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UFO HISTORICAL REVUE appears on the CUFONSM web site by exclusive arrangement with Barry Greenwood.

CUFONSM makes this publication available in order to archive it and make it available electronically, NOT to replace in any way subscriptions to UHR therefore, issues do not appear on CUFONSM until a minimum of 30 days after mailing.  Barry has been kind enough as to allow us the privilege of posting UHR, the last thing we want is to have this web edition of the UHR supplant subscribed readership.  If you read the UHR here for free, please subscribe.

All persons interested in historical aspects of the UFO phenomenon should recognize and support the excellent work done by Barry Greenwood.  Subscriptions to UHR are an excellent way of supporting this work, and necessary if the UHR is to continue to be produced.

We urge all readers to subscribe to UHR.  Write to: UHR, PO Box 176, Stoneham  MA  02180, USA.  Within the United States, subscriptions are $15.00 per year, $20.00 (US Dollars) outside the US.

Issue #12 - Sep 2006 in PDF Format "Farewell For Now"
Issue #11 - Mar 2004 in .PDF Format "An Observation on the Ramey Memo"
Issue #10 - Feb 2003 (HTML)
UHR #10 in .PDF Format
"A New Age Dawning for Researching UFOs"
Issue #9 - Feb 2002 (HTML)
UHR #9 in .PDF format
UFO History - A Crisis Looms!"
Issue #8 - Feb 2001 (HTML)
UHR #8 in .PDF format
"Questions on a 1953 Cape Cod Mystery" and more
Issue #7 - Sept 2000 (HTML)
UHR #7 in PDF format
"On the Question of Tampering with the 1950 Great Falls UFO Film"
Issue #6 - Mar 2000 (HTML)  
Issue #5 - Jul 1999 (HTML)  
Issue #4 - Apr 1999 (HTML)  
Issue #3 - Jan 1999 (HTML) "Majestic-12 Follies Returns"
Issue #2 - Sept 1998 (HTML)  
Issue #1 - Jun 1998 (HTML) UHR Debut


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