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Título: FATE Magazine Newsletter April 14
Fecha: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 14:07:51 -0400 (EDT)
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In This Issue...
The Fastest Hunk of Junk in the School District
Have You Seen a Ghost?
Hilly Rose Radio Update April
Fate Radio Update

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Learn about interspecies  telepathic communication with true stories of animals communicating with humans. Professional communicators answer readers' questions, and our directory of animal communicators is available to help you communicate with your pets.


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Conversations with Jim    

Mary L. Alley recounts her after-death conversations with her deceased husband, Jim. The phenomena produced by his communications range from astounding to hilarious, but they are merely side effects of Jim's expressions of undying love for Mary and his family.

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Realm of the Vampire
Realm of the Vampire Cover

His book cannot answer the question: Do vampires exist? It can say that our ancestors certainly believed they did. Are there any grounds for belief in vampires? Yes. Can anyone definitively prove that the dead have returned from the grave and sucked the blood of the living? Not any more than they can establish the existence of ghosts.

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Awful Thing in the Attic

The Awful Thing in the Attic cover  
 A ghostly, ghastly, terrifying collection of true accounts of the weird side of existence. Visit a dark shadow-world populated by ghosts, extraterrestrials, and nameless beings. Read about the vicious devil of Borley, the terrible flying jelly bags, the horrible hag, more.And whatever you do, don't read these true stories alone on a dark night!
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Visit our new website for all of our latest book titles on UFOs, ghosts, life after death, and divination. 

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Volume II Issue 9          June 5th, 2012
Everyone here at FATE is working to get the new issue out to you dedicated fans. The Bali issue is due at the printers next week, so you should see your copy in the mail very soon!

FATE Magazine has a proven track record with 718 issues produced since 1948 and can be purchased exculsively via subscription or on our website, and recent issues are available as a digital download.


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- Christine Goodrich


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2012 Transit of Venus 

falcolnToday is a momentous day for those who watch the sky. Venus, in its orbit, will be directly between the sun and Earth today for this very rare occasion. Venus will appear as a small black disc floating in front of the sun. This rare event will not occur again until 2117. NASA is hosting a broadcast live from Mauna Kea, Hawaii, beginning at 1:50 p.m. PDT. For more information about the worldwide events, safety precautions for viewing, educational content and social media activities, please visit Happy sky watching!

Have you seen a ghost? 


Communication from beyond. Reincarnation. Ghosts. Have you witnessed or experienced a case of survival of bodily death? Or have you had a strange experience, something that you cannot explain? 

We want to hear about it!


Please send your stories to: 

FATE Magazine

PO Box 460

Lakeville, MN 55044-0460

or send by email to 


FATE pays $25 for each item published!

Hilly Rose Radio Update

Hilly Rose

The Hilly Rose Show 

The Most Respected Name in Radio Broadcasting


Hilly Rose has been pursuing the truth concerning paranormal events for over 30 years on local and national radio. Strange and unexplained manifestations have occurred in his studios from time to time.

You heard him for almost three years replacing Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. In addition, Hilly has recorded almost 500 hour long paranormal programs for Sirius Satellite Radio.

For more information and to purchase Hilly Rose CDs or sign up for all-access for his radio shows, please visitour website. 

Fate Radio Update

Tune in for FATE Radio Wednesdays
at 9 pm Eastern
(8 pm Central) for host
Bobby Sullivan

Bobby Sullivan FATE Radio Host   


at 9 pm Eastern 
(8 pm Central) for host

Chris/OneFeatherChris One Feather FATE Radio Host



Listen to his show at

Support our host, ParaX Radio!
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