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Taken: Inside the Alien-Human AgendabyKarla Turner, Ph.D.
First published 1994 ©Karla Turner 1994First Edition, First Printing, April 1994Printed in the United States of America at Rose Printing Company, Inc., Tallahassee,FloridaLibrary of Congress Catalog Card Number: 94-75771 ISBN 0-9640899-0-4
Foreword 2Prologue 3
I. Redefinition 4II. Pat 11III. Polly 23
IV. Lisa 36V. Anita 46VI. Beth 55VII. Jane 75VIII. Angie 90IX. Amy 106
X. Casey and Karla 122
Comparative Chart 133XI. Expanding the View 141
XII. The Round Table 148
When Karla Turner asked me to write a foreword to her new book, TAKEN, she knew that in myown work as a documentary filmmaker, television producer and author I have beenstruggling to see a bigger picture behind many anomalous phenomena that affect our planet.My own investigations have included mysterious worldwide crop formations, animalmutilations, and the human abduction syndrome. I am convinced that humanity is movingfrom the paradigm that we are alone in the universe to a new one in which we are notalone and something out there is interacting with us, our animals, and our plant life, forcingglimpses of other realities upon us.The true nature and purpose of the intelligence, or intelligences, remains an enigma. The eightwomen in this book report communications ranging from telepathic thoughts to virtual realitydreams, but there is no coherent single truth that emerges from their experiences, nor fromthe hundreds of others in the abduction syndrome since the 1960s. The sheer number ofdifferent messages, often contradictory, produces confusion, mistrust and a sense ofmanipulation, even if that manipulation inspires positively or disturbs negatively."Perfectly real aliens exist out there," says one of the women in TAKEN, "and it seems onekind wants to help us and another kind wants to deceive us."As each voice is offered for public consideration, there are themes that repeat. One ofthe most prominent is genetic harvesting from earth life to create a hybrid species.TAKEN suggests the possibility that an alien intelligence has been using geneticmanipulation to create evolving species on our planet over eons and that
Homo sapiens sapiens 
might be one such genetically engineered species. If so, we on the Petri dishmight paradoxically be trying to study whatever watches and studies us.Consciousness of this Other without running from it or getting down on our knees to itcould be a significant, perhaps unexpected, step in human evolution and survival.-
Linda Moulton Howe,
Creator and Supervising TV Producer,
UFO Report: Sightings 
andauthor of
An Alien Harvest 
Glimpses of Other Realities 
Indiana, 1954...
'They came in our house and set up equipment in the living room," Pat said. 'The Armymen wanted to talk to me the most. Me, an eleven-year-old girl with secrets in myhead. But the aliens told me I couldn't tell because 'there will be those who will tamperwith your mind.' And here they were, the tamperers, the Army men."Two female doctors set up their gear in the bedroom, where Pat was given aninjection. "It made me sleepy," she said, "and I lay on my mom's bed on some towels andtold them my story. I even told them, 'You're in my mom's room where the White,glowing ones were. You don't belong here, but they do'."
Puerto Rico, 1978...
Two aliens took Beth down a curved hall and through a door, into a different area. Itlooked like "a surgery room," and she became afraid they were going to kill her there. Athird entity, holding a black box, moved to a position behind Beth. She could not see whathe did, but she felt as if her head was being opened and her brain removed, all withoutany sensation of pain. After she was "all put back together again," a cold liquid waspoured over her head.When this procedure was finished, the aliens stood in front of her, and Beth realized thatmentally she was different. Her thoughts about everything were changed, and shewas filled with new ideas about God and the unity of all life within that supremesource.This very spiritual moment was followed by a quite physical exam, as the aliens tooksamples from her skin and hair. A human-looking man with a widow's-peak hairlineentered and made a full examination of her body, including a gynecological procedure.Then he explained many things, telling her that she and other humans had been"chosen" to carry out certain "jobs" in the future.
Texas, 1992...
"The masked alien explained that her race had been doing things to humans that theyshould not be doing," Amy said. "She and several groups of her race, and others,wanted to stop the 'abuse' of the humans by her race. They were working with certainpeople on Earth to stop the process. The other humans in the room were ex-pilots,military officials, and other professionals. They were all working together to stop thealien intrusions."She showed me the thing she had pulled out of my neck and said, 'This is embeddeddeep in the spinal cord.' The thing controlled the muscles of the body when activated.It blocked the brain and became the 'central command' of the body. I don't want toremember how or why this thing functioned."
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