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Since 1975 AFU has published a newsletter, from 1978 in the English language.  Publication of the AFU Newsletter made a halt in 1995, after issue #39, but resumed in 2001.  The irregular AFU Newsletter is primarily focused on news from, and about, the AFU foundation, and on historical research aspects of ufology. 

The AFU Newsletter is intended merely as an exchange publication. It is now distributed via Internet download, but also in a very small printed edition to people & places we know are not on the Internet. We would like to thank all those who  faithfully send us their publications and other exchange material. All material sent to us is catalogued and saved for posterity. 

AFU Sponsornytt (in Swedish only!)

This quarterly newsletter in Swedish   was published between 1993 and 2001, primarily for our sponsors and supporters in Scandinavia. A few issues have also been published 2006-2008 as a newslink while "on the move" with the archives. The newsletter detail current activities at the archives: new acquisitions, projects, people visiting the archives, etc. 

If you know Swedish you can read HTML versions of the issues published throughout the last few years by clicking to the right. 

AFU Newsletter English article files

Major articles published in English by the AFU Newsletter since 1978

(issue # 16). 

Paper copies are available by writing to - AFU, Box 11027, S-600 11  Norrkoping, Sweden 

(Issues 1-13 were published in Swedish.)

A statistical study of 602 Swedish UFO reports 1879-1978   by Anders Liljegren (#14, part 1, #15, part 2, #16, part 3) - reviewed in Randles: UFO Study, pp. 192-193. 

Close encounter at Kolmården   by Åke Franzén (#15)

Swedish army officer experiences landing and EM effects   by Boris Jungkvist (#17)

The continued story of the Imjärvi skiers by Anders Liljegren (#18, part 1, #19, part 2)

The esoteric intervention theory - a preliminary source study by Håkan Blomqvist (#19)

Humanoid visitation at Västervik (#19)

The Helge file - men in black in Sweden? by Håkan Blomqvist (#20) - also in Missing Link issue 80 and UFO Magazyn, volume 3, number 2.

Project U.R.D. - a Swedish system aimed at computerization of UFO data by Bertil Kuhlemann (#20) - also in UFO Insight, Aug. 81 and UFO Research Australia Newsletter, July-Aug. 1981. 

The London conference by Anders Liljegren (#21) - also in BSRA / Round Robin, Jan-Febr. 1982. 

The Inner Earth - a source study by Håkan Blomqvist (#22)

News on Aarno Heinonen - the continued story from Imjärvi (#22)

The false report from Loch Ness, or... the danger of getting too much involved by Anders Liljegren (#22) - also in Centre Update, #1, April 1982. 

The Scandinavian saucer scare that never existed... by Anders Liljegren (#23) - also in Bulletin du GESAG, issue 75. 

Juri Lina - ufologist - dissident by Håkan Blomqvist (#23) - also in Viewpoint Aquarius, June 1982, PPCC Bulletin, July 1982, The Journal of Borderland Research, Sept-Oct 1982 and Earthlink, October 1982.. 

UFO research in the Soviet Union, bibliography by Anders Liljegren (#23)

Close encounter in the Estonian archipelago by Heikki Virtanen (#24) - also in UFO-Nachrichten, issue 277 and SVLT, July 1983.  

Benjamin Creme - UFO contactee by Håkan Blomqvist (#24)

Mysterious airships and aeroplanes by Anders Liljegren (#24)

The ghost fliers of the 1930s - a status report (May 1982) by Anders Liljegren (#24)

Designing false reports - another recent example by Anders Liljegren (#24)

Kolmården - a Swedish UFO window by Dan Mattsson and Carl-Anton Mattsson (#25) - also in UFO-Nachrichten, issue 283. 

Ufocode - a classification system for UFO research by Anders Liljegren (#26) - also in UFO-21, Oct-Dec 1984. 

The Kölmjärv ghost rocket crash revisited by Clas Svahn and Anders Liljegren (#27)

"Ghost rockets" files finally located by Anders Liljegren (#27)

Some further notes from the Helge file by Håkan Blomqvist (#27)

UFOs in time and space. A study of UFOs and earthquakes in Sweden by Dan Mattsson (#27)

Bibliography: UFO research in the Soviet Union by Anders Liljegren (#27)

Comments by Nikita A Schnee (#27)

Project 1946 - the ghost rocket documents released by the Swedish Defence Staff by Anders Liljegren (#28) - also in Flying Saucer Review, volume 32, n. 1 (Dec. 1986), (American) Focus, volume 2, number 4 and (Finnish) Ultra, issue 10, 1986. 

Abducted by UFO entities? by Håkan Blomqvist (#29) - also in Australian UFO Bulletin, Dec. 1987. 

Parthenon Inc. - the genesis of Swedish UFO cultism by Håkan Blomqvist (#30)

Eugen Semitjov in memoriam. Swedish UFO author dead, by Anders Liljegren (#30)

Recent CEII from Dalecarlia by Birgit Sälgström (#31)

He who spoke with Venusians by Håkan Blomqvist (#31)

Abduction of an horror author - the Whitley Strieber phenomenon by Håkan Blomqvist (#32)

UFO congress at Tomsk, Siberia by Tapani Koivula (#33)

Project 1946 - Ghost rockets. Status report, 1989 by Anders Liljegren (#33)

Hoax exposed after 30 years. Swedish APRO case never occurred by Clas Svahn and Anders Liljegren (#33) - reprinted in Orbiter, Sept-Oct 1989. 

K. Gösta Rehn 1891-1989. The life of a Swedish UFO pioneer by Håkan Blomqvist (#34) - also in Ultra (Finnish), issue 7-8, 1990.

The 1988 UFO "wave" in Sweden by Anders Liljegren (#34) - also in Eurofon News, issue 5, Jan. 1992 and UFO Times (BUFORA), issue 35. . 

Project U.R.D. - a "scientific cult" by Anders Liljegren (#35)

Predecessor to Project U.R.D: Sten Lindgren and the brothers from space by Håkan Blomqvist (#35)

Swedish abduction and contact. Dream or alien contacts? by Clas Svahn (#35) - also in Missing Link, issue 111, December 1991. 

Swedish circles project by Clas Svahn (#35) - also in Cerealogist, issue 4,  Summer 1991.

The AFU annual report (1990). Another good year for AFU (#35)

Credulity has no limits by Anders Liljegren (#36)

The Spitsbergen UFO crash/retrieval incident by Ole Jonny Braenne (#36) - also in International UFO Reporter, Nov/Dec 1992 and World UFO Journal, issue 3. 

Postscript to Spitsbergen   by Anders Liljegren (#36)

Russian UFO investigators in Stockholm   by Clas Svahn (#36)

Howard Menger - master of contradictions   by Clas Svahn and Håkan Blomqvist (#36) 

General Doolittle and the ghost rockets   by  Anders Liljegren (#36) 

The 1992 crop circles in England by Clas Svahn (#36)

A "new age" for the AFU archives by Anders Liljegren (#37)

Security police investigates "cigar" sighting   by Clas Svahn (#37) - also in UFO Times (BUFORA), issue 30. 

Close encounters with unknown missiles   by Clas Svahn and Anders Liljegren (#37) - also in International UFO Reporter, July/Aug 1994, partly reprinted in Tasmanian UFO Report 1995. 

Miniature stealth-like plane over Lake Vättern   by Clas Svahn (#37) - also in UFO Times (BUFORA), issue 30, Anomaly (ASSAP), issue 14 and Flying Saucer Review, volume 39, number 4.. 

The Russian UFO press - a view from within   by Vladimir Musinsky (#37)

Swedish committee to investigate USO incidents (#38) - also in UFO Magazine (Quest), July-Aug 1995. 

1994 statistics: 468 Swedish reports (#38) - also in: TUFOIC Report 1996 (Tasmanian UFO Inv. Centre) and Fate Magazine, September 1995. 

Database of 12.000 Scandinavian cases   by Anders Liljegren (#38)

High-quality investigation of 1946 CEIII case, review by Anders Liljegren (#38)

Ghost fliers and rockets: study projects   (#38)

Small triangular object with a jet-like sound   by Steve Sandström (#39)

The light that stopped a car   by Clas Svahn and Jörgen Granlie (#39), also in International UFO Reporter, volume 22, n. 4, winter 1997-98. 


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