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  • 12-25-08-UFO Alert over Girl's Christmas Letter to Santa Claus

  • 12-25-08-Alleged "Leaked" NASA Footage of UFO

  • 12-25-08-Proof of UFO Cover-Up & Million Fax on Washington Solution!

  • 12-24-08-Movie Review by J. Clark Brewer: "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

  • 12-24-08-Exeter-The East Coast Roswell

  • 12-24-08-Man Stumbles on Round, Spinning ‘Creek Circle’

  • 12-24-08-Unknown Object in Video from Tampa, Florida

  • 12-23-08-EU Space Official Supports UFO Disclosure–Says: "NASA can’t be trusted."

  • 12-23-08-Unknown Object Photographed over Pennsylvania-12-17-08

  • 12-23-08-Man Who Sighted UFO Feared Alien Invasion

  • 12-23-08-The UFO Phenomenon-Is Lumley’s UFO Still out There?

  • 12-22-08-The Day after the Stephenville Sightings Began

  • 12-22-08-Unknown Object Photographed over Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • 12-22-08-Video: UFO Seen in the Skies above Cheshunt

  • 12-21-08-UFO Casebook Magazine 338-Five New Articles

  • 12-20-08-UFOs over Halesowen: Photo and Video

  • 12-20-08-Video: Unknown Object Seen with Plane, Tamamulipsas, Mexico

  • 12-20-08-Unknown Objects in Photographs from Wordsley, England

  • 12-19-08-Virginia-Two Unknown Flying Objects Observed

  • 12-19-08-Will Aliens Step in and Save the World

  • 12-19-08-Five Reader Submitted Photographs of Unknown Objects

  • 12-18-08-Photo Emerges of Suffolk UFO near Bury St Edmunds Cathedral

  • 12-18-08-Nellis AFB Radar Specialist Witnesses UFO

  • 12-18-08-'Flying Saucer' Lights Spotted in the Sky over South Devon

  • 12-18-08-UFO: NASA STS 75 Shuttle Tether Science Mission

  • 12-17-08-Unknown Object Videotaped over Puerto Rico

  • 12-17-08-Woman Claims: Abducted by Aliens in North Platte, WY

  • 12-17-08-Unknown Object in Photograph from Australia

  • 12-17-08-Man on Trail of UFO Sighting

  • 12-16-08-Video: Military Exercise or UFO over Chile

  • 12-16-08-Triangle Sighting Associated with Missing Time in Oklahoma

  • 12-16-08-Tweeddale the Setting for UFO Expose

  • 12-16-08-Lifetime Search for Evidence

  • 12-16-08-UFO Spotter's 'Fluke' Sighting

  • 12-15-08-Take a Look at Norwich's Latest UFO Photograph

  • 12-15-08-Man Feeding Birds Photograph Shows Anomalous Object

  • 12-15-08-Remembering Col. Corso and the Roswell Incident

  • 12-15-08-Making a Case for the Unexplained

  • 12-13-08-Argentina: UFO Videotaped Over Luján

  • 12-13-08-Husband and Wife Report UFO over Oregon, Create Drawing

  • Note: All news items that appear on our front page are archived at Archived Files, 2008.

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