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John A. Keel: A Bibliography

[This bibliography is a continuing work in progress; suggestions, additions, and corrections are welcome.]


[I've included here JAK's introductions to others' books, and contributions to anthologies. Some of his books were reprinted under different titles; I've listed those separately. I've also listed translations separately, since the titles to those also vary considerably from the original. If the foreign title is the same (like the French edition of Jadoo), or if I can't read it (like the Japanese editions), I've listed it under the original. Good luck!]

Julian Messner, N.Y., NY, 1957.
“The Astounding Story of One Man’s Search into the Mysteries of Black Magic in the Orient.”
Reprint by Pyramid Books, 1972. UK edition by W.H. Allen, 1958.  French edition by Buchet-Chastel-Correa, 1958; translation by Jean Rosenthal. Japanese edition by Kobunsha Ltd., 1958; translation by Masao Shirai.

Funk & Wagnall’s Book of the Year: 1960
Funk & Wagnall’s, N.Y., NY, 1960
JAK listed as “Assistant Editor.”

Three Women
Midwood Enterprises, N.Y., NY, 1965.
As “Harry Gibbs.”

Bizarre Mysteries of the Orient
Ben’s Books, UK, 1966.
A reprint of Jadoo.

The Fickle Finger of Fate
Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, CN, 1966.
“A Camp Classic — For Adults Only!” Illustrations by Al Jaffee.
UK edition by Coronet Books, 1966.

Town Tease
Midwood Enterprises, N.Y., NY, 1966.
As “Harry Gibbs.” Credited on the cover to “Greg Hamilton.”

What We Really Know About Flying Saucers
Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, CN, 1967.
By Otto Binder. Introduction by JAK.

Love That Spy!
Lancer Books, NY, NY, 1968.
As “T. A. Waters.” According to John’s sister Cheryl, John wrote this. T. A. Waters was a real person, and a known magician; could this have been a collaboration?

Strange Creatures From Time and Space
Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, CN, 1970.
UK edition by Neville Spearman, 1975; Sphere Books, 1976.

UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse
Putnam’s, N.Y., NY, 1970.
UK edition by Souvenir Press, 1971; by Abacus, 1973. Reprint by IllumiNet Press, Lilburn, GA, 1996.

Mysteries of the Orient: Jadoo
Tower Books, 1970.
An abridged reprint of Jadoo.

Our Haunted Planet
Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, CN, 1971.
UK edition by Neville Spearman, 1971. Reprint by Galde Press, Lakeville, Minn., 1999.

The Screw Reader
Lyle Stuart, N.Y., NY, 1971.
A collection of material from Screw; it reprints JAK’s “Feminine Fuckability Test” and “Male Fuckability Test,” under the pseudonym, “Thaddeus L. Farnboggle.”

Visitors From Lanulos
Vantage Press, N.Y., NY, 1971.
By Harold W. Hubbard and Woodrow W. Derenberger. Foreword by JAK.

UFO’s: Operatie Paard van Troje
J. H. Gottmer, Haarlem, 1971.
Dutch edition of UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. No translator credited.

Onze belaagde planeet
J. H. Gottmer, Haarlem, 1973.
Dutch edition of Our Haunted Planet. No translator credited.

How to Build an Atom Bomb in Your Basement and Become the First Kid on Your Block to Take Over the World
Lancer Books, N.Y., NY, 1973.
I haven’t been able to trace this title. JAK mentioned it in a Fate column and in his correspondence, so I’ll include it here. If it’s a Keelian joke, so be it: what better place for one?

The Mothman Prophecies
Saturday Review Press, N.Y., NY, 1975. Reprints by: Signet, NYC, 1976; IllumiNet Press, Avondale Estates, GA, 1991; Tor, N.Y., NY, 2002. Japanese edition by Kokusho-Kankohkai, 1984; translation by Yasuo Uematsu. Later Japanese edition by villagebooks, 2002; translation by Hiroshi Minamiyama.

The Eighth Tower
Saturday Review Press, N.Y., NY, 1975.

OVNI: Operacion Caballo de Troya
Siglos, Mexico, 1975.
Mexican edition of UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. Translation by Emma Galvan.

UFO: Operazione Cavallo di Troia
Casa Editrice MEB, Torino, 1975.
Italian edition of UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. Translation by Franco Ossola.

Visitors From Space
Panther Books, Herts, UK, 1976.
UK edition of The Mothman Prophecies.

Why UFOs
Manor Books, N.Y., NY, 1976.
A pirated reprint of UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse.

The Cosmic Question
Panther Books, Herts, UK, 1978.
UK edition of The Eighth Tower.

Super Heroes
Sphere, UK, 1978.
An anthology of stories about super heroes, edited by Michel Parry. JAK contributed “Satyr-Man.”

Strange Mutants
Global Communications, N.Y., NY, 1984.
A reprint of Strange Creatures From Time and Space.

Life Force: The Secret of Empowerment
Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN, 1987.
By Leo F. Ludzia. Preface by JAK.

UFOs 1947-1987: The 40-Year Search for an Explanation
Fortean Tomes, London, 1987.
An anthology edited by Hilary Evans and John Spencer. JAK contributed “The Maury Island Caper.”

Phenomenon: From Flying Saucers to UFOs, Forty years of Facts and Research
Futura, London, 1988.
An anthology edited by Hilary Evans and John Spencer. JAK contributed “The People Problem.”

Disneyland of the Gods
Amok Press, N.Y., NY, 1988.

My Visit to Venus
Inner Light Productions, New Brunswick, NJ, 1988.
By T. Lobsang Rampa. Commentary by JAK.

The UFO Silencers
Inner Light Publications, New Brunswick, NJ, 1990.
By Timothy Green Beckley. Introduction by JAK.

Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees
IllumiNet Press, Avondale Estates, GA, 1992.
By Salvador Freixedo, translated by Scott Corrales. Introduction by JAK.

The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings
Illuminet Press, Lilburn, GA, 1994.  Reprint by Tor Books, N.Y., NY, 2002.
A reprint of Strange Creatures From Time and Space.

Ghosts of the Air: True Stories of Aerial Hauntings
Galde Press, St. Paul, MN, 1995.
By Martin Caidin. Introduction by JAK.

Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely
IlluminNet Press, Lilburn, GA, 1998; reprint by Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, IL, 2004.
By Theo Paijmans. Foreword by JAK.

Voci dall’ombra
Sonzogno, Milano, 2002.
Italian edition of The Mothman Prophecies. Translation by Andrea Carlo Cappi. Reprinted as Il Caso Mothman, Sonzogno, 2003.

La Prophétie des Ombres
Presses du Châtelet, Paris, 2002.
French edition of The Mothman Prophecies. Translation by Benjamin Legrand. Preface and notes by Pierre Lagrange. Bibliography by George M. Eberhart and Pierre Lagrange.

Politics of the Imagination: The Life, Work, and Ideas of Charles Fort
Headpress, Manchester, UK, 2002
By Colin Bennett. Introduction by JAK.

Profetiile Omuli-Molie
Litera International, Bucharest, 2004.
Romanian edition of The Mothman Prophecies. Translation by Violeta Dinca.

The Best of John Keel, Volume 1
Galde Press, Lakeville, MN, 2006.
Edited by Andrew Honigman. Introduction by Doug Skinner. A collection of “Beyond the Known!” columns from Fate, June, 1989 to June, 1992.


[JAK also wrote regular columns for the North American Newspaper Alliance, Saga ("Ancient Astronauts, Modern Mysteries"), and Fate ("Beyond the Known"); I haven't itemized those separately. I've added a few descriptions, if it seemed helpful. JAK's own comments on his '50s articles are taken from "Bosoms, Blood, and Baloney" (Writer's Digest, Apr. 1958); those on his '60s pieces are from his newsletter Anomaly.]

“A Moron Speaks”
Perry Herald, Sept. 5, 1945.
Marginal note by JAK on clipping: “My first really published article.”

Perry Herald, Sept. 5, 1945.

“Keel Komments”
The Jester, Nov. 26, 1945.

“Dusty Feet”
Bowery News, Vol. 1, #10, 1947.

“Washington Square on a Rainy Night”
Bowery News, #23, Dec. 15, 1948.

Chief, March 1948.

“Constructive and Destructive Criticisms”
American Leader, Apr. 1948.

“Anton Romatka”
Caricature, Apr. 1948.

“The Crisis”
Bowery News, #31, June 15, 1949.
Short story.

“Love in Greenwich Village”
Cinderella Love, 1950.
Script for a 5-page comic strip.

“Love’s Confession”
Cinderella Love, 1950.
Short story.

The Stars and Stripes, Jan. 11, 1953.

“He Eats Snakes Alive!”
Man to Man, Mar. 1955.

“The Cobra Had Me Cornered”
Cavalier, May 1955.
“By John Gorman as told to John A. Keel.”

“Killer Camel of Farafra”
Man’s Conquest, Aug. 1955.
According to JAK: “I was told about a camel that had gone amok a few days before… a somewhat similar incident had happened to me… [I] beat out a story combining my own experience with what I had heard.”

“Appointment With Ali Baba”
Man’s Magazine, Aug. 1955.

“The Ancients Marked Me for Death”
Sir!, Sept. 1955.

“End of the Hunt”
Sport Life, Sept. 1955.

“The Last Stand of the Belly Dancers”
Sir!, Oct. 1955.

“The Mummy Maker”
Man’s Magazine, Oct. 1955.

“The Secret of the Rope Trick”
Argosy, Jan. 1956.

“Punishment Day”
Escapade, Mar. 1956.
According to JAK: “I turned out a 5,000-word story about a man and woman stranded in a little village in Arabia… My agent mailed out the first eight pages, throwing the rest away, and that segment sold to ESCAPADE. It had no ending but it did have plenty of vivid color, drama and sex.”

“The Man Who Climbed Everest Alone”
Argosy, Mar. 1956.
According to JAK: “During one of my chats with Tenzing Norgay he happened to mention being with an expedition in 1935 that found the body of a man who attempted to climb Everest alone and nearly made it… I was able to collect a lot of hitherto unknown details… and I came up with a corking story which was later featured on the cover of ARGOSY. The sizeable check helped me get out of a tight spot in Singapore…”

“World Without Sex”
Sir!, May 1956.

“The Tragedy of Tenzing”
Challenge, May 1956.

“Men with the X-Ray Eyes”
Man’s Magazine, July 1956.

“I Saw the Cobra Strike”
Adventure, Aug. 1956.
According to JAK: “It was the first time my name had appeared on a cover. Quite a thrill for a writer who two years before had been broke and unknown in a Greenwich Village garret.”

“German Sex Traps”
Caper, Nov. 1956.

“Naked Innocence”
Men’s Digest, Vol. 1, #1, 1957.

“Sojourn in Shangri-La”
Men’s Digest, Vol. 1, #2, 1957.

“Riot on Rashid Street!”
Men’s Digest, Vol. 1, #4, 1957.
According to JAK: “Once I had lived through a major riot in Baghdad and I eventually used that for a sex story about a man and woman, strangers to each other, stranded in a hotel during a violent ‘anti-Western’ riot.”

“Ride the Tigress”
Gent, June 1957.
According to JAK: “It was shot through with authentic background and the maharajah was patterned after a sad little prince I’d met in Hyderabad.”

“I Fed My Arm to a Tiger”
Escape to Adventure, July 1957.
As “Randolph Halsey-Quince.”
According to JAK: “Back in 1955 I was traveling on an Indian ship through the Persian Gulf and the ship’s doctor told me a fascinating story about a man he’d once treated in India who had saved his life by thrusting his arm down the throat of an attacking tiger… But editors found my ending implausible… I was forced to add a final paragraph where ‘I’ manages to unsheath a knife with his free hand and kill the tiger with it.”

Book Guide, October 1957.
An excerpt from the book.

Echo Magazine
Editor and co-publisher; nationally distributed magazine containing paper phonograph records, 1958-59.

Real Adventure, Jan. 1958.
An excerpt from the book.

“Bosoms, Blood, and Baloney”
Writer’s Digest, Apr. 1958.

“I Was Buried Alive!”
Parade, Jan. 20, 1958.
An excerpt from Jadoo.

“Do It Again, Darling”
Bachelor, Nov. 1958.
On using magic tricks to pick up women.

“Writer Gone Dry”
Writer’s Digest, Aug. 1959.

Writer’s Digest, Oct. 1959.

Writer’s Digest, Dec. 1959.

“Jadoo: 30-page Book Condensation”
Tomorrow, Spring 1960.

“I Found the Abominable Snowman!”
Glance, June 1960.

Writer’s Digest, July 1960.

“Music Lovers Revenge”
Genii, Vol. 25 #11, July 1961.
A magic trick using record albums.

“Riot on Rashid!”
The Men’s Digest, #37, June 1962.
A reprint of “Riot on Rashid Street!”

“Naked Desire”
The Men’s Digest, #37, June 1962.
A reprint of “Naked Innocence.”

“The Day the Women Arrived on Mars”
The Men’s Digest, #38, July 1962.

“The Strange Death of Harry Houdini”
Man’s Magazine, Sept. 1962.

“Stop, Look, Listen… and Sweat”
Better Home Movie Making, Mar./Apr. 1963.
On adding sound to 8mm movies.

“Adding Sound to Slides and Movies”
U.S. Camera, Oct. 1963.

Playboy, Dec. 1964.
On Maxwell Bodenheim.

“New Landing and Creature Reports. Sightings in Erie, Pennsylvania”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 12, #6, Nov.-Dec. 1966.

“Fake or Fact?”
Flying Saucers, UFO Reports, #2, 1967.

“UFOs In Outer Space”
Flying Saucers, UFO Reports, #4, 1967.

“Are UFOs Using the Earth for a Garbage Dump?”
Flying Saucers, UFO Reports, #4, 1967.

“Who Was That 6-Inch High Animated Tin Can I Saw You With Last Night?”
The TRUE Report on Flying Saucers, #1, 1967.

“Flap Dates, Kidnapings and Secret Bases”
The New Report on Flying Saucers, #2, 1967.

“Are the UFO ‘People’ Really Superior?”
Alternate Horizons Newsletter, Vol. 1, #6, 1967.

“Never Mind the Saucer! Did You See the Guys Who Were Driving?”
True, Feb. 1967.

“UFO Kidnappers!”
Saga, Feb. 1967.

(Reviews of Interrupted Journey, by John Fuller, and Flying Saucers, by Carol Lorenzen)
Saucer News, Vol. 14, No. 1, Spring 1987.

“North America 1966: Development of a Great Wave”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 13, #2, Mar.-Apr. 1967.

Saga, May 1967.

“From My Ohio Valley Notebook”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 13, #3, May-June 1967.

“Moon Craters: Or Secret UFO Bases?”
Saga, June 1967.

“The Beginning of the Saucer Era”
Saucer News, Vol. 14, #2, Summer 1967.

“More From My Ohio Valley Notebook”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 13, #4, July-Aug. 1967.

“The UFO Secret: Answers Are On the Way”
Saucer News, Vol. 14, #3, Fall 1967.
Also: picures of JAK at UFO convention.

“The Night the Sky Turned On”
Fate, #210, Sept. 1967.

Saga, Oct. 1967.

“UFO ‘Agents of Terror’”
Saga, Oct. 1967.

“Mail Bag: Induced Amnesia?”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 13, #6, Nov.-Dec. 1967.

“Mystery ‘AF’ Officers Seek to Silence UFO Spotters”
Flying Saucers, #55, Dec. 1967.

“Strange Messages from Flying Saucers”
Saga, Jan. 1968.

“An Unusual Contact Claim from Ohio”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol.14, No. 1, Jan.-Feb. 1968.

“The Little Man of Gaffney”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol.14, No. 2, Mar.-Apr. 1968.

Saucer News, Vol. 15, #1.
An objection to “circulating rumors and half-baked speculations” about him.

“UFO Report — The Sinister Men in Black”
Fate, #217, Apr. 1968.

“Secret UFO Bases across the US”
Saga, Apr. 1968.

“A New Approach to UFO Witnesses”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 14, #3, May-June 1968.

Caricatour, June 1968.

“Does NICAP really Exist?”
Saucer News, Vol. 15, #2, Summer 1968.
This carries the by-line “Winston F. Gardlebacher.” I suspect this may be by JAK: the name is similar to others he used; and the criticism of NICAP is characteristic. I’ll include it here, just in case.

“Mysterious Gas Attacks”
Saga, July 1968.

“West Virginia’s Enigmatic Bird”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 14, #4, July-Aug. 1968.

“UFOs — The Statistical Problem”
Flying Saucers, #59, Aug. 1968.

Fate, #222, Sept. 1968.

“The Secret UFO-Astronaut War”
Men, Sept. 1968.

“Behind the FBI’s Undercover Flying Saucer Investigations”
Men, Oct. 1968.

“Warning: The Reliability of National Tabloids”
Flying Saucers, #60, Oct. 1968.

“Mothman Monster”
Saga, Oct. 1968.

“Mysterious Voices from Space”
Saga, Nov. 1968.

“Is the EM Effect a Myth?”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 14, #6, Nov.-Dec. 1968.

“Mail Bag: Keel Replies”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol.14, #6, Nov.-Dec. 1968.

“Guest Editorial”
Flying Saucers, #61, Dec. 1968.

“New Flying Saucer Crime Wave They Can’t Cover Up”
Male, Dec. 1968.
According to JAK: “Heavily edited and sensationalized version of original mss. dealing with UFO injuries, animal mutilations, kidnappings, etc. Not recommended.”

“Savage Little Men From Outer Space”
Saga, Jan. 1969.

“The ‘Little Man’ of North Carolina”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, #1, Jan.-Feb. 1969.

“Open Letter to All UFO Researchers”
Journal of Borderland Research, Vol. 25, #1, Jan.-Feb. 1969

“Our Skies Are Filled with Junk”
Fate, #228, Mar. 1969.

“Deadly Fireballs in the Sky”
Male, Mar. 1969.
According to JAK: “The map published with this article is erroneous and not a faithful reproduction of the original. This is a very important article for all serious researchers.”

“Review of the Final Report of Dr. Edward U. Condon”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, #2, Mar.-Apr. 1969.

“The Secret is Out”
Journal of Borderland Research, Vol. 25, #2, Mar.-Apr. 1969.

“The Myth of UFO Censorship”
Flying Saucers, #63, Apr. 1969.

“MIB: 1967-1968″
Saucer News, Vol. 16, #4, Spring-Summer 1969.

Saucer News, Vol. 16, #4, Spring-Summer 1969.
A long letter commenting on the article by “Winston F. Gardlebacher” in an earlier issue.

“What the CIA Is Covering Up About Flying Saucers”
Male, Apr. 1969.
According to JAK: “Heavily edited version of original text.”

“The Public Relations Problem”
Saucer Scoop, May 1969.

“Feminine Fuckability Test”
Screw, #14, May 23, 1969.
As Dr. Thaddeus L. Farnboggle, Ph.D.

“The Time Cycle Factor: Problems of Distortion and Distension”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, #3, May-June, 1969.

“Review of the Final Report of Dr. Edward U. Condon”
Flying Saucers, #64, June 1969.

“The Air Force Statistics: A Problem of Accuracy”
Flying Saucers, #64, June 1969.

“The Bedroom Invaders”
Male, June 1969.

“UFOs in 1952″
Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue 2, “Beyond Condon,” June 1969.

“Announcement: Another Research Project”
Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue 2, “Beyond Condon,” June 1969.

“The ‘Flap’ Phenomenon in the United States”
Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue 2, “Beyond Condon,” June 1969.

“The Cape May Incident”
Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue 2, “Beyond Condon,” June 1969.

“The Glendale, California, Contact Claim”
Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue 2, “Beyond Condon,” June 1969.

“Feminine Fuckability Test, Part II”
Screw, #16, June 6, 1969.
As “Thorton M. Vaseltarp, Ph.D.”

“Male Fuckability Test”
Screw, #17, June 20, 1969.
As “Thorton M. Vaseltarp, Ph.D., D.D.”

“The Principle of Transmogrification”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, #4, July-Aug. 1969.

“Injured, Burned and Blinded by UFOs”
Male, Aug. 1969.

“Are You a Pervert?”
Screw, #25, Aug. 25, 1969.
As “Thorton M. Vaseltarp, Ph.D., D.D., O.B.E.”

“Is There a Bellevue in Your Future?”
Screw, #28, Sept. 15, 1969.
As “Thorton M. Vaseltarp, Ph.D., D.D., O.B.E.”

“The Superior Technology: Some Generalities”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, #5, Sept.-Oct. 1969.

“UFO Skepticism — or Objectivity?”
Flying Saucers, #66, Oct. 1969.

“UFOs and Abominable Snowmen — What’s Their Strange Connection?”
Male, Oct. 1969.

(Letter): “The Cherry Hill Affair”
Fate, #236, Nov. 1969.

“New UFOs Buzz World’s Airports”
Male, Dec. 1969.

“Exclusive: This American Town Is UFO Magnet #1″
Male, Mar. 1970.
With Gene Duplantier.

Saucer News, #75, Spring 1970.
A long letter critiquing an article by Gary Leslie in the previous issue.

“Mystery Aeroplanes of the 1930s. Part 1.”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 16, #3, May-June 1970.

“Mystery Aeroplanes of the 1930s. Part 2.”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 16, #4, June-July 1970.

“Incredible Monster Men Sightings in the U.S.”
Male, Aug. 1970.

“Fables of the UFO Age”
Fate, #245, Aug. 1970.

Merseyside UFO Bulletin, Vol. 3, #4, Sept. 1970.

“Ocean Based UFOs Ring the U.S.”
Male, Nov. 1970.

“The Insane Urge to Do Mad and Wicked Things”
Journal of Borderland Research, Vol. 26, #6, Nov.-Dec. 1970.

“Hushed Up: 22 UFO Sightings in One Day”
Male, Dec. 1970.

“UFOs and the Mysterious Wave of Worldwide Kidnappings”
Saga, Dec. 1970.

“Mysterious Voices from Space”
Saga’s UFO Special Report, 1971.

The East Village Other, Vol. 6, #6, Jan. 5, 1971.
A long letter about the Kennedy assassination.

“Our Hushed-up War Against UFOs”
Male, Feb. 1971.

“Menace of the Mystery Fireballs”
True Action, Apr. 1971.

“The Perfect Apparition”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 17, #3, May-June 1971.

“A Question of Responsibility”
Flying Saucers, #73, June 1971.

“Measuring Your Meat”
Screw, #119, June 14, 1971.
As “Thornton M. Vaseltarp, Ph.D.”

“Mystery Aeroplanes of the 1930s. Part 3.”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 17, #4, July-Aug. 1971.

“A Few Appropriate Quotes on Polemics”
UFO Commentary, Summer 1971.

“The Strange Story of West Virginia’s Mothman”
The West Virginia Hillbilly, Aug. 14, 1971.
An excerpt from Strange Creatures.

“UFOs and the Strange Death of Our Astronauts: Or Was It Murder?”
Saga, 1971.

“Mystery Aeroplanes of the 1930s. Part 4.”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 17, #5, Sept.-Oct. 1971.

“Ufology in Retrospect”
Caveat Emptor, #2, Winter 1971-72.

“Ufological Deaths: Are They Unique”
Ray Palmer’s FORUM, Vol. 7, #90, March, 1972.

Caveat Emptor, #7, Spring 1973.
This issue also contains “Naked Came the Fortean,” a parody of JAK, as “John A. Keeler,” by “Richard E. Wiplash” (Floyd Murray).

“America’s Unrecognized UFO Experts”
Saga, Apr. 1973.

“Stendek: He certainly gets around”
Woodstock Times, Apr. 12, 1973.

“Stendek: UFOs over Woodstock”
Woodstock Times, May 3, 1973.

“The UFO Evidence Everyone Ignores”
Saga, June 1973.

“Ancient Astronauts, Modern Mysteries”
Saga, June 1973-1976.
A regular monthly column, mostly on UFOs.

“Ivan T. Sanderson: An Appreciation”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 19, No. 5, Sept.-Oct. 1973.

“The Ufological Population”
Caveat Emptor, #9, Sept.-Oct. 1973.

Caveat Emptor, #12, Mar.-Apr. 1974.

“Strange Riddle of the ‘Men In Black’”
Saga’s UFO Report, Spring 1974.

“The Flying Saucer Evidence Everyone Ignores”
Saga’s UFO Report, Summer 1974.

“The Flying Saucer Subculture”
Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 8, #4, Spring 1975.

Fate, Jan. 1976.

“The UFO Name Game”
Beyond Reality, #18, Jan. 1976.

Gray Barker’s Newsletter, #5, March 1976.
Includes a chart of the ufological spectrum of opinion.

“Update on Forteana”
Pursuit, Vol. 9, #2, Apr. 1976.
JAK also edited this issue.

Gray Barker’s Newsletter, #6, Apr./May/June 1976.

“Man-Made UFOs?”
Pursuit, Vol. 9, Summer 1976.

“Of psychic phenomena, flying saucers, and men in black: part 1″
Woodstock Times, Aug. 19, 1976.
An interview by Peter Blum.

“Of psychic phenomena, flying saucers, and men in black: part 2″
Woodstock Times, Aug. 26, 1976.
An interview by Peter Blum.

“A Devil’s Triangle… In Idaho?”
Saga’s UFO Annual, 1977.

“Close Encounters of the Religious Kind”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, #4, Jan. 1977.

“Are Extraterrestrials Blackmailing Earth?”
Saga UFO Report, May 1977.

“UFO Intelligence Digest: The Contactee Key”
UFO Report, Aug. 1977.

“Investigating UFOs: Probing a Phenomenon Wrapped in Mystery”
UFO Report, Vol. 4, #4, Aug. 1977.

“Can Science and Scientists Help?”
Pursuit, Vol. 10, #4, Fall 1977.

“The Aliens Among Us”
UFO Report, Nov. 1977.

“Exclusive Interview with John A. Keel”
UFO Report, Nov. 1977.
By Peter Blum.

“The Sentinels”
UFO Report, Dec. 1977.

“Gen. Douglas Macarthur, Ufologist”
UFO Report, Jan. 1978.

“‘Skyquakes’ and UFOs”
UFO Report, Jan. 1978.

“UFOs — The Medical Evidence”
UFO Report, Mar. 1978.

“Mystery Explosions and UFOs”
UFO Report, May 1978.

“The UFO Physical Evidence That Cannot Be Ignored”
UFO Report, Jan. 1979.

Zetetic Scholar, #7, 1980.
JAK is among many commenting on an article by J. Richard Greenwell.

“UFOs, Mothman and Me”
High Times, #57, May 1980.
Illustration by Frank Frazetta.

“Charles Fort: Chicken Little Was Right”
High Times, #61, Sept. 1980.

“Snakes I Have Known and Loved”
High Times, #62, Oct. 1980.

Last Words: They Danced Their Little Hearts Out in 1237 AD”
High Times, #63, Nov. 1980.

“Hypnotism: Learn Animal Magnetism in Your Spare Time”
High Times, #68, Apr. 1981.

“A Letter From John Keel”
Common Ground, #3, Nov. 1981.

“Stand Back! Here Comes the Force!”
High Times, #82, June 1982.

High Times, #92, Apr. 1983.

Fortean Times, #40, Summer 1983.
A response to Nigel Watson’s article on Operation Trojan Horse in the preceding issue.

“The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers”
Fortean Times, #41, Winter 1983.

“Mail Bag: The ‘E.T.’ Film”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 29, #2, Dec. 1983.

“The Infrared Factor”
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By Jim Cusimano and Larry Sloman.
High Times, #102, Feb. 1984.

“Interview: John Keel, Part II”
By Jim Cusimano and Larry Sloman.
High Times, #103, Mar. 1984.

“Death Notice: Kenneth Arnold”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 30, #1, Oct. 1984.

“Mail Bag: Mantell Case, Invisible UFOs, etc.”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 30, #1, Oct. 1984.

“Book Review: Mute Evidence, by Daniel Kagan and Ian Summers”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 30, #2, Dec. 1984.

“The SHAVERTRON Interview: John A. Keel”
Shavertron, Mar. 1985.
An interview with Richard Toronto.

“Mail Bag: Losses in the Mail”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 30, #6, Aug. 1985.

“The Contactee Key”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 31, #1, Oct. 1985.

“Mail Bag: A Letter From John Keel”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 31, #1, Oct. 1985.

“Public Toilets”
National Lampoon, Nov. 1985.
For the “Mad as Hell Issue”: “105 famous Americans tell you, in their own words, what’s making them angry.”

“The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers”
Whole Earth Review, Autumn 1986.

“Origins: Creation, Evolution and the Extraterrestrial”
Critique: A Journal of Conspiracies & Metaphysics, Vol. 5, #3/4 [#19/20], Winter 1986.
An excerpt from Our Haunted Planet.

“Was PKD a Flake?”
New Frontiers, 1987.

“Mail Bag: From John Keel”
Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 32, #2, Feb. 1987.

“Beyond Shirley Maclaine: Cosmic Consciousness and Philip K. Dick”
Astrology Guide, Summer 1987.

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Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 32, #6, Nov. 1987.

Strange #2, 1988.
“An Understated Endorsement from John A. Keel”

“The Perfect UFO Case”
Strange #2, 1988.
JAK’s contribution to “The Strongest UFO Cases,” which also included contributions from seven other writers. His choice was the 1917 “miracle” at Fatima.

“Seeing Things”
Strange #3, 1988.
Selections from JAK’s newsletter Anomaly.

“The Wondrous — Long Since Forgotten — Days of Ufology”
UFO Universe, July 1988.

“Beyond the Known”
Fate, 1989-1994.
A regular monthly column.

“Q & A: John Keel”
UFO, Vol. 4, #4, 1989.

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Strange #4, 1989.
Reprinted from Anomaly #6; plus a sidebar with a brief interview by editor Mark Chorvinsky.

Caveat Emptor, Spring 1989.
A jocular response to the reappearance of the magazine, after a 14 year hiatus.

“Cryptozoo Conversation with John A. Keel”
Strange #5, 1990.
An interview by Mark Chorvinsky.

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Strange #6, 1990.
Selections from Anomaly #1-5.

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Strange #6, 1990.
Reprinted from Anomaly #7; plus a sidebar with a brief interview by editor Mark Chorvinsky.

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Strange #10, 1992.

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An interview with Bob Rickard.

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Steamshovel Press, #7, 1993.

“The Search for the Thunderbird Photo”
Strange #13, 1994.
A letter from JAK is included in this article.

“Here Comes the Cosmic Clap”
Slant, #4, 1995.

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Año/Cero, #5, May 1995.
An interview with Manuel Figueroa.

“The Hidden History of the Flying Saucer Mystery”
Unsolved UFO Sightings, Vol. 4, #1, Spring 1996.

“Lunch with Keel”
Fortean Times, #156, Apr. 2002.
An interview with Doug Skinner, Mamie Caton, and George Kuchar.  This is the “Mothman Prophecies Special” issue of FT; it also includes articles on Keel and on Mothman by Bob Rickard, Rick Moran, Doug Skinner, Colin Bennett, Jerome Clark, Tony “Doc” Shiels, and Loren Coleman.


The Lunarite
1946 (?)
A sci-fi fanzine: #1 is a “cardzine” (printed as a postcard); #2 is one page on thin pink paper.

Project “B” 1966: Analysis of Reports of Unidentified Flying Objects
A reprint of “North America 1966,” from Flying Saucer Review, Mar.-Apr., 1967; plus other material.

The Telephone Problem in the United States

1969-1974; 11 issues. A 12th issue was pasted up, but not printed.

The Reeves Papers: A Modern Rosetta Stone?
1970 (?)

Bleeding Gums?
1983 (as J. A. Keel).
A one-page sheet on making your own toothpaste.

How to Start a Club
1984 (as Jakeel).

Madison Avenue Confidential
1984-1985; 10 issues (as Jakeel).

Big Apple News
1984-1986; 9 issues (as Jakeel).

1984-1985; 4 issues (as Jakeel).

The Unicorn Review
n.d. (1985?) (as Jakeel).

How to Rob the Mail
1985 (as Jakeel).

Be Buried in Mail
1985 (as Jakeel).

Filthy Rich Digest
April, 1986 (as Jakeel).

The New York Fortean Society Newsletter
1987-1989; 10 issues.

The “Flap” Phenomenon in the United States: An Examination and Analysis
N.Y. Fortean Society, 1989.
A reprint from Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue #2, June 1969.

An Investigation into the Mysterious American Visits of the Mothman
N.Y. Fortean Society, 1991.
A reprint of “UFOs, Mothman, and Me,” from High Times, #57, May, 1980.

The Flying Saucer Subculture
New York Fortean Society, 1994.
Reprinted from The Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 8, #4, Spring 1975. Cover by Doug Skinner.


[JAK wrote a variety of material for the AFN. Many of his scripts were for continuing series. "Command Conference" and "Command Theater" dramatized material from "Troop Topics": instructive pamphlets on military issues. JAK often turned them into science fiction or comedy, often with the continuing character Private Mulvaney. "Take Ten" was a series of brief fillers. "Around the Town" gave information on film screenings and other events in Frankfurt, presented as dialogue between soldiers. Many of his scripts were also holiday specials. I've added a few descriptions, where that seems useful.]

“March of Dimes Spot”

“Old Soldiers of Baker Street”
[A broadcast of a meeting of Sherlock Holmes buffs; JAK wrote extra material for it]

“Music From Our Forgotten Files” #1
“Take Ten” 5/29/52
[On Al Jolson]

“The Soldier and the Community”
“Command Conference” 6/16/52

“Where’s Mulvaney?”
“Command Conference” 7/14/52

“You Can’t Win but You Can Learn”
“Command Conference” 8/25/52

“Halls of Heidelberg”
“Command Conference” 10/6/52

“The Other End of the Telescope”
“Command Conference”
[Slated for 11/17/52, but rejected: on atomic energy]

“Let’s Go!”
“Command Conference” 1/19/53

“Your Safety”
“Command Conference” 2/16/53

“A Pause for Identification”
["A Special Program Commemorating V-E Day"]

“Power For Peace”
[For Armed Forces Day]

“Missing in Action”
“Command Theater” 5/18/53

“D-Day Prayer”

“The Berlin Story”
“Command Theater” 6/15/53

“Around the Town”

“Come Back, Little Sherman”
“Command Theater” 6/29/53

“Tenth Anniversary Show”

“BFN Anniversary”
[A humorous salute to the British Forces Network]

“The Man of Yesterday”
[For V-J Day]

“The Promise of America”
“Command Theater” 9/21/53

“No Prize for Second Place”
“Command Theater” 9/28/53

“Around the Town”

“The Snake With the Diamond Eyes”
[A Halloween special, set in Cairo]

“The Greatest Punishment”
“Command Theater” 11/16/53

“Gettysburg Address Special”

“The Long Way Home”
“Command Theater” 12/21/53
["A Christmas Epic"]

“The Year Ahead”

“While Rome Did a Slow Burn”
“Command Theater” 1/25/54

“George Washington Special”

“Who Said That?” #2

“One Way Street”
“Command Theater” 3/29/54
[for National Safety Week]

“The Super Salesman”
“Command Theater” 4/5/54

“Solace in Wonderland”
“Command Theater” 4/19/54

“An Epilogue to Memorial Day”

“Swan Song”
“Command Theater” 7/12/54
["An exciting science fiction adventure"]

“Things in the Sky”
[Undated, possibly 1953? The title reads in full: "The Makers of Dresden China Present: 'Things in the Sky' (the Flying Saucer Story --- or, 'Mabel, quit heavin' the crockery... I didn't mean what I said.' A special fifteen minute stinker written and produced by a pfc named Keel."]