President Obama denied knowing anything about aliens to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel who said, if he were ever POTUS, he would immediately head to wherever they kept the files on Area 51 and read them.

“That’s why you will not be President,” Obama observed, making his first appearance on Kimmel’s ABC show since being elected. “The aliens won’t let that happen. They exercise strict control over us.”

Kimmel pointed out President Clinton had said he did, in fact, look at the files, and found nothing. “That’s what we’re instructed to say,” Obama responded.

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Didn't he do the exact opposite of what the headline says? Clever Obama, he can tell the...
Hot Rod
4 hours
Maybe the aliens are hiding the weapons of mass destruction his predecessor told us existed.
5 hours
Who in the hell is POTUS?Is it a spanish word "evil' or "terrible president".

Kimmel also wanted to know if Obama ever uses the kitchen in the White House, visits the dentist, and asked if he would please do away with daylight saving time. “See, this is a California thing,” Obama responded. “In the East Coast, you don’t mind losing that hour because it’s a signal that spring is here.”

Kimmel who had introduced Obama as “the first Kenyan-born Muslim socialist to be elected President, asked Obama if he could drive.

“I can’t drive.” Obama acknowledged. “I mean, I can but –”

“Is that because you don’t have a birth certificate?” Kimmel shot back.

“In Kenya, we drive on the other side of the street,” Obama said.

The President said he also does not text or tweet, does use email – he declined to give Hillary Clinton’s email to Kimmel – and is not allowed to have a phone with a “recorder” in it for security reasons.