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Cyberterra News : Fifth World News
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De: Alias de MSNHMCesidio  (Mensaje original) Enviado: 06/09/2004 19:46
Fifth World News
Spielberg awarded Légion d'Honneur
If a money grub like Steven Spielberg can get a Légion d'Honneur, France's highest civil honour, then there is hope even for criminal terrorists out there... First came the story about the honourary Italian citizenship to Robert DeNiro, which it seems the Italian Ministry of Culture will confer to DeNiro anyway, despite qualms by the Italian-American organisation of the Order Sons of Italy. Then came yet another piece of evidence that the Antichrist may be French indeed, as Nostradamus seems to have predicted. You know that Judgment Day is just around the corner when you see who is receiving accolades today! Thank God there are still pretty and dignified girls out there like Maria Sharapova, a wonderful Russian madonna the Merciful God seems to have made purposely to remind depressed people that the guy who was nailed to the cross is around at this moment, and soon he will give Satan's coattails and the harbours of false religion their final blow. The showdown will look like the biblical story of David and Goliath when it unfolds.
Email-2 is coming
Internet-2 is already a reality; soon Email-2 will be too. Small Fifth World nations like TTF-Bucksfan don't have to ask permission from the Global Illuminati Centre (the United Nations) or to the Icannic Whore (ICANN) for a top-level domain if they need one — the Holy Bible does mention a Scarlet Beast, and a Great Harlot that rides on top of the beast afterall. They can simply pay a significant, but modest fee, and if the TLD is not being used by anyone else in the Inclusive Namespace, then it can be given to the small nation, or even to the organisation, company, or family by the NewRoot Council. You may not be able to view domains like http://gov.ttf, because you haven't yet modified the TCP/IP configuration of your computer, but let me assure you that such domains do exist, and work perfectly well within the Inclusive Namespace — a fine presentation on the Second Generation Internet is available at this link.
The CEO of NewRoot, however, has recently given us a picture of things to come, and the picture we saw is just as pretty as that of Maria Sharapova. Soon Email-2 will also be avalable, meaning you'll be able not only to navigate through Internet-2, but also send an email through Internet-2. We were told by the CEO of NewRoot that Email-2 is the successor of email, and one of the main features of Email-2 will be that it's spam free. No, you don't have to receive that email from Spielberg or DeNiro if you don't want to. You can separate from the worldly trash just as the Apostle Paul suggested. Things are looking bright at least in the Fifth World!
10 unusual places to live
Interesting BBC article on unusual places to live in. Includes the Principality of Sealand example, but also other interesting places people call "home."
5W Information Agency

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De: Alias de MSNHMCesidio Enviado: 19/12/2004 2:36
The INAIC is born
TTF-Bucksfan becomes greater Web superpower

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De: Alias de MSNHMCesidio Enviado: 12/06/2005 1:25
What is a Fifthworlder or Indigo?
News of this article is being republished for a special reader named Shirley, and for another Fifth World researcher with a splendid upcoming book, so those of you who have already read it, please bear with me.
        When you've finished reading this article, not only you'll realise what the Fifth World movement is all about, but you will also understand what a major shift in paradigm it is:
Further evidence that the Fifth World prophesied by Native Americans is alive and well, can be found at this URL:
More information about the Fifth World Council (5WC) is available here:
Raechel's Eyes film interest growing
Several parties have shown significant interest in coordinating to bring the fascinating story of "Raechel's Eyes" to the screen in a good and serious way. Stay tuned. BTW, if you were astute enough to buy the single-volume editions, store them in a safe place as an investment. They are now sold out and have become collectors' items with potentially significant value in time.

Further support for the Clearwater thesis
Chris Leask writes regarding the "Clearwater Thesis," whereby the ETs do not wish to muddy the water on Earth by forcing their presence on us:
        "I have had some limited contact with a group of ETs and was told the same. I asked them why they haven't made their presence more known, and they said that Earth society is going through a big transition right now, and that if they were to make their presence consciously known, it would have an adverse affect on that transition. Instead of society looking at itself and evolving, it would concentrate on the ETs and lose the opportunity to grow. This transition is a change from a materially based society [4th World] to a psycho-spiritually based one [5th World]. If we become psychically dependant on the ETs' presence, then we will not make that transition properly. After the transition, they will make their presence known."

Littrell/Bilodeaux interview online
The fascinating interview with the authors of "Raechel's Eyes" on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM show can be heard in streaming audio at:
Another two-our interview on the Kevin Smith Show is available at:
USA Today recognizes Indigos
The idea of Indigo children is no longer sci-fi or fantasy, if USA Today is any index of what concepts fly in the American media mind. A summary article on Indigos appeared recently and can be found at:
Healing properties documented for water used in crop-circle essences
The water that forms the basis of the Touch the Sky Crop-Circle Energy Essences has some healing properties by itself.  The water comes originally from the Chalice Well, a sacred English site. Healing properties of this water can be found at:

The line of powerful crop-circle essences made from this water can be found at:
Two special collections of essences are currently on sale there.
Raechel's Eyes Installment 20
Wild Flower Press is pleased to continue its free serializing of the fascinating new book, "Raechel's Eyes: The Strange but True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid," by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux, "Raechel's Eyes" is now available in ONE complete volume for $25.00, on sale for $20! Order book at:
If you have missed any installments, they are archived as a courtesy at:

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De: Alias de MSNHMCesidio Enviado: 18/09/2005 3:52
1. News from the 5th World
A.  5th World Postings:
8.31.05 Communication with the Elemental Spirit of Katrina
Details posted on Pam Meyer’s communication with Elemental Spirit of Katrina and her intent
9.16.05 80% of Americans Say Park Your SUV A new poll shows strong opinions in favor of reducing our dependence on oil Link:
9.16.05 Documenting the Unexpected Wild Flower Press documents unexpected behavior by a “bad ass.” Link:
B. New 2005 Crop Circle Energy Essences now Shipping
Eleven powerful new crop-circle-energized essences are now shipping! Essence #2k501 relieves people from the fear of cancer and acts against cancer already in progress. Essence #2k509 heals the cycles of violence. Each is currently $11, with serious discounts for purchases of whole sets. See
C. Scuffed Books
Scuffed and marred books continue to move at the 5th World Store Online.  Check them out by following the stepped-on book at:  There is only 1 copy left of Raechel’s Eyes, Volume I only, which has become a collector’s item. In perfect condition, it is a rare one-of-a-kind leftovers, never to be produced again. Get it while you can. This project is going downtown!
D. $7 Coupon
If you are reading this, you already receive our weekly emailing, but that doesn’t matter. Visit our web site and open the email coupon to receive $7 off on your next order from the 5th World online store!  Or email a friend about it.  They’ll love it.  $7 is enough to get a vibrant spine-tingling Crop Circle Essence, or a couple of great scuffed books, or just lesson the burden of paying for your order.  Whatever!  Enjoy! :)  (Note that each coupon has an expiration date.)
E. Bay Area UFO Expo Features Ann Druffel, Ann and Jason Andrews
The 7th Annual
October 15 & 16, 2005
Westin Hotel, Santa Clara, CA
        Speakers: Ann & Jason Andrews, Ann Druffel, Dannion Brinkley, Colin Andrews, Steven Bassett, Greg Bishop, Ian Christopher,  A.J. Gevaerd, Michael Horn, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Dr. Lynne D. Kitei, MD, Dr. Roger Leir, Jason Martell, Jordan Maxwell, Sean David Morton, John Rhodes, Marshall Summers, Dr. Thomas Van Flandern, David Wilcock.
        For more info: Ph/Fax: (209) 836-4281
2. Raechel’s Eyes Installment 33
Wild Flower Press is pleased to continue its free serializing of the fascinating new book, Raechel's Eyes: The Strange but True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid, by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux.
        Raechel's Eyes is now available in ONE complete volume for $25.00, on sale for $20! Order book at
        Your next installment of Part Two is below. Every Friday an additional free installment chapter will go out to this list.
        If you have missed any installments, they are archived as a courtesy at:
        More reviews of Raechel’s Eyes are now available online at

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