INDEX TO SYZYGY: Journal of Alternative Religion and Culture

Volume 1: Issue 1 (Winter 1992)


European Receptivity to the New Religions--J. Gordon Melton

The Utopian Vision of Christiania--Elizabeth Mackenzie

Drop City: Historical Notes on the Pioneer Hippie Commune--Timothy Miller

Social Factors in the Failure of New Religious Movements: A Case Study Using Stark's Success Model--Phillip Lucas

From British-Israelism to Christian Identity: The Evolution of White Supremacist Religious Doctrine--Michael Barkun

UFO Contactee Phenomena from a Sociological Perspective: A Review--John A. Saliba

Book Reviews

Georg Feuerstein, Holy Madness: The Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools, and Rascal Gurus
Richard Grossinger, Waiting for the Martial Express: Cosmic Visitors, Earth Warriors, Luminous Dreams--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

Catherine L. Albanese, Nature Religion in America from the Algonkian Indians to the New Age--Reviewed by Maureen Korp

Hutterian Brethren, Brothers Unite: An Account of the Uniting of Eberhard Arnold and the Rhon Bruderhof with the Hutterian Church--Reviewed by Yaacov Oved

Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown, Dreamer-Prophets of the Columbia Plateau: Smohalla and Skolaskin--Reviewed by Charles P. LeWarne

Thomas P. Rausch, Radical Christian Communities--Reviewed by Christiana M. Lemieux

Robert D. Hicks, In Pursuit of Satan: The Police and the Occult--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

James A. Aho, The Politics of Righteousness: Idaho Christian Patriotism--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

Collen Ryan, Beyers Naude: Pilgrimage of Faith--Reviewed by James T. Mathieu

Kevin Brownlow, Behind the Mask of Innocence--Reviewed by Peggy Ann Brown

J. Gordon Melton, et al., New Age Encyclopedia
J. Gordon Melton, et al., New Age Almanac--Reviewed by Christel Manning


Volume 1: Issue 2-3 (Spring 1992)


Arcana Arcanorum: Cagliostro's Legacy in Contemporary Magical Movements--Massimo Introvigne

The World of Meaning of Urban Religious Communalists--William L. Smith

The New Age Movement in Great Britain--Michael York

Space Magic, Techno-animism and the Cult of the Goddess in a Southern California UFO Contactee Group: A Case Study of Millenarianism--R. George Kirkpatrick and Diana Tumminia

"Poisonous Tenets": Religious Insanity in Nineteenth Century Anglo-American Medical Theory--James R. Lewis

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and New Religious Movements--Michael W. Homer

Woman as "Playmate" in the Raelian Movement: Power and Pantagamy in a New Religion--Susan J. Palmer

The New Age--James R. Lewis and J. Gordon Melton

Old Identities and New Religions in Israel--Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi

Book Reviews

Mary Farrell Bednarowski, New Religions and the Theological Imagination in America-- Reviewed by Catherine Wessinger

Gareth Knight, Magic and the Western Mind
Alan Richardson, 20th Century Magic and the Old Religion: Dion Fortune, Christine Hartley, Charles Seymour--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

Ted A. Campbell, The Religion of the Heart: A Study of European Religious Life in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries--Reviewed by Donald F. Durnbaugh

Belden C. Lane, Landscapes of the Sacred: Geography and Narrative in American Spirituality--Reviewed by Maureen Korp

Carlton Sherwood, Inquisition: The Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon--Reviewed by Michael L. Mickler

Daniel H. Caldwell, ed., The Occult World of Madame Blavatsky--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

Paul M. Edwards, Our Legacy of Faith: A Brief History of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--Reviewed by Steven L. Shields

Elinor W. Gadon, The Once and Future Goddess: A Symbol for Our Time--Reviewed by Maureen Korp

Jacques Ellul, Anarchy and Christianity
Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon, Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony-- Reviewed by Phillip Cook

Massimo Introvigne, Le Nuove Religioni--Reviewed by Isotta Poggi

Richard Kelly Hoskins, Vigilantes of Christendom--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

Donald Kraybill, The Riddle of Amish Culture--Reviewed by William L. Smith

Lyell D. Henry, Jr., Zig-Zag-and-Swirl: Alfred W. Lawsons's Quest for Greatness-- Reviewed by Timothy Miller

Lawrence Foster, Women, Family, and Utopia: Communal Experiments of the Shakers, the Oneida Community, and the Mormons--Reviewed by Roger D. Launius

Michael Quinn, ed., The New Mormon History--Reviewed by Matthew R. Fellows

Thomas G. Alexander, Things in Heaven and Earth: The Life and Times of Wilford Woodruff, a Mormon Prophet--Reviewed by Roger D. Launius

T.M. Luhrman, Persuasions of the Witch's Craft: Ritual Magic in Contemporary England-- Reviewed by J.J. Gauthier

Aidan Kelly, Crafting the Art of Magic. Book I: A History of Modern Witchcraft-- Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

Aidan Kelly, Crafting the Art of Magic. Book I: A History of Modern Witchcraft-- Reviewed by Michael A. Koszegi


Volume 1: Issue 4 (Fall 1992)


Arthur Conan Doyle's Views on Mormonism: Sources and Subsequent Revelations--Michael W. Homer

My Sister, My Wife: An Examination of Sororal Polygyny in a Contemporary Mormon Fundamentalist Sect--Janet Bennion Cannon

Spiritualism and UFO Religion in New Zealand: The International Transmission of Modern Spiritual Movements--Robert S. Ellwood

Rudolf Steiner, Esoteric Christianity, and the New Age Movement--Roger E. Olson

Different Forms of Spirit Mediation in Mahikari and Shinnyo-en: Shamanism East and West-- Catherine Cornille

Book Reviews

Rosemary Radford Ruether, Gaia and God: An Eco-Feminist Theology of Earth Healing-- Reviewed by J.J. Gauthier

Wes "Scoop" Nishker, Crazy Wisdom--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

Yvonne Yazbeck, The Muslims of America--Reviewed by George Adams

Jill Watts, God, Harlem, U.S.A.
Lenwood G. Davis, Daddy Grace: An Annotated Bibliography--Reviewed by Ernest J. Green

Christopher Vecsey, Handbook of American Indian Religious Freedom--Reviewed by John D. Loftin

Paul S. Gauthier, Quest for Utopia: The Icarians of Adams County--Reviewed by Timothy Miller

James Craig Holte, The Conversion Experience in America: A Sourcebook on American Conversion Autobiography--Reviewed by Joan C. Ludeke

Stephen D. Glazier, Marchin' the Pilgrims Home: A Study of the Spiritual Baptists of Trinidad--Reviewed by Michael V. Angrosino

Susanne Carter, War and Peace through Women's Eyes: A Selective Biography of Twentieth- Century Women's Fiction--Reviewed by Peggy Ann Brown

Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Despair and Deliverance: Private Salvation in Contemporary Israel--Reviewed by S. Daniel Breslauer

Drug Policy and the Decline of American Cities--Reviewed by Timothy Miller


New Religions Update--James A. Beverley

Special Report on the Research Unit for the Study of New Religious Movements and Independent Churches (South Africa)--G.C. Oosthuizen


Volume 2: Issue 1-2 (Winter-Spring 1993)


New Age and New Spiritual Movements: The Role of Spiritual Intellectuals--Shimazono Susumu

Christianity as a New Religion: Charisma, Minor Founders, and Indigenous Movements-- Mark R. Mullins

The Mount Carmel Davidians: Adventist Reformers, 1935-1959--Bill Pitts

Annie Besant's Millenial Movement: Its History, Impact, and Implications Concerning Authority (And Epilogue on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians)--Catherine Wessinger

American New Religious Movements in Eastern Europe in the 1990s--Isotta Poggi

La Therapie Spirituelle Antoiniste--Regis Dericquebourg

Palo: An Afro-Cuban Cult Often Confused with Santeria--Raul Canizares

New Religious Movements and Social Change: The Case of Feminist Spirituality--Cynthia Eller

All That Glitters...Crazy Wisdom and Entrepeneurialism in the Spiritual Schools of E.J. Gold--Susan J. Palmer

Words of the Christ Create a New World Religion--Reender Kranenborg

Book Reviews

Thomas A. Tweed. The American Encounter with Buddhism 1833-1912: Victorian Culture and the Limits of Dissent--Reviewed by Catherine Wessinger

Robert E. Buswell, Jr. The Zen Monastic Experience: Buddhist Practice in Contemporary Korea.
Heinrich Dumoulin. Zen Buddhism in the 20th Century.
Soiku Shigematsu, Trans. A Zen Forest: Sayings of the Masters
--Reviewed by Stanley Lombardo

William Patrick Patterson. Eating the "I": An Account of the Fourth Way--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

David E. Van Zandt. Living in the Children of God--Reviewed by James A. Beckford

Stephen J. Stein. The Shaker Experience in America: A History of the United Society of Believers--Reviewed by Timothy Miller

Linda A. Mercadante. Gender, Doctrine, and God: The Shakers and Contemporary Theology--Reviewed by Diane Sasson

Anne Carson. Godesses and Wise Women: The Literature of Feminist Spirituality 1980-1992, An Annotated Bibliography--Reviewed by Cynthia Eller

“Cults and the Law” (Thematic Issue of Behavioral Sciences and the Law Vol. 10 (No. 1, Winter), 1992--Reviewed by Anson Shupe

The Reverand Sunanda Putuwar. The Buddhist Sangha: Paradigm of the Ideal Human Society--Reviewed by Christopher Key Chapple

Martha F. Lee. The Nation of Islam: An American Millenarian Movement--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

Chas S. Clifton, ed. The Modern Craft Movement: Witchcraft Today--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

Duncan S. Ferguson, ed. New Age Spirituality--Reviewed by Phillip C. Lucas

Heinrich Zimmer. Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization--Reviewed by Catherine Wessinger

James P. Henry. Instincts, Archetypes and Symbols: An Approach to the Psychology of Religious Experience--Reviewed by T.L. Brink

Raul J. Canizares. Walking with the Night, the Afro-Cuban World of Santeria--Reviewed by Moorman Oliver Jr.

Lee Siegel. Net of Magic: Wonders and Deceptions in India--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

Phillip L. Barlow. Mormons and the Bible--Reviewed by Eric C. Olson

John-Roger and Peter McWilliams. Life 101.
John-Roger and Peter McWilliams. Do It: Let's Get Off Our Buts--Reviewed by T.L. Brink

Radha Rajagopal Sloss. Lives in the Shadow with J. Krishnamurti--Reviewed by Catherine Wessinger


New Religions Update--James A. Beverley


Volume 2: Issue 3-4 (Summer-Fall 1993)


The Evangelical Thrust into Eastern Europe in the 1990s--J. Gordon Melton

What is a Successful Religious Movement? Analysis of Observer and Participant Perspectives--Nurit Zaidman-Dvir

Mergers, "Marriages," Coalitions, and Denominationalization: The Growth of Calvary Chapel--James T. Richardson

State Regulation of Marginal Religious Movements--Thomas Robbins and David Bromley

The Rastafarian Movement and Its Appearance in South Africa--Gerhardus C. Oosthuizen

The Anti-Cult Movement in America: An History of Culture Perspective--Jeffrey Kaplan

The British Occult Subculture: Beyond Good and Evil?--Susan Greenwood

Religious Dimensions of the UFO Abductee Experience--John Whitmore

Star-Borne Opens the Doorway--Christel Manning

The Hutterite High School Experience: Boundary Maintenance on the Praries--Rod Janzen

Book Reviews

John A. Hostetler. Amish Society.
Donald B. Kraybill, ed. The Amish and the State.
Lucian Niemeyer. Old Order Amish: Their Enduring Way of Life.
Donovan E. Smucker. The Sociology of Mennonites, Hutterites, and Amish: A Bibliography with Annotations, Volume II, 1977-1990--Reviewed by James E. Landing

Richard E. Wentz, ed. Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Spirituality--Reviewed by Donald F. Durnbaugh

Daphne Odjig. A Paintbrush in My Hand--Reviewed by Maureen Korp

Marcia Starck. The Complete Handbook of Natural Healing--Reviewed by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi

Richard Godbeer. The Devil's Dominion: Magic and Religion in Early New England--Reviewed by John K. Simmons

Lynda Sexson. Ordinarily Sacred--Reviewed by Maureen Korp

Martha Sonntag Bradley. Kidnapped from That Land: The Government Raids on the Short Creek Polygamists--Reviewed by Timothy Miller

Mel Scult. Judaism Faces the Twentieth Century: A Bibliography of Mordecai M. Kaplan--Reviewed by S. Daniel Breslauer

George M. Smiga. Pain and Polemic: Anti-Judaism in the Gospels--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Active New Religions, Sects, and Cults.
George A. Mather and Larry A. Nichols. Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult.
J. Gordon Melton. The Encyclopedia of American Religions--Reviewed by Timothy Miller

Hal French. A Study of Religious Fanaticism and Responses to It--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

M.D. Faber. Modern Witchcraft and Psychoanalysis--Reviewed by Daniel C. Noel

Yaacov Oved. Two Hundred Years of American Communes. Reviewed by William L. Smith

Edred Thorsson. A Book of Troth.
KveldulfR Gundarsson. Teutonic Religion.
Lewis Stead and the Raven Kindred. Ravenbook: The Raven Kindred Ritual Book--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan


New Religions Update--James A. Beverley


Volume 3: Issues 1-4 (Winter-Fall 1994)


Villes occultes: du Paris de Papus au Lyon de Jean Bricaud Qu'est-ce que l'occultism?--Robert Amadou

The "Cult" Stereotype as an Ideological Resource in Social Conflicts: A Case Study of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness--James R. Lewis

Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation: Past Life Readings as Religious Symbology--J. Gordon Melton

The Impact of Communal Living on Children in the 1980s--William L. Smith

Shaker Apostates and Seceders: Unorthodox Perspectives on the Shaker Experience and the Development of New Religious Movements--Lawrence Foster

Embracing Jesus and the Goddess: Toward a Reconceptualization of Conversion to Syncretistic Religion--Christel J. Manning

Waiting for the Ships: Disillusionment and the Revitalization of Faith in Bo and Peep's UFO Cult--Robert W. Balch

Pope Pius IX and Brigham Young: A Comparison of the Development of the Roman Catholic and Mormon Churches in the Nineteenth Century--Michael W. Homer

Elite Religious Movements and the Politics of Legitimation--Evelyn Dorothy Oliver and James R. Lewis

The Beast and the Prophet: Aleister Crowley's Fascination with Joseph Smith--Massimo Introvigne

The "Cult" Concept: A Politics of Representation Analysis--Jane Dillon and James Richardson

The Contemporary Neo-Pagan Revival--Judy Harrow

Social Scientific Research on Astrology: A Review--Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

A Preliminary Assessment of Women's Conversion Narratives at New Vrindaban--John M. Bozeman

Environmental Impacts, Stewardship, and Development: The Building of a Religious Community in Montana--William L. Smith

New Age: Religion of the Future--Reender Kranenborg

Forging Magical Selves: Gendered Bodies and Ritual Fires at Neo-Pagan Festivals--Sarah M. Pike

Power and Empowerment: New Age Managers and the Dialectics of Modernity/Postmodernity--Richard Roberts

Presbyterians and Destructive Cultists: The Universalist Critique of the 1820s Revivals--Tyler O. Hendricks

Religious Liberty and Deprogramming: Three Canadian Cases--M. Darrol Bryant

"The Convent's Doom": Anti-Catholic Narratives and the Destruction of the Charlestown Nunnery--James R. Lewis

Book Reviews

Review Essay. Critical Perspectives on a Paraculture--Reviewed by Daniel C. Noel

Marjorie Leach. Guide to the Gods--Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan

David G. Bromley and Jeffrey K. Hadden. The Handbook on Cults and Sects in America--Reviewed by Timothy Miller

Antoine Faivre, Jacob Needleman, and Karen Voss. Modern Esoteric Spirituality--Reviewed by Wouter J. Hanegraaff

Richard Kyle. The Religious Fringe: A History of Alternative Religion in America--Reviewed by Timothy Miller

Wendy E. Chmielewski, Louis J. Kern, and Marlyn Klee-Hartzell. Women in Spiritual and Communitarian Societies in the United States.
Jean M. Humez. Mother's First Born Daughter: Early Shaker Writings on Women and Religion.
Catherine Wessinger. Women's Leadership in Marginal Religions: Explorations Outside the Mainstream--Reviewed by Ellen Eisenberg

Brian J. L. Berry. America's Utopian Experiments: Communal Havens from Long-Wave Crises--Reviewed by Jonathan G. Andelson

Sally L. Kitch. This Strange Society of Women: Reading the Letters and Lives of the Woman's Commonwealth--Reviewed by Deborah E. Altus

John-Roger. Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom--Reviewed by Glenn Barnett and Laren Bright

Response and Rejoinder--Peter McWilliams/T. L. Brink

Deborah E. Burns. Shaker Cities of Peace, Love, and Union: A History of the Hancock Bishopric--Reviewed by R. L. Rainard

Kat Kinkade. Is it Utopia Yet? An Insider's View of Twin Oaks Community in Its Twenty-Sixth Year--Reviewed by Timothy Miller

Ted Peters. The Cosmic Self--Reviewed by George Adams

Kenneth Ring. The Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large--Reviewed by Daniel C. Noel

Susan J. Palmer and Arvind Sharma, eds. The Rajneesh Papers: Studies in a New Religious Movement--Reviewed by Marion S. Goldman

Thomas Burton. Serpent-Handling Believers--Reviewed by Peter Hocken

Arthur Versluis. American Transcendentalism and Asian Religions--Reviewed by Carl T. Jackson

Beryl Pogson. Maurice Nicoll: A Portrait--Reviewed by Robert S. Ellwood

Randy-Michael Testa. After the Fire: The Destruction of the Lancaster County Amish--Reviewed by R. L. Rainard

Lester E. Bush, Jr. Health and Medicine Among the Latter-day Saints: Science, Sense, and Scripture--Reviewed by Danny L. Jorgensen

Ritchie, David. UFO: The Definitive Guide to Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Phenomena--Reviewed by James R. Lewis


Volume 6: Issue 1 (Winter-Spring 1997)


The Church of the Movement of Spiritual Awareness:  A Demographic Profile—Michela Zonta 

The Infrigement of Religious Freedom in Japan:  Background and Future Prospects—Tokihisa Sumimoto 

Graduating to the Next Level:  The Heaven’s Gate Tragedy in the Context of New Age Ideology—Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Kashi:  A Meeting of East and West—J. Gordon Melton

A Rumor of Devils:  The Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare in the Mormon Church—Massimo Introvigne

Special Reports, Research Notes, Essays

Ramtha in the Petri Dish:  The Mixing of Science and Faith in Yelm—Christopher Vincint Kauki

Book Reviews

Ronald L. Numbers.  Prophetess of Health:  Ellen G. White and the Origins of the Seventh Day Adventist Health Reform.  Reviewed by Jerry Bergman


Francis Trix.  Spiritual Discourse:  Learning with an Islamic Master—Reviewed by Jeffrey Kaplan


C. Eric Lincoln.  The Black Muslims in America—Reviewed by Stephen D. Glazier


William Beers.  Women and Sacrifice:  Male Narcissism and the Psychology of Religion—Reviewed by George Adams


James R. Lewis.  Seeking the Light:  Uncovering the Truth about the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and its Founder John-Roger—Reviewed by Joseph Waligore


Volume 6: Issue 2 (Summer-Fall 1997)


Hermeneutics for a Non-Doctrinal Religious Movement:  Why and How—Dell deChant

Jesus’ Stay in India—Reender Kranenborg

The Mormon Transition of 1890 and The Family’s Transition of the 1990s:  Parallels and Unparallels—Massimo Introvigne

The Odyssey of Sister Thedra—Jerome Clark

Theosophy and the Theosophical Societies:  An Overview—James Santucci

The Impact of Extraterrestrial Life on Religion—Victoria Alexander

Special Reports, Research Notes, Essays

Clearing the Planet:  Utopian Idealism and the Church of Scientology—James R. Lewis

Book Reviews

William G. Doty.  Myths of Masculinity.  Reviewed by Robert N. Minor

John Hick.  Death and Eternal Life.  Reviewed by George Adams

Michael D. Langone, ed.  Recovery from Cults:  Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse.  Reviewed by Ralph Rath

Ronald M. Enroth.  Churches that Abuse.  Reviewed by George Adams

Stevan L. Davies.  Jesus the Healer:  Possession, Trance and the Origins of Christianity.  Morton Smith:  Jesus the Magician.  Reviewed by Judy Harrow 




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