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Título: Mars, Aliens, and Fate Magazine!
Fecha: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 15:03:25 -0400 (EDT)
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Thirty-Five Minutes to Mars

Strange anomalies have been found on the Martian surface by telescopes and probes. Many of them are evidently constructs of intelligent design.


What's behind the mystery of the disappearing canals? What is the lunar link between Mars and Earth? In the future, explorers will reach Mars in less than an hour using gravity control. What will they find there?

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Mars/Earth Enigma
Aliens visited both Mars and Earth in the distant past. The symbols inscribed on the Face on Mars seem to relate to ancient Goddess-worshipping societies and the formation of crop circles here on Earth.
These phenomena are the work of a highly sophisticated civilization and create an enigmatic bridge between heaven and Earth. Learn the secrets of this mysterious message!


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Learn about interspecies telepathic communication with true stories of animals communicating with humans. 


Professional communicators answer readers' questions, and our directory of animal communicators is available to help you communicate with your pets.


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Volume II Issue 13              September, 2012


Greetings from FATE Magazine!   


With so much talk of the Mars rover in the news lately, I wanted to dedicate this month's newsletter to some of the interesting things that have been floating around the internet.
Facebook has been an excellent source of videos, pictures, and news links, many of which the FATE Facebook Fan Page has shared. If you haven't already, like us on Facebook!
And as always, any questions or concerns involving your subscription, please feel free to contact me at any time at 


- Christine Goodrich


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Fate Reported It First!
The February 1958 of FATE Magazine was dedicated as a Special Space Issue. We featured an article entitled Mars Here We Come! written by Curtis Fuller, one of the original publishers of FATE. He writes, "Sputnik is man's first step into space - and here is a report on what it portends for the future."

Want to read more on Fuller's thoughts? We are now offering these limited edition, original copies of this issue for only $9.95 (plus S/H)! Check it out now by clicking here to visit our website.

Coming Soon - Celebrity Interviews!

FATE Magazine is proud to announce the newest series on our website: celebrity interviews! Fate will be hosting a wide variety of guests speaking about their area of expertise. 




Our first interview will be the amazing Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from Legendary Times Magazine and the Discovery channel's Ancient Aliens. Our own Chris OneFeather will be conducting the interview on September 25th. Stay tuned to our website to catch the interview in its entirety! 


Instagram on Mars?    

NASA has been receiving images from the Mars Rover from the surface of Mars. These are amazing pictures of the Red Planet, although when they first arrive here on earth, these "raw" photos look like grainy, black and white photos of a desert. NASA processes each photo and adds color to them to give them their finished look.   




Click Here to read about Mars photos from the Daily Mail Online


Curiosity Descent Interpolated


Complete MSL Curiosity Descent Interpolated HD
Complete MSL Curiosity Descent Interpolated HD


Do you believe in UFOs?


Have you ever seen something in the sky you cannot explain? Have you ever had an alien experience? Send us your UFO stories!


FATE is looking for stories of unidentified flying objects and aliens!



Not only will we pay for you any story published in our magazine, you will also receive a FREE alien T-shirt! Please mention this ad when you submit your story.


Please send your stories to: 


FATE Magazine

PO Box 460

Lakeville, MN 55044-0460

or send by email to 


FATE pays $25 for each item published!

Fate Radio Update

As Fate Radio continues to grow and transform we are exploring new ideas, looking toward the future of humanity and awakening to a higher mission in revealing the truth, restoring the Earth and evolving Spiritual Consciousness!
Join us at our new home 
on Sepia Radio: 
 Fridays at 10PM Eastern, 
7 PM Pacific
2 hours of FATE every Friday evening!


Hilly Rose Radio Update

Hilly Rose

The Hilly Rose Show 

The Most Respected Name in Radio Broadcasting


Hilly Rose has been pursuing the truth concerning paranormal events for over 30 years on local and national radio. Strange and unexplained manifestations have occurred in his studios from time to time.

You heard him for almost three years replacing Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. In addition, Hilly has recorded almost 500 hour long paranormal programs for Sirius Satellite Radio.

For more information and to purchase Hilly Rose CDs or sign up for all-access for his radio shows, please visitour website. 

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