Arguments for Proving the Reality of UFOs

On November 2, 2005 this writer presented this unscientific survey to 16 members of Mr. Steven Reynolds' English 1C class on critical thinking at the College of the Siskiyous. The results were the following: Question One: Do you believe UFOs are real? By real, I mean craft under the control of intelligent beings, other than human? The results were Yes 5, No 3, Maybe 6, and Do not know 2. Question 2: How important is the UFO issue for you? The results were Important 3 and Unimportant 13. Ask yourself, "Are UFOs real craft under the control of intelligent beings?"


Dr. Jacques Vallee

Dr. Jacques Vallee is considered one of the leading experts on UFOs and has excellent credentials. Dr. Vallee is a Frenchman born in Pentoise, France. His outstanding academic qualifications include B.S. degree from Sorbone, a Master's Degree in astrophysics from the University of Lille, a professional astronomer at the Paris Observatory, and in 1967 he acquired a Ph.D. in computer science from Northwestern. He has written eleven important books on UFOs including Anatomy of Phenomena (1965), Passport to Magonia (1969), The Edge of Reality (1975) with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and Revelations (1991). He studied the UFO issue for many years. Dr. Vallee served as a consultant and was used as the role model for Francois Truffant in Steve Spielberg's classic UFO film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind ("Jacques Vallee").

Dr. Vallee presents these conclusions in an interview by Peter Gertsen, the only UFO lawyer in the United States. First, Vallee believes he could convince a committee of scientists … "that there is overwhelming evidence that the UFO phenomena exists and that it is an unrecognized, unexplained phenomenon for science." Second, he also believes that UFOs are under the technological control of intelligent beings that are "capable of manipulating time and space in ways that we don't understand" ("Jacques Vallee Interview").

Sarah McClendon

Sarah McClendon, the long time White House Correspondent, was a feisty, colorful character. She attended Presidential Conferences from President Roosevelt in the 1940s through Clinton. President Clinton said, "She never held back. She just didn't ask questions. She demanded answers." Her admirers like Sam Donaldson called her "the avenging angel." Her critics considered McClendon, "the wicked witch of the press corp." She founded the McClendon Study Group, a public affairs round table. She said that its purpose was to examine "the sins of the federal government." The discussions involved "intelligence specialists and people fighting cove -ups, among them who thought the government had evidence of UFOs" ("In Memoriam")
Sarah McClendon wrote two newspaper articles on UFOs, the first on March 30, 1998 and the other on July 1, 1998. She claimed scientists and technicians of the federal government believed the Unidentified Flying Objects are visitors from other worlds. McClendon stated her beliefs:

The real danger to the U.S. and perhaps this whole planet is the government has placed a heavy blanket of secrecy on this issue. So much secrecy, those in government who have knowledge showing UFOs are identifiable feel the subject cannot be discussed without serious repercussions. Others are afraid their friends and co-workers will think they are crazy if they insinuate that UFOs are identifiable as manned craft from outside the earth. This particularly applies to newspaper editors and publishers, reporters, and analysts.

She also revealed that President Clinton and his wife had briefings from the billionaire Laurence Rockefeller who believed UFOs were real. Later, President Clinton asked his close friend, Associate Attorney General Webster Hubell to investigate and report back on the reality of UFOs. He could not find out the facts about UFOs (McClendon).

Many prominent persons related to United States and other Governments presented quotes that indicate UFOs are real. These men are in the know, because they hold high and responsible positions in society.

President Harry Trumam


President Harry Truman at Washington Press Conference of April 4, 1950 said, I can assure you the flying saucers, given they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth." ("Famous 'Quotes' & FOIA Documents!").

Paul Hellyer


Paul Hellyer, a former Defense Minister of Canada 40 years ago in the era of Prime Minister Pearson, believes UFOs are from extraterrestrial visitors, and the United States knows all about them and is covering up. He contends that United States scientists re-engineered from the wreckage of the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 similar fantastic crafts (Ward).

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, CIA Director under President Truman, at new conference of NICAP (a prominent UFO investigating group of the 1950s and 60s) said, "I know that neither Russia nor this country has anything approaching such high speed maneuvers. Behind the scenes high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense." In a public statement in 1960, he said, "Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control…It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is" ("Government Witnesses").

Allen Dulles

Allen Dulles, CIA Director in the Eisenhower Administration, stated, "Maximum security exists concerning the UFOs" (" Government Witnesses").
Air Force Marshall Lord Dowding, Commander of the British Air Force, stated, "Of course the flying saucers are real and they are interplanetary" ("Famous Quotes on UFOs").

Admiral Lord Hill-Norton

Lord Hill-Norton in the 1970s was British Chief of Defense of the Ministry of Defense and Chairman of the Military Committee of NATO. He related this quote in Timothy Goodman's Above Top Secret :

The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or any physical force or effect know to our scientists, seems to be overwhelming … A very large number of sightings have been vouched for by persons who credentials seem to be impeachable. It is striking that so many trained observers, such as police officers and airline or military pilots. Their observations have in many instances…been supported by technical means such as radar or, even more convincingly, by … interference with electrical apparatus of one sort or another ("UFO Quotes").


Barry Goldwater, General in the Air Force Reserves, United States Senator, and Republican candidate for President in 1964 appeared on the Larry King Show. Larry King asked Senator Goldwater, "Do you think our government knows UFOs are real and are keeping the fact from the American public. Goldwater replied, "I certainly believe in aliens in space, but I have very strong feelings that they have advanced beyond our mental activities …. I think some highly secret UFO investigations are going on that we don't know about. And probably never will unless the Air Force discloses them." This fascinating story concerns Goldwater. Senator Goldwater asked General Curtis Lemay, the head of the Air Force, for permission to visit the Blue Room at Wright Paterson Air Force Base where UFOs and its crew members are allegedly stored. Lemay replied, "Hell no, you can't go. I can't go and don't ask me again." ("Government Witnesses")

Astronaut Gordon Cooper


In 1988 a U.N. panel discussed the UFO issue. U.N. Secretary General Kurt Waldheim chaired the panel. Major Gordon Cooper, a United States Astronaut, told the United Nations Panel the following: "I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets…Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs. I did have on occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them." ("Famous 'Quotes" & FOIA Documents").

Witness UFO cases are an important source of information on UFOs. Michael Kurkland is a writer of a dozen science fiction books and has a keen interest in UFOs.

Kurkland was author of the book, The Complete Idiot's Guide To Extraterrestrial Intelligence. He presents a method used by intelligence agencies for determining the validity of information. He applies it to UFO reports. First is "the credibility of the observer." The witness should be a trained observer such as a police officer. Second is "the credibility of the observation." A report of a professional observer should demonstrate his competence. Third is "the clarity of the observation." The observer should be very close to the object, and the object should leave physical evidence (142).

Police Officer Zamora

An important credible witness case is Police Officer Lonnie Zamora witnessing a UFO landing. Lonnie Zamora was a police officer of Socorro, New Mexico. The event took place on April 24, 1964. In the late afternoon he chased a high speed car. Zamora heard a loud explosion and observed a blue flame in the distance. He broke off the chase and moved toward an object that he believed was an overturned vehicle. He radioed a report of this incident. He came within 600 feet of the object. He saw a strange white egg -shaped object made of brightly polished metal. Beside the craft stood two men in white coveralls appearing to inspect the vehicle. One of these men saw Zamora and .disappeared into the craft. Soon the craft took off with a blue and orange flame beneath the craft. Some of the important features described by Zamora. included a strange red insignia of which he made a drawing; the object was made of a bright aluminum metal and was without windows or portholes ("The Lonnie Zamoria Incident").

This case was outstanding for these reasons: (1) The superb character of Zamora: he was a serious and reliable policeman, a respected member of the local church, and knew the airborne vehicles of the area; (2) The case presented important UFO features: entity case, a close encounter of the third kind in which a UFO landing takes place, and physical evidence such as indentations in the soil with four depressions, and tracks of the entities (3) A police report in which Zamora carefully presented details of the incident with accurate evidence ("Officer Lonnie Zamora's Report").
Major Hector Quantilla, the director of Air Force Project Blue which investigated this case told CIA Journal, "There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object that left quite an impression. There is no question about Zamora's reliability. He is a serious police officer, a pillar of the community, and a man well versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we. This is the best documented case on record." ("The Lonnie.Zamora Incident)> This object is listed as an unknown in Blue Book files. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the famous Air Force consultant, investigated this case for four months and concluded Zamora's story was true and called him credible and honest (Emengger 68).

Important Pictures of this Case

Drawn Picture of the Entities


Picture of the mysterious craft from Project Blue Book


A type of physical evidence used to demonstrate the physical reality of UFOs is Radar/Visual encounter in which a UFO is visually observed and also recorded on a radar system . In the best cases UFOs are observed by military people and pilots, and seen on radar by qualified traffic controllers.(Randles176).
A case of a radar/visual encounter took place on January 28, 1994 about 70 kilometers southeast of Paris at a height of 70 kilometers. The meteorological conditions were excellent. A steward, the co-pilot, and the pilot. In the cockpit observed the object. The captain described it as a hugh disk (diameter about 1000 meters, thickness about 100 meters) with fuzzy edges. The military air traffic control also detected this object on radar for 50 seconds. It found its speed was at first 110 knots and later 84 knots ("Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports")..

John Callahan who served as the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, D.C., told this story to the UFO Disclosure Project of Dr. Steven Greer. The event took place in 1986 over Alaskan skies. A Japanese airliner 747 was followed by a UFO craft for 31 minutes over the skies of Alaska. The object also trailed a United Airlines until it landed. Visual confirmation took place on both air based and ground based radar. The next day Admiral Egen, the FAA administrator, called a meeting attended by FBI, CIA, President Reagan's Scientific Team, and others. Documentary evidence of radar videotapes, air traffic voice communication, and paper reports were presented. At the end of the meeting the CIA officials told all present that "this meeting never took place" and "this incident was never recorded " (Greer).

Rendlesham Forest UFO

The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of the United Kingdom is considered one of the most controversial and mysterious UFO events of modern UFO history (Ritchie 237). It is called the Roswell of Britain. This event occurred between December 26 and 27 in 1980. The location was Rendlesham Forest on the west coast of England and between two United States Air Force bases, Bentwaters and Woodbridge.

Jerome Clarke, editor of the magazine, International UFO Reporter and expert UFO investigator, summarized the two day event:

Just after midnight on December 26, eyewitnesses and radar
Screens followed an identified object as it vanished into the forest. Soldiers dispatched to the site encountered a luminous, triangular craft, ten feet across and eight feet high, with three legs. The UFO then retracted the legs and easily maneuvered its way through the trees. The soldiers chased it into a field, where it abruptly shot upward, shining brilliant lights upon them. At that moment the witnesses lost consciousness. When they came to, they were back in the forest. Other troops sent to rescue them found tripod marks where the object apparently had rested.
The following evening observers reported seeing strange lights. The deputy base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Holt, led a larger party into Rendlesham. There Halt measured abnormal amounts of radiation at the original landing site. Another, smaller group, off on a separate trek, spotted a dancing red light inside an eerily pulsating "fog." They alerted Halt's group, who suddenly saw the light heading toward them, spewing forth a rainbow waterfall of colors. Meanwhile, the second group now watched a glowing domed object in which they could see the shadows of figures moving about. During the next hour both groups observed these and other darting lights (Clarke 170).

British officials of the Ministry of Defense after the event presented these explanations. The Airmen in the forest confused the observed lights with beams of light from the nearby Oxford Ness Lighthouse, and no objects were seen on radar. For many years there were letters from public asking for the release of documents related to this case and requests for information from the Ministry of Defense. The British Government in 2002 finally agreed to publish the documents in 2002 on the Internet ("Britian to Publish Files on UFO Sightings").

An example of released information from MOD was files on Airman Art Wallace (not his real name). He approached the landed object within ten feet. Wallace and other men noticed that their shadows were cast on the object. The third walk around the object they noticed a shadow which moved from one head to another. Under hypnosis Wallace stated that he saw aliens. Their height was 3 to 3 ˝ feet tall. They had large head, out of proportion to the body. The MOD released files stated, "Their eyes were like inverted cat eyes, and the ear, nose, and mouth were all just slits … . The three
The Rendlesham Forest case is extraordinary for these reasons: (1) the incident took place at highly classified US Air Force bases in the U.K.; (2) the object was tracked by radar at Heathrow; (3) witnesses of high regard and reputation took part in the incident; (4) tape recorded evidence of the event by military personnel present is available; (5) town people made numerous reports of the UFO sightings; (6) the military cover-up was exposed through freedom of information act ("December 27-30, 1980: Rendlesham Forest").

My Personal Encounter With A Lady From Venus

My personal meeting with an extraterrestrial took place in the suburbs of Seattle on June 1, 2001. I attended the UFO Paranormal Conference at the Doubletree Hotel over the Memorial Day weekend. On the last day of the conference a member of the audience asked me, "Do you want to meet a person from another world?" I replied, "Yes." She gave me the telephone number. I arranged an appointment. I arrived at the home for the interview. The lady identified herself as Commander Lady Athena. She is like an angel from heaven who carries the lamp on the road to the new and beautiful Golden Age for Earth.
This is important background information. Lady Athena is a member of the Ashtar Command that is a positive Brotherhood under the leadership of Commander Asthar and is made up of millions of members of cosmic civilizations and millions of spacecraft in the vicinity of earth. Its spiritual leader is called Sanada who was Jesus the Christ in ancient Israel. Their task is to bring the Divine Plan to our planet. The Ashtar Command also works with legions of Archangels such as Michael, Uriel, Jophiel, Gabriel, and 70 other Brotherhoods of Light (Garcia).

In article by Lady Athena entitled "Ashtar Command Task Overview" she explained the mission of the Ashtar Command. This list is only partial. The first mission is to assist the transformation of humanity and our planet from the present third dimension to the fifth dimension and Earth's seventh Golden Age; The The second mission is to maintain the stability of the Earth's polar axis and continually monitor its magnetic field; The third mission is The Ashtar Command is prepared if necessary to evacuate the planet and relocate the total population in the event of a natural catastrophe; The fourth mission is the return to Earth of the Christ and other Lords of Light; The fifth mission is to bring our planet into the United Confederation of Planets. The Ashtar Command according to the lady commander describes themselves "as ambassadors from the Great Central Sun on a mission of peace and goodwill." (Commander Lady Athena).

These revelations were disclosed at the meeting.

Commander Ashtar came to earth in 1952, because the ETs saw the danger of nuclear weapons and the Hydrogen Bomb (Lady Commander Ashtar: Personal Interview). The Ashtar Command communicated a message to George Van Tassel, a contactee who claimed that he had personal contact with extraterrestrials. He published a letter from his book, Rode a Flying Saucer. Commander Ashtar in the letter warned that the H-Bomb has the potential … "to extinguish humanity and turn this planet into a cinder." ("Ashtar's Communications to George Van Tassel").

She revealed that she spoke at these events: the United Nations, UFO Conferences, and in 1999 at the Wesak Festival at the College of the Siskiyous

Lady Athena told me that she is a spiritually devoted person and is in contact with the highest spiritual beings such as Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Sai Baba. She spoke of her mission of love for God and devotion to Divinity.
She merges her consciousness with Ashtar and can contact him anytime required.

She disclosed many beings who work with the Ashtar Command. From our solar system and higher dimensions the ETs are from Venus, Mars, and Saturn. Other aliens from our Milky Way Galaxy are from Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion She revealed that one of the most advanced civilizations are the Arcturians. People from Mt. Shasta told me that they are found in McCloud.

She warned that some ETs are negative and to be careful when you contact ETs. Abductions, harmfulness, and deception are the ways of the negatives. They are from the Luciferian Rebellion that occurred millions of years ago.

Lady Athena also revealed that Mount Shasta and Mount Reiner are important UFO bases. Lenticular clouds observed over Mount Shasta are actually alien spaceships (Lady Commander Athena: Personal Interview).

These revelations are only a small number of the disclosures. I was impressed by her commitment to her mission and her integrity. I believe that Lady Athena told me the truth.

Now that you read the arguments, please answer the survey.

Question One: Do you believe UFOs are real? By real I mean craft under the control of intelligent beings other than human.
Yes_ No_ Maybe_ Do Not Know_

Question Two: How important is the UFO issue for you?
Important _ Unimportant_

UFOs are like an enigma in which explorers discover a new land of hope. The purpose of this essay is to present arguments so that members of the audience can perceive the probability that UFOS are actual craft under the control of intelligent beings other than humans.

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