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FW: The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness

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Jesús Olmo

Archivos adjuntos 22 de septiembre de 2009 16:50

Hola otra vez, señor Darnaude,
esta mañana envié la versión bilingüe en pdf de su libro "The principle of cosmic elusiveness" a J. P. Skipper, creador y editor de la web
Ésta ha sido la respuesta que he recibido por su parte, tal vez le interese leerla,
un saludo,


Subject: Re:The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:41:19 -0400

The problem in the UFO phenomena is that there is no one here on Earth sufficiently in control in a positive way to contact from the alien point of view Jesus.
Those really the most in control operate from the shadows.  Manipulation and self interest are their forte.  If you were an advanced alien, is this who you would like to contact to represent Earth and its populations?  Further, if you were in contact with them, covert behavior and manipulation sets the standard of that interaction.  Earth's populations are entirely left out of that scenario and so what is the point from the alien's point of view if that alien is interested in positive results?
If the contact is to be with our recognized political leaders, we're talking about hundreds of leaders with consensus being very difficult to arrive at in such a fractious group.  Further, they do not hold any real authority or power.  The power is really held by the hidden leadership and that emasculates recognized political leaders even though the people prefer not to see this.  Such leaders too often bend to the hidden leader power and again Earth's populations are for the most part left out of the scenario.
So alien contact seem to be in two planes.  One is by aliens of questionable character who are willing to interact in the covert manipulation process and who care little about the welfare of Earth's populations.  The other is by more benevolent aliens who make scattered attempts to contact individuals in Earth's populations hoping that at some point maybe something positive will coalesce around some of them and start happening directly with Earth's populations.
Of course the latter tactic is easy for manipulation types to circumvent and so both aliens and leaders do so.  Meanwhile, populations operate in the perceived comfort of ignorance and are for the most part clueless.  If you're an alien wishing to interaction with Earth populations, it's an uphill fight full of frustration and requires tremendous patience.
J. P. Skipper
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 6:55 AM
Subject: for Mr. Skipper - The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness

Hello Mr. Skipper, I think you may find very interesting this document (the english version begins in page 46),
best wishes,
Jesús Olmo
excerpt from the introduction:

We are sending to you a paper in regard to the ubiquitous phenomenon

of elusiveness, a sort of explanation Ignacio has tried about the whys and

wherefores of the unfatomable mystery of the misteries in the whole fi eld

of ufology: the unnatural , fl awless disappearing of proofs and evidence

concerning the overwhelming existence and machinations of unidentifi ed

fl ying objects. In other words , the reasons for the omnipresent ambivalence

and playing sneaking of the mind-boggling alien presence.

PS: have you heard about exopolitics? In july this year, there was a congress of exopolitics in Barcelona, Spain. I attended some lectures, it was very very interesting.


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