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"Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense." Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter (May 8, 1897 - June 18, 1982) First Director of the CIA, in a letter to Congress-1960. More quotes:

My name is Ed Komarek and my email address is . As far as I know I am one of only two individuals that regularly post exopolitical analysis on the Internet. I am a member in the OM Forum and I am also very supportive of Alfred Webre and his exopolitics radio program. and Steve Bassett's Exopolitics World Network . (Note my profile drops down to the bottom of the blog when I do a lot of posting.)

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I have been involved in the UFO/ET field for over thirty years and my analysis reflects that. Exopolitics is a very broad and complex subject not something that one can tackle on a whim. It is also something best left alone by those who demand proof rather than pursue inquiry.

Propaganda is easily dished up to the masses on a silver platter but truth is like gold, you have to mine through a lot of ore, "BS" to find it. You will have to develop a BS filter that is applicable to your needs. One that is not turned up too high or two low. The best way to get a handle on the truth is to work with a number of separate data streams and then compare the different outputs for similarities and patterns. Over time and with experience, a person if they persist, can get a pretty good idea of what is going on. So enjoy my blog and I hope it helps you on your personal quest for understanding.

I encourage all that find my articles of value to put my articles up on their respective Internet sites. I am also interested in having people contact me that might be interested in helping me distribute these ideas and concepts in both the exopolitics media and the mainstream media. I strongly believe that quality information flow is the lifeblood of a society and that is why I put no restrictions on the publication of my material.

Insider Activities

Insider Activities
By Ed Komarek
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Michael Salla should be commended for this excellent article and interview of Source A.

Thanks to Source A and the Pickering brothers we now have a pretty good idea what is going on behind the scenes as to the activities of the insider UFO Working Group pro-disclosure movement.

I am very glad to see that the UFO Working Group is tracking down where the anti-disclosure movement originates and I am looking forward to just what specific corporations are involved. Of course behind these corporations are the entrenched special interest controlling families that are doing so much damage to our society.

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Recollections of Tall Timbers
The Alien Connection
By Ed Komarek
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I am not one that dwells on the past preferring to live in the present and for the future. The invitation to come to Tall Timbers alumni gathering as part of this year’s 50th anniversary celebrations however stimulated old memories of my involvement with Tall Timbers that I feel should be put down in print for the benefit of others interested in Tall Timbers history.

As the last Komarek standing I feel that I owe it to my father Ed Komarek Sr. the central organizer of Tall Timbers to attend some of these Tall Timbers functions as well as for my uncle Roy Komarek without whose lifetime support and follow up, my father never could have done all that he did. In fact both Roy and Ed worked so closely together all their lives that they should be considered a team. Roy was like a second father to me. I also feel that I should be here for Herb Stoddard my father’s ecological mentor and my mentor as well. Herb was like a grandfather to me as a boy and young man and I was fortunate to know him for much of the latter part of his life right up to his death.

My earliest memories of Tall Timbers were of coming with my parents to Tall Timbers to view Mr. Beadel’s wildlife films. Mr. Beadel always sat in his high chair high up in front of those of us in his audience who were often just our little family but sometimes there were others. When it came time to show the films we turned our audience chairs around to view the projector screen. I always thought this arrangement a little particular as well as the woman who lived in the Beadel house who seemed to always be in the background. We kids were told that this woman was Mr. Beadel’s nurse. J

I was impressed by the huge fish mounted on the west wall of the Beadel room as well as the taxidermy specimens on the benches and walls of the room. The large power generator in front yard also caught my interest. The best part of these early visits to Tall Timbers plantation was that my sister and I got ginger ale to drink. This would be no big deal for kids today but back then my mother rationed coke and other drinks to mostly when we had an upset stomach feeling that such drinks were not good for young children.

Somewhere early on around 1954 the really big deal for me was the annual rabbit hunt at Tall Timbers. The rabbits were hunted only with sticks and the hunters were mostly black who had become very skilled at hunting with sticks and had learned this from their slave ancestors who were allowed very limited access to guns. Still several whites, Sonny Stoddard and Leon Neel joined the ranks of the hunters as well as me. It was an inspiration to see Sonny and Leon nail rabbits with a stick but being so young I never got a rabbit.

My parents and we kids rode in the hunting wagons with the other white folks to follow the hunters and the dogs who traveled on foot. I was well prepared to get myself a rabbit and had cut, cured and practiced throwing sticks for a month each year in preparation for the rabbit hunt. I would jump down off the wagon and make my throws when the hunters and dogs found a rabbit. After the hunt my father would wear rubber gloves and inspect the cleaning of the rabbits and check the livers to make sure that the rabbits did not have a rabbit disease that could be spread by contact with rabbit blood. I think we ate the rabbits but my memory is not clear on this.

I was around when early discussions developed at Birdsong about the need for a research station to fight U.S. Forest Service Smokey the Bear anti-fire propaganda. There is a picture on the wall of the main Tall Timbers building and in this years Tall Timbers calendar that shows one of these meeting in our back yard. Discussions also developed in the Birdsong bird room on just about every Sunday morning where very heated arguments would erupt over just about any topic under the sun. To Herb, Sonny, Ed, Roy , Leon and whoever else that showed up this was just letting off steam and 5 minutes after the arguments everybody was the best of friends but sometimes my mother would get upset and even leave the house over all he ruckus. I latter understood that Tall Timbers board meetings could get just a heated.

After the creation of Tall Timbers I was at Tall Timbers often both with my father and with Herb Stoddard. Herb’s main interest was the television tower that was allowed on Tall Timbers so Herb could study bird kills and bird migrations. I got up around 4:00 am many a morning to go with Herb in his little VW bug with the hatch above the driver’s seat to Tall Timbers to pick up dead and injured birds. When the tower was first put up it killed huge numbers of birds for years. Latter for some reason the bird kills diminished.

There is a picture in the Stoddard museum with me as the golden haired kid in a group at the tower grounds. Most of the time when I was with Herb it was just he and I who picked up birds. Herb rode in his VW because he was already getting old and his injured knee could not handle the strain of walking all over the grounds. (He injured the knee as a young man climbing a tree with climbing spurs to get a hawk or owl. He walked with a limp the rest of his life. He gave me his climbing spurs and I almost did myself in too. I still have the spurs.) I did a lot of walking and the injured birds were of the most interest to me. I took many home to have as pets and to release if they recovered.

I know there are many at Tall Timbers who cringe knowing that Herb one of the fathers of ecology trapped and poisoned many predators at the tower site. He did this because it was not long before the predators would beat him to the birds. I remember posts with steel traps at the top for catching owl and hawks.

It’s important to understand that most of the early ecologists were collectors and a collecting attitude was very deeply engrained. I remember Herb having my mother shoot rare birds at her bird window for museum specimens. Both Herb and Dad both loved to collect and did so all their lives. Even late in life when Gates wanted some earthworm specimens Dad passed the job on to me for a science project but when I came up with many new earthworm species he had to get involved. He even had me collect earthworms all the way down from Alaska where I was going to college to Florida on one of my trips home.

I also was around when the fire plots were planned and set up by Herb, Roy, Dad and others. This was part of a well thought out strategy to fight Smokey the Bear propaganda. Dad, Herb and Roy were scientists not politicians and so they decided to fight the Forest Service’s propaganda war using scientific evidence. They felt that the propaganda would sooner or later fall because it could not stand up to the facts, to the truth. The strategy worked.

At about the same time of the fire plots I remember that Dad got interested in Tripsigum one of the primitive ancestors of corn that either showed up along Meridian Road or at Tall Timbers. It was a very hot burning, high standing native fire grass and I remember he built up a plot of it at Tall Timbers. Apparently cattle and farming had pretty much wiped it out of our area. I got samples of my own and spread it all around Birdsong Plantation where today the managers there try to keep it under control. J

It’s important for folks to realize that Tall Timbers in its early years was devised as a vehicle to change mass consciousness. I used to think that my father was obsessed with fire and Tall Timbers but only in my old age have I realized that it takes this kind of passion and a lifetime of dedicated work to affect mass consciousness. Such passion and dedication rarely come from a paycheck but from a very strong desire to do the right thing for both man and nature. In fact my Dad used to say that the quality of scientific research declined as both paycheck and education increased.

Something else that folks today need to understand in the changing of mass consciousness is that you have to put up with a lot of grief. I remember that late in life my father would break down in tears when he was praised. He had a thick skin and knew how to handle adversity, anger, ridicule in the pursuit of the betterment of mankind and the environment throughout his life but praise was unexpected and shocking. He just did what he felt he had to do and took adversity in stride. I do the same as well.

I understand many of these things now because it has been the same for me in the field of exopolitics. My father’s and Tall Timber’s battles to change mass consciousness and against government lies and propaganda prepared me for my life’s work in exopolitics. Today I and my associates struggle just as my Dad and his associates did with government lies and propaganda in order to get the truth out in the face of a huge very well organized UFO/ET cover up. Entrenched interests behind the cover-up are not only destroying society but the earth’s environment as well.

Those silly contrived UFO/ET stories at every checkout counter are deliberate and very effective in trashing the subject amongst scientists and other scholars on the one hand while the denial groups attack the public mind from the other end of the spectrum. The CIA’s psychological warfare group’s now declassified documents pointed out in the early 1950s that the plan was to create a wall of denial and ridicule around UFOs and it worked beyond their wildest dreams. Unfortunately our entrenched interest foes in the industry involved in fossil fuels, arms and banking are much stronger that what my father and his associates were up against and we may never be able to get the truth out in our lifetimes.

My father did live long enough to make it to the Promised Land saying that he was fortunate indeed because all his dreams had come true. We involved in the exopolitics battle may not be so fortunate. (Those ecologists, politicians and reporters rolling their eyes might note that in downtown Tallahassee the Brogan Museum of Art and Science in association with the Smithsonian Institution are hosting a Roswell exhibit into January. They even have an alien face on the front cover of their summer/fall Brogan News magazine.) I urge Tall Timbers to exercise this same kind of creativity, courage and foresight in its educational programs. Tall Timbers was built by people who believed truth should always trump reputation and this is the way they lived their lives.

Other memories of Tall Timbers involved being a boy and young man tagging behind Jack Rudloe, Wilson Baker and others about the grounds and elsewhere. When Jack was employed by Tall Timbers I followed him about the mudflats of the coast collecting marine specimens. Jack and I are still close friends. I remember days with Wilson Baker going out to Buzzard Island and checking on the bats in Waterfall Cave .

Most at Tall Timbers may not realize it but I was also a employee of Tall Timbers in its early years. Tall Timbers and FSU had a cooperative arraignment that involved scuba diving in coastal rivers in which I participated. I found arrowheads, mammoth and mastodon bones and tusks, and even a beautiful Indian eagle head pendant that had a Mayan look it was so well carved. I remember whole mastodon tusks disintegrating on the ground at Tall Timbers because we did not understand preservation techniques. On my own I found a important part of Florida history perhaps the last complete Spanish rum bottle to be found just above the Saint Marks bridge.

In 1966 the year I graduated from high school I worked the summer for Tall Timbers and FSU in a archeology dig on the Aculla River . The wage was $1.25 a hour in extreme heat and in a mosquito infested environment. I had never worked so hard for so little and I began to think about going to college and working in Alaska . (So much for a job my father got for me!) We excavated many Indian burials along the Aucilla River and investigated mounds in the mosquito infested swamps in the surrounding area. I used to take my pet fox with me when I went to the coast to work on the digs. One of my most painful early memories was when he somehow got out of his cage and was caught by dogs and died under a house. I remember our little screen shack full of bed bugs and mosquitoes and using old World War 2 cans of DDT spray against them.

When I left for Alaska to strike out and on my own I communicated a lot with my parents by snail mail. It’s important for folks to realize that Dad built up Tall Timbers using mostly snail mail correspondence. He found other fire mavericks like himself around the world from the literature and then corresponded and built up friendships through the mail. This was how the first fire conference was organized. People like Larry Requa from the Yukon gave a papers at Tall Timbers after we traveled to meet these mavericks on their home turf.

Late in life these friendships meant so much that people like Larry returned to visit Tall Timbers and my family. Larry even shared his greatest secret of finding alien bodies in British Columbia when he was a constable and a young man operating out of Stewart Canada. He had never told anybody until one evening under the stars on our back porch my mother as usual brought up my interest in UFOs. At such times in my life ecology and exopolitics converged. There are others deeply associated with Tall Timbers that also have their UFO stories. There will of course be those that will say aliens have nothing to do with the ecological sciences and I should not talk about such things in association with Tall Timbers but I believe history will show that they are very wrong and Tall Timbers may one day be involved in studying the ecology of other worlds.

I am confident that one day people will openly study the ecology and evolution of life on other worlds because I know we are not alone and our government lies to us about what it knows from highly classified research. I very strongly believe that ecology is still in its infancy and that it will mature as astro-ecology in the not too distant future. In fact even now I am pointing out in exopolitics that we don’t have to travel to other worlds to study alien ecology. We can study the evolution of extraterrestrials life already coming to earth in sophisticated high technology spaceships.

Evolutionary laws just as the laws of physics apply elsewhere about the universe. One day planetary ecology and exopolitics will merge into what may be called the universal sciences. It’s time for ecologists with vision to begin to seriously consider what I have to say rather than remain in denial until the time the governments of the world come clean and reveal their extensive secret highly classified alien ecological research files. In time these words will be viewed as prophetic. I say let history be the judge.

The best thing about the early fire conferences were not the formal conferences but the barbeque and bonfire afterwards. This was my father’s idea that he got from old plantatation custom. After the hunt like at Greenwood Plantation the owners would hold a barbeque for the hunting guests. Dad saw the friendships that developed from these events and realized that this would help his lecturers and guests at the fire conferences to get to know and build friendships in a informal setting. The idea works wonderfully. Many people met and became friends from life because of these barbeques. I used the same idea after a UFO conference I hosted in Tallahassee .

In closing I would like to point out to the younger generation the importance of interest based education. The problem with our educational system is that it is an, autocratic skills based indoctrination system, a master-slave educational system in a sophisticated wage slave society. I did not understand until latter in life this intellectually and emotionally crippling system that I subconsciously rejected when I quit after three years of college. Worldwide democracy and the rule of law are so fragile that they are little more that a façade behind which exists a hidden ever growing more sophisticated system of feudal control.

What we should be doing is expose young people to as many environments as possible to determine interest. Then and only then assist the student with the skills needed to develop and promote that interest. The student should be in the driver’s seat through this process and the teacher the assistant not the master. The student should determine the need to know not the teacher. This way the student really learns the skills because they can be seen as necessary in promoting the interest and where creativity and innovation are not suppressed but enhanced and fostered. This is how I was taught on a day by day basis by the best early ecologists and scientists in the world. They taught inspiration, interest, love, passion and creativity not through fear and intimidation but out of love and by example. Tall Timbers played a role in this process.

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Alien Perspective (Part 1)

An Alien’s Perspective (Part 1)
By Ed Komarek
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There is such a large amount of witness and whistle-blower testimony supporting extraterrestrial reality accumulating on a daily basis that often old cases that are relevant to today’s issues get lost and need to be resurrected. Dr. Leo Sprinkle discovered some very good contactee and abductee cases in the 1970’s one which involved an elderly lady named Ida Kannenberg. This lady seems to have been extensively and with great detail monitored for many years by an extraterrestrial civilization in preparation for much more extensive contact to come. The monitoring was so extensive that an entity that Ida called Hweig became a constant companion in her mind. Ida’s first physical encounter came in 1940 and the mental telepathic contact began in 1968 at first causing so much confusion that she contacted Dr. Leo Sprinkle for regressions.

The reason I think this 40 year old case is important is with the perspective of hindsight it is just or more relevant today as it was 40 years ago. This contact happened long before the advent of the Internet when computers were not part of most people’s everyday life. It did anticipate the Internet and our era of mass global communication and its role in bringing society together including our divisions and conflicts. It also anticipated the emergence and misuse of powerful mind control technologies in the hands of governments and other organizations.

The portions of this account are quoted from the book, Extraterrestrials Among Us by George Andrews. I think this Hweig account really does a very good job of answering the question: Why has extraterrestrial activity and interest been so extensive over the past sixty years? Quotes from the Ida Kannenberg case follow below.

“There is the problem that everything I can see, he can also. Not only Hweig, but his immediate crew. Since their observation is through technological implants, the whole scene can be played upon a screen, like our television.”

“Hweig is an enormous tease. I suppose it does get boring listening in to me 24 hours a day, though sometimes he takes a vacation for a week or more and someone else monitors.” “There are several things I can do to drive Hweig up the wall. If I sneeze or whistle, he will say, “Please warn me when you are going to do that. A sneeze sounds like thunder, and a whistle pierces my eardrums like a dagger.””

“In the beginning of our association Hweig terrified me with his explanations of who and what he was, and what he intended to do. I was afraid that my mind was going to be taken over by an alien personality. However, after more than four years of this constant telepathic contact, I feel very much myself. Even more so, for I know myself so much better. I have had to face up to myself.”

“With mechanical devices that permit mind invasion and control, an alien civilization could conduct any kind of surveillance, and there would be no defense against it. The aliens can do this now. How long before Earth science can do the same? Or can they do it now? Can the aliens be Earthians?

I am not trying to “scare talk”. I am trying to relate what has been done to me by persons who seem compassionate and responsible. Can this be done in the near future by others who may be neither compassionate nor responsible, who would be utterly reprehensible? It is time to study what this type of mind control is all about, beginning with those contactees who have experienced it.

Hweig told me that he and his colleagues are trying to prevent mind control from becoming established here on Earth. It is because this type of invasion is fast becoming possible from other sources, perhaps right here on Earth? Would mind invasion by terrestrial governments or organizations be carried out with the same ethical and moral responsibility and codes of dignity that the UFO mind invasion has demonstrated in my case?”

“I ask Hweig, “Why is there this influx of extraordinary help at this particular time? Why now? Hweig’s answer: “At this time mankind stands in dead center of the crossroads of human endeavor. I do not mean anything so simplistic as a single crossroads, but a convergence of many roads, each seductive in itself. A compromise must be made and maintained if the current world civilizations are to endure. The compromise must react onto many levels of human activity. World government leaders are struggling to find compromises on a political level, but the everyday people of the world must find their own ways of compromise on an individual level, such as levels of personal beliefs, as well as many other kinds. The metaphysical cores, not the histories, of all religions should be studied, and the psychological needs that shaped these beliefs. Only on that level can compromise be found, and until then the fires of war will continue to brutalize the human race.”

“I ask Hweig, “Why has all this come into focus right at this time?” Hweig reply’s, “For the first time in the course of this round of civilization, world-wide communication has brought all the differences of belief and activities into a coherent area of observation. Patiently many individual researchers in many lines have been digging into their respective studies. With the advent of computer technology, all of those separate researchers now can be brought under one roof, so to speak. They can be analyzed and studied on a comparative basis. Religion, for example, must be compared to mathematics. Does that sound silly? It is salvation! Archaeology must be studied in relation to electro-magnetic waves. Only with computers can such comparative studies be adequately carried out. And they will be. This is the direction in which you and all contactees are being guided: toward the sharing and comparing of information, which can then become a common basis for understanding.”

There is some other very good material in this account like, “About 80% of all UFO abductions and personal contacts are the result of hypnotically induced illusion and hallucination.” Hweig gets into a lot of detail on this as to how this is accomplished but this is better left to part 2 of this article. I don’t think one can get a clearer forthright representation of an alien’s perspective and motives than this and this case has withstood the test of time. This account makes even more sense today than it did at the time when the abductions were just beginning to be publicly acknowledged.

Ida says prophetically, “While we older folks have been the experimental trial-and-error stage of the Ufolk mind invasion, our young people will be next. With their thinking powers numbed by constant frenetic entertainments, aided and abetted for some by alcohol or drugs, their minds could become so benumbed and bewildered that any type of mind invasion, alien or Earthian, would be a cinch.”

Alien's Perspective (Part 2)

An Alien’s Perspective (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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This is a second article in a series that features a contactee-abductee case of forty years ago. It is even more relevant today as it was forty years ago because it has withstood the test of time with revelations that have been supported by 40 years of human experience. These Hweig revelations come from an alleged entity co-inhabiting the mind of an elderly lady named Ida Kannenberg. Well respected UFO/ET researcher Dr. Leo Sprinkle did the investigation and regressions on this early abductee-contactee. Please see the first article for more details and perspective on this important case. Alien Perspective (Part 1)

In this article I would like to quote from the Hweig material in its discussions of just how alien mind control and abductions work and are carried out. Keep in mind that this case started with physical contact in 1940 and was ongoing even before Betty and Barney Hill abduction case of 1965 when the abduction phenomena achieved wide public awareness. Following this remarkable clear, detailed and concise description of alien mind control techniques and technology is an equally clear account of massive ET intervention by many extraterrestrial races obviously intended not only for our benefit but theirs as well.

This case strongly supports my contention that emerging space-faring races such as our own present critical challenges to the existing universal order. A societal intervention on such a scale as described below obviously requires considerable cooperation between extraterrestrial races and large amounts of resources. Still such an intervention would be a bargain when compared to having emerging space-faring warlike races such as our own disrupting the rest of the civilized neighborhood in the future.

There has been lots of talk as to what ET may want from us and what we can offer them. I think peace/security is just as high on the ethical ET’s agenda it is with us and is just as strong a motivator for a massive intervention intent on promoting positive evolutionary actions. I also expect that there are emerging races where the interventions have been less successful and that these less civilized races are resisting interventionist activity by the more ethical civilized races. For these reasons the stakes seem to be very high for each newly emerging space-faring civilization as well as for the well being of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood. Quotes from Ida Kannenburg continue:

“Now I, Hweig, will dictate as you, Ida, have no way of knowing how to interpret these events and scenarios.

First, we must emphasize the necessity to read the following in its entirety, as we can give the total story only bit by bit, and later bits will clarify earlier bits that might discourage the reader if he be not forewarned. Therefore please be patient, ride all the way through with us, then judge according to your own understanding.

About 80% of all UFO abductions and personal contacts are the result of hypnotically induced illusion and hallucination.

Those that perpetrate this hypnotic state and its seeming events are unseen but present within the room, car, or otherwise near the contactee. This unseen presence is often felt by sensitive persons—and all our contactees are MOST SENSITIVE—as a pressure in the atmosphere immediately surrounding them. The presence is projected by technological means much beyond the powers of your own people at present. This indicates the presences are those alien to you, and not of your normal every-day earth person no matter how advanced in any science, technology, or psychic ability an earth person might be. The alien presence has powers far beyond anything you might dream of.

It is necessary for the alien presence to be in close proximity to the contactee. By close we mean VERY CLOSE, almost within touching distance.

This presence, being almost pure energy, need not be in any one particular form, but can attain any form or abstraction desired. Black and white pinwheels, balls of light, fireflies, revolving disks, any form may be utilized to come momentarily into the vision of the contactee. We call this a semi-corporeal form or semi-physical state. Or the presence can remain totally unseen, in the state that is similar to your out-of-body experience, though the essence of that presence is of a more powerful energy than the essence of your out-of-body state. However, this is the closest analogy we can find to describe this energy state.

It would frighten you spitless, as you say, Ida, to know how many times you have been surrounded by alien presences. The knowledge of their extent of control over you would further alarm. This goes for all contactees of similar events.

For this reason, the potential alarm, we conceal the facts just given and instead perpetrate an illusion of physical aliens who seemingly come into the contactee’s presence, or bring the contactee into theirs, knowing you can accept and interact with physical beings in a less frightened and more objective manner. Yet we wish to get across the idea of VERY ALIEN personalities, therefore we do not offer the visualization of your own kind of form, even though many of us are precisely your kind of form.

To feel you were being contacted and perhaps controlled, by unseen forces would throw you into a panic, perhaps beyond acceptance. But to deal face to face with physical beings, no matter how alien, would eliminate some of that panic. At least that is our proposition, and this is why these illusory beings appear.

Not all contactees or abductees face illusory personages. A very few are quite physical and quite “real” as your term realness.

The illusory beings are the semi-corporeal selves of very real physical beings, who are at that moment existing in another area of being, and are quite busy doing something else physically, but are aware of what is happening in and to their semi-corporeal self.

This is certainly confusing. Let us recapitulate. The unseen presences are there through technological means. They induce hypnotic illusion of abstract forms or hypnotically project the semi-corporeal forms. These latter are projections of real beings who are somewhere else physically at the time. They use projection “copies” because some time in the future these physical originals may find it necessary to interact with the contactees in a wholly physical manner. It would then seem to be an on-going experience.

Let us reiterate for clearness: A corporeal flesh-and-blood person so projects himself in an unseen state through technological means that the enters into close presence of a contactee, or abductee, and is then able through his own psychic power to gain hypnotic control over that contactee when said contactee is in a relaxed state. If the personage were present in semi-corporeal or corporeal state, he could control the situation equally well.

The contactee, being already in a relaxed state, is readily accessible to the hypnotic form of control.

What transpires thereafter is all illusory or hallucinatory, unless there is a need for physical interaction. In such a case the contactee can be conducted aboard a physical craft where the physical interaction occurs.

By physical interaction we do NOT include examinations per se, as these may be of either category, physical or illusory.

Why should it be necessary to go through so much physical effort when illusion will serve the purpose of the Planners just as well? The psychological reaction of the contactee and the mental and the emotional results of his scenario, both to himself and to his audience, are what it is all about. If the same results can be obtained through hypnotically induced illusions as through physical action, then the illusion is chosen.

We are saying things backwards and forwards and inside out so that, hopefully, no ambiguity remains.

The presence in the room or car or wherever with the contactee can be felt as an oppression, a “thickness in the air”, as one contactee described it. The contactee begins to breathe in a more shallow manner and to feel closed in, or caged, or captured, or unable to move.

The presence is the energy essence of a real corporeal being, who through technological devices sends his energy self, in a state relative to the out-of-the-body state, to this place. Since he is not a psychic master, he is not able to send his energy essence through his own psychic power, but must depend on technological devices.

The energy essence encloses the WILL of the presence, who is elsewhere physically, but is linked through mind stuff to his energy essence and will.

And that human being is so restricted by moral and spiritual law he cannot, dare not, serve as an evil power. He carries out instructions received from higher natures, and by higher we mean more knowledgeable, more powerful, and more responsible. He is further instructed to use the most compassionate modes of interacting he can devise.

Non-understanding, haste, error of judgment, misreading of contactee’s reaction, as well as many other factors can impose a task on the controller that he may be less than perfectly equipped to handle. Remember he is only another human being trying to do a very difficult job. He is working with persons as alien to himself as he is to them.

The presence of the controller is never seen by the contactee unless it is necessary to attract his attention, or to rivet his mind into a single point. At such a time abstract designs or evasive objects, usually circular, are used. Other times the unseen presence can be felt or sensed by those most sensitive to such emanations of energy.

The condition and reaction of the contactee decides whether or not the presence is to be seen in any form or to remain unseen.

Many contactees have mentioned the “feel of an evil presence”. The presence is NOT EVIL, but is part of the UNKNOWN and does take CONTROL for a few moments, and from the arising fear and apprehension the contactee interprets “evil”.

The contactee response to the sense of being controlled is entirely according to his own nature and character. One resists and tries to struggle, one weeps or screams, one jeers, or even giggles. In the response, its kind and degree, the controller reads information it is necessary for him to know in order to continue into the future. The preliminary or initial scene is thus an act of getting acquainted, each measuring the other’s potentials. Furthermore, the controller is just as much “on the spot” as the contactee, for he too is undergoing a training session, and is being weighed and measured by his instructors.

From his own psychic and trained abilities the controller then conjures up the appearance of apparent personalities who seemingly take charge of the scene. These are appearances of substance, but not true corporeality. We refer to them as semi-corporeal. They are projections of real persons who are to be physically met in the continued scenario of the contactee.

If footsteps sound, temperatures change, and there are NO SUDDEN TRANSITIONS in the scene, the event is entirely physical. If so, there are noises, odors, the sense of touch as well as vision. Touch does not mean pain; pain is psychologically induced by the contactee through fear.

There can be a shifting of states, a moving in and out of states during the course of a single event, so a single event can be a very complicated affair. Each would have to be minutely inspected and analyzed to realize these changes. At this moment such a scrutiny is not important and would only obfuscate this recital.

Thus we see MIND TRAVEL as well as OUT OF BODY TRAVEL can be induced from outside the contactee.

It is within this framework that the building blocks of the individual myth are found. When we realize the changeable conditions of the contactee/abductee event, we can begin to understand why the scenario itself is so very difficult to grasp as reality. But in comprehending these varying and shifting states, the interpretation of the building blocks becomes much easier.

By symbolic event we do not mean symbols such as a cross indicates a good guy and an x a bad guy. We mean the contactee is put through an event that is NOT TRUE in its content, but its psychological effect symbolizes one or more of the following ideas. These events and the ideas they symbolize are the building blocks of the structure. Depending upon the cultural experience of the contactee, the following ideas are presented in various manners:

Ideas presented in the Scenario of Recognition: 1. of civilizations existing on other planets 2. of civilizations existing of fantastic technological achievements 3. of civilizations existing of tremendous scientific knowledge 4. of civilizations existing with people of various natures who have knowledge of all kinds, medical, artistic, cultural, etc.
Ideas presented in the Scenario of Biological Intervention: 1. of cross-breeding with alien races 2. of giving of ovum or sperm for breeding experiments 3. of implantation of sperm or fertile ova 4. of taking of cells for examination, experimentation, or for cloning 5. of interference with mental input conscious recall, memory 6.of implantation of technological devices for later use
Ideas presented in the Scenario of Initiation: 1 of an unseen secret organization of good will and benefit 2. of inspirational aids to solve problems and difficulties 3. of secrets of the past to be found anew 4. of promotion of societal contacts leading to cooperative efforts 5. of monuments of good endeavors recorded in lost places 6. of destruction of powerful deterrents to human/earth collaboration
Ideas presented in the Scenario of Self-development and Self-awareness. 1. of offering new personal insights 2. of strengthening stabilizing beliefs 3. of offering new projects 4. of analyzing life-evaluations 5. of value of self-freedom 6. of support of person’s intentions/ambitions

There are many other scenarios and parts thereof, and those can each or all merge one into another. In order to analyze them at all, we have to dissect the living form. We come to rejuvenate the Earth, and to aid in the evolutionary development of man.”

Obviously this is an alien’s perspective acting from the position of controller whose perception can be expected to be disputed by those abductees and contactees being controlled. I suspect that the motives and agendas of various ET races while they have an altruistic bent nevertheless have their own self interest bias that they like us may deny even to themselves. Perhaps in some fundamental ways alien psychology is not that different from our own.

This gives me hope that a better relationship between us and them is possible as we develop the ability to gain a more equal footing in our relations with the more ethical of the space-faring races. I expect we will find that the true perspective lies somewhere between our perspective and theirs. Even they state that they too are learning even though the relationship with us is very one sided with them in control of the relationship.

I am also encouraged by the understanding that both controller and controlled are equally bound in states of lower consciousness. For this reason they must allow us to evolve in our relationship to them in a more equal and balanced manner in the future if they are to liberate themselves as well as us from lower consciousness states.

It’s as if we all stand on the rungs of a ladder with those immediately above reaching down and pulling up those immediately below. Those close above and below are evolutionary close and entangled with each other while those farther away up and down the rungs are less directly entangled.

This ladder symbolizes the evolutionary flow from lower consciousness states to higher states of consciousness brought about by mutual cooperation and sharing of love, respect and information. The way to ones own salvation as well as personal and collective evolution is to reach up to those above while at the same time reaching down to assist those below.

I think it was no accident that in 1967 as a young man of 17 I stumbled across a small new age bookstore in downtown Fairbanks Alaska in the bitter cold of an Alaskan winter. I was forever changed by the experience and felt somehow that I had found my way back home. It was here that I was first exposed to both extraterrestrial life and self improvement at the same time and throughout my life both have been intimately entwined.

Life Is The Teacher

Life Is The Teacher
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My blog:

Most of us grow up with faulty life perspectives that we have learned through our social environment. Over the course of our lives some of us through years of introspection and contemplation have been able to make corrections to this faulty programming. As a young man I was able to benefit greatly from those that had passed on their knowledge of life and living to the next generation. In my old age I too have come to realize the importance of passing on important knowledge so as to benefit the evolution of humanity.

In a nutshell the most important concept both for individual and collective evolution is to understand that life is our teacher and that life is an advanced school of higher learning. Unfortunately many of us don’t have this understanding of reality and so we gain little benefit from life. We find ourselves overwhelmed by suffering, drowning in destructive emotions and thought. Peace of mind and happiness elude us and we find ourselves chasing the rainbow for that ever retreating pot of gold.

It really does not have to be this way. We can change the faulty programming of childhood and even the faulty programming of society as a whole. It takes will, dedication and perseverance to better ones own self and it takes many such people over many generations to evolve society. We do this the same way changes in raindrops make for changes in the nature of a cloud. The way to improve society is to improve ourselves as individuals.

Before we can change ourselves and society we must first become aware and face up to the truth of just how bad things really are. The first step in the process toward healing and wholeness is to admit to ourselves and to society that we really don’t understand life at all. We must consider the possibility that this could be the reason we suffer and are unable to find true peace of mind and happiness. We stumble through life bumping into each other hurting ourselves just as do very young children getting to know the physical world. Once we understand and admit our position of ignorance then we can begin to navigate away from that position to a more beneficial position through experimentation and trial and error.

Self work is a lifetime process and is not easy because it takes a lot of effort to undo erroneous habits of thinking and feeling consciously and unconsciously learned since birth. The more one repeats something the more engrained that something becomes be it either constructive or destructive. Therefore we can easily become discouraged and give up on ourselves before we hardly get started with self improvement. The thing to realize is that while reform starts slowly it accelerates as new positive habits are repeated and erroneous habits of thinking and emotion are dropped.

When we understand that life is both our teacher and school we should not be satisfied with anything less. No matter if we act at any particular time as teacher or student we are all learning life’s lessons. One most important first lesson is that the unwary student of life must be careful not to be captured by any individual or group of individuals professing to be teachers with the ultimate knowledge. The truth is that only life has the ultimate knowledge and wisdom and no one individual or group may usurp that. We can certainly learn from the wisdom of others but at the same time we must understand that being human we all harbor secret agendas and many that profess to be teachers are predators preying on the less knowledgeable.

Life is a series of lessons moment to moment, day to day. The important thing is not to fault the lesson but to learn the lesson and move on to more and more satisfying and fulfilling lessons. If we fault the lesson we are not able to learn the lesson. We then continue to suffer as the lesson repeats itself over and over until we learn it and by so doing move on to the next lesson. In this series of articles I will present to the reader a lesson to be learned and then provide commentary on that lesson.

Adversity As Teacher

Adversity As Our Teacher

The Loss of A loved One
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

One of the most difficult lessons we all must learn is inherent in the loss of a loved one. I guess that this is such a difficult lesson because it takes some very basic knowledge of life and living to be able to learn from this lesson. Many people end up devastated or damaged for life because they are unable understand this kind adversity. We have been programmed to inherently consider the loss of a loved one as a bad thing, an adverse experience that harms rather than helps us evolve.

We either become stronger through adversity or we become crushed by it. Adversity is a powerful and profound teacher but only those who have become strong through self understanding can profit rather than be crushed by this severe teacher. With a proper understanding of life one is able to personally benefit from adversity rather than be crushed by it.

To be able to profit from the loss of a loved one we must first be willing to consider and ask questions like: Why is this happening to me? Why this very difficult lesson now? What can I do to transform my admittedly destructive response to adversity into something positive? Is this something I am willing to allow myself to do for my own personal growth and development?

If we can say get ourselves to answering these questions in the affirmative then we are on a path toward greater learning and enlightment. We can then ask another set of questions to be answered in the affirmative. Why do I suffer? What is the root cause of suffering?
For those that have had some experience with eastern teachings like Buddhism the answer is attachment causes suffering. More correctly the inability to detach from people and things causes suffering. Therefore the remedy is to practice detachment.

This can best be explained by using a movie analogy. When we first come into a theater we are aware of the theater and the seats and that we are about to watch a movie. If the movie is good we soon lose consciousness of ourselves, the theater, other people etc. and begin to participate in the movie as reality. For all intents and purposes just as with a good book we have had our consciousness moved from one reality to another. We may become so involved in the movie that we become overwhelmed and participate in the emotions and thought of the lead character. In a sense we become that character until the show ends.

There are few of us who at certain points during the movie pull back and ask the question: What is this character and movie teaching? Why am I here? What am I trying to learn from this? What is the lesson? Instead most of us become captured and owned by the drama into which we have become immersed. It is only after the movie is ended that we begin to think once again think and feel for ourselves and contemplate what we have just experienced. Only when the dream or movie is ended to we experience detachment, reflection and learning from the experience.

It’s important to understand that it is possible to wake up, detach and reflect on the experiences being presented by life as they occur. We can do this to free ourselves from any suffering we may find ourselves in and substitute a harmful reaction with a positive one. If we can stand back and get perspective we can then make an effort to change the negative reaction to the experience and sometimes even the experience itself. Most people often become overwhelmed by the experiences being presented to them in life and loose their free will and control over their mind and emotions, just as do the people in the movie theater.

Waking up in life or detaching from life from time to time can allow us control over our negative reactions such as to the loss of a loved one and even transform other relationships that we still have through this loss. We can come to appreciate what we still have rather than suffer a loss for what we no longer have. In fact by remaining stuck in suffering we shut ourselves off from our social environment making life difficult not only for ourselves but for others as well.

So the lesson being presented by life through the loss of a loved one is to learn to let go of the departed so as to love and embrace those entering into your life. If you study life carefully you can see it’s like you are on a moving train with an endless set of experiences and lessons entering into and leaving your field of view. You may even come to consider the possibility that life is a sophisticated virtual reality program, an allegory, a story that teaches. Nothing is really lost and everything is to be gained from a proper positive attitude toward life and living.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Negotiations With ET?

How Will We Negotiate With ET?
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

I would like to initiate an open discussion as to how open negotiations between earth society and benevolent extraterrestrial races might proceed post-disclosure. What I hope will happen is that others may become involved who have some knowledge of this either in the public or classified world and together we can wrap our collective minds around this issue. I would not be surprised if negotiations might include both sanctions and incentives similar to how we handle things on earth so as to induce earth society to cooperate with universe society and not threaten the peace and security of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood.

I realize that many people have enough trouble accepting the testimony of high level whistle blowers like Astronaut Edgar Mitchell that we are being visited by extraterrestrials and even question the huge amount of documentation available. Most people simply don’t understand that they have been severely deceived and brainwashed by the 60 year old UFO/ET cover-up and are going to think that speculation about negotiations with aliens is way over the top. Be that as it may I believe it is important that we move forward on such speculation.

I have endured denial and ridicule over the years in regards to expressing my views as to extraterrestrial reality but I believe in telling truth to power in this field of government lies and deception regardless of the consequences. Folks can read my free exopolitics e-book at my blog site if they desire to understand the context in which I write these articles. Another good resource for those that have an interest and wish to understand the seriousness of extraterrestrial relations can discuss these issues on the Open Minds Forum where I participate.

Some evidence from multiple sources suggests that ethical civilized extraterrestrial races require certain preconditions to be met before there can be significant sustained contact between these civilizations and earth society. This would follow along the lines of Star Trek’s prime directive. The first precondition seems to be that only limited secret contact with world governments is possible in return for and in preparation for open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

Once the first precondition of open disclosure is met then open negotiations between extraterrestrial races and earth society can begin in earnest. I suggest that further preconditions must be met by earth society before open direct sustained contact, trade and cultural exchanges are allowed.

My impression is that these preconditions for sustained contact and interaction are:

Nation-states must stop all hostile action against ethical extraterrestrial races.
Nation-states must settle their differences through the rule of law and not war, as well as eliminate weapons of mass destruction.
We must show major progress toward humane democratic population control.
We must show major progress toward solving our environmental problems.
We must show progress toward development of a civilized societal organizational structure based on cooperation not mutual predation.
We must understand that we co-inhabit earth and this solar system with other races and that any ideas of manifest destiny must be discarded.

If we meet these preconditions then I believe these would be the following incentives offered to us by the ethical extraterrestrial races.

Open fair trade
Cultural exchange
Technological exchange
Mutual defense treaties
Participation in collective extraterrestrial government
Enlightened guidance and advice

The deeper I get into understanding extraterrestrial reality the more I have come to realize that it is really not all that different out there as it is here. The laws of physics and evolution seem to apply elsewhere just as they do here and so too the laws of logic and reason. The only difference I can see is in orders of complexity.

I believe our earth based still primitive society will be able to meet the challenges of extraterrestrial reality now and in the future. We must face up to and prepare for post disclosure reality and that includes conversations such as these even if it makes uninformed people uncomfortable or incredulous. When I go out on a limb I try to base my speculations on several different sources of information. In this case a number of clues supporting this speculation can be found on this OM thread as well as multiple sources in other of my articles.

Friday, June 27, 2008

UFO/ET Disclosure Crisis

Preparing For The Coming UFO/ET Disclosure Crisis
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

Many of active in the UFO/ET community believe that full open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality is just around the corner. We believe that the world public is ill prepared for such disclosure and that a severe global and social crisis will erupt. Furthermore, we believe this will provide a reasonable rationale for entrenched interest fascist elements worldwide responsible for 60 years of cover-up and suppression of extraterrestrial reality to exert overt control over society. We can expect attempts by these global entrenched interests to impose a so called "temporary" worldwide state of emergency and martial law" so as to overtly consolidate power and protect their interests from public outrage and constitutional justice.

We believe this crisis will be severe and possibly catastrophic to society as a whole the likes of which have never been seen before. This global economic and social crisis will dwarf the crisis presented by World War Two. Yet just as peaceful nations mobilized to face and overcome the crisis presented by World War Two, so to if we prepare properly now
we can again do the same.

I think the analogy to World War Two is appropriate in that the United States and other countries were able to mobilize quickly and transform their societies in order to confront the threat. This was only possible because leaders of the United States, Britain and other countries planed and prepared even while their respective populations were not ready to mobilize and go to war to meet the ever growing threat.

These leaders had to work with limited resources and it was not until Pearl Harbor that the United States public was willing to allocate the resources and allow the United States go to war. But because plans were already in place and methods devised to implement these plans quickly the United States was able to mobilize and transform society rapidly to meet and defeat the threat.

Retired Naval Commander C.B. Scott Jones has released a document for policy makers and the public alike that seeks to initiate and process of planning in preparation for the rapidly developing UFO/ET disclosure crisis. This is a work in progress and is being modified as more public input is presented and incorporated into the document.

I highly recommend that both the public, press and policy makers read and seriously consider this document. A open discussion thread on the Open Minds Forum presents the document and opens a serious discussion. Revisions and other alternations to the document can also be found on this thread.

UFO/ET Activist Groups

Local UFO/ET Activist Groups
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

We now have three major national-international exopolitics networks. The Exopolitics Institutes's Network ,The Steve Basset's Exopolitics Network and the Open Minds Forum which I consider everything exopolitics without the name. Additionally we have other networks, , etc. that together build a powerful international exopolitical infrastructure.

What we now need in the United States, Canada and elsewhere are state and providential local groups to fill out the larger exopolitical infrastructure. We now have many chiefs and too few Indians. In the United States and Canada I would like to see a UFO/ET activist group in every state in the US and providence in Canada. Jeff Peckman recently showed the power that only one dedicated citizen activist can have on national politics and exopolitics.

I believe that these local groups should be independent so they can affiliate and support whatever national-international group activist initiatives they should choose. These groups may or may not have a investigative arm. I propose that a international working group be organized with a coordinator that has the time and energy to concentrate on the formation these local activist groups.

I believe that we should coordinate our activities in a open and transparent manner on the Open Minds forum. This way the public can by following a thread become informed and participate in the formation of these local groups. Until we come up with something better I propose that we use this thread at OM. I recommend that a lady going by the name Cyrellys be Internet project coordinator for this initiative and who can monitor and strictly police the above thread so it does not get clogged with unrelated posts.

If we are going to take back control over extraterrestrial policy from the shadow government we have to become activists. Every person that comes on board counts and I would hope that everybody interested in this initiative will come together on this OM thread and monitor it for developments. When you enter the OM forum just click register at the top of the page and come up with a screen name and a password. From then on you can login with the screen name and the password. There is no charge to become a member of OM.

Monday, June 02, 2008

ET Crash Retrival

One More Crash UFO/ET Crash Retrieval Case
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

It seems every time I go to my barn and dig through my UFO files for something I run across something else that I have forgotten. I am beginning to think that I am forgetting more than most people will ever know about extraterrestrial reality. I found this letter along side the material I had on the CIA’s Robert Cotner. It really makes me wonder about how much evidence gets lost every time a long time UFO investigator passes on. I am trying to be sure to get what I have up on the Internet and into the public domain before it too gets lost.

This article in the January issue of OMNI magazine about Operation Right To Know, a UFO activist organization that I co-founded with Mike Jamieson, brought me considerable feedback. My address at the time which has since been changed must have been on the article as this letter is addressed to Mike and I at this old address. Again I guess its better late than never that this letter gets typed into the public domain.

Another interesting aspect about this old case is that it presents further evidence as to the amount of control the United States has over the extraterrestrial policy of other nations. I just read a recent article from India Daily suggesting that America is using access to extraterrestrial technology to bribe India not to disclose. One wonders to what degree the United States superpower status is based on the secret exploitation of ET technology?

No wonder that the American shadow government so vigorously suppresses public and global knowledge of extraterrestrial reality and may be the last country do disclose. The recent article from UFO Digest gives some insight in how this coverup works.

To: Jamieson and Komarek
FR: Anonymous

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you in response to your article concerning UFO involvement in the January issue of ONNI magazine of 1993. What I am about to disclose is restricted information by oath and will be jeopardizing to my health.

As a graduate from the Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security, I formerly worked two years as a Military Police Officer. In my tour of duty, I was subjected to a disclosure of internal security from the American Bureau of Investigations which had given myself a status of second class priority clearance. Even though I had taken an oath never to disclose any and all internal actions and reports for “the good of the people of the United States of America ”, I feel it is in the people’s best interests that I bring myself to nullify this oath.

This citizen is formally disgusted at the growing corruption of the American government and raises question about what sort of future they are leading to the people of the free world. You may recall a touch-down incident awhile back in one of the lower states (I cannot give the indicated location and specific details at his time). An unidentified object with flashing strobe lights crashed into a farmer’s brush. Immediately the local police were notified who then contacted the federal and military authorities. A surveillance team inspected the object and its contents, threw a tarp over it, and hauled it away on a military transport vehicle. It was later released to the press as a burned out meteorite and of little importance. Many questions were raised with very few answers available.

I am writing this statement in the hopes of your understanding in this “hard to believe” tale, but I feel that the people of the world have every damn right to know! That was no airplane, no weather balloon, and definitely no meteorite. I should know. I was the flanking guard in that surveillance team. It is sad to come to the realization that the last team member who tried going publicly with this information was never heard from again. Naturally, they will suspect me as well. However, I did not want to leave this Earth without saying these words to the public; If our so open-minded government sanctions and institutionalizes all contacts with outer life, and all future hope of a prosperous alliance will be destroyed.

If you wish any further contacts with myself for whatever reason, I will be more than happy to cooperate, to a certain extent of personal security. You may contact my alias of (blank), residing at a forwarding address of (blank) Victoria , BC , Canada , V8x 3V3. You may publicize my statement, but please not my alias. (Note to investigators, if somebody wants to follow up on this old address in confidence let me know.)

Thank you four your time and the efforts of your organization. Perhaps one day the citizens can reach the crash sites before the scientists of the planet.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Exopolitics Safety Net

Building An Global Exopolitics Safety Net
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My blog:

I have struggled as have many others to tell the truth about extraterrestrial reality to the general public. This has been a difficult process because those that suppress the truth throughout the world have tremendous resources at their disposal and have been able to contain UFO/ET related information to the UFO/ET community. We need to break out of this confinement.

A world wide propaganda policy of denial and ridicule has been very effective the past sixty years and none have been more blinded and manipulated than the mainstream media. I think I have finally been able to figure out a way to reach people directly all over the world through the back door using the Internet to bypass the propagandizing mainstream media.

This way relies on maximum flow of information with few restrictions on that flow. I started by creating a blog at no cost and then began to write exopolitical articles and publish them on my blog without copyright. I just ask that others please put my name and blog address on the articles if possible. In this way I create a positive feedback loop. I either publish articles directly by posting them to mainstream Internet newspapers like American Chronicle and OpEd News or email the articles to the editors of UFO/ET media and Internet newspapers like The Canadian where I can’t post directly.

Other people with websites, blogs, Internet newspapers etc. then pick up the articles and move the information to even more people. I was just contacted by an Internet newspaper in Sri Lanka that is publishing my material. Because my name and blog address is on the article or at the site people can come back and read more blog articles and now the articles are in a free e-book format available to print out.

The next step I am being helped on by a individual is to publish a well edited copy with a good cover and make it available cheaper than the book can be printed out free from the Internet. This can be done in other countries and languages as well. As more information gets read and distributed those that read the articles and the book find value in them and want to assist as they have been assisted. We all benefit, as a rising tide lifts all boats. We become the new leadership acting by example helping each other.

In this way we all raise our consciousness. Additionally I have my email address on the blog so others can contact me to help me with this humanitarian effort as well as put me on to important new information that I then feed back into the blog distribution network. So the blog and book also serve not only as a distribution network for ideas and evidence but also for the collection of new ideas and evidence. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they get information and then sit on it and do not share it and so their consciousness is diminished.

Some folks think I am out of my mind for not copyrighting my material as others can and will profit from and maybe even distort the work. Because people are volunteering to help me in this work I don’t feel right about making a profit on this but that should not restrict others from doing as they see fit. I am willing to take the risk and expect some distortion but in general I hope peoples better side will prevail.

What is important to me is that the ideas get distributed in as many languages as possible all around the world and if I can get back some expenses that would be nice but not that important. What is important is raising the consciousness of the people of the world as to the nature of extraterrestrial reality so that they can make positive decisions and not be manipulated by cover up or deceptive misleading partial disclosures of information.

I really appreciate folks beginning to come on board and help get these exopolitical articles of mine translated and distributed around the world. Folks should understand that they are not doing this for me but for humanity. This is a very large undertaking as it my intent to make a substantial impact on mass consciousness and no way can I do this on my own. The idea is to provide a conceptual safety net of sorts to help people adjust in a positive way to rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

For those of you in various countries that are translating this work into different languages for Internet as well as published distribution I think you can replicate what I have learned. Translate the first few articles of the book and put them up on a blog or website available for anybody to print out or use in various kinds of Internet distribution.

On the blog site or website ask for help in translating and distribution. Send the articles to UFO/ET websites around your country and in the language you speak. Locate mainstream broad Internet newspapers to either publish directly or to the editors of the newspapers if that is not possible. Don’t be discouraged as even if the editors are resistant you may catch him or her in a weak moment with one of the articles and they may publish starting the ball rolling at that site. J

After awhile editors and publishers can see that they do not loose credibility for publishing UFO related information but gain credibility because that is what the public wants. There will always be a few who will complain and try to shut down public discourse on the subject but hopefully they will be overwhelmed by the majority interest.

Another good thing that happens when an article gets published in an internet newspaper is that it gets picked up by Internet search engines that may not pick up an article published on a blog. This feeds even more people into your network. Be patient and consistent with the translation and distribution of articles over time and the flow will gradually build and you will reach more and more people.

Each person’s intent and needs may vary in each country. In one country the idea might be to build up an interest in exopolitics in general and maybe to eventually pull an exopolitics group together. This might work for a person that just contacted me to help in getting articles and the book translated into Dutch. Once you have a group you have help and you can hold conferences and the like. Where those that already have a country wide or regional exopolitics group like the folks that are helping me get translated into Chinese from Hong Kong , the translated articles can be used to build up interest in an upcoming exopolitics conference. Information is the lifeblood of society and any increase in flow helps everybody.

The better we get at increasing flow the faster we evolve individually and collectively. We can make a better world for ourselves and for our children by the effective creation and use of networks. Again I appreciate any help I can get. Come on board if you can find the time or the resources to help out. You can make a difference and help us make a better world no matter where you live on this planet or which language you speak.

Building An Global Exopolitics Safety Net (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My blog:

This article follows on the heels of a previous article. Now that my first exopolitics free e-book is nearing completion I find myself concentrating on how to get it translated and distributed into as many languages as possible worldwide. My initial goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of people and at some later date maybe millions. I realize this is a very ambitious goal. I think this goal is achievable through the use of the Internet to promote not only this book but global exopolitical discourse, exopolitical networks and conferences. In this way we collectively create a worldwide exopolitical safety net in preparation for possible rapid catastrophic UFO/ET disclosure.

I am now in contact with two individuals one in Turkey and one in Sri Lanka who need money to help getting started on translating. I have come up with this idea of a small sum of seed money to get things started in the less prosperous countries. This idea will get more bang for the buck than in the more prosperous countries. I believe I can get this book translated and up on the Internet between fifty cents and a dollar a page in some of these less prosperous countries.

I think it is important for translators to understand that if they get volunteer help and funds that the translation should be publicly available for all to use on the Internet. I am not against for profit translations and publication but there is a restriction of flow involved and if there is too much restriction another non profit translation can get around this.

I have noticed on many occasions that there are always going to be those that are happy to have help and funds but when the product gets valuable they want to own and restrict the product for personal benefit. This is lower consciousness activity and we need to do what we can to be aware of and minimize this problem.

The best idea I can come up with is to have blogs in each language with initial translated copy of at least 30 pages. This might cost me or other donors twenty dollars for each language a rather small sum of money for those of us in the more developed countries. Because the sum is so low the risk of losing the money is not great. If the translator does a good job of translating and distribution of articles they may even be able to obtain the rest of the funds for the job in their own country.

In special cases more money could be allocated but the idea is to initiate self sustaining operations that will pull together networks of people that will see that the book is completely translated and up on the Internet for free. If the networks are strong enough they might be able to take the next step and self publish the book in paperback with a good cover and distribute it about their country to facilitate the growth of their exopolitics group.

In the developed world where the cost of translation is much higher the idea would be to have a volunteer do the first 30 pages at least and then they can ask for either more help translating or for funds to complete the project at the blog or web site. It might even be possible that people interested and seeing the need for wide distribution of this book could make additional donations to help those translators in the less developed countries.

Once there is a good translated copy of the exopolitics book up on a blog or website then the next step is possible where a group can self publish and distribute the book at a cost cheaper than it takes to print out the book from the Internet. This could be an additional way for a group or network to raise funds and public consciousness. Many people are not going to want to read or print the whole thing out from the computer if they can get a paperback copy at a reasonable cost. This might be something exopolitical networks around the globe could cooperate on so as to get books cheaply published in many languages where costs are cheap in places like India or China .

Because I am not interested in money or copyright I think this model is doable and that this exopolitics book or at least some articles can reach hundreds of thousands of people or more worldwide. I have noticed that when I publish my articles in the Internet newspapers I may get as many as 500 hits in just a couple of days on an article. I guess I have maybe a hundred articles circulating all feeding back to by blog.

So I estimate just in America I am reaching tens of thousands of people and who knows for the rest of the English speaking world, it may be tens of thousands more already at the very least. Over time the articles continue to circulate as people pass on the articles to their websites, blogs and Internet newspapers for even further distribution. The Internet newspaper in Sri Lanka publishing my articles for publication is such a case in point. Because these articles are not time sensitive they keep flowing. It is true there is no stopping a powerful idea whose time has come.

So I guess its time to try to put together a team of volunteers to oversee and help fund these operations. I intend to contact friends that I have and am working with on the Internet and any other contacts that might be interested and believe in this enterprise as I do. So if this reaches you through one network or another and you want to help out there is a place for you.

I have done most of the work on this so far and now its time for others to come on board and work together for a better future. Additionally this book can be a wonderful intelligence gathering tool for all concerned. If I can get enough support then I can go back to concentrating on my writing and investigations for a second book, if not I intend to concentrate on this till the job gets done.