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  1. El Donald Edward Keyhoe ( el 20 de junio, el 1897 - el 29 de noviembre, 1988 ) era oficial americano del Cuerpo del Marines con una cierta experiencia del vuelo, el ... - En caché
  2. Donald Edward Keyhoe (June 20, 1897 - November 29, 1988) was an American Marine Corps naval aviator, writer of many aviation articles and stories in a variety of ... - En caché
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  3. La entrevista con Mike Wallace. Mayor Donald E. Keyhoe. 3/8/1957 El ex Marine Air Corps Major Donald Keyhoe, director del National Investigations Committee on Aerial ... - En caché
  4. Guionista: La tierra contra los platillos voladores (1956) (libro "Flying Saucers from Outer Space") (como Major Donald E. Keyhoe) ... tcc "Earth vs. the ... - En caché
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  5. Works by Donald Keyhoe: Flying saucers from outer space, Aliens From Space . . . The Real Story Of Unidentified Flying Objects, The Flying Saucers Are Real, Flying ... - En caché
  6. The Flying Saucers Are Real, by Donald Keyhoe, [1950], full text etext at - En caché
  7. WALLACE: Good evening, tonight we go after a fantastic story, the story that flying saucers from other worlds are visiting our planet, just as we are exploring outerr ... - En caché
  8. Keyhoe Donald - Los Desconocidos Del Espacio doc Ciencia Ficción - En caché
  9. Biografía de Donald Keyhoe. Pervive es la red social en momentos de duelo. - En caché
  10. Donald E. Keyhoe. From NICAP: Brief Biography Donald E. Keyhoe was born in Ottumwa, Iowa, on June 20, 1897. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis ... - En caché