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November 2011 Community Newsletter

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The Urantia Book Fellowship

26 de noviembre de 2011 22:51
Responder a:
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The Urantia Book Fellowship

Community Newsletter                       November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! 
In This Issue
Featured Article
Urantia Book Etymology
Online Study Groups
New Book by J.J. Benitez
Youth and Young Adult News
The Star of Bethlehem
Easter Retreat
Reaching Urantia Now!
God's GPS
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New Cover 
Congratulations to Gary Tonge for submitting the winning entry in the The Uversa Press Committee's cover contest. Our fourth printing of The Urantia Book, projected to be available in Summer 2012, will feature the Standard Reference Text and Tonge's beautifully inspiring cover art.  A special thank you to John Hay, Chair
 of Uversa Press and his committee, Paula Thompson, and Don Greene, for seeing this project to fruition.

click here to see a larger image





   John Hales 




Secretary General




Judicial Chair


Membership Chair


Interfaith Chair
   Susan Cook 


Outreach Chair


International Chair


Education Chair
   Lila Dogim 


Publications Chair


Finance Chair
   John Hay 


Youth and Young Adult Chair
   Anthony Finstad 

General Council  
Lara Amyx
Andrea Barnes
Larry Bowman 
Robert Bruyn
Robert Burns
Avi Dogim
Stephen Dreier
Janet Falbo
Tony Finstad
Cece Forrester
Janet Graham
Tim Hobbs
Merritt Horn
Jack Kane 
Al Lockett
Charlene Morrow
Dolores Nice
Charles Olivea
Thomas Orjala
Phillip Taylor
Jo Ann Wiedman




Click Here to Link to "Friends of the Urantia Book Fellowship" Facebook Page. 

 Join Us for Daily Discussions.

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Michelle Klimesh

And then Jesus said: "Be not constantly overanxious about your common needs. Be not apprehensive concerning the problems of your earthly existence, but in all these things by prayer and supplication, with the spirit of sincere thanksgiving, let your needs be spread out before your Father who is in heaven." Then he quoted from the Scriptures: "I will praise the name of God with a song and will magnify him with thanksgiving. And this will please the Lord better than the sacrifice of an ox or bullock with horns and hoofs."

Dear Friends,

This week I am mindful of the gratitude I feel for the experience of being involved with the Fellowship: such a dynamic, spirit-led group of struggling mortals! The relationships we share as we labor together for the kingdom shore me up daily. Your prayers sustain me. I am thankful for all of you, for the time we spend together, and for the work we share. Especially, I give thanks to Father for seeing fit to create me, to Mother for her constant encouragement, and to our beloved Brother Michael for his heroic personal efforts on our behalf. Praise be to God, the source of all joy!
Wishing each one of you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving,
Michelle Klimesh


Feature Article: 

Urantia Book Etymology and Human Languages

by Jon Greer 

Courtesy of the Brotherhood of Man Library


Like its cosmology, the Urantia Book's etymology of proper names and terminologies is not inspired, and early accommodation of this truth may help forestall disillusionment from a linguistic inquiry of its pages. Names and all language are metaphors -- symbolic designations of realities, couched in greater or lesser efficiencies at making the realities at which they aim more accessible. Names and languages are not the designated realities themselves, but are images thereof, mere representations, scaffolding. It's not inappropriately that names are often called handles. They are handles, not the reality they handle.  

And so does the Urantia Book freely use such biblically-familiar terms as "Lucifer", "Satan", "Melchizedek", "Michael", and so on as personal names; thus obvious Latinisms and Hebraisms are used as a matter of course to apply to beings at universe levels far beyond the purview of such lingual provincialities. ... To read the rest, click here:

Etymology in The Urantia Book


For more on Urantia etymology, including the etymology of place names like Urantia, Satania and Edentia, etc., click here:  More Urantia Book Etymology

Online Study Groups 

by Robert Aponte

OK, gang I had an "Epiphany" the other day while in "meditation".   We can increase our readership's access to study groups through the use of Skype!  We have at our fingertips a basic form of "reflectivity"!  We all have access to a computer otherwise we would not be on reading this now.


Since we are "Quarantined" from the Inter-Planetary broadcasts, it doesn't mean we have to be isolated any more from "Intra-Planetary" communication. If someone is too far, distance-wise, from a study group, they merely have to "Skype" into a study group that's happening.  Skype study group hosts make the same commitment to "being there" that any host would make. 

If you are interested in beginning a new study group using this medium please contact us at It's not really that difficult and there are many members who can help with the "technicals." So, we'd appreciate "opinions" on this and then let's "roll up our sleeves" and get to work making this happen!


Various Online Study Groups:

Friday Evening Study with Chris Halvorson, 7:30 - 9:30pm MST.  Call 720-457-3606 or search Skype name "perfectinghorizons". Please call in 5-10 minutes early so you are all set up before the start of class....we are unable to log anyone on after the start of class. This is not an interactive call so PLEASE MUTE your phone or computer...just listen and enjoy.

Skype Tuesday Afternoon Study Group at 12pm EST at: "patobanton123" 


Tuesday evening 9:00 EDT; 8:00 CDT; 7:00 MDT; 6:00 PDT

Each Tuesday, a broadcast focused on science, religion, and philosophy, based on the unifying concepts of The Urantia Book. Broadcasts begin 9:00 PM Eastern Time at (  All are invited to interact with us and/or ask questions via the chat room as well as phone.
(817.366.3300 Voice/Text) 

Bringing J.J. Benitez to the English-speaking World 
By Byron Belitsos


Trojan Horse: Jerusalem, by renowned Spanish author J. J. Benitez--the first title in a historical fiction series of eight volumes on the life and teachings of Jesus--may soon come to our shores. First introduced in 1984 by Planeta (a large Spanish publisher), this lengthy novel--a religious thriller--launched a publishing phenomenon in the Spanish-speaking world that has continued to this day with the recent release of the eighth installment. Sometimes compared to Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, the first volume narrates, almost hour-by-hour, the last eleven days of Jesus's life.


The narration is built around the purported eyewitness accounts from the year 1973 of two American time-travelers who are working under the auspices of the U.S. intelligence services. But unknown to the reader, the plot, characters, and the structure of the story are actually drawn directly from Part IV of the Urantia revelation. The story is offered up in a robust, hyper-realistic journalistic style combined with a science fiction twist.

Many Urantia Book readers in the U.S. are well aware that the Benitez series of international bestselling books has been the key source of a rising wave of interest in The Urantia Book.

Benitez himself had long alluded to a mysterious "source" of the Trojan Horse story in numerous press interviews and has recently openly admitted the true source.


The other piece of good news is that this significant piece of contemporary world literature has now been translated into English. As a book publisher and editor, I was privileged in 2008-2009 to be the copy editor of the translation by the eminent Margaret Sayers Peden, a professor of Spanish literature at the University of Missouri; as you read through this demanding and richly textured novel, you will soon see that her product is a considerable accomplishment.
Much has happened since then with this translation--including two rounds of pitches to large New York publishing houses. More recently, the literary agent that I later recruited on behalf of Benitez and his translator has indicated that Benitez is interested in a bid from the Urantia community to publish the book through my own publishing house, Origin Press ( We at Origin Press now have an exclusive option on this, and so far we have raised about a third of the funds needed to provide a suitable bid.

Purchasing the rights to this blockbuster will be expensive. And thus, I am seeking readers to assist me in presenting this opportunity to potential investors in the Urantia community. The investment could be lucrative, and even if not, the very act of publishing the book would be an amazing service to English-speaking readers worldwide, just as the original version has long been for the Spanish-speaking world. Notably, we are also requesting that Benitez allow Origin Press to indicate in the back of the book, and in our marketing material, what the "mysterious source" of the novel is!

If you have any level of interest, a good start would be to read the publishing proposal for this book, and the manuscript itself, which I can forward to any interested party as "PDF" files. I especially invite you to dip in to the translation and see what you think. It's quite amazing. And again, if you the spirit moves you to invest in this publishing enterprise, I'd like to speak with you.

Byron Belitsos * 415/720-6508 *email:

Urantian Youth and Young Adult News
 by Tony Finstad

As chair person of the Fellowship's newly formed Youth and Young Adult Committee, I'm excited to share with you our most recent activity. 

We hosted our second 'YaYA Invitational' this month in Los Angeles, more specifically in Pasadena. Nineteen young people registered and participated in this three day event.  We had a couple of teens, most of our readers were in their 20's, with a few 'older folks' that were in their 30's.  The majority of those who attended were from California, four had never attended a Urantia gathering before. 

Our program was actively balanced with outdoor gatherings in local parks and indoor study sessions at our hotel.  We had a lovely picnic lunch on Saturday that was hosted by the Urantia Book Los Angeles Society. There was a meaningful 'circle of sharing' after our meal.  These regional gatherings are designed to mix the younger readers with the host Urantia Societies to foster new relationships with the potential of infusing some youthful energy into established local study groups.  We had a nice exchange of the different generations and created a contact list containing who we are, what we do, and how the UBLA community might be able to assist the young adults in their current careers, spiritual development, and with their yet to be realized life goals.


The Saturday afternoon break-out sessions (YaYA participants only) were designed to look at personal strengths and areas they desire to make improvements -- looking at the Apostle personalities as an example. Discussion included how we can each contribute in helping build a community that is supportive, socially attractive, service minded, study focused, and seeking ways to engage in outreach both through direct book promotion and through living the teachings found within the Urantia Papers.  We talked about the differences between direct book outreach and creative dissemination and the comfort level of where each person is with both. Encouragement was made to participate on our interactive website  Priority projects were given to college campus book booths as well as upcoming events within The Urantia Book Fellowship.  One of our goals is to have a stronger showing of younger workshop presenters at the Fellowship's summer conference, Summer Study Session 2012, i.e., what does 'progressive planetary civilization' look like to a 25 year old?

We had an wonderful Saturday evening meal together where we continued to bond and talk well into the night. 

On Sunday we journeyed to the Huntington Library, Art, and Gardens (morontia prelude).  It was very inspiring!  We concluded our time together with a study group meeting under a Japanese open air structure.  We read about the Spirit of Truth at Pentecost and closed with a group prayer.

Many thanks for the continued support of the Fellowship's Outreach committee (since we're still under their 2011 financial umbrella) and to The Urantia Book Fellowship for making YaYA a central part of our organization.  We are attracting younger readers!  We are finding new and creative ways of connecting with second (and third) generation family members. Please take a moment to read a few of the thank-you emails that we received (listed below).

Contact me and let's make this happen with your local Urantia Society or group!  Our goal is to host two of these regional gatherings each year.


Tony Finstad - Chair Youth and Young Adult committee

Committee members:

  • Angie Thurston
  • Teuvo Orjala
  • Mae Thompson
  • Liz Craig

Adjunct members:

  • Janet Graham [Family Life]
  • Michael MacIsaac [Advisory Council]



The Start of Bethlehem by Paul Herrick


In the book "Astronomical Enigmas" (Mark Kidger, 2005) the author refers to a 1976 work by British astronomer David Hughes looking for something to explain the "Star of Bethlehem".  "In 7 BC, a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn took place in Pisces, a constellation traditionally associated with the Jews.-----On May 29, September 29, and December 4 of 7 BC, Jupiter and Saturn approached to within twice the diameter of the Moon before separating again. Hughes further suggests that the Nativity occurred on September 15, 7 BC." 

The Urantia Book (copyright 1955) says this:

1352:3 122:8.7 These wise men saw no star to guide them to Bethlehem. The beautiful legend of the star of Bethlehem originated in this way: Jesus was born August 21 at noon, 7 B.C. On May 29, 7 B.C., there occurred an extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Pisces. And it is a remarkable astronomic fact that similar conjunctions occurred on September 29 and December 5 of the same year. Upon the basis of these extraordinary but wholly natural events the well-meaning zealots of the succeeding generation constructed the appealing legend of the star of Bethlehem and the adoring Magi led thereby to the manger, where they beheld and worshiped the newborn babe. Oriental and near-Oriental minds delight in fairy stories, and they are continually spinning such beautiful myths about the lives of their religious leaders and political heroes. In the absence of printing, when most human knowledge was passed by word of mouth from one generation to another, it was very easy for myths to become traditions and for traditions eventually to become accepted as facts.  


Happy Holidays!

Following the Spirit Within: The Way of Spiritual Growth  
A God-Centered Retreat

Warmest Greetings, everyone! 

We are happy to invite you to participate at our next Easter Spirit Renewal Retreat, simply known as the Jesus Retreat, which will be held on March 29-April 1, 2012 at the San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, New Mexico. Our hosts, Pam Tyler and Charles Montgomery, invite you to take a tour of their website We feel confident that you will be inspired and delighted to join us for another spiritual experience of renewing our spirit in Jesus, personally and as a Family. The price for the retreat is $265 which includes everything - three night lodging, all nine meals and the retreat fee. You can call San Geronimo Lodge at 1-800-894-4119 or at 575-751-3776 in order to make your registration directly at their spiritual retreat center.

For those who will fly to Albuquerque, you will be able to take a shuttle which runs three times a day and stops at the front door of the retreat center at the cost of $45 each way or you may be able to arrange to get a ride from/to the airport with a participant driving to the retreat.
Please let us know if you would like to propose a specific topic or exercise that you would like to share with the group for the betterment of all in the renewal of our spirit with Jesus Christ Michael.

Warmest wishes to you and Happy Thanksgiving!
At Your Service,
Diane Labrecque
Reaching Urantia Now!  (RUN)

Last year a grant was awarded to RUN (Reaching Urantia Now) for a proposal to the Strategic Visioning Committee of the Urantia Fellowship.  The RUN team  was devoted to public outreach, creating media that supported the look and feel of literature we'd be proud to give away, and encouraging the involvement of readers in all regions in various outreach activities.  We set out to build a network of readers devoted to strengthening and growing the outreach movement for the Urantia Fellowship. RUN

At the IC'11 conference we hosted a series of presentations outlining what we had done and what we would like to do.  Many participants in those presentations took these ideas home with them.  They've been giving out free book cards, helping out at expo booths, utilizing new methods of introducing the book, they are active in existing study groups and they are helping start up new study groups.   They have taken advantage of  tools and techniques for outreach that we have found effective through experience on the road and at expos. 

 The Urantia Fellowship has received over 100 requests for books from the 'free book card' project this year which is largely due to the efforts of readers who have participated in RUN events.  We are proud of the efforts of everyone involved!  RUN, working with the Outreach Committee has sold/gifted nearly 500 books this year through these events.  If you're one of those people who helped sell books at a booth, or gave a free book card to someone, you share in the joy of introducing someone to the Urantia Book.

We have had good results using '' to advertise an introductory meeting to help people discover the book, to invite newcomers to study groups and to encourage attendance at public discussion groups such as Cosmic Cafe. Does any of this sound like something you would like to get involved with?  Would you like to seed books in your community?  Expos, libraries, free book cards, campuses and public introductions are all great places to start.

The RUN team is prepared to support your outreach efforts and ideas through coaching calls, providing training and sharing guidelines for renting, setting up and operating Expo booths. We can provide a banner, books, and hand out materials for your use.  Go to to see the cards, banners, handouts, and other resources available for outreach.

If you live in a region where there are readers interested in coming together for fun, fellowship, teaching and learning, contact us and we'll help you plan and host a local gathering that can accomplish all of this in one weekend.  It's time we came back together as a family and moved in the direction of our dreams for this planet! The network of readers we're building is helping those dreams unfold.

Andrea Barnes, Aurora Hill, Thomas Orjala and the RUN Team of participants... YOU!

God's GPS
 by Denis Neumann
In 2007, I bought a used Toyota that had a factory installed GPS.  Several days afterward, I spent some frustrating hours trying to remove the addresses that the previous owner had entered and put in some of my own.  I managed to get my home address in and then gave up.
Sometime later, going home after dark and watching the GPS screen, I was thinking about the similarity of the GPS' purpose and our Thought Adjuster's purpose.  I had an immediate, very strong physical flash of understanding that gave me shivers and goose bumps all over!  Nearly every time I've thought about this since then, I've had a milder version of this physical reaction. I interpret this as a major understanding in my spiritual quest. 


I bought a car with a GPS
and programmed it with my own address.
I gave up trying to enter the rest!
Driving home in the dark of night,
not sure of my location (or of my life)
I thought to test my GPS.
"Take me home!"  I said out loud. 
Directions to my house were readily found,
but it offered no direction to God's home of perfection.   
My Guardian Angel is ever ready
to guard me, guide me and protect me.
My life's path beckons, if only I will pay attention.
If I miss my turn, can I still return?
The GPS can correct the earthly route I take,
but my spiritual journey is mine to make.
(Denis is a long time UB student in Northern CA.)
We would like to hear from you!

 We welcome your contributions to this online publication.  We accept articles no more than 10 paragraphs long that deal with Urantia Book related events, ideas, outreach, gatherings, or reminders. 


Articles should be submitted to before the 22nd of every month. 


"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."   Ghandi

 "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won!

There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invinsible. But in the end they always fail. Think of it, always.

Whenever you are in doubt that that is God's way, the way the world is meant to be, think of that, and try to do it His way."  Ghandi

"And no matter what blunders your fellow men make in their world management of today, in an age to come the gospel which I declare to you will rule this very world." 

(UB 143:1.4)




UBSGNY is happy to announce that the first 17 papers of The Urantia Book have been translated into Turkish! Our translator is able to do about three papers a month at a cost of $500 for each paper. The UBSGNY is intent on keeping funds flowing for this important work and can use your support. Your tax deductible contribution will be most welcome. Please help us if you can. Remember, every little bit helps. To donate, you can use Paypal or a credit card by going to the New York Society's website ( ) and clicking on "Turkish Translation." Alternatively you can write a check payable to SGNY Translation Fund and mail it to: Turkish Translation, c/o Clark, 4 Horizon Rd. Apt. 1202, Ft. Lee, NJ 07024. We thank you for your interest and generosity.



The International Conference 2011 plenary sessions are now online.  To view images from the Conference click this link:

To order a copy of the Conference videos click here => videos



Some of the projects in the queue for 2012 include campus outreach, the launch of the new Youth and Young Adult standing committee, online audio translations, Uversa Press's newest edition of The Urantia Book with standard reference text and the new cover, regional Interfaith conferences, the Pipeline of Light, the Summer Study Session at Techny Towers, the continuation of the RUN project, connections with the emergent Christian movement, and a complete overhaul of our IT systems including the websites, database, and online storefront. If you are interested in helping our hard-working volunteers fulfill big dreams, please contact our office at 877 288-3772 or to donate to the cause.


An anonymous Fellowship member has offered to donate matching funds for contributions made to the renovation of Foundation headquarters at 533 West Diversey Parkway. The kitchen and bathrooms have been refurbished, but more preservation is needed. If you would like to help with this effort, please contact our office at 877 288-3772 or and mention the 533 Renovation matching fund.




Are you a member of The Urantia Book Fellowship?  Maybe you're not sure?  If not please contact us and we'll let you know.   Email Lenny Cowles at:


If you would like to become a member please click on this link and fill out the easy online membership form.  Your credentials will be sent to the Membership Committee for consideration.
Please join us! - click here for the online form.


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