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From: Majorstar@aol.com
Subject: [illusions] Filer's Files #14  More Evidence for Roswell Crash
Date: 10 Apr 2000 13:49:52 -0400
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

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Filer's Files #14 -- 2000,  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer,      Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
April 10, 2000,     Majorstar@aol.com  (609) 654-0020
Web Site at www.filersfiles.com. - Chuck Warren Webmaster.



I was at Roswell in 1947 to early 1950.  I was as at the time a gunner in the 
393rd Bomb Squadron, 509th Bomb Group and a member of Captain Frederick 
Ewing's B-29 combat crew with tail number  44-7301 (Straight Flush) ..  On 
Wednesday, July 9, 1947, our crew transported a crate to Carswell Army Air 
Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas in 1:55 minutes.  The mission and cargo was 
classified.  The crate was hauled in the front bomb bay and armed guards rode 
in that bomb bay with the crate. When I removed the down lock, I saw a Major 
and a Technical Sergeant in the bomb bay and some others in there.  They rode 
the whole trip in the bomb bay and did not return with us.  We flew 
unpressurized at about 8,000 feet.  Our bombardier made a safety check of the 
shackles which held the platform secure.  Those shackles were rigged so that 
the cargo could not be jettisoned.   The corporal tail gunner and I saw the 
crate when we removed the down locks from the from the bomb doors.  The crate 
was covered with a tarp when unloaded and taken away on a trailer at 
Carswell.  I would guess the crate was about 12 x 6 x 6 feet.  The engineer 
and I talked about weight and balance.  They evidently had not given him a 
firm figure on the weight.  He said with a laugh, "As long as it isn't more 
than five thousand pounds our center of gravity should be okay."   We knew 
that Ft. Worth was to be our landing point, and we might get to see the new 
B-36 bomber. Someone made a remark about carrying "The General's Furniture".  
There had also been rumors for a couple of days about a spaceship crash, but 
we were only told it was classified cargo and to stay back.

On the way home, I went forward to chat with Warrant Officer Landry about 
minor problem with a prop.  We had the Curtiss Electric's and there was 
concern that one of them was hunting a bit. Major Jessie Marcel rode back to 
Roswell with us and I talked briefly with him.  He was always interested in 
the enlisted men on flight crews.  He wanted gunners to be good observers 
when on long missions.  I don't think his questions that day were probing.  
We were useful mostly as scanners because we had only tail guns. He asked if 
I was anxious to get into B-36's?  We were told repeatedly not to talk of 
this incident, not even to our wives.  I held that inside until 1988 when 
books began to appear.  To this day I am in touch with one other member of 
our crew.  Most of the others are no longer alive.  Major Ewing was killed in 
a B-47 crash in Florida in 1952.   
Sometime afterwards, about three to six months later, the wives began talking 
among themselves about the cleanup detail. This originated from the wives of 
men on that duty. One such was a neighbor of ours in July 1947.  They moved 
across town, but I would sometimes see him and I ask him what he had seen out 
there.  He was upset and told me, "You don't want to know."  I think he was a 
baker because he would leave for work in the early morning, like 0130 hours.  
A time or two when I'd come in from a late flight he would be standing on the 
corner waiting for a ride.  They did not own a car.  Based on the wives 
gossip we heard that he had seen a body.

Later, I became a pilot and while in SAC and was an instructor in the 
Aero-clubs and moonlighting as a crop duster.  Aviation has been my life.  
While in SAC KC-97's at March AFB our crew had two weird experiences, with 
something that officially wasn't there.  You may put the story in your 
Filer's Files.  Thanks to a Roswell B-29 gunner.  
Editor's Note:  The government claims what was brought to Fort Worth under 
guard was an unclassified Mogul Balloon that they launched regularly from 
White Sands Proving Grounds with printed instructions on the side for a 
reward if found.  Our witness claims there were multiple guards inside the 
bomb bay.  Even Atomic bombs did not normally warrant guards inside the bomb 
bay and certainly not an officer with the rank of Major.  The witness 
verifies parts of the message held in General Ramey's hand such as the debris 
was forwarded to Fort Worth as ordered below: 


Neil Morris writes from the University of Manchester in England.  Several 
distinguished groups are attempting to interpret the writing on a message 
held in General Ramey's hand taken in the Commander's 8th Air Force office by 
photographer James Bond Johnson in July of 1947.  David Rudiak's sent his 
"take" of the message and allowed me to include it in the comparisons of 
readings taken from a message that takes up a tiny portion of the photograph. 
 It has taken fifty years and modern computers to attempt to read the 
message.  There are several interpretations of the message and we should 
emphasize that the various "takes" are far from being set in stone and 
represent a "snap-shot" of a work in progress as of April.  The 
interpretations, I am sure, WILL change and evolve as time goes on.

1) CAPITALS denote firm interpretation. 
2) Lowerspace are guesses but may be incorrect
3) "*" denote unknown letter,
4) My line format is to the best I can conclude, correct to the grid layout 
of the typed text

(M) - Neil Morris at U. of Manchester.
(B) - Don Burleson's interpretation MUFON Journal March 2000.
(C) - Tom Carey/Don Schmitt interpretation 3/2000.
(DR) - David Rudiak  March/April 2000
(F) - Chris Farmer/Filer

Line 1.
???xxxx-xxx--x-xxxxxxxx xxx--xx-xxx xxxx xxx--xx-x xx xxx
(M)    reco VERY Was ROSWELl Head oIc giveN AS THE
(C)      RECO ... OPERATION                    AT THE   
(DR)   recovery operations WEre fo und NEAR site two, at one

Line 2.
????xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx
(M)  ext 4*S EXp VIctIMS of THE WRecK and CONVAy ON TO THE

Line 3.   ???xxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx.
(M)            *** at FORT WORTH. Txe.
(C)                 AT FORT WORTH. TEX.

Line 4.
??xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx-xxx xxxx-xx-
(M)     w**S** SOrTei *e**** thAT- ONUS raaF T&E A3**9* Landparty
(B)     ----SS-- ON THE "DISK" MUST- HAVE SENT -0- A-AM-- A-------D(C)  ESSOR 
(DR)  ----ses in THE "DISC" THEY will ship FOR Ac-as2 Arrived

Line 5.
??xxxx-xx xx-xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx
(M)      SOught CRASHes *O**** are needed sITEone ** **s***** locate
(DR)                   by b29 OR c47. bomber sq AsSist flights AT ROSWELL. 

Line 6.
??xx-x-xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx
(M)   MIDDAY 509# TOLD newspaPeR segment of STORY Adv ****
(DR) (at noon)todaY SAID SenD MiStatEd rElease AS STORY And said
(F)       "TOLD GA50 UNKNOWN SGMNTS OF STORY...etc."__

Line 7.
??-xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx-xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx
(B)    ONLY SHOW ---- ----         BY WEATHER BALLOONS 400-KW WAVE
(DR) (news)theY nEXt send out is of WEATHER BALLOONS would make

Line 8.  ??-xxxx-x xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx.
(M)                    And Land L*** denver ofww3
(B)       ---- -- 9 AND LAND L--- DENVER CREWS.
(C)          . . . 509 HAS LAND SURVEYOR CREWS.
(DR)     (a good)storY. ADD LAND Displayer crewS.

Line 9.     xxxxx-
(M)       ******
(B)       TEMPLE
(C)      "R RAMEY"
(DR)      rAMEy
(F)      TEMPLE
Thanks to Neil Morris, Dept, of Physics, University of Manchester


Robert Collins writes recent investigations have turned up new information 
that may in fact point to a suspected place as Hangar 18 at WP but it's 
called Hangar 23: Hangar 23 sits between buildings 18F and 18A in the 18 
Complex and so this might make it easier to understand how the Hangar 18 
folklore developed?  As the story goes from sources the Roswell or another 
Craft(s) (dimensions of 30 X 15 feet disc) were brought into Hangar 23.  The 
floor of the hangar was removed and the craft lowered into this newly dug out 
basement: A concrete floor was then placed over this basement area containing 
the Craft.  Please see 
http://home.earthlink.net/~rcollins637/reports/wp_hangar18.htm for further 
information and 
http://home.sprintmail.com/~rigoletto/Sanctuary_Of_The_Birds.htm for updates 
and reports.......  


DELRAN -- Cyndi writes my boyfriend called and requested that I "look 
outside" and asked, "Do you see anything?" I want to know if anyone saw 
anything unusual on April 6, 2000, between 8:30 and 8:40 PM.  I saw a huge 
fiery blue-white ball with a massive orange-hazed tail, which moved slowly 
across the sky and then disappeared. We watched this thing for a good 5-10 
minutes. Shortly after, we observed military craft flying in formation and, 
helicopter's flying low above the trees as if looking for something.  Thanks, 
 Cyndi.  medwomen1@aol.com 


KENNETT SQUARE - Dolores Ely says, I arise out of bed every morning at 5:30 
AM.  On March 8, 2000, I put the dog out and I looked out to the southeast 
and saw two perfectly round lights at tree top level.  They were going from 
west to east direction, very slowly.  These lights were not luminous.  They 
were more like flat opaque white in color.  They were at least 500 yards 
away.  They were spaced about twenty feet apart from each other horizontally 
moving very slowly.  The size at arm's length was larger than my fist.  They 
disappeared behind a row of houses down the street just as it was getting 
light outside.  Thanks to: Bob Ely relyr@erols.com 

ROSS TOWNSHIP -- Stan Gordon reports that on March 26, 2000, two witnesses 
were standing outside in a Pittsburgh suburb when they noticed an odd object 
moving across the sky at a high altitude at 10:45 PM.  The object was shaped 
like a triangle and, "Had to be huge" since it was very high up, but could 
clearly be seen as it blocked out a portion of the clear sky as it moved.  
The triangular shape was defined by a number of grayish-white lights that 
were non-blinking, and which all moved together.  The object moved fast 
across the sky towards the northeast, and was observed for around 10 seconds. 
 No sound was heard as the object passed overhead.  

PITTSBURGH -- A man reported seeing a bright white light in the sky at about 
8:23 PM on March 30, 2000, in Shadyside.  The object was circular or 
semicircular in shape and appeared stationary.  Suddenly the light moved 
straight up into the sky and "winked out."  The sighting lasted only 5-10 
seconds, and no sound was apparent.  Thanks to Stan Gordon.


LAKEWORTH - Carolyn writes that in 1982, I woke up one morning, and 
discovered a very angry red circular mark on my back.  It took several days 
to heal up, but I still have the mark.  I couldn't understand it since I know 
it wasn't an insect bite and I didn't have it when I went to bed! In 1987, I 
was out to dinner with my ex-husband who got drunk.  I asked him to put me in 
a cab to take me to his apartment, and I would wait for him there.  From the 
time I got in the cab, till I woke up, on the lawn, in front of his 
apartment, I have absolutely no memory of the ride, or getting out of the 
cab, etc.  When I woke up, I was on my back on the lawn, my clothing was in 
order, and my purse was laying right beside me.  My money and credit cards 
were not disturbed in any way.  I still watch the skies, but never had 
another encounter.  Thanks to Carolyn R, njclamgirl@aol.com  and Tom Sheets 


I saw last weeks Filer's posting on the Forest Homes, Illinois saucers and 
was intrigued as it is fairly close to my home in Florissant, Missouri.  I 
verified there is a Walnut Drive in Forest Homes, and there is a large field 
behind it to the east.  I went there March 31, 2000, from 3:15 AM to 4:05 AM, 
Friday morning out of curiosity.  At about 3:30 AM, I saw an amber light fly 
by in the distance from east to west over a period of two or three minutes.  
The lighting was not like that of an aircraft, and I heard no noise from the 
object.  Dogs in the vicinity started barking while the object was in sight.  
The light was fairly low in the sky and the trajectory seemed straight and 
smooth.  The weather was clear sky and calm air.  Thanks to Gary W.  


TUSCALOOSA -- Three almost transparent, almost circular (amoebae shaped), 
phosphorous neon-green entities flying in a triangular formation. All 3 
witnesses estimate that the altitude was 30 feet and the objects were about 
the diameter of a basketball hoop, (2 feet) but were very thin from top to 
bottom. We watched them suddenly appear from the north and fly in a straight 
line over the house and past the trees to the south where they disappeared.  
Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC www.nuforc.com


GRAHAM -- Peter B. Davenport the Director on the National Reporting Center 
sent this dramatic sighting report.  On April 1, 2000, 96 miles northwest of 
Dallas a computer salesman and his girlfriend observed a very bright light 
move towards them as we traveled south on Highway 16. 
Suddenly an extremely bright light was shinning off to our left.  The light 
was behind some trees but was blinding me.  It rose in the air and headed 
straight for our car as we traveled at 65 mph.  As it got to about 300 yards 
away we both said, "What is that?"  I could see that there was a cockpit or 
something under this huge black shape.  I was screaming "What the Hell is 
that?" The cockpit was shinning an incredibly bright light with some 
pulsating bands of red lights.  The object approached and flew directly over 
the car.  It easily matched our 65 mph speed and my friend looked up and sort 
of gasped.  She said that the lights are alternating.  "What is this?"  As it 
traveled southwest off to some low hills it disappeared.  We both saw the 
same craft.  When we got back to the cabin in 30 minutes we took out some 
paper and drew sketches of what we saw.  The drawings matched!  We called the 
Sheriff's office in Graham and asked about aircraft or helicopters?  He 
called the local small airport and they had nothing up.  On Monday I called 
Carswell AFB and the DFW control center and they had nothing out that way at 
that time.  A trucker may have also seen the same object.  Thanks to Peter 
Davenport for sending this report.  http://www.UFOcenter.com Hotline: 


ARLINGTON - Mike Harman reports seeing two bright green lights traveling at 
high rate of speed with an orange companion dancing around the lead object on 
April 6, 2000, at 9:35 PM.  What a treat!  I had gone outside to observe the 
stars before going to bed and was standing facing south and looking at the 
Orion Nebula.  Something caught my eye coming over our house.  Looking almost 
directly straight up I observed two bright green lights similar to the color 
and brightness of a green traffic light.  The green object was traveling at 
what looked like about four times the speed of jet aircraft and took twelve 
seconds to go from almost straight up to completely out of sight to the 
north.  With binoculars I could see clouds behind the object and that there 
was no body or wings visible.  I noticed an orange much smaller light or 
object dancing very rapidly back and forth going past the green objects in 
either direction.  What I have described above was not the planet Venus or 
Jupiter, or a star.  I was able to see both planets during this sighting.  It 
also was not an aircraft, balloon or a helicopter as there was no sound. 
Thanks to Mike Harman   Mike_Harman@rocketmail.com. 


In Filers' Files #13 you tell about a family experiencing this unusual 
phenomenon of gaining time.  You want to go to Jeff Rense's Sightings.com and 
click on the archived shows and listen to the show from March 7, 2000, were 
Joyce Murphy gives her report on UFO's from Vermont or go to 
http://playlist.broadcast.com/makeram.asp?id=365839.  On this particular show 
a family in Vermont reports experiencing the same  time gain phenomenon, and 
as such, may offer comfort and or insight for the family in Oklahoma.  Thanks 
to Carmen McLaren, Lead MUFON FI in Rensselear County, NY TroyCarm            


YUKON -- Martin Jasek reports that on Thursday, March 30, 2000, a man, a 
woman and a young boy were traveling along the Klondike Highway from 
Whitehorse to the Village of Pelly Crossing, at 5:00 AM.  The sky was clear 
with a glow of predawn blue.  They were nearing the end of Little Fox Lake 
and came around a sharp right-hand bend near the base of a mountain.  Upon 
coming out from the bend they saw at 300 feet away was a 35-foot in diameter 
saucer, hovering about 200 feet off the ground!  They observed it to be 
stationary on the right for five seconds and than it shot across the road in 
front of their vehicle at "incredible speed" and stopped instantly on the 
left side of the road.  The witnesses said, "Nothing can move that fast," "in 
the blink of an eye!"  It remained motionless for only another split second 
and shot off even faster performing a 90-degree turn and shooting off behind 
them.  One witness thought it went right into the side of a mountain while 
the other thought it followed the mountainous skyline.  The passenger said, 
"Come on, floor it!" They eventually pulled over about 20 minutes later and 
both were shaking. "We were more scared than excited!"  It's like we caught 
it by surprise when we came around the corner," "it was so advanced!"  "I'll 
never be the same!" were some of the comments by the witnesses.  The saucer 
was a classic disc shape with a dome on top.  The dome had two curved windows 
or lights from which a beautiful ocean blue or aqua colored light was 
shining.  The surface of the craft was "mirror like, silver, translucent, 
shiny, glassy, reflecting the color of the sky."  It was as though the UFO 
was trying to "camouflage against the background sky color."  "Had it been 
pitch black out I don't think we would have seen the body of the craft, just 
the windows or lights" the woman remarked.  As the UFO streaked in front of 
their vehicle, the car headlights dimmed and their tape deck stopped playing. 
 They both wanted to check the time of their sighting.  However, the woman's 
battery-operated analog watch stopped (at 5:00 AM) and the man's digital 
watch got stuck in chrono mode.  Other than the initial power drain, no 
additional problems were noted with the truck.  They managed to get the 
watches functioning after 5 minutes and the tape deck started to work in 10 
minutes.  No noise was heard emanating from the UFO.  It was about 1 hour and 
35 minutes before sunrise. Thanks to Martin Jasek mjjasek@yknet.yk.ca UFO*BC, 
Yukon Representative www.ufobc.org martin@ufobc. 

SUDBURY, ONTARIO -- On Sunday, March 26, 2000, my friend Todd and I saw a 
single bright flash followed by a second one.  I got my binoculars and Todd 
saw two more flashes near the Big Dipper at 8:30 PM.  A man in a pickup truck 
stopped and we all saw four flashes at different points in the sky.  I call 
these lights "Jumpers" because they seem to flash once in one spot, then 
flash again somewhere else sometimes a third or fourth time, then disappear 
for good. 

SOUTHWESTERN ONTARIO -- On March 30, 2000, I noticed a star in the eastern 
sky which appeared to be moving and also becoming larger at 1l:40 PM.  I 
brought it to the attention of my friend and we got out of my vehicle to 
watch.  The light came directly at us and became very brilliant and enlarged 
to the size of a basketball.  It made a perpendicular course change and 
traveled up into the sky where it made another course change and flew up into 
space. This all took place in the matter of minutes without making any sound. 
 The sky was clear with many stars and airplanes visible. Thanks to Murray 

VANCOUVER, BC CANADA CHEMTRAIL -- A very large 'chemtrail' display was seen 
again over Vancouver and surrounding areas on April 3, with several X and 
other parallel patterns at an apparent fairly low altitude. I myself 
witnessed this and took photos.  Some of the 'plumes' were very wide, with 
eight initially at 1:30 PM.  Some were crossing in large Xs, and others were 
in parallel trails throughout the afternoon.  The sky became diffused with a 
"milky haze." Reports are coming in from across Canada and the US. Thanks to: 
Paul Anderson 


SYDNEY -- After a 3-month lull, strange craft are flying again over Australia 
in They have the same laser-like, white pulsing light, quick vertical 
movements.  They avoid nearby planes.  Hence the increase in reports is 
probably real, and possibly worldwide. I learned recently of a glowing orange 
UFO which collided with a police car here in 1987  Thanks to Red Setter 


By this time, most people have heard of the odd events of September 15 and 
16, 1991, which occurred during the STS-48 fight of space shuttle Discovery.  
Some claim that all of the objects seen are UFOs.  NASA claims that all of 
the objects are ice and debris sparkling in the light of the rising sun.  
NASA further claims that any directional changes in the motion of these 
objects are caused by an automated firing of the aft RCS jets aboard the 
shuttle.  To be sure, some of what is observed in the videos is ice, and 
debris and the RCS jet did fire during the time frame in question.  NASA has 
the computer records to prove this.  However, NASA's blanket explanation of 
the events, based on these facts, doesn't cover everything, which took place. 
 This scene called event #2, is shot from the forward payload bay camera, and 
was taken at local sunrise over the Philippine Islands.  South is up, the Sun 
is to viewer's left, and we see the limb of Earth, some stars over the 
horizon, and a series of bright objects above the dark portion of Earth.  
Some of these bright dots are dirt on the camera lens.  Some others are 
drifting ice and or debris.  These pop into view as the sun comes up.  Then, 
what I believe to be a much more distant object rises up out of the clouds 
well after the other objects have appeared.  As this object travels south, 
and gains altitude, a flash is seen from the aft direction of Discovery.  
Shuttle computer records verify that this flash is an RCS jet firing, which 
is done periodically to MAINTAIN ship's attitude.  Thus there is no 
noticeable change relative to the horizon.  Some of the objects in view 
appear to respond to the expanding exhaust plume, and are appropriately 
diverted from their previous course.  However, the distant object suddenly 
diverts 135 degrees and speeds out into space, followed by two streaks, one 
of which might have hit it had it not moved out of the way.  NASA claims that 
the relative motion of this object is caused by the RCS jet firing but this 
makes no sense.  The RCS jets are mounted on the extreme nose and tail of the 
Shuttles.  They fire vertically, and in the vacuum of space, the exhaust 
plume expands upward in a teardrop shape.  The aft thrusters are some 20 to 
25 feet away from the camera, and even further away the debris field.  
Objects nearer than the controversial one are barely affected.  The RCS gas 
plume could not have greatly influenced our anomalous object at the distance 
it MUST be from the jet plume.  

Therefore, I conclude that the object must be independently propelled.  There 
are two streaks of light, which seem to be aimed at the object in question.  
It has been claimed that these streaks are some kind of new particle beam or 
laser weapon.  Granted, the streaks do resemble a weapon salvo.  But, they 
can not be lasers or particle beams.  Both of these type beams move at the 
speed of light, which would render them invisible in space, or at best, they 
would appear to the human eye as a solid shaft (like a Star Trek Phase beam) 
rather than something seen to move from left to right at a 45-50 degree 
angle.  Further, these angles preclude their origin being the RCS jet firing 
way back on the tail of the ship.  Therefore, I conclude that the streaks are 
something other than energy weapons.  I know of no missile technology capable 
of moving at the velocities observed in the video.  So we are left with what? 
 If these are alien craft, perhaps they are shooting at each other for some 
unknown reason.  In any case, something strange and unidentified with any 
Earth based phenomenon took place.  And NASA is using the demonstrable fact 
that some of the objects and occurrences are linked to ice, dirt, and control 
jets to dismiss the entire event.  Something is being deliberately covered up 
here.  Thanks to Jeff Challender

PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO shots available and data on their 
propulsion systems. $10.00 by US Navy Commander Graham Bethune. Send money 
order or check to G. Filer 222 Jackson Rd Medford, NJ 08055

US GOVERNMENT UFO PROOF RELEASED: Audio tapes of a genuine UFO Alert at 
Edwards Air Force base and studied by the Foreign Technology Division at 
Wright Patterson Air Force Base, are now available for distribution to the 
public.  Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE 
ENCOUNTER on the night of October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice recordings 
provided by the Air Force.  During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs 
invade secure air space and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB.  
Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense 
Command.  Sgt. Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a new segment 
where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival recordings.  The 
UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch F-106 fighter 
interceptors.  You are there for an important part of UFO history.  Hear it 
for yourself, it's the best UFO tape ever made.  Tape cost is $14.95 each 
plus $2.00 for shipping -- total $16.95 -- (for overseas orders-out of US - 
add $6.00 shipping cost -- total -- $20.95) you can send either a personal 
check or money order to: Independent International Pictures Corp, Box 565, 
Dept. GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857. 

MUFON UFO JOURNAL For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe 
by contacting Mufon@aol.com. Mention I recommended you for membership.  
Filer's Files is Copyrighted 2000 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved.  
Readers may post items from the Files on their Web Sites provided that they 
credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that 
the item appeared.  Send your letters to Majorstar@aol.com.  Sending mail 
automatically grants permission for us to publish. Please state if you wish 
to keep your name or story confidential.

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