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Aimé Michel (1919, Saint-Vincent-les-Forts – 1992), was a UFO specialist.



[edit] Biography

Educated with diplomas in psychology and philosophy, Aimé Michel joined the French Radio Broadcasting[1] in 1944. (He had successfully passed an entrance exam for studio sound engineers in 1943.) In 1946, he worked in the research department, making contact with Pierre Schaeffer (a member of the association "Work and Culture" (Travail et Culture) in association with Louis Pauwels).

In 1958, with the publication of his book about the 1954 wave of UFOs (Mystérieux Objets Célestes) in France, Michel devised a theory called orthoténie with the help of Jacques Bergier on the corner of a restaurant tablecloth.[2] Michel posited so-called "alignments": Straight lines which corresponded to large circles traced and centered on the earth. Michel claimed that UFO sightings could be concentrated along these grid lines. He proposed, for example, that there was a line known as “Bavic” (for “Bayonne - Vichy”) where, out of nine UFO observations cited in the press on September 24, 1954, six aligned (Bayonne, Lencouacq, Tulle, Ussel, Cold, Vichy).

A member of the editorial board of Lights in the Night (Lumières dans la nuit) since 1969, he wrote numerous articles on UFOs, mysticism, the animal kingdom as well as other topics in various journals.[3] In the journal The Life of the Animals (La vie des bêtes), during the 1960s, he authored the column The Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom (Les mystères du monde animal). From September 26 to October 10, 1964, Aimé Michel also led cultural workshops on the theme of "Life in the Sidereal Universe" (La vie dans l'Univers sidéral), taking place under the auspices of the magazine Planet (Planète) at Cefalu in Sicily.

He wrote the television screenplay Mycènes Celui qui vient du futur: Mycènes, He who comes from the future.

His readers generally appreciate his interest in "anything that is beyond human" and in challenges of the mind. Described as a free spirit by his entourage, Michel had a stated goal to avoid being limited by external constraints.

He was a friend of the controversial Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels, and described himself as a "pathological" rebel.

[edit] Works

  • Heroic Mountains, A History of Mountaineering (Montagnes héroïques, histoire de l'alpinisme), ed. Mame, 1953, collection Découvertes: This is a layman's book on the history of mountaineering in the world. Michel Aimé writes about the exploits of climbers from the dawn of history to the most recent of expeditions.
  • Glimmering lights on flying saucers (Lueurs sur les soucoupes volantes) (edition Mame, 1954, coll. Découvertes; preface by his friend Jean Cocteau) is the second book on French UFOs, following Flying Saucers Come From Another World (Les soucoupes volantes viennent d'un autre monde), written by Jimmy Guieu (edition Fleuve Noir, 1954) but before Propulsion of Flying Saucers (Propulsion des soucoupes volantes) written by Jean Plantier (edition. Mame, 1955).
  • About Flying Saucers" ("Mystérieux objects célestes"), ed. Arthaud, 1958, coll. "Clefs de l'Adventure/Clefs du Savoir," new ed. Planète (Présence Planète), 1966; new ed. Robert Laffont (Malesherbes) and Seghers, 1977: A study devoted to an outbreak of UFOs in France in late 1954. Michael claimed to be the first to detect "rows" in the sightings.
  • The Voice poets, spring 1960, a collective tribute to Jean Cocteau text François Reichenbach
  • The Mystery of Dreams (with Wilhelm Moufang, William O. Stevens), World Encyclopedia, 1965.
  • The Animal performance, ed. Hachette, 1966, coll. "The Adventure of Life."
  • History and Guide to Secret France (with John Paul Clébert), Encyclopedia Planet, No. 31, 1968, repr. Denoël, 1979, "Legends and Traditions of France" My spiritual journey through France, seen and unseen. Birth of the sacred: the France of megaliths: the Gallic Charm: France says no: the long march (mountaineering and alchemy): routes: guide to the fantastic and wonderful, a geography of the sacred (France swallowed: Wild France: France sanctuaries: Traditional France: Haunted France: Miraculous France (signs in the sky): France as sacred space.
  • From animal to man: an interview with Konrad Lorenz by Jacques Brissot, documentary film, writer Aimé Michel, 1968, ORTF al. "Un certain regard", 50 '.
  • For or against the Flying Saucers (with George Lear), ed. Berger-Levrault, 1969
  • Mysteriousflying saucers (with Jacques Vallée and Fernand Lagarde "Lights in the Night"), ed. Albatros, 1973, repr. 1976
  • The mysticism, the inner man and the ineffable, ed. Culture, Arts and Leisure (CAL - CELT), 1973, coll. "Library of the Irrational and the Great Mysteries: Psychology of the ineffable. Abnormal surnormal. The alchemy of pain. Marie-Madeleine de Pazzi or the abyss of love. Carve the meat. The body of the soul to the sources. The ninth key. Conclusion: beyond human rights
  • Metanoia, physical phenomena of mysticism, ed. Albin Michel, 1973, repr. 1986, coll. "Modern Spirituality" series "Comparative Religion", No. 57 (revised and enlarged rééd. mysticism, the inner man and the ineffable).
  • In Search of humanoids (with Jacques Vallee, Charles Bowen (director of "Flying Saucer Review and author of the book), Antonio Ribera, William T. Powers, Gordon Creighton, Coral Lorenzen, Dr. W. Buhler, etc.), ed. Lu I, et al. "The Mysterious Adventure", 1974.
  • The Extra-Sensory / Calculators prodigies, volume of the collection The Unknown Powers of Man (14 volumes), ed. Chu-Laffont, 1976-1977: two texts Aimé Michel: These extra-sensory surround us in the introduction, Towards a new key of dreams about dreams in the second section "Creating and creativity."
  • The end of the world? Resumption of items under the aegis of Louis Pauwels an issue of the journal "Question" on the subject, ed. Retz (or Albin Michel?), 1977.
  • ''Mysterious celestial objects, repr. Robert Laffont, 1977, coll. "The other worlds and their riddles." Enriched (same year: repr. Malesherbes, and repr. Seghers).
  • The Hidden Face of France (with Jean-Paul Clébert Pierre Crepon, Jean-Michel Varenne and Jacques Brosse), coll. Memory Cheers, Volume I, ed. Seghers, 1978 (edited by Louis Pauwels, preface). Chapter AM: "The Soul of France through the folk tradition."
  • Soft The Apocalypse, ed. Aldana, 2008. Preface by Jacques Vallee. This book consists of original texts by the author learned of the correspondence addressed to Bertrand Méheust from 1978 to 1990.
  • Clarity in the heart of the labyrinth, ed. Aldana, 2008. Chronicles on science and religion from the magazine Catholic France. Selected Writings, introduced and annotated by Jean-Pierre Rospars.

[edit] See also

[edit] Biography

  • Aimé Michel, or the quest for Superman, Michel Picard, eds. Orion, 1996, coll. "Man Conscience", repr. JMG, 2000.*Cartas de très herejes, Antonio Ribera, ed. Corona Borealis, 1999. Editor of Planet, his last work based on his personal correspondence with Bruno Michel and Jacques Vallee, the years 1960 to 1990.
  • (Note: The Guest another world, French TV every Saturday afternoon from 1974 to 1975. Louis Pauwels received a weekly personality. Aimé Michel was part ...)

[edit] Prefaces

  • Astrology in Modern Science, Michel Gauquelin, ed. Planet, 1963, coll. Encyclopaedia Planet
  • The Life and the cosmos, CH-N. Martin, ed. Planet, 1963, repr. The Pocket Book, 1970, coll. Encyclopaedia Planet
  • Three Billion Years of Life, A. Cayeux, ed. Planet, 1964, coll. Encyclopaedia Planet
  • The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury, ed. Club of Friends of the Book, 1964
  • The irrational certainties, Dr. A. Guénot, ed. Planet, 1967, coll. "Presence Planet
  • Those from elsewhere, J. Lob and R. Gigi, ed. Dargaud, 1973
  • The Invisible College, Jacques Vallee, eds. Albin Michel, 1975, repr. J'ai Lu, 1976, 1981
  • Science Fiction and flying saucers: a reality mythicophysique Méheust B., ed. Mercure de France, 1978
  • The Gordian knot, or the fantastic history of UFOs, T. Pinvidic, ed. France-Empire, 1979
  • UFO: the first complete record of close encounters in France, Mr. Figuet and JL. Ruchon, ed. Alain Lefeuvre, 1979
  • China and Aliens, Shi Bo, ed. Mercure de France, 1983

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[edit] References

  1. ^ Radiodiffusion Française which was later known as RTF and then ORTF
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