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Well-known UFO researchers at Nov. 1, 2008 Maryland conference
L to R: Don Berliner, Fund for UFO Research chairman; David M.
Jacobs, history professor & abduction researcher; Richard Hall; Ted
Bloecher, former NICAP staff member; Bruce Maccabee, Navy
physicist & photoanalyst; John Carlson, archeoastronomer & Fund
for UFO Research board member.



We now have available for viewing a previously unpublished book review by the late Isabel Davis, of The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, by Ann Druffel & D. Scott Rogo.

Journal of UFO History compendium published July 2006. See HallMart.

Subscriptions are available for the Journal of UFO History, now in its fifth year of publication. The Journal is published six times per year. See HallMart.

The "Strange Days...Indeed" radio program about UFOs at CFRB in Toronto, Ontario, has gone off the air as of March 2007. It is now available by PodCast subscription. See www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/sdi/program/.


NICAP History Documents




Conceptualizing UFOs by Richard H. Hall

UFOs: The Real Question by Richard H. Hall

"Running Code": The Night the Alien Died by Richard H. Hall

Whither UFOlogy? by Richard H. Hall

The Science of UFOs: Facts vs. Stereotypes by Richard H. Hall



The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-year Report by Richard H. Hall

UFO Evidence by NICAP

Uninvited Guests by Richard Hall



Debunker's Guidebook by Richard H. Hall

Students' Guide to UFOs by Richard H. Hall



The following links are to recommended UFO investigation and research sites that are scholarly and scientific in nature:


The Fund for UFO Research: UFO research activities and reports. www.fufor.com
USAF Project Blue Book UFO file documents in pdf format, with search engine. www.bluebookarchive.org
Jerry Cohen's website. Important historical data and dialogue. www.cohenufo.org
Abduction Information Center, John Velez www.virtuallystrange.net
Society for Scientific Exploration journal on scientific anomalies, including UFOs. www.scientificexploration.org
A professional astronomer urges skeptical scientists to take another look at the data www.ufoskeptic.org
Cogent and funny expose' of parasites & frauds: www.ufowatchdog.com
UFO Updates discussions www.ufomind.com
Project 1947 www.project1947.com
NICAP www.nicap.org
Computer UFO Network www.cufon.org
Project Blue Book Research Center www.nicap.dabsol.co.uk/blue.htm
Center for UFO Studies www.cufos.org
Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. www.brumac.8k.com 
UFOs seen entering or leaving bodies of water. www.waterufo.net
Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFI), a cooperative scientific and lobbying effort on UFOs. www.freedomofinfo.org
Larry Hatch, 18-year cataloging and mapping effort for UFO sightings worldwide. www.larryhatch.net
Scientist Bill Chalker's "Oz Files" on UFO sightings and activities in Australia. www.theozfiles.com
Reports of flight crew and ATC UFO sightings and related aviation safety issues. www.narcap.org
National Institute of Discovery Sciences (NIDS) - studies of various scientific anamolies, including UFOs (articles, reviews, references). www.nidsci.org
International Center for Abduction Research, David M. Jacobs www.ufoabduction.com

Major Donald E. Keyhoe
and Richard Hall

Major Keyhoe and Richard Hall

Be sure to see the Donald E. Keyhoe Archives page of this website!

Larry King Show, 1981 Larry King show, Feb. 6, 1981, discussion of UFOs. Left to right: Dr. Bruce Maccabee, King (pre-heart attack), Don Berliner, and Richard Hall (pipe in mouth, partly hidden behind microphone boom).
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