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Online since 2005. A very large separate website, subscription- based, for those desiring ongoing observations and material having to do with technology, control, power structure factions, discoveries and areas usually covered by the LE Journal (see below in Books and Publications), the Leading Edge Research Journal Online has been a reflection of that perspective, and is a paid membership feature. During each month, we feature a host of materials and resources for the online researcher in the Leading Edge tradition - material that is interesting, hard to find and material that others are not likely to publish. A complete website experience in itself, with frequently updated elements during each month. Subscribing is also something you can to do assist us with our continued existence online and otherwise.  In November 2007 we began providing a free astrological analysis and report package to any member who was interested enough to have one done. Your astrological chart expresses the potentials inherent in your specific life path experience in this incarnation, so it's a valuable perk.   3mo/$45. You must use order form below in Books and Publications to send in and subscribe. We'll email you instructions as to how to log in. Note: System is for PC's using IE or related browser. 

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"The LEIRJ just keeps getting better and better, now that I've found another job until the crash it is real easy to catch up on the latest, scanning through the journal. The information is easy to find and the dates are highlighted as to remember the last visit. To me, it's worth more than it costs. Val does an excellent job finding the best data related to EndGame." 

"We especially want to tell you how much we TRULY ABSOLUTELY very much appreciate all your hard work for the site, and its content, which is really crucial during endgame. Its amazing, the diversity of all the stuff you come up with, so THANKS! Your site is the 1st thing we look at in the morning over coffee, its fun to discuss, and watch the cool videos." 

"I've really enjoyed the content on the site lately. Its always been good, but it seems better. I've taken more of an interest in world affairs, especially since the election, and now the changing of the guard. Thanks for the time and effort you put in, the journal is definitely my favorite website. I will continue to subscribe as long as the rock still spins and we're all here. With any degree of luck, check out time isn't that far off."   

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The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology
Authored by Val Valerian, Third Edition, 661 pages, index, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research Group, 1990/1991. Even now, this book is perhaps the most influential piece of work that has ever appeared on the planet on the subject of the alien-human interaction issue. It represents the first major work ever published that demonstrated a no-holds-barred approach to revealing what was really going on with the government, underground bases and alien factions. At the time, a lot of people were in denial that what was in the book could possibly be true. Now, years later, it is commonly recognized as the most forthright examination of many core issues, such as abduction by military and alien factions. To date, Matrix II remains the original work that covered these issues in detail - details that no other author would touch. Containing all the information people were denying in the early 1990's, it encompasses an extraordinary range of data that includes precedent-setting research on human abductions by both government and alien forces - material that others authors will not speak of and what publishers will now allow themselves to print.   

The Psychosocial, Chemical, Biological and Electromagnetic Manipulation of Humans - Volume One
Authored by Val Valerian, 913 pages, 1,540 item index, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research  Group, 1992. Volume One begins the journey detailing how the consciousness of human beings is being modified by psychological and social institutions, specific chemicals added to the food, water and environment, and how the tactical aspects of chemical, biological and electromagnetic warfare are being implemented in order to support the aims of the planetary power structure known as the New World Order. The two-volume 1,900-page work called Matrix III is perhaps the only work on the planet to this day that completely investigates the motives, methods, aims and origins of the technocratic society we live in today. More information that you could accumulate in a lifetime of research trying to figure it out. Volume One begins the journey detailing how the consciousness of human beings is being modified by psychological and  social institutions, specific chemicals added to the food, water and environment, and how the tactical aspects  of chemical, biological and electromagnetic warfare are being implemented in order to support the aims of the planetary power structure ...   

The Psychosocial, Chemical, Biological and Electromagnetic Manipulation of Humans - Volume Two
Authored by Val Valerian, 1014 pages, index, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research Group, 1995. Matrix III Volume 2, integrates an additional 3 more years of hard research and refinement on the project, exploring the progression of western science, biology and sociology into a materialist paradigm and its eventual degradation into political systems which form the basis of all control paradigms, wars and human conflict, and answers the questions: what is the nature of the two paradigms that collided at Waco, Texas? What are the premises that have resulted in continuous ethnic cleansing, genocide, and the development of the allopathic biomedical approach to health? What paradigms must the human civilization embrace if it is to survive? What lessons can human civilization learn from observing nature? Valerian explores these ideas and more, with in-depth discussions of the ideas of Newton, Darwin, Hobbes, Malthus and other influential people, as well as the processes of conversion of these ideas into political, sociological and psychological control  systems.  For anyone who wonders exactly how Western Civilization ever got into the position it is in today, the answer lies within the pages of this work. This book not only extends the research delineated in the first volume, but  constitutes a superbly referenced exploration into the nature of the paradigm itself.   

The Leading Edge Master Research Chronology  
Authored by Val Valerian,290 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 Velo Bound, Leading Edge Research Group, 1996. Have you ever wondered how everything in the planetary power structure is connected through time? This is the ultimate chronology that will put things in perspective! Covers 544 AD to the late 1990's, in detail, in terms of interrelated historical events. Beginning with the 204 page chronology in the rear of The Psychosocial, Chemical, Biological and Electromagnetic Manipulation of Humans - Volume Two, work was continued another year or so, assembling about 90 pages more, reaching 290 pages, creating a work which makes the Gemstone Files look like "cliff notes". Highly acclaimed.    

Analytical Chronology of Fluoridation: Politics versus Science 
A 70,000-word white paper and research tool, with more than 850 entries, master index, and reference bibliography. The Analytical Chronology of Fluoridation is the result of the examination of thousands of letters, monographs, scientific documents and declassified materials from the National Archives. Through the use of these materials it goes on to prove, by definition, that the fluoridation paradigm is a civil conspiracy participated in by agencies all the way from the US Public Health Service, the World Health Organization, the AMA and ADA, and all state health departments, and that the fluoridation paradigm is based on false science, misrepresentation and deliberate falsehood in order to provide a means for dumping hazardous wastes from industry into the food and water without challenge from the population. This 189 page, 70,000 word piece of work took hundreds of hours to compile and analyze, and is backed up by numerous references and a superb index for locating those hard-to-find statements by the AMA and ADA who, before 1945, told the scientific  truth about the nature of fluorides, chemicals more toxic than lead and arsenic.    

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Physics: The Ultimate Inside Report on the World Technocracy  
Leading Edge Research Group, August 1999, 238 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 Velo Bound, with master index. Edited and footnoted by Val Valerian. For almost six years, a select group of world scientists also on the path of self-knowledge and discovery began to transmit fascinating information to Leading Edge Research Group in regard to technological developments occurring behind the scenes in the planetary control paradigm, as well as new developments occurring in other facets of society, covered in annual meetings, primarily in Chicago, Illinois but also in New York and other locations around the world. The information first  began to appear in the Leading Edge Research Journal in 1993, where the group introduced themselves to readers and then embarked on a series of revelations that began to evoke a lot of interest in the research community.    

The most cost-effective way to acquire early back issues of the Leading Edge International Research Journal from May 1988 to February 1996, over 17,000 pages of material (Issues 1-150).  Get multiple issues in bound book form, 8 1/2 x 11 Velo Bound with protective covers. There are 19 volumes most of which are more than 800-900 pages. Price listed includes book rate postage within the USA and airmail outside USA. This is an excellent way to get all 18,000 pages of material, covering 1988 to October 2001, at a reasonable price for research purposes.    


The LEQ was released in 2002 and 2003, and comprised 8 volumes of 250 pages, totaling 2,000 pages of material geared toward the same format as the previous Leading Edge Research Journal was. 


The five-year project known as Matrix V series  is composed of Matrix V Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier, 3rd (Gold) Edition, 2003; Matrix V Gold Edition Volume Two, The Graduation Key, 2004, Matrix V Gold Edition Volume Three, The Journey, 2005, and Volume Four, Endgame, which is an ongoing online volume. The Author  underwent 13 years of shaman training, went to the Monroe Institute, and has achieved a vast amount of very very unique first hand observational experience which far exceeds the norm. He relates the nature of the larger context of reality and the nature of what all individuals (and the planet) are going through at this time. The main thrust and examination of the Matrix V series is an examination of the nature of the Higher Self, and incarnational 3rd density experience.  Every wondered why you're here and who you really are?  (SEE BELOW)  Website:

MATRIX VI - Wayfarers of Reality - The Quest for Experience 
May 2007, Leading Edge International Research Group, Yelm, WA 98597. Edited by Val Valerian, 8½ x 11 Velo Bound, 534 pages.      (Not a continuation of the M5 material, but a brand new project.)

We are all wayfarers, travelers in reality, each with our own unique individual journey, filled with hopes and dreams, discoveries, disasters, experiential loops, synchronicities, 20-20 hindsight and realizations which make up our experiential journey and our individual progression and the expansion of our awareness. What have you learned, upon reflection? What patterns in your life do you discern? What were the progression of events? What were the synchronicities? What were the experiential loops and the major decisions in life? What was the wisdom learned?  

Since the Matrix V Trilogy addressed the individual and incarnational experience, the logical next step, in my mind, was to document the incarnational experiences of individuals, allowing readers to gain vicariously from anonymous accounts by other individuals and their retrospective review of their lives, according to intuitively developed guidelines. Wayfarers of Reality was the result. The perfect companion for those who have the Matrix V Trilogy!

 The book has stories from people like you, from all over the planet, detailing their unique evolutionary journey and their retrospective review. From the readers point of view, there is something that can be said for vicarious experience - what people go through and discover about themselves can be inspiring, and spur us on to greater experiences within our own unique path.  The guidelines used in this project are also included, allowing the reader to also generate their own 'life review', which is itself a very cathartic process. The book leads off with an interview with Val done in Seattle and winds up with an an analysis of parameters of wild card events generated from the center of our Galaxy which will no doubt be part of EndGame.  

MATRIX V Gold Edition 

Information for Very Advanced, Dominant and Final Incarnations
Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier, The Graduation Key and The Journey

"The Ultimate Unique Gift for Birthdays or Holidays"

The Most Advanced Material Available for Personal Spiritual Transformation

The Gold Edition Series

  The Potential Planetary Effect of These Explorations

Considering that one of the core beliefs which sustains the view of reality that is programmed into the population is body-identification, supplemented and reinforced with gender-identification (if you can get a person to “buy into” that too) and any other identification process that leads a person away from discovery of Self and potential evolution, what would it be like, theoretically, if the truth came out?  There would be no discrimination based on race or gender, and all the other synthetically created “ills” of the world based on the body, including consumerism and the world economic structure would go “poof”, as people no longer bought into the ubiquitous bullshit. Of course, we are all really here, in the larger sense, because it is like it is, not because could be something else.  As an analogy, you don’t go diving and complain that there is an eel on the ocean floor. You dive for the learning and experience, and you gain knowledge and wisdom. You dive off the coast of the Bahamas because of what you find there, and elsewhere because of what you find there. We are here, purposely, intentionally, to experience and observe as a contribution toward overall growth. For us, Earth is a “school”. In this incarnational experience, the vehicle is biological with distorted DNA programming, further distorted by a toxic environment, and we have planet full of sleeping ”humans”, most of whom seem to be “Forrest Gumping” their way through life. That’s an experience, too. Coming in, because of the DNA alterations in your vehicle, your complete memory access has been blocked. You have to work all your life here to gain insight through experience. Talk about a challenge! The journey and the process are important. What better place exists on 3rd density for this opportunity, for the Higher Self, than on Earth in this timeline?  Probably not many. Read on, find out why, and learn about the real Matrix in which we exist.

This is material, written specifically for certain groups of simultaneous path Higher Self incarnations,   that makes the transition from the Game to the advanced densities much easier, and help you prepare for what is ahead.  In 1999, the public was shown the movie Matrix in theaters, which gave a glimpse into the possibilities inherent in technological manipulation of society and individual reality. It left a lot of people thinking about the reality in which we exist on this planet. 

But, there is a Matrix that is even larger than anything even hinted at in the movie - a Matrix in which human experience on Earth is but a small part of a much larger picture - beyond society, beyond the planet, beyond the alien paradigms, beyond religion and beyond all belief systems on the 3rd and 4th densities. The "big questions" that people have on this planet - why we're here, who we really are and what life is really about - are not questions that cultures have answers for. There are plenty of "new age" paradigms around, but none of them have any real answers either, which is why many people are stuck on "the eternal search" .
They won't find the answer within their Earth-bound personality, within all the paradigms  

that permeate all cultures on the planet that depend on identification with body and gender, and they won't find it in the paradigms of religion, philosophies, channeled material, alien races, or in new age 'love and light' or dark-side control freaks which feed off each other and off those who give power to them.

Where is it, and what is really going on here on Earth? What does experience on Earth mean? One of the keys to discovery of the Ultimate Matrix is out-of body experience and long-time observation of what is actually out there, who we really are, and what it means to incarnate in a body here on Earth. Matrix V, based on direct observational experience of a very advanced nature, is all about the Higher Self, who you really are, your complex journey of self-discovery on this planet, and what's really going on, both here on Earth and in the density levels which lie just outside our 3rd density level. It is not based on beliefs or belief systems, conjecture or supposition, but on experience and observation.

If you identify with your body or your gender, or are comfortable in your "human" existence, do not buy Matrix V. You will not be ready for this advanced material, which is geared toward Very Advanced, Dominant and Final 3rd density incarnational perspectives only.


  Subject Material Covered in the Matrix 5 Gold Series  

A Few Points To Keep in Mind At This Point:

"The focus on external power giveaways is important to the Game. You must give your power away to appease the Game. As long as your power is given away, you cannot discover who you really are."

"Your Higher Self allows freedom of choice here as learning experiences. You won't make a choice that will cancel any experience that your Higher Self requires, but there is plenty of latitude in 'other' experiences. The more Advanced you become is due to how you handled decisions for your incarnation. You WILL, for example, have to experience being BOTH polarities. Without those experiences, you won't appreciate Balance."

"Balance OBSERVES the Game and points out interesting facets of it, but does not call for actions against it." 

"The Law of Allowance says that Light-siders must be free to be what they are, just as are Dark-siders. This is part of the Game. Light-siders do not follow this law and neither do Dark-siders. This is a law with Balance at its root and Balance is what BOTH polarities dislike. There is no right or wrong, just different experience, BUT the best choices are made with greater information, so you are less likely to be suckered in. As with everything else, by the time you reach VERY Advanced stages, things will be made clearer to you. "

Copyright © Leading Edge International Research Group  All Rights Reserved

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MATRIX V Gold Edition: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier

© Leading Edge International Research Group. All Rights Reserved.
(3rd) , 600 pages, 8½x11 Velo Bound, 
with Color Cover, Plates, Illustration and Extensive Index.
Edited by Val Valerian 

On a planet where 99% of the information available constitutes a ‘red herring’ with respect to true self-discovery, leading people away from realizing who they are, Matrix V is truly an anomaly, laying out a greater context which can be used to evaluate all other existing information - a dimensional information template which has proven over the last two years to have the ability to vastly transform the lives of those consciously expanding their individual perspective. It also discusses the ongoing dynamics on this planet, including the alien factor (sequential Higher Self incarnations), incarnations of the Earth Spirit into human form (minion incarnations) and simultaneous Higher Self incarnations. All the ‘humans’ you see on Earth are not using the same incarnational dynamic. Matrix V reveals the drama of the Dark side and Light side polarities on Earth, and their relationship with control factors having their origin with alien (sequential) control of the planet. Without this information, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to try and understand what’s happening on the planet at this time, the purpose of experience, the players and the various levels of play that comprise the planetary EndGame in which you exist at this time. Matrix V discusses information intended for advanced incarnational perspectives - those that involved searching for who they are,, progressing ‘out of the box’ and on the way out of ‘The Game. 

It can be safely said (after examining existing literature out there) that it accurately discusses the Higher Self, human incarnations, ancient manipulation of human DNA, the genderization of the human body, and the mechanics of incarnation and detailed information on the realms which we perceive when we become independent of the body after its death. Matrix V is a vast treasure trove of vital information.  

The collection of material represents over 770 potentially unique keys to personal evolution, with thousands of sub-keys throughout the book covering the spectrum of incarnations likely to read the book. The segments cover 9 major areas: Incarnations of the Higher Self, The Third Density Game, Incarnations of Nature Spirit, Body and Gender on the Third Density, Death of the Physical Vehicle, Alien Influence on Third Density, Third Density Programming, The Third Density EndGame, and Beyond The EndGame.

The Gold Edition also contains an additional new color graphic depicting Higher Selves in sequential mode, where all of us who now have simultaneous processes originally began, before our choice to go simultaneous. Matrix V reveals who we really are, apart from culture and body, why we’re here, what the polarity-based control structures on Earth are really about, and accurate information about what is beyond the 3rd density and higher, based on direct observational experience that has lasted more than a decade. No belief systems, speculation or game-related traps in this book. We’re going outside the box. Matrix V contains information that the light side, dark side and alien groups (and their promoters) do not want you to know. It will allow you to see through all their vast manipulations, and the extension of those manipulations in Earther society. Matrix V is a book that deals with the big questions in life - who we are, and why we are here. 

Matrix V, in effect, decodes earth reality, as well as the reality beyond the earth experience, in a way that has never been achieved in human literature. Are you really a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’? No. You are spiritual being using a genderized body for experience. Only ‘men’ and ‘women’ buy into the cultural belief that promotes identification with the body and gender, and they continue to revel in Earth life and seek gratification and fulfillment of the DNA programming to which they have become slaves. This is all fine, because we all have incarnations that do this. However, if you are coming from a more evolved perspective in this incarnation, Matrix V is for you. The actual beginning point of these explorations started experientially with actual exploration of other densities slightly out of phase with ours, using out of body travel, however, the scope of this book far exceeds anything ever completed by Robert Monroe, author of three famous books on the subject, Journeys Out Of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. 

A review of existing literature outside of Matrix V (other than Monroe) indicates at most only exploration in the belief-system areas in the lower 4th, encoded with light-side polarity or material of sequential origin, all meant to divert the conscious explorer from finding out what’s really going on and preventing resonance and connection with Higher Self. There are loads of traps out there! Identify them here. In truth, this book goes far beyond the material Robert Monroe or any other explorer has ever released. It constitutes major keys for discovery for those Higher Self incarnations that are on the verge of spiraling out of this reality altogether. If you are at a position in life at this time where you seek more than what is around you in the controlled, idiotic culture we live in, more than religions, channeling, alien contactees, belief systems and the pathetic body of knowledge on this planet, Matrix V Gold Edition is for you. 

Included in the book are 2 color artworks depicting the Library on Monroe focus level 27 (as visited by The Author of the material), essential extracts from the Handbook for the New Paradigm (instead of the whole Handbook, which is mid-advanced material freely available on the internet and in print, freeing up space to accommodate the new material), sections that explain the dynamic element of synchronicity and a re-release of one of our investigations into influence over general education on out of body experience by government and non-human factions. Without the information in Matrix V Gold Edition, decoding what is happening on Earth is literally impossible. There are too many barriers in the way. 

MATRIX V Gold Edition Volume II : The Graduation Key
MATRIX V Gold Edition Volume III: The Journey
MATRIX VI : Wayfarers of Reality - The Quest for Experience

Matrix 6: Wayfarers of Reality - The Quest for Experience


Matrix VI – Wayfarers of Reality – The Quest for Experience,  2007, Leading Edge International Research Group, Yelm, WA 98597. Edited by Val Valerian, 8½ x 11 Velo Bound, 534 pages.      (Not a continuation of the M5 material, but a brand new project.)

We are all wayfarers, travelers in reality, each with our own unique individual journey, filled with hopes and dreams, discoveries, disasters, experiential loops, synchronicities, 20-20 hindsight and realizations which make up our experiential journey and our individual progression and the expansion of our awareness. What have you learned, upon reflection? What patterns in your life do you discern? What were the progression of events? What were the synchronicities? What were the experiential loops and the major decisions in life? What was the wisdom learned?  

Since the Matrix V Trilogy addressed the individual and incarnational experience, the logical next step, in my mind, was to document the incarnational experiences of individuals, allowing readers to gain vicariously from anonymous accounts by other individuals and their retrospective review of their lives, according to intuitively developed guidelines. Wayfarers of Reality was the result. The perfect companion for those who have the Matrix V Trilogy!

 The book has stories from people like you, from all over the planet, detailing their unique evolutionary journey and their retrospective review. From the readers point of view, there is something that can be said for vicarious experience - what people go through and discover about themselves can be inspiring, and spur us on to greater experiences within our own unique path.  The guidelines used in this project are also included, allowing the reader to also generate their own 'life review', which is itself a very cathartic process. The book leads off with an interview with Val done in Seattle and winds up with an an analysis of parameters of wild card events generated from the center of our Galaxy which will no doubt be part of EndGame.  See MATRIX 6 Webpage

The Principles of Allowance, Attraction, Intention and Balance

Observations on Static Cultural Reality Models

by D. Breton and C. Largent
Authors of The Paradigm Conspiracy | Website

  Walking the Truth vs. Sleepwalking 

We are not walking the full truth of who we are because we're "sleepwalking", unconscious of our immense abilities. Instead, we've come to believe that those abilities don't exist for us. Even people educated at the best schools in this system experience education as indoctrination. The advantage for power-over institutions is obvious. People no longer indulge in big-picture thought. Control paradigm systems want the human brain to be an obedient machine, not a mind. 

The Control Paradigm Posing as a "Philosophy" 

The dumbing down - becoming less than who we are - brings us face to face with one of the control paradigm's most powerful devices for achieving control. The control paradigm presents itself as a "philosophy", as if it's innocently telling us what's what. It even insists that its mechanistic, materialistic, control-measured picture of reality depicts the "real world" and tells us how to be practical in the world of facts and things, dogs eating dogs and sharks eating whatever. The more our reality can be reduced to objects, this "philosophy" tells us, and the less we trouble ourselves with ideas, values and other intangibles, the more we understand the "realities" of the control universe. 

Adopting this philosophy as "the most practical way to maximize our personal sphere of control", we don't notice that we're made controllable in the process. To "buy into" the "philosophy" is to become controllable by its "values" of external rewards and suggested into a view of ourselves that is not true to our nature and potential as True Human Beings. But, the control paradigm isn't philosophy. It doesn't encourage free thought or dialogue. It doesn't develop our minds or souls. It doesn't invite inquiry into its core assumptions, strategies, responses and goals. Instead, it functions as a mind-control trance. 

The control paradigm comes across as "the one way" to experience reality, and it doesn't make room for alternative perspectives. To do so would go against the control agenda. As a result, the control paradigm in truth has little in common with philosophy and much in common with propaganda and mind control methods - trance inducers.

The Reason Closed Social Systems Don't Work 

Responding to the need for balance in society doesn't work using closed-system thought patterns, because the current systems: 

Maintenance of a toxic order:  First, if the system equilibrium is already toxic, it gets reinforced. Bad "norms" are simply perpetuated, since closed systems "run on automatic". They don't have the power of discernment. They don't evaluate systems in light of personal needs, human evolution or planetary health. Their one mandate is to "preserve the established order", even if that "order" is toxic for the people and planet.  

Put systems above people: Achieving "social order" through closed-system methods put systems above people - system needs over personal needs. Systems come first. That's the message we hear in social systems, namely, preserving systems is more important than nurturing people. Closed systems say to people, "You are part of us, therefore we own you. Who you are is incidental. You must perform the roles we assign you in the ways we require. We won't allow you to deviate. If you changed, we'd have to change, and that we won't allow. Our 'social order' would collapse". Putting the rigid structure of social systems first costs all of us. People get "chewed up" by systems. The idea of "sacrificing ourselves for the greater good" may be a laudable idea if the greater is good. But, what if it isn't?  

Control is Abuse: Closed social systems don't work because they keep order through control - force, punishment, and other power-over methods of enforcement. But, can social harmony be forced? Is top-down control the way to achieve "social order"? Threats and intimidation cannot be the fabric of healthy social systems. They do too much violence to our inner lives, costing us our freedom. How healthy can our social system be if the people are psychological wreaks? When we are deprived of out essential powers as free, creative beings, our social systems reflect our emptiness. When do we get in return for "submission"? Not security. Being one-down in a control hierarchy isn't a secure place. When people get deprived of freedom and security while at the same time they are bound by control systems, they behave like caged animals. Intelligent beings don't do well in cages.  

The Nature of Reality isn't closed: Another reason closed social systems don't bring social order is that reality itself isn't a closed system. The old scientific belief systems such as closed-entropy energy systems, also used to reinforce closed-system social control patterns, are rapidly becoming transparently false as scientific research has shown over the last few decades. No matter how much closed systems try to control variables and shut out change, reality won't be shut out. We can't make our social units into "islands of no-change", because the greater reality (the context on which our systems depend) is dynamic. 

Paradigm Cloaking Devices - Paradigm Protective Dynamics 

The best way to make our paradigm "armor" invulnerable is to make it invisible. What can't be detected by the population can't be shot down. When invisible, our paradigms avoid the risk of attack. We hide our paradigm's filtering processes under acceptable cloaking devices - and many such covers will do the trick. 

Staying Within A Group 

One way to make paradigm filters invisible is to surround ourselves with people who share our set. We align ourselves with groups who take the same paradigm for granted. Surrounded by people whose filters are familiar, ours blend in. Paradigm filters stay invisible, and we ask "What filters?" and "What paradigm?" Everyone shares the same agenda of keeping the paradigm filters unchanged. When paradigm issues do manage to surface, it's to reinforce how "successful" and "right" the group's paradigm is. The official lines get repeated and the catchphrases echoed. Those who question the paradigm and don't speak its "language" are out. 

It is because of this that cliques permeate paradigm-rigid societies, with each group accusing the other of being "cultish". Paradigm dynamics, or dogmatics of each group resemble what goes on in mainline churches, corporations, schools, universities, governments, labor unions and non-profit organizations. The strategy of keeping filters invisible under the cover of a group-shared paradigm turns out not to be considered aberrational behavior, but the "required norm". 

When Groups Support Growth - There are groups that support growth and evolution, and group-shared paradigms can be useful if they are exploring these areas involving full potential. Working with people of like mind takes us forward by leaps and bounds. As we work with others in this way, developments emerge greater than any one person could produce. Whether group involvement supports "filter evolution" or "filter fixedness", therefore, is a matter of paradigm development. 

Compartmentalization of Paradigm Filters 

Mechanism: Another way to keep paradigms invisible is to split our lives into compartments and to design paradigm filters for each "box". When we are convinced to split our perceptive world into separate pieces, we protect the paradigm filters we use for each piece. In a fixed area, certain paradigm filters don't apply, and we don't mix them with filters we use for a different box. That way, we never have to ask how it all adds up; it just doesn't, and no one expects it to add up. 

Social Result: Lack of Consistency. We don't ask whether the values we use at work are the values we'd like our children to live at home. If we adhere to one religion or belief, we don't want to hear about the views of another. By putting walls between our filters, we protect our overall filter arrangement. We avoid filter comparisons which would inevitably bring our paradigm out into the open and subject it to revision. Some of the greatest leaps in knowledge and art - cultural paradigms - occurred when two or more societies interacted. Control paradigm isolation of societies prevents these leaps. Box-category thinking, valuable as it is for producing specialized knowledge, prevents this type of exchange. It forbids us even to attempt to integrate our filters with wider contexts - a process which paradigm evolution demands. "There's no overall paradigm", we tell ourselves, which means our cultural paradigm stays "offstage", invisible. 

Openness and Objectivity Issues 

Another way to keep paradigm filters hidden is to "appear to be filter-free", as if "we have no paradigm, no filters, and no covers for them either. For decades, scientists and social engineers hid filters behind claims of objectivity, pretending to be "unbiased observers". Claiming to be "open" and "skeptical", while rigidly adhering to paradigm dynamics, are other ways of hiding paradigms we're not keen to question. Sometimes, claiming to be "open" is used as a strategy to make us appear paradigm-free, which guarantees that neither we nor anyone else has a chance to look at our filters. By appearing to be "big-minded", we keep our paradigm close to the chest and off limits. 

Use of Covers to Block Paradigm Awareness 

If we are to evolve, we need to know what paradigm we're using, so we can change it. Defensive covers block this awareness. How far are people willing to go to protect their paradigm? History shows that people will kill to protect what they "believe" to be the case. Changing paradigms, ways of thinking and perceiving the universe based on new information, can be scary for some people. No wonder the strategies for keeping paradigms in place are more developed than strategies for changing them. 

Use of Social Taboos to Block Paradigm Awareness 

One of the most potent paradigm cloaking devices individuals and societies have is the taboo. A taboo prevents the questions we dare not raise, the things we dare not do, and the ways we dare not think. When members of a society obey taboos, they pretend that aspects of their lives do not exist. Problems are not problems, and obvious sources of trouble remain off-limits for discussion, and people are manipulated into not speaking of them. People let the social system throw walls of silence around them, so the system is not threatened by hearing the truth about what we're experiencing. Most current social systems on the planet are maintained in a status quo state in this way.  

Taboos About Sex - The actual function of the taboo on sexual matters in Western countries, which paradoxically exists at the same time as the maintenance of a strong focus on sexual matters, is to supplement and increase the focus on sexual matters in society. The same principles holds for gender-specific taboos, which also have the function of suppressing different factors relating to wholeness of being and expression. Many of these taboos have the function of introducing the socially complicating factors of "guilt" and "shame", and are also included in some religious paradigms.  

Taboos About Feelings - There is also another taboo which exists that makes feelings off-limits in some social system. People are programming "to be in control" of emotions. Even the words "emotion" and "emotional" are cast in negative connotations, and are often used to discredit a persons viewpoint. In fact, the process of socially programming the factoring-out of emotions is highly convenient for control paradigm systems, because if we cut ourselves off from how we feel under a situation of domination, we tend to "tolerate" it more readily, and we are programmed to disregard the pain when we witness control-system abuse to others. Control system abuse is seen on television 24 hours a day and termed "entertainment", which goes to show how deeply some paradigm elements are buried. Another phenomenon that arises is that the control paradigm feeds people with rationalizations, judgments and the ultimate ultimatum: "Things must be done this way or chaos will follow".  

Science Taboos - Many of the social control taboos in our society have in fact been inherited from science - what's "real" and what is not, what we can "talk about intelligently" and what is considered "superstitious" or "pseudo-science". In general, the rule is this - "if you can measure something, manipulate it, predict its function and then replicate it (control the outcome of experiments on it) - "it's scientific and real; if not, it's imagination or illusion." People are programmed to accept this approach to science because it reinforces the idea of control over the environment. Unfortunately, this strategy reduces the idea of "knowledge" down to a matter of "control". We are led to believe that "knowing something" means being able to "control" it -- which is the control-paradigm epistemology. We are led to grant science this "authority" and we are programmed not to question it, even if it stands in the face of mountains of observed (but not reproducible, and therefore "anecdotal") evidence. 

Science Taboos - The Wider Impact 

Defining knowledge in terms of control raises questions. What kind of "control" does science give us? Control paradigm science inevitably disregards wider contexts, because wider contexts aren't easily "controlled". To "gain control", scientists "eliminate variables" and "constrict the field". In fact, scientists learn early in their programmed training to think in narrowly focused ways and to disregard broader contexts, thus, the most defensible Ph.D. thesis is the most specialized one. A result of this process is that using narrowed control thought processes, we find ourselves faced with wider-context problems. For example, we are stuck with nuclear waste with a half-life of 500,000 years and clouds of acid rain that kill forests. If the same money went into researching new evolutionary technologies, as the impression was given to the public in the early 1970's that it "would be", we wouldn't have the problems we have today. But, a public programmed to think along the same lines has simply ignored this simple idea. 

Science Taboos - Ethics and Values 

A very important point to make is that the taboos that insulate control-science from its impact on society also hide its values. The directions that science and technology take involve decisions based on values - control values. Nonetheless, taboos place science above ethics. In other words, control-science taboos hide its decision-making process and the values that guide them. These values and decisions affect the course of science. The fact that some scientific research gets screened out while other research receives both funding and publication is attributed to "the natural course of scientific development", as if there is no paradigm-based filtering going on. In fact, "there's a whole lot of filtering going on". Various "experts" dominate each field of "inquiry" and also dominate the direction and "limits" of research. They give their "positions" at "conferences", where "reputations" may be "made" or "broken", and they edit the journals. Even more telling is the funding of research by industry. There is an unspoken but real incentive to present projects that support the agenda of work being done in various industries. Combinations of industrial, academic, and political interests influence, and even control, what should otherwise be open scientific research, in many cases research that could potentially save lives. The cancer and AIDS industries are good examples.

Life in a Paradigm Controlled by External Reward Systems

In a paradigm of externals, externals call the shots. Instead of allowing us to be guided from the inside out (a formula for anarchy, the control paradigm claims), the paradigm controls our behavior through rewards and punishments. We come to think and act like Pavlov's dog, salivating over the next bonus, a bigger kennel to call home, a fancier collar to sport, or a top dog position. The paradigm isn't about developing our talents, abilities, or potential; it's about making us controllable by giving or withholding external rewards.

To achieve this control, the paradigm grades each "thing" in a hierarchy of externals. The inner life means nothing compared to the outward characteristics indicated by our species, race, gender, age, status, group affiliation, and income. If dogs possessed the wealth of Bill Gates, for instance, they wouldn't suffer in medical experiments, just as people who have money don't work in sweatshops or sell their children into slavery.

That's the problem with externals: they're fine until they become the means for enslavement, which unfortunately they do almost immediately. When a paradigm puts external values first, consciousness dimensions are dismissed out of hand. Small wonder that the potentials of our minds and hearts-and all the values that go with them, e.g., meaning, compassion, justice, or wisdom-go undeveloped. A control paradigm has neither use nor place for them.

 Closed Social External Control-Based Paradigms Don't Like Discussing This

Naming paradigms and their power for good or ill isn't a new insight; it's as old as philosophy. It is, however, an overlooked insight in an age that can't seem to shake a materialistic, control-obsessed paradigm-and for good reason. Reflecting on paradigms is the stuff of change, and changing paradigms is the most fundamental and powerful change we can make.

To a paradigm of control, that's not welcome. The sum total of our experience contingent on something as invisible and changeable as a philosophy? Change by paradigm shifts, which anyone can make? Powers of perception and creativity that defy rigid material boundaries? Humans as beings of immense powers and abilities? Once you let these cats out of the bag, there's no telling what mindsets and institutions might be made obsolete.

Obsolete is precisely what established institutions of power and control don't want to be. They learned from the fate of carriage and buggy whip manufacturers when cars came along. Established interests now make sure that questioning the neanderthal paradigm of burning things for energy triggers "War-of-the-Worlds" panic about destabilizing the world economy. Even the call for improved public transit systems borders on subversive.

Stiff challenges face a paradigm shift on the simple level of out-there technology, frozen at a stage that Captain Picard sometimes finds among the more primitive human civilizations he encounters. What challenges might we face if we embark on a far deeper level of questioning-on redrawing the paradigms that sort out who we are and why we're here?

Plenty. If the cultural paradigm's purpose is not to honor human potential but rather to make it an obedient servant to existing social structures, then nothing could be more threatening to the established order than a paradigm shift regarding our self-conceptions. We fit into society as it is now only as long as we don't remember that we're more and here for more.

 Examples of Control Paradigm Lack of Interest in Developing Human Potential

The agenda for traditional psychoanalytic therapy, for instance, isn't to develop human potential; it's to keep people functional in established social structures, however miserable their lives may be and however abusive or wrong-headed the social structures. "Well-adjusted" becomes a synonym for mental health.

But if someone is well-adjusted to being an SS officer in Nazi concentration camps, is that person mentally healthy? In Fire In The Soul, psychoneuroimmunologist Joan Borysenko writes of this narrow aim of therapy: "Sigmund Freud...believed that when a person was cured of neurosis the best outcome that could be expected was return 'to an ordinary state of unhappiness.'" (New York: Warner, 1993, p. 54)

Psychotherapy's official job is mopping up the mess that social systems make of our lives by convincing us that the mess is our fault, our failing, our screwiness. If we don't conform, adjust, fit in, and measure up, something must be wrong with us. And psychotherapy has its truth: we may well be frozen in grief or shock and not functioning at our best, but don't the social systems that shape us deserve equal scrutiny, equal critical analysis?

Thankfully many therapists reject this paradigm and venture forth with their clients on the forbidden territory of meaning and human potential as well as of critiquing social structures, but it's no easy task persuading insurance companies to come along. Control institutions pay insurance companies to pay health professionals to keep people in their place, serving the established order.

The Agenda for School Systems in a Control Paradigm

Nor are school systems committed to developing the more that we are. Schools are an arm of social structures, whether religious, governmental, or economic. According to the paradigm-defined needs of those structures, tapping human potential doesn't create enough Dilberts to ensure the "efficient" running of corporate, governmental, religious, and educational hierarchies.

In this century, business interests have dictated the structure of schools. Henry Ford quickly noticed that creative genius and intuitive knowing aren't useful on factory lines. So he pioneered the "modern" school system that inculcates values and skills appropriate for 20th century work life: being punctual, obeying orders, enduring hours, weeks, and years of boring, repetitive tasks, not talking while working, not resting, keeping to the schedule at all costs. Our minds become casualties of industrialization.

Our souls end up casualties as well. Trusting our own judgment, thinking for ourselves, adhering to our values, and having confidence in our innate worth don't make us good foot soldiers for my-way-or-the-highway bosses. Only people with low self-esteem are sufficiently insecure to tolerate abusive work environments. Insofar as we believe we don't deserve better, we adjust, becoming the kind of person that's required to "do the job."

Obligingly, school systems produce people with precisely the low self-esteem that's needed for worker "flexibility." Fears of being wrong, of not making the grade are fears confirmed for 90 percent of the population. That's the percentage who are required not to get A's by the bell curve system, guaranteeing that 90 percent of everyone coming out of school believe that they're incapable of excellence. Schools mirror back to students the mass message that "you're just not good enough, but if you do what you're told without question, you may get better and be rewarded." That's a handy message to have installed in the psyches of 90 percent of the population-handy for perpetuating corporate, religious, governmental, and professional tyrannies, that is.

All this modern schooling goes against what we know about the human mind and how we learn-and have known for decades. Studies in learning show that we learn best when we're most relaxed, yet schools maximize stress through fear of failure. Studies show that children learn most easily through cooperative learning, yet schools impose a competitive model. Studies also indicate that students' beliefs about their own learning abilities affect their performance-if they believe they're good learners, they learn easily; if not, learning the simplest things becomes difficult-yet schools systematically undermine students' confidence.

In these and many other ways, school systems perform virtual lobotomies on our psyches, producing graduates who've long since lost their joy in learning, who believe they must be right all the time and "know it all" or be condemned to outer darkness, and who experience post-traumatic stress symptoms at the thought of having to learn new things on the job.

On Cultural Non-Commitment to Potential

Alice Miller, a champion of the potential we all possess from birth, pulls no punches in her books-For Your Own Good in particular analyzes the social, cultural agenda of shutting down our potential. As she explains, the traditional rules of child-rearing passed down from generation to generation have nothing to do with developing our potential, either emotionally, intuitively, psychologically, or intellectually. Their one agenda is control: control the child as soon as possible by any means, whether it's by punishment, humiliation, intimidation, beatings, grading, whatever it takes to break the child's will and autonomy.

The justification for this agenda is that children raised any other way won't fit into society when they grow up. According to this cultural paradigm-expressed in the rules of child-rearing-learning to forget who we are and to become what others want and expect us to be is the most important survival skill. Our potential as human beings is irrelevant, a side issue, compared to our ability to conform.
Of course we're supposed to believe that social systems have our best interests at heart and that obeying them is indeed "for our own good." If we conform properly, our potential will develop accordingly. But is this so? As we've seen, schools and therapy-two systems that you'd think would be committed to developing human potential-have no such commitment. In what system or area of the culture might such a commitment exist?

Governments are fully occupied with who has power over whom, who has the biggest budget, where money can be found, who wins which election or vote, etc. Developing the human potential of its citizenry is not a priority. If anything, it's not on the agenda at all. The insider's view that "the masses are asses" is music to ambitious politicians' ears, who then believe it's their manifest destiny to expand their personal power and become benevolent dictators. Dumb masses are easy to manipulate with slogans and half-truths. For their purposes, the less human potential the better.

As much as we value spiritual teachings, we can't say that religious organizations have much commitment to developing human potential either, though granted there are exceptions. Adhering to fixed doctrines, building congregations, raising money, meddling in the personal affairs of members, running down sectarian competitors, and using fear and guilt to exact obedience and tithing keep them busy enough.

Businesses and corporations certainly don't concern themselves with human potential, even though they sometimes pay lip service to it in the hopes of making employees more "productive." The bottom line is the bottom line, and if human potential comes up at all, it's considered a frill or luxury-"warm fuzzy stuff" that doesn't count in the "real world" of business except to mollify disgruntled workers or help them adjust to higher levels of stress.

Scanning the culture, we frankly can't find any system that's consistently committed to exploring human potential. If anything, our social systems regard human potential as an impediment, an annoying feature of human beings that gums up the systems' otherwise efficient workings. If people would just learn their roles and stick to them, everything would work so much better.

If we didn't know the paradigm behind these systems, we may find this lack of interest in human potential odd. Developing human potential seems crucial to keeping human civilizations vital and evolving, up to speed with the challenges that continually arise. Technology per se can't save us, since we're not using the alternative technology we already have to remedy social and environmental ills. What we lack is the the wisdom and foresight, the honesty, the sense of meaning, justice, integrity, and the good to manage human affairs well. These aren't technology issues but paradigm ones. Wisdom and foresight are precisely the potentials that a paradigm geared to domination and control factors out of us.

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