A WanderersHandbook 
 A WanderersHandbook 
 An Owner’s Manual For ETs And Other Spiritual Outsiders
The Abridged Version
 Written by Carla Lisbeth Rueckert Abridged by Jim McCarty Published by L/L ResearchLouisville, Kentucky 
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    Waywind3 years ago
    I'm happy to see that the author herself chose to make this book available as a free eBook on her official website: http://www.llresearch.org/library/a_w...
    winterspring4 years ago
    thank you for posting this. I live outside the US, and it's been really difficult getting this locally.
    Doug19535 years ago
    Carla, I must come from some place that is a little slower than the rest of you. It wasn't until I started this handbook that I found out that most people did not think like me.All of these years I have felt out of step and never knew why. I just thought that I was not getting things right, and lacked an understanding in the correct view of the world. Now come to find out that just maybe I am thinking on a different level tham most people, not all wrong and not all right has helped me see things in a different light. Now the problem is that I really find myself surrounded with people that really are self serving and that they really are out for their best interest. Maybe somewhere long ago I really screwed up pretty badly and have signed up for this time in the world to get things right. Whatever it was sure let me sign up for a real plate full this time around. I guess that I am lucky that this handbook came to me in time for me to start enjoying life a little more knowing that I really am not that crazy, just heading in a different direction tham others.
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