Casualties of a Cosmic War

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There are many indications suggesting that certain humans have, in one way or another, been brought under the mental, technical or occult control of the 'reptilians' over the years, whether they are fully aware of this manipulation or not. Could the 'being' referred to in this account, which appeared on pp. 1136-1137 of Raymond A. Palmer's 'HIDDEN WORLD' publication for Summer, 1962, be the type of subterranean-dwelling creature which at least one account referred to as a creature that goes by the description of a 'dragon-worm'? Could this creature (supposing it does in fact exist and is not the result of one man's deluded and misguided fantasy experience) be one of the MANY and VARIED branches or mutations of the 'serpent' races, which many accounts such as those given in earlier files tend to confirm exist within subterranean areas? We are afraid that accounts such as this one might raise more questions than they answer. Remember that this letter appeared years before the advent of the famous 'Star Wars' trilogy which depicted a creature very similar to that described in the following letter. Again one might wonder if George Lucas himself might not have been inspired subconsciously by certain evident realities, and portrayed some of these, although in a rather corrupted, embellished and 'occultized' manner, in his movies. The following account was submitted by a reader who chose to remain anonymous. He states:

"Dear Ray:

"This happened about 12 or 13 years ago. I was in my late teens, I think, but perhaps the time is not as important as the incident.

"In the late night hours I awoke, got out of bed, walked out of the house and was met by a group of men (?) who drove me out into the country to an old farmhouse. I don't know the location any more than the people involved; maybe I was drugged, I don't know. At the farmhouse we went immediately to the potato cellar and through a trapdoor in the floor down a long inclining tunnel. We arrived into a room, fantastically decorated, bizarre, like Hades - how can I describe it? It was of good size; and others were present. Some one asked: 'Is he ready?' and the answer: 'Yes, he is.' Two 'others' - one on each side of me escorted me into a room? Tunnel? (again beyond my description) the worm, or whoever or whatever he or it was, was huge, long, round, knobby. An immense head and mouth (which swayed back and forth) spoke to me. I don't remember what it said or my answer, but one of them put a syringe into it, and then into me! I swear the language spoken by them and myself was not English, but somehow I seemed to know, yet but not know. After some kind of warning and benediction from this being I was escorted out. Once again the car, the return trip, and home in bed. Since that time I have once in awhile visited the caves quite unhindered... in dreams and the like (since 'suppressed' memories of experiences with UFO's, etc. often surface in 'dreams' or impressions, could these be actual memories of other visits to the nether regions which were suppressed from his memory? There is also the small chance that ray-induced visions or even 'astral' interaction might be involved as well - Branton). I can only comment that the knowledge of, and use of the mechs, the architecture, the philosophies in the pictures (or whatever they are), would enable man to live like gods in comparison to how they now live. However the areas of horror beyond comprehension would have to be removed before this can be done (Note: Is he referring to the so- called super-human abilities brought about through the manipulation of powerful electromagnetic occult technologies? We must remind the reader that 'power' has NOTHING to do with righteousness nor benevolence, or as the old saying goes: 'Might does not make right!' Such abilities to manipulate the forces of nature via occult technologies, such as those which were developed and utilized by the pre-deluvians - which by the way IN PART played a role in their destruction - and which is now being used by many of the inhabitants of the nether 'cavern' regions, could be extremely destructive if placed in the wrong hands - Branton).

"An interesting sequel to this (dream or reality?) is that I have prayed, hard, that this wouldn't affect my life. I believe in some ways it hasn't, but my wife feels that something, as I also have felt, is not allowing me to live as I want to. Of course I want to know, was it dream or reality? (Name deleted by request)."

The following letter appeared in the July, 1964 issue of 'SEARCH' Magazine, and was written by a Mr. Ervin M. Scott of (at the time) 536 12th St., Denver, Colorado:

"Dear Ray:

"Congratulations on another excellent issue of 'SEARCH' Magazine.

"I was especially interested in your article, 'Faces in Your Dreams.'

"Having had many strange, puzzling dreams over the last few years, I have become quite interested in any clues that might point towards origin and cause of dreams. I recognize a good many as probably having the subconscious as the source. However, there is an occasional dream, that is so vivid and unusual that it causes one to wonder.

"I have no connection one way or the other, on the Shaver Mystery, but, I will briefly describe two dreams that are interesting in relation to that subject.

"On Nov. 30, 1963 while in a light sleep I heard a woman's voice coming as if from a distance and she spoke urgently as follows: 'This is from a stolen farm beneath the Salt Lake flats in Utah. (I was living in Wichita, Kansas at the time.) There was a woman abducted almost three weeks ago in Boston, Mass. and taken underground. Reports indicate that an abbey in North section of the city is being used and that cellars underneath the abbey connect with tunnels leading up from caverns below. This is a continuation of the Evil one's War against Mankind.'

"Another voice broke in, 'Don't believe her. Don't you see this is a lie - a trick? (Then, warningly) Keep quiet about this.'

"I have never been in Utah nor have had no thoughts about or desire to visit, so if this was caused by subconscious, it is certainly puzzling, as is the reference to 'a stolen farm'..."

This letter suggests that a conflict of sorts has been and is taking place in cavernous levels below Utah, as in other states.

In earlier files we revealed an incident which was originally described by 'Commander X', from a source in Dulce, N.M., stating that a certain chemical was secretly (through certain 'doctors' tied in with the aliens) being injected into individuals via sulfa drugs which in turn lodge in the bone- structure of the victim. This chemical allegedly makes their bodies extremely sensitive to ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radio waves, which can be 'tuned in' to the encephalographic wave band of the human brain, and could apparently be used to subliminally control human minds from a distance.

Perhaps some individuals, such as the writer of the letter just quoted, are naturally sensitive to these extremely low frequency waves, in that their brains to some extent act as an electromagnetic biological ELF radio receiver. Certain accounts suggest that some subterranean groups utilize ELF radio transceivers capable of penetrating miles of solid rock. The letter just quoted suggests that another group, more malevolent, utilize a similar form (of ELF radio wave transceivers) such as the one through which the woman apparently sent out the 'distress call'.

Could this 'other' voice be tied-in with a subterranean group similar to the group that some refer to as the 'Horlocks'? Or could it have originated from the Reptilians? The 'Horlocks' are as we've suggested earlier allegedly a de-ro like group of human slaves who are manipulated and kept under reptilian control via implantation, technosis, etc.

The Salt Lake Valley subnet has been a MAJOR area from where reports of Reptilians or Sauroids have emerged, so this would strongly suggest that the Serpent Race fits intricately into the scenario taking place below the Salt Lake 'flats' as well. Also, Dougway Military 'Proving' grounds which lies on the Salt Flats has been another source of some very strange activities according to certain sources, including high-tech research in 'subspace teleportation' similar to that involved in the so-called 'Philadelphia Experiment' as it is described in Charles Berlitz' book of the same name; sightings of UFO's and 'para-humans'; much Top Secret activity; underground tunnels, etc. According to Thomas C., the former Dulce Base security officer who 'defected' from the underground empire, Dougway is a definite 'entrance' to the U.S. subnet. Some have even suggested that due to the high publicity that the Nevada Military Complex is receiving as a result of exposition of 'joint' activity and infiltration of the complex by alien forms, much of the reptilian and reptilian- controlled underground activity may be moving across the border into western Utah.

From what we've been able to gather (from different sources, including a Salt Lake physicist who had experienced her own abductions; a man who worked in top secret positions at Dougway Proving Ground; a Salt Lake security officer who is knowledgeable of the Salt Lake Police Departments own awareness of the underground systems; as well as others) the following subterranean related accounts may very well be true.

The first settlers of the Salt Lake Valley, our sources indicate, after they first entered the area, discovered a network of ancient tunnels below the ground that seemed to converge beneath what is now downtown Salt Lake City. Some of these tunnels, it was found, led east and connected with 'Huge' cavern networks DEEP beneath the Wasatch Range of the Western Rockies.

Some indications seem to suggest that a human civilization, possibly pre-dating the American 'Indians', were encountered in these caverns and that a loose 'alliance' might have resulted between this society and certain Federal 'officials' (FBI, etc.) in the city above. There are also indications that some of these may have a connection with the subterranean group known as the Telosians, based largely beneath Mt. Shasta, California. Some years ago the 'Telosian' Bonnie (Sharula), who was mentioned in an earlier File, informed one researcher that the tunnels below Salt Lake do exist and that some Telosians live and work in the surface society along the Wasatch front, as well as other areas around the U.S. This was a few years before certain people who claimed to have actually been inside these tunnels themselves began to relate their experiences, thus confirming Bonnie's or Sharula's claims.

'Bonnie' also stated that her people maintain a huge underground base in the mountains adjacent to Big Cottonwood Canyon just east of Salt Lake.

An Air Force pilot who was involved in top secret Air Force photo-recon flights several years ago, who referred to himself as 'Mel Noel', claimed to have seen and photographed numerous UFO's over the ROCKY MOUNTAINS of Utah, Idaho, etc. on several occasions, the first encounter involving 16 disks which broke formation and went into an incredible display of aerial acrobatics. Their commanding general claimed to have had personal contact with the HUMAN occupants of these craft, who he described as being very attractive physically, and benevolent although very secretive. They claimed to hail from underground cities beneath other planetary bodies in this solar system as well as underground cities BELOW the surface of the earth (ie. the Rockies, etc.?). They also told this Air Force general that their 'Tribunal', based on one of the Saturnian moons, ties this interplanetary 'Solar' alliance together. Another man, Guy Kirkwood, came forward in the early 1990's describing an almost identical experience as Mel Noel's. Some even believe that Kirkwood is none other than the notorious 'Mel Noel' who caused such a stir among early UFOlogists during the 'contactee' waves of the 1950's and '60's.

In order to protect the privacy of our 'sources' we will identify them only by their initials.

K.S. has related many accounts concerning alien-type encounters in Utah, including the Salt Lake Valley area. These stories range from encounters with Nordic-type blond humans walking incognito among the inhabitants of the valley (K.S. was allegedly visited by a group of blondes claiming to be from the Pleiades who left with her a very interesting crystal-powered 'communicating' device), confrontations with sinister MIB-like beings of both human and 'androidal' configurations who have also been seen infiltrating the upper city, and at least one incident involving apparent conflict between the 'Blond'(?) and MIB groups. This involved a UFOlogist who was rather outspoken in his search for underground bases, UFO landing strips and the like. One day while talking to an employee of a place which sold topographical maps--asking about some strange circular markings and roads that seemed to dead-end in cliffs, etc. in maps of the Nevada military--he noticed that he was being closely monitored by two 'Blondes'(?) or a another group possibly connected with the government. Suddenly a 'man' dressed in black came into the place and immediately noticed the people who were observing the UFOlogist. When this man saw these people he seemed to recognize them or their kind and he turned in terror and almost ran from the place. One has to wonder what that was all about.

K.S. has described several areas in the state of Utah which have had definite connections with UFO's, possibly being 'base' sites. These include the La Sal mountains and Monroe mountain in southern Utah and mountains east of Salt Lake and Ogden where reports of strange underground bases, UFO encounters, hidden caverns and hidden 'landing strips' for 'alien' craft abound, as well as the MAJOR subnet beneath Salt Lake City itself.

She described one incident during which she experienced a considerable amount of 'missing time'. This took place after she and a friend of hers, knowing her interest in UFO's, offered to show her a place where she could observe 'UFO's taking off and landing.' They subsequently traveled in a dune buggy to the southeast, several miles up the 'Nebo Loop' road into the mountains behind Payson, Utah, in the general direction of Mt. Nebo. Some miles up the canyon her friend suddenly left the road and for the next hour or so they traveled along rough terrain until they suddenly emerged over the lip of an ENCLOSED valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. At the bottom of the valley were several deer drinking from a small swampy-like lake or pond. She claimed that she experienced several hours of missing time. After the incident her watch would not operate. She described a feeling of 'fear' that permeated the valley and she alleged that she could actually 'feel' something, or several 'somethings' watching her. Since the greys are often described as instilling fear or body terror in their victims, along with other indications, it might be possible that this particular 'base' area is now largely under reptilian control. We admit that this is just a supposition. Whether or not this 'base' has been taken over in part or in full by the malevolents, there may be indications that this might not always have been the case. This 'hidden valley' is supposedly some miles east of the area of Salem and Payson, Utah and MAY be one of the STANDOFF areas between humans and reptilians such as were described by various sources connected with the Nevada Test Site. This area of activity seems to move southward into the La Sal mountain range.

This account is very similar to another incident which was related several years ago by a German national who we will refer to as T.S. Just east of the small town of Salem, Utah there is an area known as water canyon. According to local legend, this was the site of an ancient gold mine which had been excavated by a pre-Columbian race of native Americans who lived in the valley, perhaps when it was still part of the ancient Lake Bonneville which connected the Salt and Utah valleys and generally filled the entire Great Basin area. Today one can still see the ancient pictographs above what is believed to be one of the collapsed entrances to this ancient mine. These include pictograms depicting 'llama-like' animals entering a tunnel bare-backed while another line of animals is seen emerging from the ground fully laden - supposedly with gold. The pictograms have been vandalized over the years but are still observable to some extent. Many people have attempted to enter this alleged mine through digging, but have been frightened away by some (sinister?) supernatural force.

T.S. had stayed in this area after World War II and had heard rumors of a 'hidden' or 'forbidden' valley in the mountains to the southeast of Spanish Fork. With permission, he and a friend drove their truck up the dirt road which winds it's way up Water Canyon and then south into the mountains (the entrance of this road is on private property, and is usually closed).

They travelled a considerable distance up the mountain. Eventually they made their way southward for some time, possibly leaving their car and travelling the rest of the way on foot. (The entire journey to and from the area. he claimed, lasted 3 days, although he did not say how much of this time was spent travelling). Finally, they came to the lip of a 'hidden valley', which they were told earlier was situated between or behind the peaks (the same one described by K.S.?), where they immediately saw some weird copper-like coils strewn over the ground, as well as some kind of bluish dust. Just then a silvery disk emerged from the valley below and hovered near them. Out of it emerged a creature which T.S. could only describe as being robot-like. The next thing they remembered the object was gone and approximately 1 1/2 hours of their time was missing and unaccounted for, although T.S. did faintly recall something about an underground installation. T.S. had his watch, but his friend soon realized that his own watch was missing. Strangely enough, this watch turned up a few days later in an unmarked package in his mailbox.

This incident took place in the mid-1940's or a little later, and the fact that the watch was returned suggests that humans might have been largely involved with this 'base' at that time. One of our researchers personally investigated this story by traveling up this particular road, which eventually turns south and ends at the top of a peak south of water canyon where a transmitter tower is located. A large trail proceeds from a 'fenced' area adjacent to the road just east of this tower and continues towards a ridge to the south. Once at the top of this ridge one can see a box-like canyon to the northwest which eventually meanders down to the Utah Valley floor, and on the other side the now abandoned town of Thistle and the Spanish Fork river to the east and southeast, but no hidden or enclosed valley. There is however a much higher ridge south of this one which would take a good deal of hiking to get to, and from the top of which one MIGHT be able to see the alleged hidden valley. This researcher did not continue as it was becoming dark and he was not equipt to spend the night.

The later event described by K.S. suggests that reptilian entities might have been involved in her experiences. This may substantiate a suspicion we have had that the caverns beneath the Wasatch Mountains were at one time largely controlled by humans, and that within recent decades (whether through covert manipulation or overt invasion) the Reptilians have taken possession of many of these underground systems in what some might refer to as a Tero-Dero like conflict. As for the Salem-Payson, Utah 'base', other people have described UFO sightings in the mountains behind and southeast of this area as well.

The researcher mentioned earlier recently tried an experiment. He assumed that if there were people living in the area who had INTIMATE knowledge of this particular 'base', that they might eventually peruse through the 'UFO section' of the local library for one reason or another (in this case the Spanish Fork library, adjacent to Salem). He deposited some information (concerning recent revelations about the growing human-saurian conflict, etc., which had surfaced in the UFO research community) inside one of the UFO books there. He returned a couple of weeks later to see if the 'bait' had been taken. The data was gone, but in it's place he was surprised to find a written 'warning' which was signed by the 'REPTILES'. Either this was a prank on the part of a skeptic who had gotten their hands on the information he deposited, or the 'Reptiles' really did 'have his number'. Whatever may be involved here, which we do suspect has something to do with a 'standoff' between humans and Reptilians, we are certain that there are humans involved who are sincerely interested in defending our society from these infernal alien creatures. The warning stated: 'WE KNOW YOUR SECRET. WATCH OUT! FURTHER PUBLICATIONS WILL BE LIFE THREATENING. - REPTILES.'

This event, compared with the one which T.S. experienced almost 45 years earlier, suggests that the 'human forces' in this area might still be engaged in a 'stand-off' and that the Reptilians had apparently gained some ground there to the point of being able to operate in surface society. The only explanations we have of how the 'Reptiles' might have been able to deposit the 'warning' in a library book would be that the chameleons, MIB, or possibly even a 'tranced' and implanted human being under their control was responsible.

Those who receive such threats should not be concerned, however, as there is much evidence that the reptilians are more afraid of humanity than we are of them. True, it's easy for these useless vermin to kidnap children, mutilate animals and human beings, and perform horrible genetic experiments while all the time hiding courageously in their protected subterranean lairs. But will these unnatural abominations against nature dare to take on mankind out in the open?

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