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Do UFOs Have a Metaphysical Aspect?
by Virginia M. Tilly
FATE | May-June 2009

Untold amounts of high-strangeness UFO-abduction information has been ignored, rejected, or never even noted. When an investigator is told by a UFO witness, “I had the feeling that I was being watched,” it has been dismissed as the thinking of an attention-seeking individual. In gathering data there is typically no place to record much in the way of subjective reality.

The percipient may relate to the investigator: “This may sound crazy, but just before this happened I had a sudden urge to go for a walk,” despite the fact that it was after dark on a clear, quiet weeknight. The excursion inexplicably leads to some deserted place, such as a field or an empty parking lot.

The supposedly least credible witness of all is the one who reports repeated UFO sightings. It seems illogical that while most people never see a UFO (even if they want to or try to) others see several of them.

Openings such as these, however, provide an observant investigator with an opportunity to ask questions of a more metaphysical nature. Most researchers are committed to gathering information about physical reality only: Can it be measured? Weighed? Disassembled? Analyzed? Photographed? They remain faithful to the modern Western world’s dedication to reductionistic science.

Speaking to his colleagues at Harvard University in 1895, psychologist and philosopher William James said, “There is included in human nature an ingrained naturalism and materialism of mind which can only admit facts that are actually tangible. Of this sort of mind the entity called ‘Science’ is the idol. Fondness for the word scientist is one of the notes by which you may recognize its votaries; and its short way of killing any position it disbelieves is to call it unscientific.”

We live in an era in which the scientific view has been that the supernatural, or paranormal, cannot exist; therefore, it does not exist. Thus, either no attempt, or only a very cursory one is made at explaining unusual phenomena. More frequently that type of information has just been ignored.

There are so many elements of the UFO phenomenon that are illogical, unreasonable, unbelievable, or just too weird to be given serious consideration by scientific observers. It is not surprising that the door has been closed to investigating or even contemplating the most paranormal claims of UFO and abduction percipients. An investigator who wants to be taken seriously rarely includes details that seem more appropriate for ghost hunters, parapsychologists, New Agers, or even demonologists and exorcists.

Only a few intrepid investigators have gathered information in UFO reports about the metaphysical aspects of this phenomenon, such as psychokinesis, materializations and dematerializations, levitation, mental telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, synchronicities, religious visions, or even anomalous animals.

Jacques Vallée is a scientist well known for his investigations into the absurdities (or “metalogic”) of the UFO phenomenon. In his evaluation of the metaphysical aspects involved, he has said: “The key to an understanding of the UFO phenomenon may lie in the psychic effects it produces (or the awareness it makes possible) in some observers; whose lives are deeply changed and who develop unusual talents with which they may find it difficult to cope…”

Individuals who have close encounters and/or abduction experiences are sometimes frightened, sometimes confused, but always amazed by phenomena that happen to and around them, or by what they themselves are suddenly able to do. Curiously, many investigators begin to experience anomalies in their own lives as they become more involved in these high strangeness cases.

UFO craft exhibit puzzling aspects, such as their seeming ability to defy the laws of physics as we currently understand them. They travel at incredible speeds, hover silently, morph into different shapes, and seem to defy gravity. In the blink of an eye, they appear and disappear. Even with our best stealth technology we cannot render objects invisible.

In CE IIIs and CE IVs (close encounters of the third and fourth kinds), there is a great probability that the sudden disappearance of a craft at close range is the point at which an apparent abductee is “switched off,” then “on” by the force with which they have been interacting.

The entities associated with UFOs also display incredible abilities. Often these seem to be passed on to the human in such cases.

These beings seem to materialize and dematerialize before the witnesses’ eyes. On several occasions I have had abductees attempt to describe what that looks like. Some have explained it as dissolving either in midair or in a misty haze. Others say they twinkle or sparkle as they seem to disintegrate.

After hearing many such descriptions, I was amazed when I read in an older book the following account: “I heard a peculiar rumbling sound… His body began to melt gradually within the piercing light. First his feet and legs vanished, then his torso and head…faded; nothing remained before me but the…window and a pale stream of sunlight.”

Read the rest of this article exclusively in the May-June 2009 issue of FATE! Click here to purchase this issue.

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