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A Short Introduction to Ufology
Dennis Stacy, Editor, MUFON UFO Journal
An introduction to the field of ufology and the subject of unidentified flying objects. R

Comprehensive Assessment of the UFO/ETI Phenomenon
CSETI / Steven M. Greer, MD
A comprehensive analysis of the UFO phenomenon, as well as original research and experiences of members of the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) CE-5 Initiative Working Group, has enabled us to make some specific conclusions about UFOs, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and their motives. The summation of this analysis, which follows, is intended to assist both groups and individuals in their efforts to understand this complex subject. We have recorded only those conclusions for which we have a high level of certainty.

Comprehensive Briefing Document / Project Starlight - Assessment Summary
Steven Green, M.D. / CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
The summary from the comprehensive assessment of the UFO phenomenon by CSETI. "Some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETS) which are piloted by extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) who originate on another planet, and most likely another star system." R

Is There a Case for UFOs?
Don Berliner, The Fund for UFO Research, 2002
About the only point that can be made concerning UFOs without the risk of starting an unpleasant controversy is that they are supremely controversial. Any discussion of their nature, their origins, their significance and, indeed, their very existence, has led to long-term arguments that have yet to reach any generally agreed-upon conclusion.

Refuting Fermi: No Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life?
John B. Alexander, NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science)
To state there is no evidence suggestive of intelligent extraterrestrial life simply belies the facts. Decades in duration and global in nature, there are too many hard sensor data-points and millions of eyewitnesses to ignore. It is only through ignorance or pomposity that one can say no evidence exists. R

Summary Of The UFO Phenomenon
Mark Cashman, MUFON Connecticut
If the only strange things seen in the sky were a few oddly moving lights, or some specks glinting in the sun, there would be no UFO problem. But there have been many close observations of these strange objects. In addition, physical traces of various kinds have been left behind, and witnesses have experienced physical and medical effects, including injury and death. Of all of the reported sightings, between 5 and 25% (depending on the sample) remain unidentifiable to expert examination. These are the real UFOs.

Terminology of UFOs
Don Berliner, UFO Briefing Document
The frequently used term "Close Encounters" was coined by the late Dr. J. Alan Hynek as part of a terminology designed to categorize different types of UFO experiences. There are six main categories R

The Case for Extraterrestrial UFOs
Don Berliner, Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR)
While most sights described as UFOs turn out to be misidentified known natural and artificial phenomena, many hundreds do not. It is these that form the core of the UFO mystery. That UFOs constitute a distinct category of describable sights is based on hundreds of highly detailed and consistent descriptions by professionals (especially airline and military pilots) of their close-up, broad daylight observations of unique flying machines.

The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Flying Saucers (PDF) PDF Document
Stanton T. Friedman, Nuclear Physicist
Careful review of the vast array of relevant evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that some unidentified flying objects are intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is outside our solar system. All the arguments against the extraterrestrial origin seem to be based upon false reasoning, misrepresentation of evidence, neglect of relevant information, ignorance of relevant technology, or pseudo sophisticated assumptions about alien appearance, motivation, or government secrecy.

The Case for UFO Reality
The UFO Briefing Document, Don Berliner, et. al.
If a close look is taken at the best available evidence, it is possible to deal with what is known about UFOs, and what may reasonably be assumed. The point we will make is that the evidence to support the conclusion that UFOs are unknown aircraft/spacecraft seems to be overwhelming. R

UFO FAQ by Cram
The FAQ is the result of contributions from many people. The FAQ and shortened version, the MINI-FAQ were originally written for the Usenet Newsgroup alt.alien.visitors.

UFOs - A Challenge to Mainstream Science
Patricia B. Corbett
An excellent, award-winning overview of the UFO phenomenon, the evidence, and mainstream science. Examines why scientists do not look at the physical evidence; describes what the existing evidence is; and guides the reader to many books, reports and databases that contain evidence of UFO reality. In addition, lists many of the world leaders, scientists, astronauts, military personnel and other credible people who have witnessed UFOs themselves, adding convincing personal testimony to the available data. R

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