An anonymous donor has offered to give Perelandra College several acres at the base of Mount Shasta, a mile fromo the center of Mount Shasta City, provided we pay the cost of a survey and land split.


Future home of the
Perelandra College
retreat and conference center.

The City of Mt. Shasta nestles at the foot of imposing 14,162-foot Mount Shasta, the second highest volcano in the continental United States, and a prominent landmark along the historic Siskiyou Trail. The trail is currently Interstate 5, which provides easy access to this town of 3400 residents located midway between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. A variety of restaurants, motels, campgrounds, spas and other establishments serve locals and visitors.

The air and water of the Mount Shasta area are among the purest in the country. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike or climb to the snowline and beyond even in the midst of summer, fish Lake Siskiyou or the McCloud River, and houseboat on Lake Shasta.

Mount Shasta is considered one of the worlds' rare places of peace and power.


In 1894, Frederick Spencer Oliver published A Dweller on Two Planets, which claimed that survivors from a sunken continent called Lemuria were living in or on Mount Shasta. Oliver's Lemurians lived in a complex of tunnels beneath the mountain and occasionally were seen walking the surface dressed in white robes.This belief has been incorporated into numerous occult religions, including "I AM" Activity, The Summit Lighthouse, Church Universal and Triumphant, and Kryon.

According to Guy Ballard, while hiking on Mount Shasta he encountered a man who introduced himself as Comte de Saint-Germain. Saint Germain is said to have started Ballard on the path to discovering the teachings that would become the "I AM" Activity religious movement.

In 1904, as the story goes, J.C. Brown, hired by The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England to prospect for gold, discovered a cave which sloped downward for 11 miles. In the cave, he found an underground village filled with gold, shields, and mummies, some being up to 10 feet tall. Thirty years later, he told his story to John C. Root who proceeded to gather an exploration team in Stockton, California. 80 people joined the team, but on the day the team was to set out, neither Root or Brown showed up. A search party was formed, but not a trace of either man was ever found.

Edwin Bernbaum's Sacred Mountains of the World contains several pages reviewing popular myths of Mt. Shasta including Ballard's "I Am" teachings about Saint Germain; the Lemurian legends as popularized by the Rosicrucians;a Great Spirit Indian legend as written by Joaquin Miller in the 1870s; and reverential uses of the mountain including the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.

Bernbaum writes: "Mount Shasta makes a profound impression on anyone who sees it, whether mystically inclined or not. Once, on a family trip, I pointed out the great white pyramid of shimmering snow to my son, David, not yet two years old. The sight so impressed him that a month later he produced as his first work of representational art a drawing of the peak. For the next two years every mountain he saw, no matter what size or shape, whether a photograph or an actual view, elicited the same excited cry, 'Look Daddy, Mount Shasta!' Such responses help to give life to a mountain and make it a sacred place, a focal point of myth and legend."

lake siskiyou

Mount Shasta from the shore of Lake Siskiyou.

As soon as prosperity allows, we will dig our well and begin the creation of a place of refuge and inspiration available to everyone in the Perelandra College community.

Consider joining the process through prayers, labor or whatever.


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