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        a small GALLERY  of UFO photos and notable personalities within the field

        other Famous UFO Incidents including Bentwaters(England), Iran, Cuba,

                     US AFB & nuclear weapons storage site intrusions, Pine Gap(Australia)

        letters from the late Senator Barry Goldwater regarding his rebuffs trying

                                                                            to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery

        UFO-related quotes by famous people in government/military/science/media

      Introduction to UFOs / the P-X & Montauk Project / remote-viewing

        a history of the importance of higher DIMENSIONS in modern physics

        Timeline of Secret Government Projects   (from




                  Websites That Receive A Lot of Attention

                  1. "Aliens on Earth"  (Glenn Campbell)

                               "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" UFO researchers

                                             ... a humorous response

                              the Area-51 "Interceptors"

                  2. UFO Watchdog

                       Hall of Shame  (the Bad Guys")

                         Hall of Fame  (the "Good Guys")

                       <==  Home Page / index of all essays & documents

                                     [note: this site does not have a master list of all its articles.  Some of these can

                                               be found by <clicking> on links found in other essays.

(e.g., see ). ]

                  3. "The Zeti Reticuli Incident"    (1.06-MB MS-Word document)

                            A series of "mainstream" articles, rebuttals, and counter-rebuttals that

                                        proposed a point of origin (the double-star system Zeta Reticuli) for the

                                                                  'star map' that was shown to 1961 abductee Betty Hill

            4.  Bob Lazar - the man who put Area-51 on the public map in 1989.  He

                                                 claims that he worked on an on-going reverse-engineering

                                                 effort of crashed alien discs.  As to be expected, skeptics have

                                                 found some flaws flaws in his story.

                  5.  UNITEL - quantum laser propulsion (think of a "tractor beam" in reverse)

                                               Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling (no need for "wormholes")

                   6.  Jacques Vallee - the famous researcher wonders if UFOs (as well as other

                                                          paranormal activities) are interdimensional anomalies

                                                          that somehow assume real-life solid objects

                               Vallee UFO Classification System (an updated version of Hynek's)

                               an Interview with Dr. Vallee 

                               "Heretic among heretics"

                               "Alien Notion" - e-mail from Vallee to Gary Singh 

                               UFOs as "control systems" 


                               a 6-layer model for Anomalous Phenomena 

                               {a Vallee supporter}

                               {a Vallee critic}

                                interview after 30 years since Messengers of Deception book

                               Aliens and Archetypes (Terence McKenna) 

                               the Metaphysics of UFOs  

                               UFOs in the Age of Information  (Steve Mizrach)

                               Ghostly Receptors   (Micah Hanks)

                   7. CNI News interviews Colonel Philip Corso  ...

                            ... on his alleged role in back-engineering alien technology as

                                                    revealed in his book The Day After Roswell

                                   excerpts from Col. Corso's book

                                   Col. Corso's adaptation of the EBE brain to missile guidance systems

                              UFO-related drawings by Col. Corso

                              notes on Corso's The Day After Roswell  (Paul Potter)

                         <= watch an NBC "DATELINE" video interview

               8. on-going ET communications   (Dan Sherman)  

                             a former AF ELINT officer reveals existence of  Project Preserve Destiny

                                  which is to maintain communications with ET's in spite of an                    

                                   impending breakdown in all forms of radio and conventional                     

                                   electromagnetic communications; also Project Stargate, selective               

                                           genetic alterations, hidden under "noise cancellation" research     


                    9. the 1986 Dalnegorsk Incident ( the "Russian Roswell")

                             read eyewitness accounts, laboratory analyses, field reports

                         <= watch the video by investigative reporter George Knapp

                  10.  the 1980 RAF Woodbridge incident (the "British Roswell")

                              ...... as researched by Timothy Good (Above Top Secret)

                              ..... as researched by Fawcett & Greenwood (Clear Intent)

                              "Woodbridge Exposed" (i.e., no aliens)

                          <= watch the video clip

                   12.  NATO's assessment of the UFO threat according to former

                                                                           Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean

                              radio-interview excerpts

                              background-check on Dean

                              transcript of video interview by

                              interview of Mrs. Bob Dean (Marcia Schafer)

                          <= watch the video clip

                  13. "Unconventional Flying Objects" by NASA's Dr. Paul Hill 

                               book review by Dr. Hal Puthoff

                               selected book excerpts by "ORBWATCH"

                               postulations by Michael Ecklund

                               more postulations by Dr. Kurt Johmann, who places UFO and

                                                  related phenomena into a much greater "Holographic Universe"-

                                                  "-"Matrix" type of theory ; you can read his complete thesis :


                 14. Scalar ElectroGravitation  by  Dr. Col. Tom Bearden

                               ... excerpted from "Fer-de- Lance: a briefing on

                                                                                 Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons

                                                 (also see Chica Bruce's interview with Bob Beckwith at => )

                         <=   more physics papers from Col. Bearden

                 15. advanced theoretical concepts   (Dr. Jack Sarfatti) 

                             The REAL X-files 

                                             re-examines the Tremonton, Utah UFO encounter using new

                                             advances in post-Quantum physics ;   seems to validate Corso's

                                                                                                                 statements & theories

                              making a "wormhole" just got easier

                              Joe Firmage / Hal Puthoff / Sen. Robert Byrd's past efforts at

                                                      solving the UFO mystery (including reverse-engineering)

                                  "Dark Energy" -- the "exotic matter" link that Dr. Sarfatti's

                                                  revolutionary physics model permits UFO-like performance

                                  UFO propulsion / "dark energy" / Andrei Sakharov's ideas

                              Dr. Sarfatti's strange phone-call when he was 13 ...

                              Quantum Gravity  theories that explain observed UFO behavior

                                       UFOs and the "New Physics"

                                       the Warp Drive : Hyperfast Travel within General Relativity

                                       Interstellar Travel by means of Wormhole Induction Propulsion

                                                                   -- Alcubierre and Krasnikov warp drive metrics

                            <=  Supporters & Critics of Dr. Sarfatti 

                          <= more physics essays (at 'Science' page)

                          <= Home Page / index of all essays & documents

                     16.  UFOs as "plasmoid" lifeforms

                                  Plasma Lifeforms  (Jay Alfred)

                                  Plasmas and Distorted Realities  (Andrew Collins)

                                  Biosystems as Conscious Holograms  (Dr. Matti Pitkanen)

                                  TGD-inspired theory of Consciousness

                                                                    PowerPoint presentation   (Matti Pitkanen)

                                  TGD-inspired Quantum Model of Living Matter (Matti Pitkanen)

                                  UFOs and "Fringe" Physics  (Matti Pitkanen)

                                  Magnetospheric Consciousness  (Matti Pitkanen)

                                  Water Memory, Free Radicals, Expanding Earth, and

                                                                                     Cambrian revolution  (Matti Pitkanen)

                                  UFOs, Aliens, and the New Physics  (Matti Pitkanen)

                                  ELFs or ETs  (Matti Pitkanen)

                                  Crop Circles and Life at Parallel Space-Time Sheets  (Pitkanen)

                 17. Skywatch International    (researcher Bill Hamilton)

                              Area-51:  a Personal Account

                                         Admissions of former Lockheed Skunk Works engineer and CEO

                                                                    Ben Rich regarding man-made and "alien" UFOs

                                              letter from John Andrews and response from Ben Rich

                                              the Roswell UFO seeded modern-day stealth projects

                                                                "Have Blue" and "Tacit Blue" stealth programs

                                              comments by Bill Hamilton

                                  the elusive Project GRUDGE Report #13 (according to Bill English)

                              "The Saga of S-4 Scientists"

                              Back-Engineering ET Craft

               * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                          The incredible story of Dr. Daniel Burisch (Crain) who reveals

                                             his alleged participation in experiments with human and alien

                                             genetics at Papoose Site 4 (S-4).  If true, then -- folks -- ALL the

                                             secrets and reasons for MAJIC's existence are shown here!

                                             Alternate timelines, stargates, "weapnizing" alien retroviruses,

                                             and on-going battle between "us" and 'them' to alter history in

                                                               preparation for a predicated Solar outburst in 2012.

                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                        <= interactive Yahoo! yGroup

                       <= Home Page / index of all essays & documents

                  18. The Stargate Chronicles   (former NASA employee Clark McClelland)

                              "The Arkansas Incident" (inspection of a retrieved UFO) 

                              "von Braun at Roswell" (comments made by the famous scientist)

                              "Chasing Juno"  (UFO followed rocket nosecone back into

                                                                                                                        the  atmosphere)

                              "UFO Disables Atlas ICBM Test"

                              "The Demonstration"  (Space Shuttle STS-80 observes UFO)

                              "4 Guests With Gemini" (UFOs rendezvous with Gemini capsule)

                              Senator Barry Goldwater on UFOs, ETs, and Roswell

                          <= Home Page /  index  of  MANY  essays & documents 

                   19.  excerpts from classic books

                               Major Donald Keyhoe's 1955 "The Flying Saucer Conspiracy"

                                       timeline of early UFO sightings in Keyhoe's book

                               Frank Scully's 1950 "Behind The Flying Saucers"

                               Paris Flammonde's 1971 "The Age of Flying Saucers"

                                        Dr. Leon Davidson (~1960)

                                                       CIA + CIA = UFO

                                                       "An Open Letter To Saucer Researchers"

                                                  thoughts on Davidson by Phillip Coppens

                                <= UFOs at Nuclear Weapons Storage Areas

                              <= UFOs-Nuke weapons (Interview on CNN "Larry King Live")

                               <=== Quotes from famous scientists, astronauts, politicians

                               <=== Timeline of Ancient Sightings

                               <=== misc. World reports

                            <<=== UFO Gallery

                  20.  The Majestic Documents

                                investigating the legendary "MAJESTIC" documents and their related

                                                                                    codewords such as 'MAJIC' or 'MJ-12'

                               "Official" UFO Investigations

                               Principal UFO Witnesses

                                                 a Wright-Patterson Air Materiel Command secretary

                                                                        disputes the Air Force's cover story that it was 

                                                                                                    'dummies' in the Roswell Crash

                                                 possible pre-World War II  alien retrieval

                                                 an ex-Naval seaman's UFO testimony before the Senate

                          <= Home Page /  index  of  MANY  essays & documents 

                  21. ExoPolitics / the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis   (Dr. Michael E. Salla)

                             Teleportation Physics study

                             the story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security,

                                                                              and the creation of a modern UFO Myth

                             asking the 'Right' questions in UFO research

                             Bob Lazar, Element-115, Massive Stars, and Heavy Metals

                             Whistleblowers, National Security, 

                                                     and Unauthorized Disclosure of ETV/EBE Classified Projects

                             covert use of Exotic Weapons, Intelligence Leaks, and Eschatology

                             an interview With Clifford Stone: The EBE Guidebook

                            further investigations of Charles Hall and "Tall Whites" at Nellis AFB

                             the Dan Burisch affidavit and Extraterrestrial Disclosure

                             former Canadian Defense Minister speaks out on

                                                                        Extraterrestrial Visitors & Government Secrecy

                             evolving Political Approaches to UFOs

                                                                                             and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

                             Philip Corso and Paul Hellyer

                             Col. Corso and his critics

                             Richard Doty and "Project Serpo"

                             Using Space Weapons Against Extraterrestrial Civilizations

                          <= Home Page /  index  of  MANY  essays & documents 

                 22. History of the U.S. Alien Agenda   (Dr. Richard Boylan)

                             the mysterious "Aviary" UFO-secrecy group

                                          past organizational chart of the U.S. Intelligence Committee

                                         (and how MG-12 / PI-40 can legally bypass Presidential authority)

                                                    Part 1                Part 2

                              the "Shadow Government" :  its Identification and Analysis

                             the Public Acclimation Program to UFOs 

                              MJ-12 insider revelations (Dr. Michael Wolf)

                              "Project Pounce" / retrieving downed UFOs

                                                   interview with Col. Steve Wilson 

                              UFO projects over the decades including Projects Sign, Redlight,

                                                                                                 Bando, Aquarius, Plato, Sigma

                              Dr. Boylan's personal investigative tours of nuclear laboratories

                                                                                 and secret industrial and military complexes 

                              classified advanced Anti-Gravity Craft

                              reconnaissance into Area-51

                              Apollo-10 gets glimpse of an Extraterrestrial "Monolith"

                          <= Home Page /  index  of  MANY  essays & documents 

                  23. UFO researcher William Cooper

                                    MJ-12 sponsored UFO-related projects [short version]

                                     "             "              "          "          "       [long version]

                               NWO 2006

                               Ode to "Wild Bill" Cooper

                               "William Cooper Exhibit"

                               notes on Bill Cooper and other conspiracists

                               MJ-12 and William Cooper

                               UFOs, Aliens, and ex-"Intelligence" agents:  Who's Fooling Whom?

                 24. Col. Steve Wilson's (Project Pounce) 

                               expose on MAJI/Majesty/MJ-12

                               Bill Hamilton's farewell to "Skywatch-International"

                 25. Tom Mahood's "BlueFire" Area-51 site 

                         A major contributor to David Darlington's excellent "Area 51 - The Dreamland

                             Chronicles" book.  As an Area-51 'interceptor' and "amateur detective

                             extraordinaire", he uncovered flaws in the Lazar story among others.

                           Very level-headed, down-to-earth, and keeps the rest of us "honest"!

                               are "glowing orbs" (UFOs) from particle beams?

                               Radar Test Ranges of the Mojave desert

                               Mach Effect (propellentless) Propulsion

                                        <= Home Page / index  of  MANY  essays & documents

                  26. Origins of Modern UFO Phenomena (Project 1947)

                           Barry Greenwood (co-author of the highly-recommended "Clear Intent"

                                    -- see Booklist for details) personal archive collection of documents 

                           <= Home Page /  index  of  MANY  essays & documents 

             27. SWA-SETI 

                           Excellent archive of witness reports from both the military and civilian

                                sectors concerning the so-called "Grey" programs

                  28. 1950's Canadian radio-engineer & UFO researcher Wilbert Smith

                                 "Project Magnet"

                                 Gravity Control / Binding Force / Caduceus Coils

                                      a mini-biography of Smith by Timothy Good

                                      conversations with Maj. Donald Keyhoe

                                                         (from the 1955 book "The Flying Saucer Conspiracy")

          29. Overview of Great Britain's and the United States' intelligence agencies

                   30. Dr. Stephen Greer / CSETI

                                Update on the UFO Disclosure Project

                                Circles of Power - Behind UFO Secrecy

                  31. man-made "UFOs

                                 the highlight of this expose is the rarely-seen TR-3B "Black

                                                  Manta" which allegedly uses a pressurized mercury plasma to

                                                       take advantage of a "loophole" in Einstein's General Relativity

                                                                                                              to negate 89% of gravity

                                 the physics behind the TR-3B

                                more details on the "back-engineering" effort of the TR-3B

                               research indicating the role of solar plasma in "inducing" gravitation

                            <<== (more Black Triangle craft)

                    32.  the WWII "Nazi-Bell" UFO

                                 Einstein's Anti-Gravity  (Part 1 of 3)

                                 the new Nazi-Bell  (Part 2 of 3)

                                 Secrets of the Nazi-Bell  (Part 3 of 3)

                                 the Tesla Beograd WWII Nazi Bell connection

                                 Electrical Phenomenon Associated with UFO Encounters

                                 misc. postings and comments

                                 analysis by Dr. Jack Sarfatti

                                 Anti-Gravity (Wikipedia)

                  33.  "UFOgate" by Phillip Coppens

                                Extraterrestrial Intelligence or Terrestrial Intelligence agencies?

                                 Maury Island :  the strangest UFO encounter ... or a hoax?

                                 driving Dr. Paul Bennewitz crazy

                                 the Linda Napolitano "abduction"

                                 the Roswell incident

                                 Dr. Leon Davidson ( CIA + ECM = UFO )

                                 a missing Pentacle

                                 the Gulf Breeze Six

                                 MJ-12: "Majestic" or Incredulous?

                                 the Pied Pipers of the CIA

                                 doctoring Villas-Boas and Aliens on ice

                                 the Alien Overlords

                                 the U.S. Government’s secret pursuit of the psychic drug

                                 movie review:  "Star Wars"

                                 movie review:  "The Matrix"

                                 movie review:  "Dune"  

                             <= Home Page /  index  of  MANY  essays & documents

             34. Scheduled Events at the Rachel, Nevada "Dreamland" Area-51 complex

                  35. National & International UFO sightings reporting sites

                          homepage of Bruce Maccabee (Navy optical specialist)

                          homepage of William McDonald

                          homepage of Bruce Cornet

                                      Sirius Onion Works

                          homepage of Stanton Friedman (well-known UFO lecturer)

                          homepage of Whitley Streiber (UFO abductions)

                          homepage of Uri Geller (famous Israeli psychic/remote-viewer)

                          MUFON - National UFO Reporting Center

                          CSETI - Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

                          Sightings Reports

                          Filer's Files

                          UFO Worldwide Sightings Database   (Larry Hatch)

                          MUFON / Utah  (home of the "new Area-51" ???)

                          Hauck Report

                          Richard Hoagland's "Face on Mars"

                          BUFORA - British UFO Reporting Center

                          VUFORS - Australian UFO Reporting Center

                          UFO Magazine


             36. SIGHTINGS ! (Jeff Rense)  huge archives of breaking paranormal & world news

             37. Deb's UFO Research  (Debbie Jordan-Kauble and Dave Kauble)

             38. UFO & Paranormal News   (Art Bell, George Noory) 

             39. GodLike Productions 

             40. The Black Vault  breaking news & discussion forums 

             41. - a historical collection of UFO & paranormal reports

             42. Above Top-Secret  inside information on Black Budget projects

             43. News Reports of Unexplained "Anomalies"

             44. Project P.R.O.V.E.

             45. Yorkshire UFO


             47.    (HUGE archive of rare past documents!!)

             48. Wyz World  (formerly Eagles



    is "Consciousness Engineering" 

                                                   the  crown jewels of Alien Technology ?  =>> 


 "The 'Biological/Artificial life Fusion/Interface Hypothesis' is in a nutshell, an

        explanation into how artificially intelligent molecularly fabricated vehicles have

        achieved the ultimate level that machine technology can achieve; and how it

        requires direct physical or transmitted interface with organic neuralganglia

        tissues (Brains-minds) in order to navigate what so many theoretical physicists 

                  call "Hyperspace, subspace, the ether," and the "Zero-Point Energy field."

            -- Bill McDonald 2003 - Oasis Earth Hypothesis



       Interesting Websites that are still being reviewed   

      A. Technology of the Gods

                                    examines Corso's claims and Sitchin's belief that mankind

                                                                                                  originated with alien genetics

      B. DOE contract for interstellar travel

                                                                                via manipulation of space-time geometry

      C. Low-Frequency EM interactions with the brain

      D. Hyperspace Geometry and Human Consciousness

      E. an example of "psycho-reactive" UFO hull material

      F. a test to determine your chances of having had an "abduction" experience

                     G. Black-Triangle aircraft 

                        <= Home Page / index / huge collection of links to other sites

                        <= their Yahoo! yGroup

                                  some "Black" Projects that have been mistaken for UFOs

                                           the "Aurora"

                                           the mothership -- "Brilliant Buzzard"

                                         Tier-3 "Q"  Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance System

                                         the TR-3A (sometimes called "Black Manta" although

                                                                     others say the TR-3A is a cover for the TR-3B)

                                         Other Black Projects of special note  ( Senior Citizen, ART,

                                                                    Have Flag, Enchantment, HALO, Artichoke, Vindicator )

                                         Secret Test Bases

                                         UFOs and the Freedom of Information Act

                                     <= Home Page of a UK-based "Black Triangle"  researcher

                                            the different "Types" of BT craft observed

                  H. Hungarian-based Gravity Control Technologies

                          ... designing a craft from "first principles" (that ended up looking a lot like those

                                 reported by Bob Lazar and Billy Meier); based on the interaction of

                                 temperature independent, high-spin monatomic superconductors (ORMEs)

                                 with the ZPE field.


                            About the Company / Board-of-Directors

                                 Phase I - Unmanned Prototype

                            Phase II - Manned Prototype

                           misc. projects

                            Research & References

                      <= = = (refer to the disc-shaped craft of Bob Lazar)

                      <= = = (more on the mysterious ORMEs substances)

                      <= Home Page / index of all essays & documents

               I. Ukraine-based Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena

                   J. UFO Physics  (Paul Potter)

                             UFO Propagation

                             ZPE Energy "Hyper-Jump" UFO

                              Physics of UFO Gravity Manipulation

                              Bob Lazar's Gravity Generators

                              Bose-Einstein Condensate "quasi crystals"

                             Radio Wave Controlled Electric Drive System

                              Electrokinetic UFO

                              USAF Report of 'UFO Encounter One'

                              Propagated High-Frequency Wave Propulsion

                             The 4 Great Primary Forces

                              UFO Physics website page index

                        <= Home Page / index of all essays & documents

                   K. Russian-based Laboratory Studies on Free-Energy and Anti-Gravity

                              Paper on Rotating Magnetic Fields. Gravity, time-travel

                        <= Home Page / index of all essays & documents

                      L. Project "Looking Glass"

                                 One of 5 on-going 'Majestic' projects at Area-51 / Papoose Site 4 .  

                                "The Saga of S-4 Scientists"  by William Hamilton

                                "Transiator" theory   by Robert Lucien Howe

                                CIA 'Quantum Surveillance'

                                     S4 Microbiologist Dan Burisch insights

                                Stargate Secrets - Dan Burisch

                                'Henry Deacon' corroborates Dan Burisch

                                the following may also be related to "Looking Glass" :

                                "Holographic Dimensional Portals"   by  Dr. Richard Boylan


       M. Gravitation and Distortion Systems (or John Keely meets superstrings)

            N. the 1956 Gravity Rand, Ltd. report on anti-gravity

       O. Alleged ElectroGravity on the B-2 Stealth Bomber

                     P. Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory and Element-115   (Kenneth Wright)

                              Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory

                              General Relativity: A Weird World

                              Design and Operation of 

                                                              Bob Lazar's "Sport Model" UFO Anti-Matter Reactor

                                Bob Lazar's Gravity Generators


                              The Physics of Star Trek and Subspace Communication:

         Science-Fiction or Science Fact?

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                     Q. the Anti-Gravity Papers  (Richard Crandall)

                                Gravity-Wave propulsion

                                Math/Physics derivations of Gravity Shielding & Propulsion

                                NASA's misinterpretation of Podkletnov's experiment

                                analysis of Bob Lazar's claims

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      R. Communications With Mars  (experiments of Dr. Nikola Tesla)

      S. Gordon Novel on UFOs, MJ-12, "stargates", politics

       T. A New Hypothesis for Roswell -- could what have fallen was a U.S. atomic

                               device (called "IceMan") that was to have been deliberately detonated to

                                                                make it appear as if it came from a foreign country ?

                     U. UFO & government conspiracies mega-site by "Branton"

                              William Cooper's history of the U.S. Government treaties with ETs

                                  UFO Cover-Ups and Theories 

                                  Secrets of the Mojave 

                                 Mind Control ; Alien-Government Abductions ; Montauk 

                                 Denver airport; Disappearing Children; NWO

                                 "Project Superman" 

                                 Terra Prime Resistance - Intelligence Nexus

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                V. The New Physics   (wild stuff here !)




                 more material that may be "semi-related" to the UFO topic            
 important pre-requisite briefing on Modern ESP & Mind-Control technologies

        ii. How Above Top-Secret Projects Are Assigned Security Classifications

       iii. classic counter-intelligence disinformation :

                                                                    the Paul Bennewitz / MJ-12 / William Moore  maze

                        ELF waves, nuke events, UFOs and other paranormal sightings

       iv. Preston Nichols (the Montauk Project)  on various types of UFO construction 

        v. various "Special Access Programs" under the Black Budget  

       vi. introduction to modern theories of Time Travel (Time-Life books)

          vii. ORMEs : room-temperature superconductors possibly affecting gravity

     viii. Dr. Wen Ho Lee & Holographic Dimensional Portals

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  Ben Rich, former head engineer to Kelly Johnson at Lockheed's 'Skunk Works' :

     "We have things in the Nevada desert that you and the best minds in the world

                      won't even be able to conceive that we have for 30 or 40 years,

                                                                         and won't be made public for another 50."


    "Nothing is impossible -- only mathematically Improbable!"


   Background Reading  

         Introduction to UFOs / the P-X & Montauk Project / remote-viewing

         a small Gallery of  "players"  &  UFO sightings

    UFO-related quotes by famous people in government/military/science/media

    a simplified history of the importance of higher DIMENSIONS in modern physics

    Timeline of Secret Government Projects (from

         Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling -- it's not "wormholes" !


   else  <select>  the  topic  you  wish  to  research   ...  

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  Philadelphia Experiment / Time-Travel / remote-viewing / "stargate" materials

                       Biological Teleportation      Psychic Spies     P-X : not  radar-invisibility???

  Science / Metaphysics

                      "Nuke School"    Matti Pitkanen's TGD Physics    Tesla scalar (Tom Bearden)

                            ORMEs/Ormus   Consciousness engineering   Incunabula (parallel dimensions)

  Medical Applications using "alternative" physics (e.g., Priore, Rife, Tesla, Keely)

                             Rife virus microscope      reversing cellular damage     DNA research

  Forums & Message Boards

  Military Bases/Technology, Government Agencies, Private Research Groups

                      "Have Blue" stealth program       "Dirty Secrets"           Top Gun Over Moscow

      Documents by subject matter                 Documents by filename

      current status of the "State of the Quest" -and- "Soliciting Reader Help"

      recent additions to "Blog" (mainly postings to "Wyz World")

  obtain a "Web-on-a-Disc" CD containing every document and links to all 

          sites as well as a 600MB+ VIDEO file of interviews with Lazar, Corso, and others

                   (off-topic)  Humor & Practical-Jokes  via  the  computer

                   (off-topic)  Doc Savage - the amazing Man of Bronze

                                                                            before Remo Williams … before James Bond …there was ...

                                                     Doc Savage -- a mysterious figure of bronze skin and golden eyes,

                                                                                     possessing protean genius and superhuman strength.  With his

                                                                                    5 amazing co-adventurers, their fantastic exploits are

                                                                                    unequaled for hair-raising thrills, breathtaking escapes

                                                                                                                                          and  blood-curdling excitement!

                       (off-topic) "From Sole to Soul"  (downloadable zip-file)

                                                                        The incredible true story of a retired college dance instructor who

                                                                      walked solo from California to Washington, DC in the mid-1970s

                                                                      in order to find a new meaning for her stage in life.  Written by

                                                                      StealthSkater's father who was a 30-yr newspaper veteran, sports-

                                                                      editor, and photo-journalist.

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