A Channeling Handbook By Carla L. Rueckert
 Although the art and practice of channeling is at least as ancient as writtenhistory, and although a scholarly work of research comparing andcontrasting various kinds of channeling throughout history wouldundoubtedly be fascinating, this volume is in no way intended as such a work. It is, rather, a workbook for the practicing channel, or for one who iscontemplating the attempt to learn how to produce channeled material. It ismy response to the veritable explosion of new channels, and especially to themany new-age weekends which teach the mechanics of channeling, whichare very easy to master, but which do not give students a firm metaphysicalbasis for the appropriate use of this gift.I became a channel in
and have pursued that gift to this day. I havetaught students the mechanics of channeling, but I hope that I have done agood deal more than that, for it has always been my intention to makeavailable not only the how-tos of being an instrument but the whys.Channeling is not a parlor game. There can be emotional, mental and evenphysical difficulties which spring from the misuse of this practice. It is my hope that this volume will help those who wish to avoid such problems. Theideas which are offered herein are my opinion only. It is hoped that they  will help you. If they do not, please leave them behind without a secondthought.I would like to acknowledge my enormous debt to several people, foralthough I was given the gift of faith and the temperament to sustain aneffort which I thought well-begun, I would never have begun channeling were it not for the encouragement of Donald T. Elkins, my beloved friend,partner and companion of many years, who died in
. His faith in my gift far outmatched mine from the beginning, and his encouragement wasequaled by the disciplined compassion of his counsel to me as I encounteredsituation after situation which had been unfamiliar to me previously. James Allen McCarty has also encouraged and supported me in every imaginable way in the very humble service that I perform, and this book  would have been physically impossible to create without his emotionalsupport and the nimbleness of his and Kimberly Howard’s fingers.Thanks go also to my family and faithful friends and those many membersof our meditation group over the years, without whose enquiring questionsand hunger for truth there would have been no call generated for our
contacts to answer; without whose personal love, encouragement, supportand tolerance I would be poor indeed in the currency of shared love.The most central and deep thanks I offer to my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, whose promise of redemption and living Spirit sustain meevery moment of my life, and to the community of Christ’s own with whom I worship, Calvary Episcopal Church, Louisville, and to my spiritualdirector and priest, Father Ben Sanders, whose godly encouragement andcensure alike have strengthened me.Spring is creeping quietly into our inland hills, touching the burgeoningpussy-willow and unfurling our winter hearts to warm, free bloom. Peace toeach of you from Kentucky.Carla L. RueckertLouisville, Kentucky February 
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