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Adamski Foundation Alberta AUFORA-Exoscience
AAER Alien Abduction Experience and Research AIC   Abduction Information Center
Alien Astronomer Alien Presence
Alien Resistance Movement  ARM Alienhunter (D. Simms - Abduction and Research Center)
Anomalous Images & UFO Files AUFOSG Alberta UFO Study Group
APRA Website (U.K.) Area 51 -  Area S4
Area 51 Archive & Files: UFO Archives
Art Bell Talk Radio AUFORN Australian UFO Research Network
AAS RA - Archaeology   (E.Von Daniken) Beyond Boundaries
Boylan dr. J Richard Homepage BUFORA British UFO Research Association
The Official Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso Sr. Home Page Chupacabra Web Site
CURO  (Sun Shili - CINA)         CNI NEWS Contact with Non-human Intelligence
Communion Home Page   (Whitley Strieber) CNN -UFO
Compendium on Aerial Phenomena CUFORG
CUFOS Center for UFO Studios CSETI
CAUS Citizen Against UFO Secrecy The Circle Makers
Crop Circle Connector CCCS Midwest Research Group
Circles Phenomenon Research Canada Circles Phenomenon Research International
Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS) EBE   OnLine
Crop Circle Radius Far Shores ParaUFO Website
Finland Center for Circles Information Millennium Research
German Association for Crop Circle Research CIFE       (Spagna)
CEI  (Spagna) DUR Dutch UFO Research
Cufon Computer UFO Network Enterprise Mission  (Richard C. Hoagland)
Denmark     UFO Net Global Earthfiles        (Linda Moulton Howe)
Ecuador: Punto de Contacto Finnish UFO Research Organization
Filersfiles         (UFO news) Flying Saucer Magazine
Fire in the Sky   (Travis Walton page) Fundacion Anomala        (Spagna)
Flying Saucer Gazzette France OVNI
Fortean Times Groom Lake Desert Rat
FUFOR Found for UFO Group GUFOA         Georgian ufo Association
Greg Long at Pacific Harbor GUFORC  (German   org.)
German Invisible College Paola   Harris  Official homepage
J-com UFO Report   JAPAN Online

Haselhoff    and  the   Crop Circles

Horovitz Group Home Page International Committee for UFO Research
ICAR International Center Abduction (David Jacobs) Internet UFO Group
International Roswell Initiative Israel UFO Research
ISSO       (Joe Firmage) IF Intruders Foundation     (Budd Hopkins)
ISUR IOTA  Project
IUFOR: Institute for UFO Research LAZAR  (Bob) home page
LUNASCAN   Lunar Anomalies Site Malaysian UFO Network
Lithuanian   nso Life on Mars
The MARS-EARTH Connention Mysteries on the Western Plains
Michael Hesemann's Official Web Page Meier (Billy)    The Offical Site
Minnesota MUFON MUFOR Malta UFO Research
MUFON Microsoft UFO Communities
MUFON Ontario MUFON Mutual UFO Network
Mutilation - Alien Cattle NACOM
New York  UFO Network NIDS  National Institute for Discovery Science
National Aeronautics and Space Administration National UFO Reporting Center
Norway's Project Hessdalen Nexus magazine
NRAO National Radio Astronomy Observatry Norway's TriangleProject or Hessdalen Phenomena
Orbwatch Index Naval Intelligence studies UFO footage (C.Miller)
Ovnivision            (Chile)   OVNI Page  (France)
Operation Right To Know (ORTK) Ovnichile       (Chile)
Paradigm Research Group (PRG) OSETI   Project
Project 1947 P.E.E.R.  (John   Mack)
Project Blue Book   (Research Center - M. Hall) Project SIGN/GRUDGE
Paranet Phoenix Lights
Roswell - net PUFORI Picard UFO Research International
Russian UFO Research Station Roswell Museum
Russian UFOS Russian UFO Page
RUFON - Romania UFO Network Boris Shurinov (RUSSIA)
SCOTLAND UFO SPACESearchProject  (Abduction Research Group)
Stanford University S.I.B. Betelgeuse (Spagna)
SETI Institute Saucer Smear
Sightings Society for Scientific Exploration
Sightings Radio Skywatch International   (Bill Hamilton)
Ufo SIGHTINGS Network Skywatch International
SOS OVNI   France and Quebec Skywatch   Espana
Sourcebook Project SOS OVNI Belgium
SECTES ET OVNI-UFOCOM SOBEPS (Société Belge d'Etude des Phénomènes Spatiaux)
South Africa The MBS UFO Page Socex   Sociedade de Estudios Extraterrestres
Starchild Project Spagna   MASALLA
Stargate International   (ex  Robert Dean) Stargate (Johannes Fiebag Homepage)
Stardrive    (Jack Sarfatti) SUFOI Skandavinsk UFO Info (Denmark)
Stargate-chronicles   (Clark McLelland) Star Knowledge
Sirius ufo.org    (Turkey) TUVPO   (Turkish UFO org)
Totalufo.net The Ufocity
The Gulf Breeze UFO Website The UFO Network
The  S-4   Database TRIANGLE   (France)
TUFOIC    Tasmanian UFO The Ufo  India
The Ufochronicles UFO's  in    Africa
UFO Books For Sale Ufo/uvideo  (free download)
UMMO   (France) UFO Video Analisis-OVNI Chapterhouse
UFO's Brasil UFO El Salvador Ricerca Vita Extraterrestre
UFO*BC UFO Folklore
UFO Magazine UK
UFO Magazine UFO Norway ( Ole Jonny Branne )
UFO Roundup: Latest sightings UFO Sweden ( Anders Liljegren )
Ufology Research of Manitoba UFO's: A Closer Look
Ultimate Ufologists' WWW Page UFO World
United Kingdom UFO Network Varginha Case: the whole story
UFO   Window Wiretap UFO archives
Victorian UFO Research Society X-PPAC (Et. Phenomena Political Action Committe)
MIR Men In Red (Italia) Nonsiamosoli (Italia)
Ufochannel (Italia) ARUP Associazione Ricerche Ufologiche e Paranormali (Italia)
UFO On Line (Italia) CISU Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici (Italia)
UFONET (Italia) Ufodatanet (Italia)
CIFAS (Italia) Crovni    (San Marino)
Cusi    (Svizzera Italiana) Csu  (Svizzera-Locarno)

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