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The Love Bite: Deeper Insights into the Alien Abduction Phenomena

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By Eve Frances Lorgen MA

The Love Bite is the title of my recent book "The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships". The term was first coined the "alien love bite" by a small but growing number of aware abductees who began to realize that some of their love relationships were engineered by the aliens who abducted them. I deleted the "alien" notation from the description, because after working with many abductees, I realized that aliens were not the only ones responsible for these anomalous "pre-arranged" love relationships.
These alien orchestrated love bites often took the form of overwhelming love obsessions with an alien chosen targeted partner—another abductee. The targeted partner was sometimes another local abductee and other times the chosen mate was across the country or even in another country. For those abductees who were able to get together, the relationship was often short lived and passionate, leaving one of the partners in a state of unrequited love. There were many variations to the basic love bite set-up or manipulated relationship, which will be elaborated on more fully later in this chapter.
It became clear that the alien abductors be they Grey aliens, reptilians, human military or other unknown species, were heavily manipulating their "chosen ones" down to the very detail of their love and sex lives! Not only did these aliens set relationships up, but also they interfered in ways to break couples apart, friendships and even families. Clearly, the alien abduction phenomenon entailed more than the simple medical exams, and missing time episodes as reported by the "credible" Ufologists and abduction researchers of the 1980’s and early 90’s.
Rigid academic minds struggled to maintain an empirical nuts and bolts explanation of UFO’s and their abducting occupants. It appeared more important for most researchers to maintain credibility within the eyes of their academic contemporary peers, than to risk taking a step beyond, addressing the deeper issues of this phenomenon. The glossing over of abductee relationship manipulations served a useful purpose, ensuring ignorance, secrecy and powerlessness in the abductee population. Meanwhile, the suffering abductees caught up in the heavy hands of the aliens went largely unacknowledged and unaided.
It took a bold, fiery spirited woman like Dr. Karla Turner to stand in the gap for a growing number of abductees whose voice had been denied by other researchers. Dr. Karla Turner, professor of literature at North Texas University, and vocal alien abductions researcher, started a groundswell movement of abductees who did not fit into the rigid "Grey alien" abduction scenario of medical exams, implant procedures and missing time episodes. Dr. Turner addressed serious issues that had been muffled by the contemporary Ufologists and abduction researchers. Things such as military abductions (MILABS), reptilian aliens, relationship manipulations and deceitful tactics of the aliens were being exposed. Her groundbreaking books included Into the Fringe, Masquerade of Angels and Taken. Dr. Turner understood the suffering of abductees and was able to clearly recognize the masquerade that a majority of the abducting aliens were playing. In Masquerade of Angels, Dr. Turner recounts the Ted Rice story, which is a classic expose of how the aliens perpetrated extensive manipulations and deceptions, including a major love obsession that was clearly engineered by Ted’s alien handlers.

These revelations were an unwelcome shock to many abductees and researchers alike, because Pandora’s box had been opened. At least in this case—and many others—it was obvious that the aliens and visiting extraterrestrials were no benevolent spirit guides or earth guardians! They were deceivers with questionable motives who had interfered in abductees’ lives. Not only this, but once the truth behind their activities was seriously challenged, reprisals ensued. Something snakelike was rearing its ugly head, creating chaos wherever it went.

Because of the disturbing nature of Dr. Turner’s findings, she was criticized by many of her peers in the UFO community. Most of the criticism came from those who believed that extraterrestrials are here for our spiritual evolution. Other arguments to defend the benevolent ET theories arose, such as any negative alien abduction experience or MILAB (military abduction) originates from our own secret government black projects. This argument is not substantial, as many MILAB abductees observed alien Greys, reptilians and human military and medical personnel working in tandem with one another, often times in our own military underground installations! Furthermore, when the alien –human-military connection was seriously questioned, and exposed by MILAB abductees, reprisals soon followed. These events appeared "coincidental" with the exposure of sensitive information regarding the alien/human connection. 

I believe that Dr. Karla Turner died prematurely as a result of an abduction-related reprisal for her boldness in speaking the truth. I personally know abductees and researchers who have been afflicted with a series of unfortunate "coincidences" following exposure to these darker truths. These reprisals included sudden divorces, love bite set-ups, health problems and even cancer. Most whistleblowers ended up being ostracized and discredited publicly one way or another.

After Dr. Karla Turner’s death on January 9, 1996, a small group of abductees and myself began getting together on a regular basis. I conducted a regular support group for abductees, and a smaller core group of very aware abductees, who were less manipulated than the rest of the abductees. I noticed that there was a continuum of awareness levels in abductees, and that those who were more aware, psychic and spiritually strong could withstand the alien manipulations and spiritual warfare more readily than the novices who had not yet reached a heightened awareness level. I also observed that the degree of useful information increased with these"more aware" abductees and spiritual warriors.

One thing I’d like to point out is the difficulty working in the UFO/Paranormal/Abductions field—at least when one is sincerely trying to seek the truth and assist abductees who want to break free. The constant criticism amongst mainstream, academic and scientific circles regarding the reality of alien abductions is the lack of hard evidence. But the real problem is not lack of evidence, but the warfare conditions, which keep the average individual and researcher unaware and distracted. I liken my own research as an intelligence gathering operation under adverse warfare conditions with minimal or no resources—except a strong spirit. And to manage this while being able to truly help the suffering abductee or mind control victim without harm, or harm to oneself or family. It is no easy task, and most persons who complain about the lack of evidence or publicly discredit those who are discovering these "dark dirty secrets" are manipulated muppets who have no good works to show for themselves.

One of the reasons I even stumbled across the Love Bite, is because of the distractions aimed at certain individuals who were getting close to "breaking programming" or whistle blowing. This is only one of the reasons behind a love bite set up. To get a clearer understanding of what was happening to a number of abductees in my support group, I began corresponding with Barbara Bartholic, an abductions researcher and hypnotherapist of 25 years. Mrs. Bartholic was well aware of how love obsessions manifested in alien abductees, sometimes following a major abduction event. Love bite set-ups were also a pattern that Mrs. Bartholic observed during intense periods of UFO abduction activity. Barbara Bartholic is compassionate and deeply insightful with respect to abduction related love obsessions and how the reptilian aliens fit into the scheme of things. Much of this information is elaborated on in my book The Love Bite, and I encourage anyone who suspects this kind of thing in his or her own lives to read my book.

My own theory of the Love Bite developed after consolidating my own observations of alien abductions, MILABs, chronic relationship manipulations, anomalous health problems and the paranormal/occult side of the phenomena. I also learned a lot from the more aware MILAB abductees, whose bonding procedures with other persons (especially psychics) served several purposes. 

The symptomology of a love bite set up can be described by the conditions below. Remember there may be a variation of these presenting symptoms, depending on the individual and his or her background.

Characteristics, Signs and Symptoms of a Bonding Set Up

a. Multiple abduction histories. In most cases the person had numerous alien encounters and/or UFO sightings. In a few cases the targeted love bite partner did not realize him/herself to be an abductee. For example one partner was told by the" alien handlers" to have been abducted only for the purpose of the love bite relationship with a particular female abductee.

b. Memories of bonding scenarios in abductions, vivid dreams or virtual reality scenarios. Some have described it as a "stage managed" dream where both partners are present in a bedroom scene set up, where both individuals are being given telepathic messages to initiate contact, either on a verbal level or more physical sexual level. Oftentimes either partner appears to be in a tranced out or drugged state. Other stage-managed dreams and/or abductions may have the partners in various situations as if they are being tested for their emotional compatibility or coerced into thinking that this person would make an ideal romantic mate.

c. Supernatural Events and Synchronicities. Uncoincidental coincidences and psychic flashes concerning the targeted partner. Meeting the person seems to be set up in a supernatural way, such that the couple may believe their eventual union to be divinely arranged. A match made in heaven. A first meeting of the pre-bonded partner may set off a series of de ja vu memories, flashback memories of previous abductions or dream related bondings. Some have even described it as a "body memory" of having made love to that person before. One or both partners have a strong sense of having known the person before, as if they knew them all their lives or a strong soul connection.

d. Paranormal and supernatural phenomena increases during the love bite set-up. This may include empathic and even telepathic communication between the love bite pair. Spontaneous remote viewing images and mutually shared dreams. Other oddities may include the physical sensation of the partners "touch" or energy field when the other partner is thinking or fantasizing about them. This is known as telesthesia, and is often experienced in a sexual way oftentimes in an altered state of consciousness. These conditions may propel either person to find the other, an obsession to find the dream partner.

e. Strong emotional, mental and even psychic connections with the bonded partner—such that it sets up the conditions and desire for them to meet one another. The connection can be so strong that they have described it as a soul immersion in their beloved or literally having their souls joined to one another. Another bi-product is the amplification of psychic abilities in both or one partner. Some MILAB abductees reported that the reason for the bonding was to amplify their psychic abilities, such as remote viewing to be later used in a secret mission or "mind controlled ops".

f. Love obsession. A need for one partner or the other to be with them to the point of becoming infatuated. This includes the need to meet the person, even if it is in secret, and having to hear the person’s voice on the phone, sometimes calling the person daily or several times a day. Just hearing the targeted partner’s voice may have a calming effect on the obsessed lover. Extreme anxiety may be felt if the obsessed person cannot hear that person’s voice or see them somehow.

g. The obsessed partner usually feels "love at first sight" and may lose all critical reasoning ability. Some have described it as having the compulsion to make sudden life decisions like moving away, changing jobs, getting divorced or going out of their way to do things for the targeted person. It has been compared to being under a "love spell" whenever the obsessed person hears their partner’s voice. They may go to great lengths to please the person—doing anything for them, even giving up their life for them.

h. Switching off. One or the other partners becomes unplugged emotionally, leaving the other in a state of unrequited love. Usually the obsessed lover becomes painfully unrequited after the other partner loses interest, often right after abduction. It has been described as the psychic and emotional unplugging of the targeted partner. Unfortunately the obsessed lover still feels the strong psychic/emotional connection, but the other "switched off" partner feels nothing, leaving the obsessed lover grieving. Or the conditions for the bonded lovers are such that it is impossible for them to consummate their strong love, such as both partners being married to others or living a great distance away.

i. Emotional turmoil in the unrequited partners life. These powerful emotions of love and grief may cause the person to be inspired with creative energy, so that they write poetry, music, or any other art form of creative inspiration. Conversely, the degree of emotional pain may throw the unrequited lover into suicidal tendencies, mental and physical exhaustion or illness.

j. Profound mystical experiences may also be perceived during the time of increased emotional processing or periods of prayer.

k. Increase in alien encounters during periods of high drama and emotional conflict. The alien encounters may also increase if the person gets involved in alternative sexual lifestyles or increased sexual activity—especially if its with the targeted love bite partner. Some have reported increases in reptilian activity with methamphetamine or "crack concaine" abuse.

l. Some abductees have reported the bonding experience to take place more than once, whereby they have been on both sides of the love bite; the obsessed unrequited end, or the non-unrequited end. When they are on the non-unrequited end, a platonic friendship may be engendered. Some heterosexuals have suddenly become obsessed with a homosexual where a drastic change in lifestyle occurs.

There are variations to the love bite dramas, wherein, for example, two abductees are placed together perhaps for the purpose of having children together, and they may not go through all the stages in the above set of symptoms. Based on the number of love bite histories I have compiled, I have come to the conclusion that there are at least four reasons for these set-ups. Some of these may serve dual purposes. One for the aliens and the other for the cooperating human military or intelligence personnel involved with a particular abductee. In this instance, MILABS or a faction of MK Ultra operatives under the abduction programs. The four basic reasons behind love bite relationships are:

a. Genetic bloodline study or perpetuation of a particular trait useful for the aliens and/or military, intelligence or Illuminati related group. For example high psi and dissociative ability.

b. Emotional soul harvesting of energies siphoned off the abductee for aliens, such as reptilians, Dracos, or demonic powers accrued to human magicians. In cases where sexual manipulations are done, this sexual energy can be used in Montauk type experiments for time travel or psi amplifications, or materializations.

c. Amplification of paranormal abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing and precognition through sexual and soul bonding of other psychic abductees. In this case you can call them MILAB operatives. Some of these operatives may have Monarch Programming or the more sophisticated alien programming based on the fundamentals of Monarch MK Ultra programming. Oftentimes programmers, who orchestrate the various missions for their highly trained operatives, will want to soul bond and sexually bond a pair. This serves to keep the twinned operatives loyal to one another, and increase their performance. For example, when two operatives are so bonded to one another, they can telepathically transmit large amounts of information to one another, sometimes during sexual activity. If they love one another, they will also die for one another, taking greater risks for the success of a dangerous mission.

d. Distraction and neutralization of troublesome abductees, or researchers, who are either breaking programming, whistle blowing, or getting too close to the truth. This may present itself as an abductee client that comes in to work with a researcher, where a love affair ensues. Then the relationship may be an emotional roller coaster, or create chaos in the researchers life distracting him or her from useful research. Or a sleeper operative abductee starts coming to a support group, wreaking chaos wherever they go, which may include a love bite set up with one of the members. It may result in dividing the support group, creating unnecessary enmity between abductees and researchers who could have shared insightful experiences. In these instances the set up serves to prevent useful information from reaching the public.

In general, there is great resistance amongst the UFO abductee population to discuss the more "negative" abduction reports. I can personally attest to this when being on various Internet list groups or support groups held by the less informed group facilitators. The resistance usually is regarding reptilian aliens, sexual assaults, underground bases memories where horrific things were observed, such as the "processing plants, or gory details. Oftentimes even military or government abductions are not allowed to be spoken of. Any hints at Monarch trauma based programming and Illuminati connections are frowned upon. I even know of a case where a certain Internet list group for abductees only made rules to not discuss reptilians or military abductions! This is pathetic, because it shows you how effective the alien programmers are at keeping their chosen ones" in complete denial. I call this "muppetization. I’m sorry to strike a negative tone here, but there is a major problem going on in the UFO community!

Last but not least, I must say something about persons who swear they were matched together by divine or supernatural means to meet their lover. In some cases the couple married and enjoy a good, healthy relationship. I believe there are some relationships, which are guided by benevolent angelic forces and even ones own karma. And yes, I have seen love bite cases where the couple claims that they are happy and it’s not an unhealthy relationship contrived by evil aliens. In some cases, I’ve observed how a love bite relationship was set up as a positive perk to an abductee who helped promote the alien agenda without knowing it. Or the orchestrated relationship served to keep publicly vocal abductee in some kind of economic bondage, or under increasing amounts of control from their partner—whose view of the visiting extraterrestrials opposed them. The net effect was to muffle the public appearances of the abductee, or keep them under a leash with a controlling partner. 

One reason why I am skeptical of alien orchestrated love relationships that appear "happy and healthy" is, that when one of the persons starts challenging the alien agenda or its insidious mind control, then all hell breaks loose. It will often manifest as chaos in ones relationship that was set up in the first place. This is a bitter pill to swallow for persons who have realized the extent of control exerted on them by their alien handlers. This same truth extends to those in MK Ultra programs, and Illuminati bloodline families, or cults.

True love will not try to control and manipulate. True love will support freedom from the bonds of ignorance, and encourage individual sovereignty. True love will empower an individual, and work in unselfish ways to promote freedom for others. Most importantly, true love is discerning, confident, unselfish, humble, persevering and deeply compassionate for the suffering of others.

The greater our awareness of what is truly happening in today’s sophisticated world, the better able we are able to regain control over our destinies. At first, we will become disturbed. But if our love for the truth outweighs our arrogance and ignorance, we can have a chance for true love and freedom.

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