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DISCLOSURE OF THIS INFORMATION IS AN ATTEMPT TO PROTECT AND PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THE GROUP KNOWN AS MAJESTIC TWELVE HAS ENGAGED IN A VILE CONSPIRACY THAT HAS IGNORED THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THE PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM THAT THE UNITED STATES WAS FOUNDED UPON. THEY HAVE TAKEN IT UPON THEMSELVES TO INSTITUTE UNLAWFUL AND DANGEROUS PROJECTS WHICH HAS ENDANGERED THE NATION AND THE HUMAN RACE. THE DISCLOSURE GROUP CONSISTS OF INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE SWORN TO UPHOLD AND PROTECT T E CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. WE HOPE AND PRAY THAT THIS DISCLOSURE WILL ENCOURAGE OTHERS CONNECTED WITH THIS CONSPIRACY TO MAKE SIMILAR DISCLOSURES. WE ASK THAT THIS STATEMENT REMAIN ATTACHED TO THIS INFORMATION. WE SEEK NO REWARD OR PUBLIC ACCLAIM. WE ONLY SEEK TO EXPOSE THIS ACT AS A CRIMINAL ASSUALT UPON THE UNITED STATES AND THE HUMAN RACE. MAJESTIC TWELVE (PROWORD) MAJIC MAJESTIC TWELVE, MAJESTIC 12, MAJESTIC-12, MJ-12, MAJIC, are all forms of the code name for the control group authorized by President Truman on 09/24/47. The Director of the Central Intelligenge Agency (CIA) is the Director of Majestic Twelve, MJ-1. The control group was formed to oversee a TOP SECRET Research and Development & Intelligence Operation and was responsible only to the President. The need for this group was dictated by the finding of a downed FLYING SAUCER scattered over 2 sites near the town of Roswell New Mexico in July 1947. The dead bodys of 4 very small human like ALIENS were also found. MAJESTIC TWELVE is the most highly classified secret in the United States and its existance has never been divulged to Congress. The funds for MJ-12 and Aquarius are CIA confidential (non-appropriated). DOCUMENTS MAJESTIC TWELVE documents can be identified by the following; TOP SECRET/MAJIC/RESTRICTED DATA EYES ONLY COPY___OF___ TOP SECRET/MAJIC/RESTRICTED EYES ONLY COPY___OF___ TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY COPY___OF___ One of the above will appear both at the top and bottom of each page. You will never see one version in a document along with any other version. Also on each page will appear; T52-EXEMPT (E) or just EXEMPT. T52 is the publication outlining procedures for automatic downgrade of all security classifications and the time period for declassification of each security level. This information is never to be declassified. Each page of each document will be numbered consecutively and the number of pages will appear upon the cover sheet. Copys of MAJESTIC TWELVE beyond the original number are forbidden. PROJECTS under MAJESTIC TWELVE The operations listed here were current as late as 1976 with absolute certainty and are still operational to the best of our knowledge. The names of the original operations were changed several times over the years and eventually evolved into those listed. PROJECT SIGN (PROWORD) MAJIC The first project under MAJESTIC TWELVE. The mission of project sign was essentially the same as that which PROJECT AQUARIUS evolved into. PROJECT SIGN referred to aliens as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. The reasons for the absorbtion of PROJECT SIGN by PROJECT AQUARIUS were mainly of a political and security nature. PROJECT AQUARIUS stripped the Air Force and Army Generals of their historic control of the UFO/IAC projects and placed most of it under the Intelligence umbrella. PROJECT AQUARIUS (PROWORD) MAJIC Established in 1953 by President Eisenhower under control of MJ-12 and PROJECT SIGN. The Project contains all information collected by the United States since it began investigating UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) and IAC's (Identified Alien Craft). At the time we saw this information it existed in approximately 15 or 16 volumes. This project became an independent project when PROJECT SIGN was eliminated in 1960. PROJECT AQUARIUS referred to aliens as Alien Life Forms. The mission of PROJECT AQUARIUS was to gather all scientific, technological, medical, and intelligence information from UFO & IAC sightings and contacts with Alien Life Forms. The information was to be used in the space program. PROJECT SIGMA (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1954 as part of PROJECT SIGN. The mission of PROJECT SIGMA was to establish communication with the aliens. First communication was established in 1959 through binary computer language. On April 25, 1964 a USAF (OSI) officer met with aliens at a prearranged desert location in New Mexico. Information was exchanged and a basic understanding was reached after several hours. It was learned through this effort that several species of alien life existed. Communication was eventually established with all of them. Through communications it was determined that 3 catagorys existed. The three catagorys are MALEVOLENT (DANGEROUS), BENEVOLENT (GOOD-HELPFUL), and NEUTRAL (OBSERVERS ONLY) The project has been extremely successful. PROJECT PLATO (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1960 after the United States established communications with the aliens. The mission of PROJECT PLATO was to establ ish diplomatic re lations with the aliens. Project Plato made agreements in order to prevent hostilitys between the United States and the aliens. An agreement was made with the MALEVOLENT aliens whereby they could abduct humans. The purpose of these abductions were to provide blood and other biological fluids as food for the aliens. The aliens agreed to furnish a list periodically to MJ-12 of the names of those abducted. PROJECT PLATO took whatever steps neccessary to prevent public disclosure. * PROJECT PLUTO (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1947 after the Roswell incident. The mission of PROJECT PLUTO was to recover all crashed or downed alien craft, to recover all evidence of alien presence or technology, and to recover all alien bodies (alive or dead). PROJECT PLUTO developed cover stories to satisfy press and civilian curiosity. PROJECT PLUTO was authorized use of deadly force and/or relocation to insure secrecy. PROJECT PLUTO was responsible for and biological intelligence of the Alien Life Forms. PROJECT POUNCE (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1968. The mission of PROJECT POUNCE was to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. The goal was to duplicate the technology and/or improve upon it. Ultimate use of the technology would establish the United States as the dominate world power and close the gap in any confrontation with the aliens. PROJECT REDLIGHT (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1954. The mission REDLIGHT was to test a recovered alien craft. The mission was accomplished in part only. PROJECT REDLIGHT was terminated in 1963 after every (flyable) recovered craft exploded during test flights. There were no survivors among the human test pilots. PROJECT SNOWBIRD (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1972. The mission of PROJECT SNOWBIRD was to test fly a recovered alien craft. The project was on going the last time I saw this information. PROJECT ???????? (PROWORD) AQUARIUS (NOTE...We are recall the name of this project nor have we been able to get response from anyone on it. At the time we saw the information the project was ongoing. It cannot be determined if this project is still in existence.) The mission of this project was to develop a low frequency pulsed sound generator. The energy produced from this generator was to be concentrated so that it could be aimed and used as a weapon in order to destroy the alien craft and beam weapons. The alien beam weapons were described as ange but able to incapacitate or destroy any weapons system known to date (1972). The aliens also possess a beam weapon which is described as being able to paralyse any human within range. Tests were described as having shown that the alien craft and weapons were extremely sensitive to low frequency pulsed sound waves. This weapon was to be used to incapacitate the alien defenses in order to allow PROJECT EXCALIBUR to succeed in its mission. The initial technology used in this project was capture the Germans during WW- II. The German sound generators were described as being able to knock down reinforced concrete buildings and shatter 4" thick armour from a great range. This technology is believed to further substantiate that Germany had recovered alien craft and had possibly had some dealings with the aliens prior to or during WW-II. Documents captured during and after WW-II indicated that an alien craft had been recovered by Germany in 1939. A German built flying saucer was captured dur last few months of WW-II. PROJECT EXCALIBUR (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1972. The mission of PROJECT EXCALIBUR is to develop a weapons system capable of destroying the alien underground base after the alien beam weapons have been incapacitated or destroyed. The alien underground base is located beneath an indian reservation near the small town of Dulce, New Mexico. The device must be capable of penetrating 1,000 meters of tufa / hard pack soil and sustain no operational damage. This typ is commonly found in New Mexico where the alien base is located. Missile apogee must not exceed 30,000 feet AGL. Impact deviation will now exceed 50 meters. The device will carry a 1 megaton warhead. PROJECT BLUE BOOK A U.S. Air Force project establiahed to determine whether UFO's pose a threat to the security of the United States and to determine whether UFO's exhibit any unique scientific information or advanced technology which could contribute to scientific or technical research. PROJECT was successful in its primary mission outlined above. PROJECT BLUE BOOK was not quite so successful in its secondary mission which was to publicly explain away the UFO phenomenon as natural or known phenomenon in order to eleminate public interest. To completely fulfill the secondary mission it was decided that an outside commission of distinguished scientists would be convened in order to permanantly lay the issue to rest. After this 'study' was completed (Condon Commission) the Air Force state the continuation of Project Blue Book cannot be justified, either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science. PROJECT BLUE BOOK was abandoned and its mission and information was consolidated under PROJECT AQUARIUS in 1969. SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS Contracted to the University of Colorado in 1966 and Chaired by Dr. Edward U. Condon. The results of the panel were dictated before the first meeting. Despite objections of the other panel members, Dr. Cond le to fulfill the mission. The general conclusion was that "nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that has added to scientific knowledge." A panel from the National Academy of Sciences agreed. The press and the public were satisfied. Except for a hard core element of UFO believers the issue died in the public forum. OPERATION UFO (NSA OPERATION IN SUPPORT OF PROJECT PLUTO) The mission of Operation UFO was to form intelligence teams versed in all of the knowledge learned which would be the first on scene of any UFO crash site in order to secure the technology and prevent it from falling into foreign hands. Several teams existed over the world. The United States was specifically concerned that it did not fall into Soviet hands. This mission was to be accomplished no matter the country of occurrance. Many subsequent ALIEN CRAFT recoverys would occur in foreign countrys as well as the United States. UFO was also used to recover downed space hardware (especially So d to recover nuclear weapons which became lost (usually by accident). OPERATION MOONDUST (SUPPORTED SPACE PROGRAM & UFO) The mission of Operation Moondust was to provide a cover which would neutralize public curiosity while recovery of an ALIEN CRAFT was being conducted. The teams that made up the compliment of Moondust were the same teams that made up UFO. Moondust was made public and its mission (to the public) was to identify and recover United States space hardware which might fall to earth. s a bonified mission when circumstances dictated. OPERATION BLUEFLY (SUPPORTED UFO & MOONDUST) The mission of operation Bluefly was to provide QUICK REACTION COMBAT TEAMS known as ALPHA teams (fight for technology if neccessary), mechanical and technological support in recovery, rapid and secure transport to secure storage and examination areas. There are several of these storage and examination areas in order to limit distance traveled and thus limit the possible chance of an accident that cou e cargo to public knowledge. Several teams existed over the world. Recovery and transport of both EBEs (dead or alive) and Alien craft were accomplished. Bluefly was also utilized in event of recovery of space objects (of terrestrial origin), and event of recovery of lost nuclear weapons (usually due to accident). NOTE....This account of the history and current status of MAJESTIC TWELVE and the Alien Life Forms has been kept brief. We believe that the intent, however, has been served with th on provided. The whole story would fill several hundred volumes. We realize that even with the combined effort of several memorys we have probably made some mistakes. We have tried to minimize the mistakes and feel that what is represented is true and correct to the best of our combined knowledge.


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