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April 2012 Community Newsletter

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The Urantia Book Fellowship

13 de abril de 2012 02:51
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The Urantia Book Fellowship

Community Newsletter                       April 2012

In This Issue
President's Message
Summer Study Session
Article Headline
Calling New Leaders!
First Lady of Woodstock
Heart of the Mtns. Retreat
Bill Sadler - Dissemination
A Feast of Uncertainty
Online Study Groups
New Online Catalog
Quick Links...



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The Urantia Book Fellowship is pleased to announce that we are now offering, via our web store, many of the books that used to be offered in the Morning Star Catalog (formerly the Good Cheer Catalog.) Our newly redesigned web store is now open for business and contains many of the great books and study aids that Urantia Book readers love as well as some brand new gems for your contemplation and inspiration.

 Click here to visit the new UVERSA PRESS CATALOG. 


New Cover 
Congratulations to Gary Tonge for submitting the winning entry in The Uversa Press Committee's cover contest. Our fourth printing of The Urantia Book, projected to be available in Summer 2012, will feature the Standard Reference Text and Tonge's beautifully inspiring cover art.  A special thank you to John Hay, Chair
 of Uversa Press and his committee, Paula Thompson, and Don Greene, for seeing this project to fruition. 

click here to see a larger image 





   John Hales 




Secretary General




Judicial Chair


Membership Chair


Interfaith Chair
   Susan Cook 


Outreach Chair


International Chair


Education Chair
   Lila Dogim 


Publications Chair


Finance Chair
   John Hay 


Youth and Young Adult Chair
   Anthony Finstad 

General Council  
Lara Amyx
Andrea Barnes
Larry Bowman 
Robert Bruyn
Robert Burns
Avi Dogim
Stephen Dreier
Janet Falbo
Tony Finstad
Cece Forrester
Janet Graham
Tim Hobbs
Merritt Horn
Jack Kane 
Al Lockett
Charlene Morrow
Dolores Nice
Charles Olivea
Thomas Orjala
Phillip Taylor
Jo Ann Wiedman




Click Here to Link to "Friends of the Urantia Book Fellowship" Facebook Page. 

 Join Us for Daily Discussions.

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President's Message
Michele Klimesh

Dear Friends,


This month, my local society will meet to elect our representative to the Summer 2012 Triennial Delegate Assembly. This year's Assembly has the responsibility to elect more than one dozen new General Councilors.


With this in mind, the best message I can share with you is a message from one of our past Presidents, Meredith Sprunger. Sprunger and his Executive Committee approved this list of qualities and principles for the General Council more than thirty years ago, and their thoughts are still valid today. I encourage you and your society members to read this list carefully, share it, and search your hearts and your communities for people who can help us live up to these inspiring standards.


We look with great anticipation for the forthcoming applications of devoted readers who seek to join the ranks of The Fellowship's General Council.


To Progress!  

Michelle Klimesh



Meredith Sprunger  

February 3, 1979

Progressive Planetary Civilization 
August 1-6, 2012
Techny Towers, Chicago, Illinois 
Pre-Conference  - Aug 1, 2012  
Conference Seminar -  Aug 2-5, 2012  
General Council  - Aug 5-6, 2012 


This year's Fellowship Summer Study Session will be held from August 1 - to August 6, 2012 at the Techny Towers retreat center just outside of Chicago.  

Our keynote speakers will be:

Steve McIntosh

Title: "The New Evolutionary Philosophy, Affinity with The Urantia Book"


Daniel Love Glazer

Title: "Marriage, Family Life, and the Importance of Fatherhood"


Pre-conference events:


1 -   "Forgiveness in the Contemplative Experience"

Names of Presenters:  Gard Jameson and Bobbie Dreier

Join Gard Jameson and friends to share in the experience of contemplative prayer and engage in a conversation about the application of our Father's love. 


2  -  "Workshop for Conference Presenters and Speakers"

Names of Presenters:  Nick Stefero, Doreen Heyne

This workshop is open to anyone who has, is, or will be facilitating a workshop or giving a public address.  Its focus is to review and improve public speaking skills.


Various programs and social events are scheduled for the evenings.


A children's program is planned and a limited number of partial scholarships for families with children will be available.

Contact Lara Amyx ( subject: "SSS12 info" ) for the children's program and scholarship information.


We will also have workshops for new readers and for non-readers of The Urantia Book.  The weekend program will end with a World Cafe dialogue.


Visit the Fellowship's Education Committee website at to see more details about the program and to register for the conference.  Please register early, since accommodations are limited.
Register directly online by clicking here.  
It's time for you to register now for the Summer Study Session.   
Techny Towers
Techny Towers Accommodations

If you would like to conduct a workshop, a Workshop Proposal Form should be filled out and returned to Peter Laurence, Program Chair.

To register online go to:  

big questions
This summer at The Summer Study Session at Techny Towers family members, spouses, and local friends can take advantage of special programs that are designed to introduce them to The Urantia Book.  Facilitated by experienced students of the book, these programs will be interactive and will focus on basic concepts as well as questions raised by the participants.  Attend these sessions to take advantage of this unusual opportunity to familiarize yourself with the book!  

If you are planning to attend and can send your questions in advance, please e-mail them to an introduction to themes from The Urantia Book"
Peter Laurence, Ellen Macias
Brief Summary: 
A new approach for introducing The Urantia Book to people who are not familiar with it, this workshop is intended for new readers and also for experienced students of the book who might want to present the workshop themselves.  It is based on material taken from the book that addresses topics which should be of interest to anyone who is spiritually seeking, such as: 
* * * * * * * * * * 
Title:  "Exploring the 'Big Questions' -- 
  •     What is truth?
  •     Is there a Creator?
  •     What is the meaning of good and evil?
  •     Do people really have free will?
  •     What is the purpose of life?
  •     What constitutes spiritual growth?
  •     What is death?
  •     What kind of universe do we live in?
  •     What is the relationship between creation and evolution?
  •     How does personal spirituality relate to institutional

The workshop is interactive and is designed to stimulate dialogue about the topics.  It is part of an effort to provide concurrent programming at the Summer Study Session for new readers.

To register for the conference, visit the Education Committee website at  



Joshua ben Joseph Project Update, April 2012

Note: Click "HD" on the video screen to change resolution if downloading is slow

Progress continues in-depth and at a rapid pace.


Here's a quick overview:

Eric and David
Eric Cosh and David Kantor

We're currently working on logistics for filming in Jordan--the cities of the Decapolis including Pella and the surrounding region. We plan to explore and film the region around Beit Adis where Jesus spent the forty days following his baptism.




Urantian John Lambo has written a biography of the "First Lady of Woodstock" Melanie.

Melanie Safka


Melanie Safka (known by millions simply as Melanie) was the first woman to perform at The Woodstock Music Festival in the summer of 1969. Now, more than 40 years later, the first comprehensive Melanie biography is finally available. Melanie, The First Lady of Woodstock by John Lambo is filled with never before seen photos documenting Melanie's life from childhood to present day. It is a well-researched, compelling biography and an essential source for anyone wanting to know the woman behind the Folk Diva. Even die-hard fans will be in for some surprises as you follow Melanie's life story. 
Lambo weaves interviews with Melanie's family and friends, fellow musicians, industry veterans, and of course fans with over 40 years of written articles, radio and television interviews, internet research, and recordings to present a thorough look at the private and public life of one of music's most unsung heroes. The ambitious biography finally recognizes Melanie for her immense talent and humanitarian spirit. This biography is a true study in tremendous strength, persistence and courage. Anyone who has had to overcome great obstacles will identify with and be inspired by Melanie, The First Lady of Woodstock. In addition to Melanie's fans, this biography is recommended for any music enthusiast or pop culture fan.  

Send your Melanie Memories to to be posted on the site in the future or to contact the author. 

A $3.00 donation will be paid to The Urantia Book Fellowship for each book purchased when an appropriate "URANTIA" promo code is used.  

Third Annual Heart of the Mountain Retreat

Gospel Music
Sing Along to Gospel Music



Urantians and interested guests from up and down the East coast will gather once again near Boone, North Carolina this coming August to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus of Nazareth. 



 This year's theme "One in the Spirit" will include a tribute to the Universe Mother Spirit. The weekend long event includes workshops and break out discussions on various topics of interest to students of the Urantia Book and provides an opportunity to commune with like minded individuals and kindred spirits. Please consider joining the celebration at the Valle Crucis Conference Center in Valle Crucis, North Carolina on Friday August 17th through Sunday August 19th. For additional information regarding the Heart of the Mountain Retreat please contact Rabia Harris at


"The Spirit of Truth works as one with the presence of the spirit of the Divine Minister. This dual spirit liaison hovers over the worlds, seeking to teach truth and to spiritually enlighten the minds of men......."
(UB 34.5.4)

Click here to see  all the information.   

Hope to see you there!  

The dates are June 21-24 and location is 26 miles SW of Chapel Hill, N.C. The event is open to everyone and will be especially rewarding and gratifying to those who are conversant with Christianity and the Bible. Click here to learn more or register.  Also, check out this 5 minute video clip from the 2011 event on  YouTube Video

Come share your treasure, partake in the metamorphosis -- in this audacious attempt to re-imagine Christianity under a wider, more inclusive tent. Is that a rousing YOWSAH I hear?!  Feel free to Pamela Chaddock if you have questions about packing ;)  

GET ON BOARD for the generous 15% discount
for Urantians off any Wild Goose pass or combination of passes (excluding camping fees) available between March 10 - 20 only.  Register at 
and type "UrantiaGoose" in the "enter promotional code".

Bill Sadler on Dissemination
(Transcript of a tape recording)

Bill Sadler Jr.I want to be useful in the teaching of this book, or--what's even more important--useful to your fellow man in the service of God. And this book is only a part of it, by no means all of it.

Show people that you like them. Be kind to them. Be expressive of your feelings of friendship. I think it is almost immoral to conceal affection. There's so little of it in the world.  Sure, you need to be gracious in your expression, or you could give offense. But if you like people, show them that you like them. Tell them that you like them. If you have love, don't make a secret out of it. What did Jesus say about the city that's set upon a hill? It's difficult to camouflage. If you've got feelings, broadcast them. And then, if you want to use this book in helping your fellow men, you really ought to know what's in it, shouldn't you?   You really ought to know what's in it.


A Feast of Uncertainty   


Dear Friends and Urantia Book Readers,


After a brief hiatus to re-voice and to make a few edits, A Feast of Uncertainty, A Journey to Israel with the Urantia Book, is available again on DVD at A Feast of Uncertaintly


Many of you are familiar with this feature-length documentary (a few of you have already seen/purchased it - thanks!).


The film was the 2011 recipient of the Urantia Media Arts Foundation Award and is a personal, cinematic excursion into modern day Israel and the Palestinian territories, where key sites are explored from the life of Jesus as described in the Urantia Book.



"A Feast of Uncertainty is a masterful accomplishment and an overwhelming experience."  

Longtime Urantia Book reader David Glass


"It's an astoundingly good story, brilliantly told. Truly a feast for the spirit."

Film-maker Tom Huckabee (Carried Away, Taking Tiger Mountain)


Thank you all for your continued support and interest. Also check out the AFOU page at Facebook.


Richard Jernigan




Tuesday Morning & Wednesday Night 
Pato Banton and Antoinette Hall are opening their group on Tuesday morning at 10am pst and Wednesday night at 7pm pst.
Skype address is patobanton123


Tuesday Night   

Symmetry of Soul  6pm to 8pm PST


A weekly study of the unifying concepts of The Urantia Book, mindful of the threefold nature of the cosmos: 'philosophy, religion, and science are welded into a meaningful unity by the conjoined action of wisdom, faith, and experience.'

Wednesday Night

 Atlanta Urantia Study Group 

We post our meetings on line every week in video and mp3 format for anyone who would like to watch or listen. Our Wednesday night study session is usually posted by Saturday each week. We are limited to 10 people on Skype as a video call, but by posting the video on line everyone can listen. 
  User Name rogerpauldc email


Friday Night
Please join us for the live Skype broadcast study group with Chris Halvorson, Friday evenings at 7:30 - 9:30pm MST.....Call 720-457-3606 o
r search Skype name "perfectinghorizons". Please call in 5-10 minutes early so you are all set up before the start of class....we are unable to log anyone on after the start of class. This is not an interactive call so PLEASE MUTE your phone or computer...just listen and enjoy.

Previous audio/video classes and study aids can be found at   


If you want to run virtual / telephone study groups, or support an existing physical one, I have the perfect free tool: I was amazed and thrilled after successfully testing this service with three phones and screen sharing. Also, people not on an unlimited calling plan can get in for free with Skype.

This tool enables the group leader/facilitator to let everyone have an equal chance to talk and to hear what's going in. It levels the playing field and encourages interaction:

·         Telephone Access
·         Skype Access
·         Up to 1,000 callers
·         Facilitator can mute individual callers
·         Facilitator can share slides pictures, a computer screen
·         The session can be recorded
·         Session can be up to 6 hours

Link to FAQ's

Happy virtual study grouping!

Chris Lepine   


  Click here to see what is available.


We welcome your contributions to this online publication.  We accept articles no more than 10 paragraphs long that deal with Urantia Book related events, ideas, outreach, gatherings, or reminders. 


Articles should be submitted to before the 22nd of every month. 




The Urantia Book Fellowship is pleased to announce that we are now offering, via our web store, many of the books that used to be offered in the Morning Star Catalog (formerly the Good Cheer Catalog.) Our newly redesigned web store is now open for
business and contains many of the great books and study aids that Urantia Book readers love as well as some brand new gems for your contemplation and inspiration.  As you peruse this new online catalog, remember that it represents how the revelation has personally inspired each individual author. Most of our authors are not professional writers, but dedicated and long-time students of the revelation who were moved to reflect, in some humble way, the light of truth, beauty, and goodness found so abundantly in The Urantia Book.




LogoPlease support The Urantia Book Fellowship You can make a secure onetime contribution online at our website, Click Here or perhaps consider giving a 'gift that keeps on giving' by agreeing to make an affordable monthly donation (auto-debit donation) that is automatically deducted from your bank account (available by clicking the above link). As always, we'll send a deluxe leather Urantia Book to all new monthly auto-debit donors who pledge to make at least a $20.00 monthly donation or a onetime equivalent.


The International Conference 2011 plenary sessions are now online. 

Thursday Plenary IC'11

To view images from the Conference click this link:  

To order a copy of the Conference videos click here => videos

YaYasThe YaYa Committee has a newsletter that can be  viewed here.

In this edition they have a Featured Reader, discuss the upcoming Summer Study Session and list upcoming events. 



Are you a member of The Urantia Book Fellowship?  Maybe you're not sure?  If not please contact us and we'll let you know.   Email Lenny Cowles at:


If you would like to become a member please click on this link and fill out the easy online membership form.  Your credentials will be sent to the Membership Committee for consideration.
Please join us! - click here for the online form.


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