Francis L. Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

January 29, 2006

Greetings Fellow Enthusiasts,
The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) was formed in 1956, flourished through about 1970, and, as an organization with field investigators and consultants, declined gradually thereafter. For a more detailed story about NICAP please check Richard Hall.

This is an official, fully authorized web site, designed for public information and media use. NICAP may no longer exist as an active member organization, but its pages contain links to the evidence, the very best evidence. The 15th of December, 2005, marked the 8th year anniversary for the NICAP web site. Check out the latest briefing accomplishments and 8th Anniversary Celebration here.

Authorized, full-length versions of classic UFO books on this site, includes two new additions.

Also located onsite is an "sneak preview" of the book, "Regional Encounters: The FC Files", which I published in 1994. The book is out of print, but is now available on CD-Rom.  Click here to order.

Be sure to visit the impressive sightings pages at the  NICAP Sighting Information Database. Seventeen major sources are linked from there..

There have been millions of UFO sightings, but bonified UFOs are rare. We have on record, a hundred-thousand-plus sightings on computer (UFOCAT). In addition we have

* Cat 11: 3,000-plus sightings from aircraft (Dr. Richard Haines). Around 200 cases listed on the NICAP site.
* Cat 10: Over 200 cases involving a nuclear connection, several radiation injury cases.
* Cat 9: 500 radar cases, many radar/visual. 363 radar cases, 76 as R/V (USAF records alone, Dominique Weinstein). 230 incidents are listed on the NICAP site.
* Cat 8: Photographic Evidence. 4,770 cases (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and the Anomaly Foundation).
* Cat 7: Humanoid Cases (hundreds) and Abduction Reports.
* Cat 6: 5600 Physical Trace cases documented, 4104 involving UFO visual sightings (CUFOS).
* Cat 5: Medical Cases. Being compiled,
* Cat 4: Over a hundred cases of UFO sightings involving animal reactions on the NICAP site alone (Joan Woodward).
* Cat 3: E-M Effects. Over 500 cases associated with UFO sightings (CUFOS) and 185 E-M cases documented involving UFOs near aircraft (Dr. Richard Haines). 250 listed on the NICAP site.
* Cat 2: Hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent close encounters by credible observers whose testimony in court would be taken at face value.
* About 1500 (701 originally) UNKNOWNS listed in Project Blue Book files (Brad Sparks).

The NICAP site is the number one source of the best evidence and covers material from the dawn of the UFO age, over a half century ago. If you would like to participate in email discussions on CURRENT ENCOUNTERS or file information, please email me at mailto:nicap@insightbb.com

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

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