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Dads UFOs

UFO's, ...or just some "lights in the sky"?


(Unidentified Flying Object)








Best UFO Books for 1996

Previous Years' Best.


There's a lot of talk these days about UFO's, or AFC's (Alien Flying Craft). or "Flying Saucers". But, is it "News"? There are a lot of pretty good arguments that sightings have been going on for a very long time!

I've heard of several theories. Some of them even seem possible! But, do I have a "favorite"? ....No, not really. Here are some that I think have possibilities, however, I may be slightly biased (but more on that later...)

The following categories overlap, I realize, but there are no simple answers it seems... Let's just take a quick overview of the subject, ok?



The most common belief is (most likely), that they are from another planet in this Galaxy. From there, it varies from a single ship, coming and going at will, to huge "Star Bases", bringing large populations from their native planet, and holding hundreds of the smaller craft. (There are no rules here how far these ships may have come to get here. They could even be extra-galactic travelers.)
Another theory is that these beings travel Inter-Dimensionally, using a technology or a "Brain Power" or something else that we know nothing about.
Also popular (but less commonly accepted), is the theory that they are native to Earth, but went underground thousands, or even millions of years ago. ...Of course, this could be the result of underground/underwater "Bases" that the Visitors built too.
In any case, these beings developed independently from the Surface world and, due to technological advantages, became even farther apart. Histories and Myths speak of ancient civilizations with great powers. ...The ancient "Gods" that walked among us (checking on the progress of their work?).
Wherever, Whenever, or however they got here, what proof do we now have that they ARE here NOW!!(??)



From benign observation to vicious rape, from teachers to butchers, from helpers to cattle mutilators, all have been attributed to visitors.
Many people believe they've been taken from their beds, in the middle of the night, and have horrendous medical procedures performed on them. Others feel they're being taken to a "learning place", a "breathing pool", or another world (Dimension(?), Alternate Reality(?)), or inside a "ship like" structure. There, they are taught, guided, given "Tasks" to perform or goals to achieve.
Alien-Human Hybrid babies and other genetic experimentation is a common story (more common among female abductees), can be viewed as both good and bad. ...We don't know the motivation! Would it be to SAVE the human race, enhance our natural abilities? Or, perhaps it's a form of genocide, making their race stronger, to take over the world?
The visitors' "Craft", and even themselves, seem to just POP in and out of existence, whether it's on a Radar screen or in a bedroom.



Ranging from little green (or blue, or Gray) beings, to tall, blond haired, blue eyed, and indistinguishable from humans (the "Nordics"). Descriptions include long-limbed, skinny-as-a stick, "spider like" beings, and "Reptilian" looking creatures. ...Some are seen as Angels, and some as Demons. We may be dealing with ONE race, or Dozens(!) there's no way to know for sure...
The "Grays", with their big black eyes, are by far the most commonly accepted as possible. Descriptions have gotten pretty detailed since the Roswell "incident". And several hundred (or thousand) people, from all over the Globe, that have described them seem to be describing the same type of species at least... There's even some speculation that they may be a Plant Hybrid, used as a "Worker" race for more advanced beings (Nordics?). The Nordics are usually described as being "in charge" of the Grays...(??)
The Reptilian and Arachnid races are (generally) viewed negatively (except from some owners of pet Iguanas, Boas, and Tarantulas...). The most gruesome medical procedures are reported to be in these encounters.
Then there's the "Light Beings", the "Angels" so to speak, sometimes called "Guides" or "Indians", "Masters", or just "Teachers", that seem to operate outside the laws of the physical universe. Naturally, these are sought as Desirable to contact/be contacted by, for most people.



Skeptics have a lot of fun in this area. After all, if it's beyond our present technology, how can it be possible? ...I view this like someone in the 1850's, trying to figure out a computer, an airplane, or even a TV, etc..
First, how can they travel such distances? It would take so long! ...Possible explanations range from the physical (FTL, or Faster Than Light Drive, like a Magnetic Pulse Drive) to the metaphysical (they just "WILL" themselves to another place). Perhaps there is no hard rule, and different races have different means of travel.(?) Personally, I lean toward the FTL Drives. (The G-force effect would be Zero if a "here-now-there" Pulse was used. We would see it like a reel of film, but it would be experienced a frame at a time.)
Medically, their technology may have included Genetic experimentation (long ago!). Any Gene-splicing experiments on Mammals (like the 3% difference between Us and Chimpanzees), could have had a profound effect on humans 15 or 20,000 years ago (or 4 million!) For all we know, the Whale or Dolphin were "supposed" to be the dominant life form here (the Earth IS mostly water...) Mermaids, Atlantis, Lemuria, and Urantia.... who knows what our past truly was?
Implants are reported to be used by the visitors on us. Of course, we use them on Pets and some Soldiers, we "Tag" Bears, Birds, ...even fish, so, ....why not them?
Some even say that some of our present, cutting-edge, technological advances are "borrowed" from the Visitors. One developing arm of that could be the New Generation of aircraft? In fact, some "sightings" may be of our OWN attempts at duplication of foreign craft. ...In the paranoid eyes of the Government, they may see the Visitors as a threat (or, they know something we don't!), and are trying to match the abilities of the Visitors' ships, ...just in case(?!?!).
The Visitors may have large Complexes or "Bases" located anywhere (or everywhere) from the Moon's backside to Mars, to the Devil's Triangle, to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Passing through space or water is easier to believe than passing through "solid" rock, but, why not?



Yes, where do WE stand in all this?
Generally, only something like hypnosis can be used to "remember" an incident. Some get clues from half remembered "dreams". Still others get suspicious, because they wake up with their clothes on backwards, or in a different place from where they lay down to sleep (yet never have been seen sleep walking). So they chronicle their lives, their scars and bumps, their dreams, their pets and children, in the hopes that a pattern will emerge, some personal "proof" will emerge, somewhere. ... The torture of not knowing for sure can be quite overwhelming at times.
Are they here to save the World, or Conquer it? ...Or, are they just here to observe?
Is the interaction (the abductions, visits, etc.) we hear about, part of some bigger agenda, or are they just "baggin' and taggin'" us, like we do to "our" Elk and Deer, Lion and Lamb?
Why don't we just ASK them, you say? ...Even National Enquirer wouldn't believe us!
Maybe the Government knows more than they're saying, and will share it with us someday.(?) ...But then, some people think there's a co-operative effort already going on between our government and "Them", and secrecy is part of the "deal".
....In any case, only the Visitors know what motivates them. Until they decide to tell us (which should be pretty easy for them to do!), or, until ONE of the races that are here would decide to "break the rules" and openly, consciously, communicate, we will be left to speculate about them, their plans, their beliefs, technology, sociology, ....and even if they're *capable* of emotion (hence, caring what WE think!)



You may have noticed that, nowhere above, did I doubt the Visitors' existence. The reason for this is that I (too!) have been subjected to "memories (dream-like, but not dreams)", and "Missing Time", and "in my bed, wide awake, frozen from fear, knowing/feeling someone was there, hearing them, smelling them (earthy, musty smell), TERRORS!". I've seen UFO's and compared them with my Father's sightings (and my uncle's). I've done what anyone that "suspects" has done, I've researched, and I talked to others that have had the same or similar experiences.
If you, or someone you know has anything you want to talk to me about, please leave a message in the UFO message board, or you can write me at Elon@Dimensional-Doorways.com I assure you, I will maintain strictest confidence to those that write me.

Do I believe in UFO's? ....No doubt about it I do!

What do you think?


Best UFO Books for 1996

(Complete List)/Previous Years' Best.

The 'Albright Award' Winners for the Year 1996
"The Best UFO-Related Books"

The Karla Turner Awards for the Top 1996 Abdcution books:

The criteria for the top abduction books include:

1) Delivers information that creates a greater understanding of the alien abduction phenomena, their purpose and goals.

2) Releases important new material on the human-alien abduction program.

3) Brings to the general public in clearly understood language, the reality of the alien-human agenda.

4) Reveals the human participation with alien life forms and their role in human abductions.

The Karla Turner awards for the top seven alien-human abduction books for 1996 are:

1) Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions by Budd Hopkins (ISBN# 0-67-56915-5) Budd previously published "Missing Time" in 1981 and "Intruders" in 1987, which brought to light the phenomenon of alien genetic experimentation and the lost time associated with it experienced by the abductees. "Witnessed" is a story of an abduction case observed by multiple eye-witnesses including United Nations Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar.
Although he was refused to acknowledge the event publicly, this book is a living testament of the unusual encounter between "Linda" and her alien abductors.
Hopkins goes on to detail the ET-program known as "bonding" which involves a pairing off of two humans subjects in a "bonding environment," generally described as a blinding white location that is clearly under the alien's control.
Hopkins also describes other frequently used alien "mind-control" manipulations which leave the abductees traumatized.

2) Connections: Solving Our Alien Abduction Mystery by Beth Collings and Anna Jamerson (ISBN #0-926524-35-6) Connections is the gripping tale of two women and the search for the truth regarding their lifelong alien abductions.
The two authors tell their story individually, taking turns in each chapter to keep the narrative running smoothly. Similarly to Hopkins "Witnessed," Collings and Jamerson illustrates the control aliens have over their lives and the conditioning
of "abductee-bonding." Both Beth and Anna discover evidence for alien abduction that may have been going on in each of their families for generations, and still taking place at the present. A dynamite contribution to abduction research and a thoroughly enjoyable book.

3) Beyond My Wildest Dreams by Kim Carlsberg, illustrated by Darryl Anka (ISBN #1-879181-25-8) Released late in 1995, this winner is a complete and scary roller-coaster ride about the myriad of experiences that make up an abductee's life. "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" poignantly captures the range of human emotion--
from fear to exhilaration--inherent in the abduction program. Kim's diary-style account about a series of alien abductions combined with Darryl's colorful but explicit artwork works wonderfully. Despite Kim's often terrifying experiences involving physical and psychological pain, she went beyond her limitations and
discovered proof of the existence of other realms as wells as of other aspect of consciousness such as telepathy and teleportation. One of a small number of abduction books (7 at last count) that relate the Military-Alien involvement or collaboration. Disturbing yet inspirational in a tragic sort of way

4) The Excycles "The True Experiences of a Woman Who is Loved by Extraterrestrials and was Romanced by a U.S. Government Intelligence Agent" by Mia Adams (ISBN #0-9649905-0-4) Mia experiences are so astonishing, that the reader is forced to deliberate on how manipulated the Intelligence Agencies are themselves. Really two books in one. The first part consists of the author's surveillance and subsequent romance by an intelligence operative. This relationship finally ends with "Jordan" giving Mia a 12 page explanation of the covert Government's involvement with extraterrestrials. Those 12 pages alone are worth the price of the book. The second part details Mia's worldwide spirituals journeys whichinclude many incredible miracles and synchoronicites. A must read.

5) UFO Healings "True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials" by Preston Dennett (ISBN# 0-926524-33-X) UFO investigator Preston Dennet offers up certifiedevidence from around the world that documents that ETs may be healing abductees on a regular basis. Dennet investigates over a hundred cases of people whom ETs have cured of diseases ranging from the common cold of cancer. Although in contrast to the contactee/Space Brother concept of benevolent aliens, half of the abductees feel
that their healings are part of a preservation program known as "equipment maintenance."
The list of healings for a wide range of symptoms are staggering and documents that alien technology would make modern medicine obsolete. Dennet's statistical analysis brings researchers closer to unraveling the aliens agenda.

6) Fire in the Sky - Travis Walton (Marlow & Co.) Walton updates his first book released in 1978 titled "The Walton Experience" with details his November 5, 1975 encounter with an ET craft and it's occupants. Walton critically pans the movie, "Fire in the Sky" which over-dramatized the actual events. Travis superbly exposes
the fraudulent Phil Klass and CSICOPS as worthless charlatans that makes a mockeryof themselves and debunkers in general. One of the most important long-term abduction cases on record, and Walton informatively explains his own research since that time.

7) The Significance of Multiple Participant Abductions - John S. Carpenter A 20-page examination concerning two or more people being simultaneously abducted. Included are six detailed cases and two appendices with 58 correlations. Significant because of the author's long-term research into the subject and one of
the very few papers about the phenomenon of multiple-experienced abductions.
We would love to see a hard-cover book by Carpenter, who ranks up there with Budd Hopkins, John Mack and David Jacob as the World's premier scholar and investigator on alien abductions.

Previous Years Best UFO-Abduction Books:

1995 - The Alien Abduction Survival Guide - Michelle LaVigne
Masquerade of Angels - Karla Turner with Ted Rice
A Common Sense Approach to UFOs - Betty Hill
The Watchers II - Raymond Fowler
Breakthrough: The Next Step - Whitley Strieber
UFOs and Abductions in Brazil - Irene Granchi
Searchers - Ron Felber

1994 - Taken Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda - Karla Turner

Encounter at Buff Ledge - Walter Webb
Abduction: Human Encounter With Aliens - John Mack
Close Extraterrestrial Encounters - Richard Boylan
Abducted - Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell
Searchers - Ron Felber

1993 - Alien Jigsaw-Katharina Wilson
Lost Was the Key - Leah Haley

1992 - Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions - David Jacobs

Into the Fringe - Karla Turner

1991 - Report On Communion-Ed Conroy

1990 - The Watchers: The Secret Design Behind The UFO Abduction-Ray Fowler

1989 - Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abduction-Edith Fiore
Report on Communion - Ed Conroy

1988 - Tujunga Canyon Contacts - Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo
Transformation: The Breakthrough-Whitley Strieber

1987 - Intruders: The Incredible Visitations At Copley Woods-Budd Hopkins
Communion - Whitley Strieber
UFO Abductions: The Measure of the Mystery - Thomas Bullard
Top Ten UFO Books for 1996.

#1) Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions by
Budd Hopkins (ISBN# 0-67-56915-5) - The Abduction Case of the Century is
chronicled. Political leaders as well as credible professionals view lien abduction.

#2) Top Secret/Majic by Stanton Friedman

(ISBN# 1-56924-830-3)

Friedman substantiates the authenticity of MJ-12 documents which prove the extraterrestrials have come to Earth. Top Secret/Majic is the result of 12 years of research into the MJ-12 documents concerning the recovery of a crashed UFO at Corona near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1946 and the establishment of a top-level group by President Truman to deal with the saucer and its alien inhabitants. Friedman has painstakingly search through 15 document archives for background and cross-referencing on MJ-12 members. Friedman also reviews the most recently discovered document, an alleged 1954 manual for the recovery and disposal of extraterrestrial entities and technology, as well as the inconclusive
"alien-autopsy" film.

#3) Mysterious Valley - Christopher O' Brian (ISBN# 0-312-95883-8)
Cattle mutilations, military operations, UFO sightings, mysterious helicopters, are researched in the remote San Luis Valley.

#4) UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil--Where Next? by Bob Pratt (ISBN# 1-881852-14-8) Bob Pratt documents alien encounters in Brazil that have lead to injury and death. Pratt traveled the Brazilian countryside and investigated over two hundred cases, and interviewed over seventeen hundred

#5) UFO Concealment: The Official Cover-up by Derek Sheffield
(ISBN# 0-7137-2620-2)
First full-length treatment of the Belgian UFO wavy of 1989-1990 to appear in English. In March 1990, an estimated 13,500 people saw the huge UFO - which was also detected on 5 different radar screens. Sheffield exposes military cover-up and censorship by the United States and England!
Tremendous research.

#6) The UFO Crash at El Yunque and the Alien Presence in Puerto Rico by Marc Conza (ISBN#-Pending) Conza interviews witnesses, media employees and Military personnel that was involved with the UFO crash and subsequent cover-up in Puerto Rico on February 19, 1984. Conza gets followed and harassed by MIBs when he tries to film the mountain-range at El Yunque. The chain of mountains which up until the crash used to be bathed in an all-day sun, now sits under a layer of clouds; apparently due to some kind of ET weather-control device The second half of this book highlights the
shocking story of the genetically alien-engineered "animal" referred to as the "Chupacabras" or goat-sucker. Puerto Rico has been a hot-spot for alien encounters for many years now and this book gets you right inside what people are living with. One of the all-time best. This book can be ordered for $20 to Marc Conza, 5209-3 Cedarbend Dr., Ft. Meyers, Florida 33328.

#7) UFO-Related Human Physiological Effects by John F. Schuessler (Self-Published)
Nearly 400 psychological effect cases accumulated worldwide are summarized in this landmark reference work, the first study of its type ever published. The cases start from the year 1873 and continues through 1994, of people that have suffered physical effects in the proximity of a UFO. The purpose of this books is threefold: (1) It provides a chronological listing of UFO events
involving physiological effects on humans. (2) It provides source information for other researchers desiring to do work in this important field. (3) It is the first step in systematizing the medical injury data base. This book is as important as Ted Phillips database of more than 4,000 landing trace cases.
This book can be ordered from MUFON for $17. Seguin, Texas.

#8) MUFON - 1996 International UFO Symposium - UFO Research.
For over 20 years, MUFON has presented the most outstanding contribution to the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. The 1996 Symposium which took place in Greensboro, North Carolina was no exception.

The speakers included Budd Hopkins, John Mack, John Carpenter, Antonio Huneeus, Chris Styles, Kevin Randle and many others.

#9) Unconventional Flying Objects - A Scientific Analysis by Paul Hill (Hamton Roads Publishing Company) The most comprehensive and technically challenging book ever written about the physics, engineering, navigation and propulsion technologies of UFOs.

#10) Beyond Top Secret - Timothy Good (Sidgwick and Jackson) So thoroughly revised and updated from its original 1987 ancestor, Above top Secret, that it should be regarded as a whole new book. Great material on the whole range of the UFO phenomenon, which includes credible sighting reports as well as vast documentation on the Government/Military cover-up.

Previous winners of the "UFO Book of the Year"

1995 - Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind - C.D.B. Bryan
The Cosmic Connection: Worldwide Crop Formations - Michael Hessemann
The Alien Abduction Survival Guide by Michelle LaVigne
Masquerade of Angels by Karla Turner with Ted Rice
West Virginia UFOs - Bob Teets

1994 - Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens - John Mack M.D.
Encounter at Buff Ledge - Walter Webb
Taken - Karla Turner
UFO Crash-Retrievals - Status Report VII - Leonard Stringfield

1993 - Glimpses Of Other Realities-Volume 1 - Linda Moulton Howe.
Alien Identities - Richard L. Thompson
Alien Jigsaw - Katharina Wilson
Alien Contact - Timothy Good

1992 - Crash At Coronoa - Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner
Visitors From Time - Mark Davenport
Secret Life - David Jacobs

1991- UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints - Michael Lindemann
Angels and Aliens - Keith Thompson
UFO Crash-Retrievals Status Report VI - Leonard Stringfield
Silent Invasion - Ellen Crystall
UFO Crash at Roswell - Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt

1990 - UFOs in the 1980s - Jerome Clark
The Crop Circle Enigma - Ralph Noyes
Gulf Breeze Sightings - Ed and Frances Walters

1989 - An Alien Harvest - Linda Howe
Encounters - Edith Fiore `
Tujunga Canyon Contacts - Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo
Dimensions - Jacques Valle

1988 - Above Top Secret - Timothy Good (updated 1996)
Uninvited Guests - Richard Hall

1987 - Intruders - Budd Hopkins

1986 - Night Siege - Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Philip J. Imbrogno

1984 - Clear Intent - Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood

1982 - The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two - Raymond Fowler

1981 - Missing Time - Budd Hopkins
Honorable Mentions:
Open Skies Closed Minds - Nick Pope
UFO Visitation: Preparing for the Twenty-First Century - Alan Watts
The Oz Files: Inside Story of Australian UFO Sightings - Bill Chalker
The Field Guide to Extraterrestials - Patrick Huyghe
High Strangeness: UFOs from 1969 through 1979-Volume 3 - Jerome Clark
Architects of the Underworld - Bruce Rux
Encounters in the Pleiades - Preston Nichols and Peter Moon


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