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Donald Worley: Phantom Surgeons of the Night

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

A form of helpless paranoia hangs like a shroud over large areas of the western half of the United States. A mysterious agency strikes out of the darkness and leaves its grisly evidence behind.

CAROLYN McCALL'S EXPERIENCE sends cold chills rippling down the spine. Carolyn was the wife of the manager of Hay Creek Ranch near Antelope, Oregon who stumbled across this dead bull on her ranch. The bull looked as though he had just dropped in his tracks since the lower limbs of a Juniper tree were broken beneath him.

Carolyn's horse reared up and would not approach the animal. After she had summoned other riders it was learned that the bull had been dead about a week, yet there was no odor of decay, and a complete absence of the usual magpies, buzzards, and flies refused to descend on the carcass.

The nose, eye, ear, tongue, rectum, scrotum and center of the abdomen had been excised by precision bloodless surgery, leaving serrated-edged cavities. A perfect triangle was cut into the hide of one shoulder. This was a typical "mute" also known as a surgical animal mutilation. I learned about this case when I was in Oregon appearing on TV.


We are now into the fifth decade of this frightening, relentless activity of slaughtered animals by phantom surgeons. No estimates can be made of the total victims, but it must be more than 50,000 just in the USA alone. By January 1997 Jean Barton, a Lassen County California cattle owner, had suffered some cattle mutilations, and when she publicized it, she was overwhelmed by the number of other ranchers who had reported similar losses. Through the years many ranchers have stopped reporting their losses, and the county sheriffs have sought to reduce the totals and to avoid criticism over so many unsolved cases.

Silence has become the reaction to this eerie menace that cannot be stopped. The time has long since passed for officialdom's "head in the sand" attitude. Only a delusional fool would cling to the untenable theories of predators or disease or quasi-military research or satanic cults.

I will also not waste words on the ruinous strife that has occurred between Government officials, State lab pathologists, criminal division investigators on the one hand and ranchers, farmers, veterinarians and county sheriffs on the other.

Gabe Valdez, a New Mexico State Policeman said it right, "They are like coyotes coming from behind. Never saying who they are, but asking a lot of questions. Then they leave until the next 'mute.'"

In the past, armed ranchers have patrolled their land day and night. Some of the most massive manhunts in the history of these regions have been mounted. During the peak year of 1975 in Colorado, Governor Richard Lamm ordered radar equipped guard helicopters into the fray. The elusive alien surgeons remained undetected just as they always had and ranchers lost thousands of dollars for each dead carcass.


On a global scale, cattle mutilation phenomena are most intense in western USA. Places like Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, and Scandinavia are trailing somewhere behind. In England, or points east into the Middle East, it seems a rarity. No human effects are ever found around a downed cow.

Predatory animals avoid the mutilated carcass and maggots stop at the wound edge. Often a circle of wilted grass is found. Dr. Levengood, a Michigan biophysicist examined grass from inside ovals at Garnett, Kansas and Chacon, New Mexico and found cellular changes in the plants suggesting exposure to microwave frequencies. In the animals themselves, cauterized exposure of tissue to high heat results in "necrosis" meaning tissue death by heat.

On the other hand some cases have been found where it is not a laser burn. Instead microscopic study has revealed a clean incision precisely between the cell boundaries, something totally beyond human skill. The reproductive system is frequently removed, and the anus cored out.

Frequently the eyes are removed leaving the fatty pad. The tongue is missing from deep in the throat. Chest incision removes organs thereby leaving no evidence of bone fracture. A cow may have 40 gallons of blood and some have had it all removed down to the capillary level. This is another feat beyond our science.

Some odd things have been found at "mute" sites. Sheriff Yarnell of Elbert County Colorado, found an udder neatly cleaned out and packed with sand. Teats have been snipped off and arranged in perfect order on a leg. Perfect circles or squares have been cut out of hide. Aluminum strips were found in one cow's mouth --the same metal fragments that fell in such profusion in the 1960s. Geiger counter readings at some sites have been higher than the surrounding areas.


On September 13, 1994 near Chacon, New Mexico, Larry Gardner spotted two dead cows while on his way to hunt bear near Luhan Canyon. All of a sudden, Larry heard a noise like the sound of an arc welder coming from the opposite direction from where he had seen the cows. On the other side of a fence, Larry was shocked to find one of the cows moving on its side toward the noise and unable to get up. When it came to a ditch, it floated right over it. The cow disappeared into a grove of trees.

Unnerved by what he had seen, Larry fired two quick shots over the trees and fled. Later it was found there were no indications that the animal had touched the damp ground. Linda Moulton Howe, America's foremost "mute" researcher investigated this incident.

Two kinds of aerial objects haunt "mute" skies. They are the UFOs and the black helicopters. I will deal with the UFOs first, choosing a few examples from the thousands. The large Terry Sherman Ranch in Uintah County, Utah, has been a hotbed of UFOs and bizarre activity since March 1995. They link the loss of several cows to UFOs.

Three kinds of UFOs were seen, a small box-like craft, a 40 foot object, and a huge ship the size of two football fields. They have seen orange lights, some of which emerged from orange circular doorways that appeared in the sky. From Judith Basin County undersheriff, Jerry Skelton wrote me, "I don't know what you have got for facts on these UFOs but people see them flying around here all the time."

In that Montana area the usual diabolical thing were happening to the cattle population. In Fergus County, nine heifers were found together minus their female organs and one ear. Pat McGuire, an outfitter and guide in Big Laramie, Wyoming, provided me with extensive UFO Mute documentation in his area. He referred to the UFOs as spaceships and his multiple witness reports were many.

In Pat's closest sighting, he described a 30 foot by 500 foot orange disc with domes on top and bottom. In Logan County, in northeastern Colorado, eerie bright objects dubbed "Big Mama and her Babies " were seen repeatedly by bewildered ranchers and law officers who linked them with 77 "mute" deaths in the county.

Sheriff Harry Graves said, "'Big Mama' looks like a huge brilliant star that hovers high in the sky for up to 90 minutes, then suddenly disappears at great speed. Sometimes as many as three baby UFOs come out of her belly. When the little ones get done with whatever they are doing they join up with the big one and disappear. We have chased 'Big Mama' by plane and car, and sometimes she is round, and other times pear-shaped. The UFO's colors change from white to red to green to white."

One night in May 1991, a Washington State ranch hand watched as an 1800 pound bull was drawn up into a blue beam of light head first. At the top, the beam seemed to flare, and the bull was turned endwise five or six times.

After the beam snapped off, the ranch hand heard an enormous plop as the animal was dropped from mid-air and hit the ground hard. In the daylight, the bull was found to be a typical "mute" victim.


Now let me move on to that other puzzling kind of craft seen at "mute" sites. In his book, The Copters and the Choppers by Tom Adams, (PO Box 1049 Paris, Texas 75460)Tom lists 200 helicopter "mute" proximity reports. Not all helicopters are black, and some may be conventional craft. In some instances the copter flew up from the spot and a "mute" was later found there.

Of all the western sheriffs, perhaps Roy Kitson and his deputies of Madison County, Montana can claim the wildest experiences with the black copters and UFOs. By 1976, 22 mutilations had occurred in the county, but the witch's brew of alien aircraft far outnumbered this. Kitson and his men learned to sleep with their boots on, for when UFO reports started up, they knew they had to hit the ground running.

One afternoon, Kitson and his men headed up toward Horse Creek, where six cows were reported mutilated. In the 12 hours before the officers got up into the rugged area, the six calves with the cows had also vanished. In the rugged, dark mountains of the upper Ruby River, the three officers watched weird glowing lights darting over the treetops and around mountain sides. On this memorable night, silent jet black helicopters also swooped in on them. The two groups of copters and UFOs had joined forces. The helpless lawmen finally retreated out of the area.


There were so many UFOs seen around the little town of Fyffe in Northeast Alabama, that the State Senate declared it "The UFO Capital of Alabama." In 1992 this proved to be a harbinger of days when bovine corpses would litter the landscape. The ever present UFOs and helicopters were around, too. Ted Oliphant, the lawman heading the investigation from Fyffe stated, "95% of these cases include reports of helicopters."


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Jean Cole, wife of Albertsville's chief detective, watched a helicopter at close range when it came down in her back yard. She clearly saw four business-suited occupants in it. It rapidly flew away when they noticed her presence. The following morning, detective Cole found one of his Black Angus cows minus its sex organs and rectum.


Another kind of figure has show up amongst the occupants of our mysterious helicopters. In the Red Mountain area near Norris, Montana, a hunter watched as a black copter that looked like a Bell Jet Ranger flew over him. It landed down the hill, and seven figures began to come up the hill toward him. He began to hurry down the hill to meet them waving and shouting greetings as he did so.

As the distance rapidly closed the hunter could see the figures had on ordinary clothing. All had faces that were olive-colored and eyes that looked slanted. They chatted in a language among themselves that he had never heard. Were they human or alien?

Suddenly they stopped as if realizing he was not who they thought he was, and began to run back toward the running copter which rapidly lifted up and away.

Actually the presence of black helicopters in "mute" areas is a mystery within a mystery. Who controls them and why are they there? To begin with, we must remember that the presence of black copters in a harassing mode with abductees is a statistical fact. Therefore I believe that they are not an attempt by government to monitor "mute" activity or in anyway connected with us. I am convinced they are yet another employment of a quasi-form like the human-like MIB (Men In Black) only this time it is a quasi-aero machine that we call the black helicopters.


There are episodes where the aliens have been seen at the scene of the dead and I will now briefly describe some of those. At Lebsack feed-lot, southeast of Sterling, Colorado, three animals were "mute" victims on successive nights. Two ranch hands staked out the well illuminated site from a grain elevator. At about 4:00 a.m., three human-like aliens glided in over the fence of the lot. Two cars of officers arrived within six minutes, but the aliens had vanished leaving no sign of their passage on the muddy ground.

Another incident involving aliens occurred on a grey overcast day when a Waco, Texas rancher was doing a foot search for a lost calf. As he re-crossed a hill, he encountered two alien creatures carrying the calf between them. The four foot tall aliens were greenish-colored, with big heads and large black slanted eyes. Terrified, the rancher ran from the scene. When he returned with a companion, the mutilated calf was found at the site.

For a Missouri farm couple a glittering UFO in the distance turned into much more when they began to view it through binoculars. On the ground was a green cone shaped object with a door and platform off to the side. Near this stood a "lizard-like" alien staring at them with big eyes. Frantically passing the binoculars back and forth they spotted a downed black cow and two small silver-suited beings with packs on their backs. The aliens were moving their fingers over the cow and looking at them. With their hands over the cow, the animal began to float in the air up to a ramp and into the trees which concealed a UFO.


An important case in which the aliens were directly linked to "mute" phenomena came to light when Judy Doraty, driven by constant headaches, had herself regressed hypnotically by Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. of the University of Wyoming. While driving south of Houston, Texas in 1975, Judy and her daughter were amazed to see a calf rise in a pale yellow beam of light.

Both women were then abducted and witnessed the surgical mutilation of the calf by two Gray-type aliens. These aliens had long thin tapered fingers with nails. Their large hypnotic, blinking eyes were yellow with a black vertical pupil. In 1990, John Carpenter, a very experienced hypno-therapist, regressed Cindy, the daughter of Judy. The session produced the same details that had come from her mother years before.

The May 1980 case of Myra Hansen and her young son has many similarities to the Doraty case. Myra and her son were on a rural highway near Cimarron, New Mexico, and came upon a fear-stricken cow bellowing. Two short, white-suited aliens were doing something to the cow.

Overcome with anger, Myra approached the scene and soon found herself and her son abducted. The large glowing disc they were on took them to an underground base. Myra thought it might be one kilometer beneath the Jicanilla Apache Indian Reservation, in the Las Cruces region. In both the Doraty and Hanson cases, the women underwent the usual alien physical procedures.


Let me now turn to a classic case that occurred in the peak year of 1975 in Colorado. This was originally published in the July 1978 bulletin of APRO. This case is not fiction, for Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D and John Derr, Ph.D investigated it at the site. I will summarize as briefly as possible.

The beautiful ranch in the Rocky mountains into which the Evans family had moved, overlooked a military base, and was above abandoned coal mines. A mysterious loud "turbine " sound kept coming from a certain place in the house. In their limited stay at the ranch they lost a total of six cows to mutilation. The family consisted of the husband, wife Susan, two sons, and a business friend named Jim.

On this amazing night when six discs were sighted, Susan got knocked off the couch and into the front room floor by a beam of light. Visitors and residents of the ranch suffered headaches and paralysis in their stay there. One night the transmission systems of the family's Cadillac and station wagon got trashed. There were more bewildering events too extensive to cover here.

When discs were observed, a mutilation might happen and a pounding noise might begin on the house by the "Big Foot" that occasionally appeared.

Jim took a shot at "Big Foot" and got hell from the sheriff who knew all about UFOs, black boxes, and a lot more. There were some 20 witnesses to "Big Foot" and one night Susan was treated to the experience of being mimicked by him. She went out on the porch, leaned over, shielded her eyes and spotted him. There he was in the timber doing exactly the same thing back to her.

The most fascinating, unreal event that happened on the ranch took place on a moonlit winter night when Jim noticed a dim yellow light in the pine trees up near the mysterious burned circle. As Jim approached, a black box on the ground made a buzzing sound. Jim decided to retreat then went back and found nothing. Jim would always wonder why he moved on under the trees. He was suffering from heart disease and had no desire to go but a strange, overpowering compulsion kept him walking. Jim entered a glowing area occupied by two individuals.

Down the hill he noticed a dimly lit disc. One alien knew his name and said in good English, "How nice of you to come." Jim then asked them a series of questions and complained about the car's transmission systems. Jim also told the aliens they were attracting a lot of attention to themselves with what they were doing. The aliens were non-committal but did apologize for any inconveniences, and promised a more equitible arrangement. True lies indeed, for the Evans were soon forced to abandon their beautiful ranch.

Jim was able to study the two aliens closely. They were about 5 feet 6 inches tall, seemed young, effeminate, and wore flight suits that changed from brown to silver. They were very fair skinned, had blond hair with a partial cover, and eyes that were large and striking. The eyes were most impressive. Their appearance was what people call "Nordic" type aliens.

In blond "Nordic" type aliens we have four types.

1. the adolescent kind such as these; 2. the taller more mature type; 3. the old Nordics in white robes; and 4. the giant Nordics.

I would guess that these adolescent type were in a supervisory capacity in the "mute" operations which we see carried out by the alien Grays. Since we really do know who is getting all the uncounted tons of bovine flesh and blood, the next question is, "Why are they doing this?" Is it somehow linked to the widespread, relentless activity of human abduction and extraction and manipulation of egg, sperm, fetus, etc.?

Does the clandestine, dimensional intelligence behind all this need these products to develop earth/alien hybrids also known as Halflings? Large fragments of cattle chromosomes are homologuous (sequentially identical) to human chromosomes. Do these cunning aliens know something of importance that we do not know?

Maybe the aliens know what is stated in many prophecies, that our fair little planet Earth is doomed to be wracked by cataclysmic upheaval and life as we know it, extinguished? So they are developing a more durable, quasi-human life-form to survive here or elsewhere in the cosmos. Only time will tell.

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