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UFO Report (CI) [USA]. Universus (CI) [Brasil]. Uomini e Idee (CI) [Italia]. Uri Geller's Encounters (CI) [England]. Venture Inward (CS: Desde Vol.5, ... - 29k - En caché - Páginas similares


Ammetto che siamo quasi tutti molto prevenuti per alcune cose, e l’argomento UFO è sicuramente quello che più ci fa pensare se davvero siamo soli ... - 154k - En caché - Páginas similares

Marcianitos Verdes » Las luces de los terremotos (Final)

Galli Ignazio, Gli effetti fisici e chim ci dei fulmini globulari, Memoria della ... (3) Prediction of UFO reports by geomagnetic and seismic activity, ... - 79k - En caché - Páginas similares


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UFO Report in Beligum 1990 Triangle UFOs

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March 30-31 1990, was the time for UFO reports in beligum. ... as "Veuillez trover, ci-joint, un resume de la declaration faite a la presse, ... - 123k - En caché - Páginas similares

Russia and Iran join efforts to struggle against invasion of UFOs ...

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If a UFO appears in the sky above Iran, anti-aircraft systems will most likely ... In addition to UFO-related contracts Russia and Iran are working on the ... - 35k - 13 Mar 2007 - En caché - Páginas similares

Center for UFO Studies

Per scoprire se ci sono stati casi di avvistamenti UFO vicino alla tua città, ... Anche se ci sono casi in cui gli UFO hanno lasciato tracce sui radar ... - 37k - En caché - Páginas similares

Center for UFO Studies

UFO REPORTS Cometa Report · Report a Sighting · Pilot Reporting Center ... Ci sono anche video di UFO girati nella Hudson Valley di New York, e in Belgio. ... - 40k - En caché - Páginas similares

Re: Frank Kaufmann Exposed - Rudiak

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During WWII, Allied CI through various ruses had the Germans completely confused ... Both Doty and Dyvad took a UFO report from a radar station near Corona, ... - 18k - En caché - Páginas similares

Re: Frank Kaufmann Exposed - Rudiak

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The Twinkle summaries do defnitely state that Doty assumed responsibility for Holloman UFO investigations sometime in 1951. He and Dyvad took the UFO report ... - 8k - En caché - Páginas similares

Trickster Tales 1

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Thousands of UFO reports were collected, analyzed and filed. ... All agree that there was at least one high level Pentagon/CI person involved. ... - 56k - En caché - Páginas similares

Trickster Tales:

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Though I can’t help but wonder why, if USAF had such a prolonged migraine with the UFO problem and were hoping to put it to rest, would a CI faction of USAF ... - 59k - En caché - Páginas similares

Peregrine Communications

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CIA-DD/CI protecting Mj12; JFK; Wright-Patterson; Los Alamos; the Bird Code and ... One of a two-part History Channel UFO Files series will be on Hangar 18, ... - 10k - En caché - Páginas similares

[OT]Top Fantapolitica: U.F.O. & AREA 51 The Ultimate Report ...

l'autopsia dell'alieno è una grande bufala, ancora ci credete? ... Quick Reply to: [OT]Top Fantapolitica: U.F.O. & AREA 51 The Ultimate Report. Guest Name ... - 115k - En caché - Páginas similares

[OT]Top Fantapolitica: U.F.O. & AREA 51 The Ultimate Report ...

hai davvero letto tutto tutto?? io ci metterò due settimane a scavare in ... Quick Reply to: [OT]Top Fantapolitica: U.F.O. & AREA 51 The Ultimate Report ... - 150k - En caché - Páginas similares

Condon Report, Sec VI, Chapter 9 -- Instrumentation for UFO Searches

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Conclusive identification (CI): when description in the visual report was ... A number of UFO reports have indicated electromagnetic interactions with ... - 118k - En caché - Páginas similares


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As Director of CI, Angelton employed the services of CIA Project MK-ULTRA and other mind control methods to protect the CIA/UFO/PW agenda against Soviet ... - 30k - En caché - Páginas similares


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CI, nevertheless held firm to its policy of not revealing its role in UFO investigations and refused to declassify the full Robertson panel report. (49) ... - 31k - En caché - Páginas similares - The Ultimate collection of the strange, weird and ...

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Sunrise Beach, TX, UFO sighting, 5, 4. UFO Reports (Floral Ci... Floral City, FL, UFO sighting, 5, 4. UFO Reports (Clarksfie. ... - 31k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO Sighting Report: Tamworth, NSW, Australia - June, 18, 2006 ...

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UFO Evidence Home > UFO Sighting Reports > Sighting Report ... if it had been any sort of a/c I would have heard it, but there was not a sound. ... - 23k - En caché - Páginas similares

Psychological Warfare & The Majestic Documents - UFO Evidence

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"Genuine" UFO reports from soldiers during military action seemed to have had no ... What is the mission of "Cold War CI activities" as it relates to UFOs? ... - 57k - En caché - Páginas similares

Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel's UFO Research

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THE CI.A.-K.G.B. U.F.O. COVERUP. A totally new concept showing the Soviet-American ... Free with your order -- Instant UFO Report Decoder -- Allows you to ... - 15k - En caché - Páginas similares

WWW Space and Mystery - Space News and Information

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02/05/07 UFO Updates: Leupp Residents Report Another UFO ... 12/20/05 UFO Updates: CI: Mars Crater Pyramid Reimaged ... UFO Reports and Magazines! ... - 44k - En caché - Páginas similares | Summary report on UFO observations in Belgium, 30-

- [ Traduzca esta página ] - Summary report on UFO observations in Belgium, 30- - Summary ... as "Veuillez trover, ci-joint, un resume de la declaration faite a la presse, ... - 38k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO Perspective

... voir les references scientifiques (1)(2)(3) ci-apres et ailleurs. ... 2, Klass UFO Report, 1997, 98%, 2%, 0%. 3, Sagan's A demon haunted world, 1996 ... - 3k - En caché - Páginas similares

TruthseekerTV: Ancient Mysteries

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Have you seen a UFO? Report Alien Abduction and UFO Sightings here! ... The Canadian UFO Network - Accepting Canadian UFO Reports & Presenting Annual ... - 47k - En caché - Páginas similares

Xref: demon alt.paranet.ufo:8240 alt.paranet.abduct:854 alt.alien ...

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By far the most powerful weapon in the UFO counter-intelligence arsenal is the ufologists themselves. A former CI officer once remarked to me about a ... - 14k - En caché - Páginas similares

Report la verità scomoda 22 10 06

"UFO – La Verità Scomoda". Report di Sabrina Biganzoli ... Ci addentriamo nel fulcro della sua opera dove ci accompagna attraverso ipotesi di dimensioni ... - 19k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO: the Belgium Triangle report

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Our general opinion is that the SOBEPS report totally lacks scientific objectivity. N.B. An excellent, in-depth, exhaustive, coverage of the UFO phenomenon, ... - 65k - En caché - Páginas similares

PROJECT 1947 - Muroc UFO Incident 8 July, 1947

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CI(D). 1. It has been reported that the Commanding Officer of Muroc Army Air Base had seen flying ... 1947 UFO Reports. 1947 Documents. Back to UFO REPORTS ... - 37k - En caché - Páginas similares

PROJECT 1947 - AIR Control Log

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2-3917. Special P. I. Report ... Oct 48 orig copy w/Memo for Dir of CI fr Col Mallory carbon copy w/Disposition ... 1948 Document Index. Back to UFO REPORTS ... - 15k - En caché - Páginas similares


El Paso Times, TX -There haven't been any recent UFO reports, but they are not ... Visionando dei filmati e delle foto, ci siamo accorti io e i mie amici ... - 81k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO Sighting Reports :: UFO :: Dalla rete

Ci sono 545 iscritti in totale. Articoli correlati ... Stampa: UFO Sighting Reports Stampa l'articolo; Inoltra via email Inoltra l'articolo ... - 27k - En caché - Páginas similares | Aliens | UFO | Abductions Classified

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By far the most powerful weapon in the ufo counter-intelligence arsenal is the ufologists themselves. A former CI officer once remarked to me about a ... - 39k - En caché - Páginas similares

La Cadrega di Satana

Perchè ci siamo dimenticati di quanto era divertente passare una giornata di festa ... che personali) quindi il report sul viaggio verrà postato più avanti. ... - 110k - En caché - Páginas similares

ufo - UFOS at close sight: Colares 1977, the Rebisso report

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ufo - UFOS at close sight: Colares 1977, the Rebisso report. ... graphics of UFO evolution in the skies of Vigia and the strange CI 2 [Hynek's CE-I] ... - 30k - En caché - Páginas similares

ovni - Les OVNIS vus de près: cas photographique au Brésil en 1958

Interview du photographe par l'International UFO Reporter. ... 1958; reprinted in Hynek, Dr. J. Allen, The Hynek UFO Report, Dell, 1977. 9. Hynek, ibid. ... - 19k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO sightings by Skyhook and Mogul balloon personnel

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See New Mexico UFO reports section. Dyvad was a chase pilot for the Mogul balloon ... O/CI will participate in this study with O/SI [Offices of Central and ... - 58k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO Sighting Reports - Channel Islands

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UFO Sighting Reports in the Channel Islands sorted by date. - 5k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO & Paranormal Resources

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Take a look at sighting reports, photographs and UFO cases that have ... Tel: (361) 880-7000 Fax (361) 880-7005 Email: ... - 19k - En caché - Páginas similares


The number of UFO reports in Italy rose strongly in October: 123 reports are ... argomentazioni di chi già sa che gli E.T. ci osservano ma sono timidi, ... - 47k - En caché - Páginas similares


49; Hall, Richard H. (a cura di), The UFO Evidence, Washington, DC, 1964, NICAP, pag.100; Spider, Ghosts and Stinky Dew, in "FSR - UFO Reports", n. ... - 65k - En caché - Páginas similares


TAOTUFO: "The Age Of The UFO", édité par Peter Brookesmith, édition 1992, ... "The UFO Report 1991", ** "The UFO Report 1992", "Alien Update" édités par ... - 24k - En caché - Páginas similares

Déclaration de Hynek à l'ONU

We have on record many tens of thousands of UFO reports. ... et 2 de ceux-ci furent rapportés comme était des Rencontres Rapprochées du 3ème Type... ... - 22k - En caché - Páginas similares

Le projet Colorado

Celui-ci l'incite à rédiger une lettre à ce sujet, et lui répond, tout en l'avertissant ... Baker, R. M. L., Jr. "The UFO Report: Condon Study Falls Short", ... - 33k - En caché - Páginas similares

Synthstuff - music, photography and more...: UFOs a waste of time

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A lot of the UFO reports and records are hoaxes, a lot of them are errors ... sent to you 19 times b/c i felt maybe someone would read it and give advice, ... - 18k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO Folklore Center

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Since then, he has written hundreds of articles on UFOs and related subjects for such publications as Omni, UFO Report, and the MUFON JOURNAL in the U.S., ... - 28k - En caché - Páginas similares

“Ma io non voglio diventare un uomo bionico”

In Minority Report ci sono circa quattrocento effetti speciali, più di quanti se ne siano mai visti in tutti i suoi film a partire da Incontri ravvicinati. ... - 31k - En caché - Páginas similares


(23) Rhine, Mark, W. Psychological Aspects of UFO Reports. ... plus tard le chef des projets Grudge et Blue Book est la source des déclarations ci-dessus. ... - 17k - En caché - Páginas similares

RUFOn - Bubuitura misterioasa din Bacau

Nu neaparat pentru a umili autoritatie ci pentru a scoate la iveala un adevar ce incearca sa ne ... France to Release UFO Reports · • Daniel Brenton Replies ... - 21k - En caché - Páginas similares

RUFOn - OZN la Pentagon [noi imagini de pe 11 septembrie 2001]

Scopul acestui articol nu este de a prezenta aceste dovezi, ci de a avertiza cei care se ... France to Release UFO Reports · • Daniel Brenton Replies ... - 24k - En caché - Páginas similares


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Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center [phone (206) 722 3000)], stated that the centre has been swamped by UFO reports which have ... - 47k - En caché - Páginas similares

Stop buying into the debunkers -- Part II - Forums powered by ...

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The ministry "examines any UFO sighting reports it receives thoroughly to ... If not, then as a CI tool, it would speak volumes about preplacement of cover ... - 68k - En caché - Páginas similares

What do we make of this interview. - Forums powered by UBBThreads™

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The great thing about it, from the POV of, say, a CI case officer – is ... What percentage of UFO reports do originate in the US vs the rest of the world? ... - 61k - En caché - Páginas similares

The CIA Report on UFOs

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CI, nevertheless held firm to its policy of not revealing its role in UFO investigations and refused to declassify the full Robertson panel report. ... - 95k - En caché - Páginas similares

Gnosia research : UFO report

UFO report Gallery · Agroglyphes/L.Art Gallery ... ci-contre : "Ufo-Crash", de 1997, auteur anonyme, incident localisé au Nouveau-Mexique. ... - 35k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO study finds no sign of aliens

skies in recent years, but it appears there are no plans for an in-depth UFO report like the one written in 2000. A MoD spokesperson said: "Both this study ... - Páginas similares

Speciale Report - 9/11 (RAI 3)

Forse non lo sai perchè tu qui ci vivi ma ci sono tantissimi luoghi dove ... immagino che le convinzioni sugli ufo ti vengano invece da visitor. ... - Páginas similares

The Zen Circus - Studio Report #1

Qualcuno ci avverte di stare attenti,perché pare che questi qua siano anche armati..più che prenderne,non sappiamo cosa fare Ufo continua a stare con le ... - 26k - En caché - Páginas similares


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Snohomish police officer calls to report UFO reports radioed to 9-1-1 ... c I turend around to tell my brother I turned back around it was gone. what i made ... - 34k - En caché - Páginas similares


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National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For AB ... is what I saw back in 1952,in an area that is about 75 to 80 miles southwest of the ci, 1/17/04 ... - 73k - En caché - Páginas similares

NEXUS: CIA, JFK, UFOs & James Jesus Angleton

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As more and more UFO5 sighting reports made their way to CIA headquarters, unevaluated reports ... and he personally chose Angleton to head the CI Staff. ... - 39k - En caché - Páginas similares alieni cerchi nel grano extraterrestri

Nel 1971 il noto ricercatore Otto Binder scrisse un articolo per il 'Saga magazine's Special UFO Report' intitolato "Liquidation of the UFO Investigators". ... - 63k - En caché - Páginas similares


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INDIANA MUFON UFO REPORTS. 2003 Archives ... Investigator: Roger Sugden ASD- North/CI Thanks to Huntington Herald Press ... - 38k - En caché - Páginas similares

ADIA - UFO Polignano a Mare - BARI - avvistamenti foto

La cronaca ufologica, a livello nazionale, ha proposto, di recente, due reports di avvistamenti UFO proprio dove ha sede la nostra Associazione, ... - 23k - En caché - Páginas similares

JSTOR: Ufo e ufonauti nel mondo della folcloristica

10 UFO Reporting Center, Phenomena Research report [1977], v. 3, n. 1, pag. ... I1 narratore cerca di aggirare l'og- getto, ma non ci riesce. ... - Páginas similares

Laughing Squid » Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Art

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pingback by Laughing Squid » United Airlines Employees Report UFO at Chicago’s O’ ... dei testimoni (se ci sono stati testimoni) e tantissime altre cose… ... - 69k - En caché - Páginas similares

Psychological Warfare & The Majestic Documents: Little Evidence of ...

Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Versión en HTML
“Genuine” UFO reports from soldiers during military action seemed to have had ... “MAJESTIC SS&P are currently focused on Psy-op development for Cold War CI ... - Páginas similares


Da un lato, ci si aspetta infatti che un fenomeno con comportamento ... Evaluations of UFO Reports in an Area of Infrequent Seismicity: The Carman, ... - 45k - En caché - Páginas similares


et cette fois-ci de manière apparemment moins gratuite pour l'opinion publique, ... what a weekend ? unlike some reports nearly all ufo members stayed to ... - 37k - En caché - Páginas similares

Ovni et extraterrestres la vérité -

Ce site utilise le réferencement gratuit, celui ci est soumis dans plus de 500 annuaires et moteurs ... Canadian UFO report, March / April 1969, pp. 12-14. ... - 146k - En caché - Páginas similares

Halfbakery: NW Passage UFO Detector

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NW Passage UFO Detector Recent reports of Unidentified Floating Objects are cause for sex ... Kokanee Glacier Girl ... - 21k - En caché - Páginas similares

../-- OZ../-- l'Observatoire Zetetique -- Zetetique

Selon Bob Young, astronome amateur qui a posté à l'époque sur les forums usenet alt.ufo.reports et alt.alien.visitors, il s'agit tout simplement de la lune. ... - 15k - En caché - Páginas similares


Prima di cominciare la sperimentazione non ci si basa sulla loro dichiarazione di ... Prediction of recent European UFO report years by nineteenth century ... - 82k - En caché - Páginas similares

Report Conferenza "UFO Verita o Menzogna?"

UFO- La verità scomoda Report di Sabrina Biganzoli, (Gruppo Camelot, ... Ci accompagna in un percorso ricco di teorie interessanti attraverso una ... - 90k - En caché - Páginas similares

Camelot Chronicles Online

L.D.: In Italia ci sono state esperienze editoriali dedicate ... UFO reports and photographs take high priority in Military Intelligence and after I coded ... - 55k - En caché - Páginas similares

Disclosure 1985-90

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Investigating UFO Reports. 2. Investigating the MJ-12 Documents. 3. Investigating the scuttlebutt of UFO crashed saucer stories being told by insiders and ... - 33k - En caché - Páginas similares

News dall'Italia

La mattina del 4 gennaio, verso le 11.30, egli ci ha interpellati telefonicamente, ... AUFORN Australian UFO Reports and Experiences, UFO + PSI ... - 85k - En caché - Páginas similares

James Jesus Angleton - Deputy Director of Counter Intelligence And ...

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Perhaps this is why foreign and domestic UFO sighting reports diminished ... As the new head of CI, Angleton had to organize a staff, write the rules, ... - 39k - En caché - Páginas similares

Massive 3-Sphered UFO And Close Encounter In Italy

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They also report, in different places, landings of the spatial ship and unloading of one or two of its occupants. The Ufo has also flown above populous ... - 16k - En caché - Páginas similares

Sito web ufficiale di Paola Harris - Versione Italiana

Il fatto di aver epurato un report di due ore così importante di quasi tutte le prove credibili e le testimonianze degli insider governativi, ci spinge a ... - 16k - En caché - Páginas similares

Sito Web ufficiale di Paola Harris - Versione Italiana

Va ricordato che ognuno di noi è stato bambino e che se ci troviamo a parlare ed a portare ... Lavinia Pallotta presenta la connessione UFO & Nucleare ... - 14k - En caché - Páginas similares

The GAO Roswell Report

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"The GAO report states that the outgoing messages from Roswell Army Air Field ... National Security * FOIA records, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy Agency, ... - 42k - En caché - Páginas similares

The CIA, UFOs, MJ-12, JFK & James Jesus Angleton-1

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James would pour over the many CI files he had amassed while in Italy and ... Perhaps this is why foreign and domestic UFO sighting reports diminished in ...,%20UFOs,%20MJ-12,%20JFK%20&%20James%20Jesus%20Angleton.htm - 41k - En caché - Páginas similares

This is the Title/Header

Il comitato Sturrock fa rilevare che oggi, a trent'anni di distanza, ci sono ... Rodeghier reviewed a small but important fraction of UFO reports that are ... - 52k - En caché - Páginas similares

Think About It

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Hara: Connecting with the Center, Barry Kapke, A.C.S.T., C.I., 19/06/2006 ... Blue Book UFO Reports at Sea by Ships, Antonio F. Rullán, 31/12/1969 ... - 52k - En caché - Páginas similares

Welcome to FarShores News Archive

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Italian Motorist Reports Seeng Green UFO · British Police Now Investigating UFO Reports ... CI: Naturally Occurring Arctic Circles & Martian 'Grids' ... - 21k - En caché - Páginas similares

The 'X' Zone Radio Show - Media Credits

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... Andrew Krystal Live - Canada's Dirty Secret - MK ULTRA and the CI A Connection ... Radio, JUL 2 1998, Quebec Report - CBC - The Sturrock UFO Report ... - 225k - En caché - Páginas similares


La ricerca UFO strumentale, ovvero la possibilità di registrare dati fisici da un ... e noi insistiamo sempre nell’affermarlo, il concetto che "lì ci sia un ... - 13k - En caché - Páginas similares


Utili consigli su cosa fare nel caso avvistaste un UFO. ... tanto e' vero che ci sono i GIF delle pagine) su: Politica della NASA di occultare evidenze di ... - 11k - En caché - Páginas similares

Conosco il segreto dei piattini di volo Conosco il segreto dei ...

Fear among scientists is partially due to the Air force censorship of UFO reports. Air force censors not only hide the facts but also belittle those who ... - 24k - En caché - Páginas similares

SCIECHIMICHE.ORG - Forum sulle scie chimiche

Non ci sono nuovi messaggi, Reports satellitari in Italia ... Reports satellitari, Reports sui voli chimici in Italia, U.F.O., OFF TOPIC (Tutto quello che ... - 41k - En caché - Páginas similares


Su un documentario, mi sembra REPORT, parlavano di un sarcofago contenente ... Secondo me gli ufo esistono: ci saranno altre cellule che si saranno evolute ... - 34k - En caché - Páginas similares

ufo –› Produktsuche & Preisvergleich bei

Video Ufo Report Teil 2: Das Projekt Blue Book/Top - 16.99 € ... UFO383/384 20610006 CI-Nachrüsts - 71.41 € 543. Paulmann Seilsystem Ufo Color 100, ... - 137k - En caché - Páginas similares

Signes des temps

Vous trouverez donc ci-dessous nos notes de voyage. Dans la mesure du temps qu'il nous est ... The Meier UFO Contactee Case · The GAO Roswell Report ... - 49k - En caché - Páginas similares

Signes, témoins : "La chasse aux soucoupes"

Extrait de "Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" par Edward J. Ruppelt sur le ... that the incident made up the most fascinating UFO report I'd ever seen. ... - 26k - En caché - Páginas similares

UFO : Extraterrestrials se dévoile un peu

Malgré ses nombreux reports, UFO : Extraterrestrials le titre de Chaos Concept ... Sinon, pour celui ci, il est clair que je me demande s'il repectera bien ... - 14k - En caché - Páginas similares


L'ondata di avvistamenti UFO che ha colpito l'URSS nel 1989 non è caduta in ... ha collaborato alla stesura del suo recente libro "The UFO Report 1990" con ... - 38k - En caché - Páginas similares

Record d’observations d’OVNI au Québec - Blog du paranormal et de ...

Ci-contre, une photo d’OVNI «spectaculaire» prise à Hamilton (Ontario, ... The 2005 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY: an analysis of UFO reports in Canada par Geoff ... - 36k - En caché - Páginas similares

Nazi Advanced Secret Weapon and Space Program

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$4.95 THE CI.A.-K.G.B. U.F.O. COVERUP A totally new concept showing the ... Free with your order -- Instant UFO Report Decoder -- Allows you to determine ... - 20k - En caché - Páginas similares

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