposure also captured a bright but mysterious object that moved slowly across the sky for over an hour. Widely seen, the object began as a small point and expanded as it tracked toward the North..."
99942 Apophis Asteroid - a danger from space
"Apophis will make an extremely close approach to the Earth on 2029 April 13. Additional observations provided improved predictions that eliminated the possibility of an impact on Earth or the Moon in 2029. A future impact on April 13, 2036, is still possible...but for now, we are worry about the earlier date and time of the event. Apophis, a possible danger from the sky may hit our planet as..."
Mountain Glaciers Melting Faster Than Ever, Expert Says
"Mountain glaciers are melting faster than ever, a leading climate expert announced yesterday, and eerie effects of the thaw are being seen from the summits of South America to the highest peak in Africa. In Peru alone, ice fields are disappearing so quickly that giant lakes..."
Black Holes: Dark and Deadly
"There’s something about black holes that draws in scientists and the rest of us terrestrial dwellers, besides of course their tremendous gravity. It could be because nothing has yet escaped one to tell us what’s in that shadowy abyss. Or that no one has gotten close enough to peek inside these cosmic wells..."
Modern magic
"The concept of energy is central to Wicca. Energy within the body, energy between people, and the energy that flows through nature can all be channeled into a greater good. Magic is simply using that energy to cause change..."
See the new star in Scorpius
Cross of Light Reported in California
"Appearing just outside the bathroom window appears a Cross of Light for over 50 years of my life. The cross is suspended in space which would be in the middles of the backyard which is the west side of the house..."
The coming of the Great White Chief
"East of Superior, Arizona broad steps were found in the desert like they had been made for a huge building. Very near there two people were hiking on a trail. All of a sudden the one behind was missing! The front man turned around and in the trail was a hole that the man had..."
Why are we fighting for the Moon again?
"Everyone knows the outcome -- boosters exploded in the direct vicinity of launching pads. During three unmanned launches in 1966-1967, the Soyuz spacecraft failed to carry out automatic docking. The ensuing decision to send a manned mission cost cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov his life..."
Robo-sub takes Antarctic plunge
"A voyage to Antarctica's icy depths has revealed a rich array of marine life and geological features that may shed light on the region's past and future. Isis, the UK's first deep-sea remote operated vehicle, combed the area's sea bed, diving down to 3.5km (two miles)..."
Futuristic fleet of 'cloudseeders'
"It was in 1946 that scientists first began trying to manipulate clouds. They found that by firing tiny particles of silver iodide into rain-bearing clouds, they could induce rainfall. Our idea of a fleet of "cloudseeders", however, was largely born from a remark..."
UFOs and Space Travel
"One of the most interesting aspects of the UFO phenomenon focuses on the origin of extraterrestrial craft. Whether you are new to the UFO phenomena, or have studied the subject for years, you cannot help wondering: "If UFOs are real outer space craft, then where do they come from and how do they get here?" What is the place of origin of these intelligent alien beings...?"
Towering Mysteries
"An amateur archaeologist tries to get to the bottom of some astonishing structures in Tibet and Sichuan Province, China. Old stone towers, some vaguely star-shaped and some more than 100 feet tall became a mystery of their origin and age. One question remains; Why were they built?..."
Time travel considerations
"I believe teleportation and time travel or temporalportation are similar phenomena except the object or person is displaced in time rather than space. In past considerations of time travel involving the relativity concept of space-time, time travel is only considered as an aspect of space travel. However, if space and time are not strictly welded together, we can revive the concept of moving in the time dimension without moving from the spatial position occupied..."
Chicago phenomenon rekindles UFO debate
"On Jan. 2, the Chicago Tribune did something extraordinary for a major newspaper: It ran a UFO story on its front page. The newspaper reported that in the late afternoon of Nov. 7, 2006, a gray, egg-shaped object was observed hovering over Gate C17 at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The object was unusually low (below the 1,900-foot overcast ), remained visible for several minutes, and was observed by several mechanics and various United Airlines ground personnel..."
DNA shows Etruscans come from Anatolia
"A recent DNA-based survey suggests the roots of Etruscans, a pre-Roman civilization in Italy, lie in Anatolia. According to the research conducted by genetic scientists in Italy's Pavia University, the roots of Etruscans were in the ancient Lydian region in Anatolia..."


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Skidi Pawnee - star people "they appear in remote and inaccessible areas. Thus far, the only thing known is that the circles appear at unknown times, but remain for long periods..."
What frightened residents?
Over 200 witnesses speak out
We Want To Know!
What can cause so many residents in various communities from Kamloops through to the Okanagan and the Kootenays in British Columbia..."
Maury Island Incident
"What really happened in an east bay off Maury Island, over Puget Sound, near Tacoma, Washington? For most of the UFO researchers it was nothing more than a hoax..."
There are still people who believe the Maury Island Case was not a hoax...
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The Greatest Geographical Discovery in Human History
Click to see Full Image
Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd
"...The President has been advised. I am now detained for several hours (six hours, thirty-nine minutes, to be exact.) I am interviewed intently by Top Security Forces and a medical team. It was an ordeal!!!! I am placed under strict control..." More
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The Book of Dzyan "tells of intellectually sophisticated humans from an ancient earth-born society who abandoned the surface of the earth, "depriving the impure human race of their knowledge," and leaving in flying craft to rejoin their land "of iron and metal"
- true star people and their star charts
Skidi Pawnee - star people "They were familiar with meteorites, had own sky observation methods and followed the tracks of the sun, moon, and the five planets. The Pawnee had..."
off Quebec's northern coast
Qajartalik's petro "...human faces carved on soapstone outcrops at Qajartalik in the Eastern Arctic, resemble masks known to have been created by..."
- still remains a mystery

Judaculla Rock
...no ordinary stone...created by the ancients of North Carolina, very long time ago... but for what purpose? “How did it get here?” ...nobody knows. Is it a prehistoric code..."
"angelship clouds", "cloudships", "clouds of heaven"
Matthew 24:30
"And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory..."
They are an evidence that our ancestors were advanced. The Holy Dragon of Yoruba, holding a rocket in his paws. How could Yoruba people know something about rockets?... Read more
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