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Carla Lisbeth Rueckert McCarty
Pseudonym Ellen Tripp
Born June 16 1943 (1943-06-16) (age 69)
Lake Forest, Illinois
Occupation novelist, metaphysician, channeler
Genres Spiritual, paranormal, Metaphysics
Influences Don Elkins, Edgar Cayce
Influenced Abraham-Hicks

Carla Lisbeth Rueckert McCarty (born July 16, 1943 Lake Forest, Illinois) is an author that lives in Louisville, Kentucky. She works as a metaphysician and channeler. She has also been an independent filmmaker and actor.




Carla graduated in 1971 from the University of Louisville with areas of study in English Literature and earned her Masters Degree in Library Service.[1] She would work as a librian for six years and in 1968 became involved in L/L Research with Don Elkins and started work full time with the L/L Research project in 1970. Which began as L/L Productions as they worked with film to help them with their work. They mainly were studying UFO and spiritual topics.


Carla Rueckert began her career in film by screen writing and acting. She began this part of her career in the early 1970s by begining the film The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow (also known as Invasion of the Girl Snatchers)[2] and she would write the screenplay, supervise the script, help design costumes, production design work, set construction, and even act in the film (using the pseudonym Ellen Tripp) after an actress quit the day before filming. She would go on to work on four more films. The Zebra Killer, Abby, Asylum of Satan and The Force Beyond.[3] The production company she and her friends ran to make these five films was titled L & L productions which disbanded after The Force Beyond which was nick named The Farce Beyond by staff members as they realized how cheap the movie was.[4]


As apart of L/L Research they wrote books by Carla, Don Elkins, and James Allen McCarty. Which were all apart of their L/L Productions project. Carla began with their books in 1977 with Secrets of the UFO co-authored by Don Elkins. The book covers several topics from telepathy to Bigfoot.[5] Their other books have been more spiritual and metaphysicial with The Law of One series and The Wanderer's Handbook.

List of works


  • The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater (with Don Elkins) (1967; published 1986)
  • What Is Love (1976; published 1984) (coloring book; illustrations by MaryAnn Bowman)
  • Secrets of the UFO (1977) (with Don Elkins)
  • THE LAW OF ONE, Book I (formerly The Ra Material) (1976-1983) (with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty)
  • THE LAW OF ONE, Book II (1982) (with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty)
  • THE LAW OF ONE, Book III (1982) (with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty)
  • A Channeling Handbook (1987)
  • THE LAW OF ONE, Book IV (1991) (with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty)
  • THE LAW OF ONE, Book V: Personal Material & Fragments Omitted from the First Four Books (2000) (with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty)
  • A Wanderer’s Handbook (2001)
  • Contributions to Light/Lines newsletter.

Audio cassettes

  • Jenny (with Tommy Rueckert)
  • Joy (Sunday meditation)
  • The Journey (1984) (with Tommy Rueckert)
  • This Is the Day (with Tommy Rueckert)


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