by Don Berliner

with Marie Galbraith and Antonio Huneeus
Presented by
December 1995

from TheInternationalSpaceSciencesOrganization Website

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This compilation of UFO cases and public statements by leaders in government and science has been prepared under the auspices of the UFO Research Coalition.

The "UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence" is aimed at informing leaders of the world's governments, scientific communities and press about the reality and serious nature of Unidentified Flying Objects. It urges a reduction in government secrecy, now that the Cold War is over.

The UFO Research Coalition is a cooperative body representing America's leading serious, private UFO groups: the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in Chicago, the Fund for UFO Research in Washington, D.C., and the Mutual UFO Network in San Antonio, Texas.

The document details 18 major UFO cases from the "foo fighters" of 1944-45 to the 1989-90 sighting wave over Belgium. Cases illustrate some of the most intriguing aspects of the UFO mystery, including their being tracked on military radar, attempted intercepts by military airplanes, and landings which left physical traces.

Quotes are given from leading military and government officials, astronauts, and scientists from 17 countries. They support the contention that UFOs are real, baffling and worth far more serious study than they have yet received. The point is made that the people of the world have a right to know more about this long-term scientific mystery.

Note: This document was originally used expressly for the briefing of influential persons. ISSO (International Space Sciences Organization) has been granted permission by the UFO Research Coalition to publish this document.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Overview 

  1. Government Secrecy

  2. The Case for UFO Reality

  3. The UFO Cover-Up

  4. Summary of Quotations

Part 2. Case Histories

  1. Introduction

  2. 15th Century Art

  3. 1944-45: "Foo Fighters" Over Europe and Asia

  4. 1946: "Ghost Rockets Over Scandinavia"

  5. 1947: First American Sighting Wave

  6. 1952: Second American Sighting Wave

  7. 1956: Radar/Visual Jet Chase Over England

  8. 1957: Third American Sighting Wave

  9. 1958: Brazilian Navy Photographic Case

  10. 1964: Landing Case At Socorro, New Mexico

  11. 1967: Physiological Case At Falcon Lake, Canada

  12. 1975: Strategic Air Command Bases UFO Alert

  13. 1976: Multiple Witness Case In The Canary Islands

  14. 1976: UFO Dog-Fight Over Tehran

  15. 1980: UFO Incidents At Rendlesham Forest, England

  16. 1981: Physical Trace Case In Trans-en-Provence, France

  17. 1986: Jet Chase Over Brazil

  18. 1986: Japan Airlines 747 Case Over Alaska

  19. 1989: Multiple Witness Case At Russian Missile Base

  20. 1989-90: UFO Sighting Wave In Belgium

  21. 1991-94: Recent Cases

  22. Summary

Part 3. Quotations

  1. Quotes from Prominent World Government and Military Officials

  2. Quotes from US and USSR Astronauts

  3. Quotes from Prominent World Scientists


  1. US Government UFO Projects and Studies

  2. Congressional Hearings on UFOs

  3. International Agreements and Resolutions

  4. Example of Air Force Policy

  5. The Roswell Case

  6. Characteristics of IFOs and UFOs

  7. Terminology of UFOs

  8. Resources