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  1. The Hefferlin Manuscript

  2. Introduction to The Hefferlin Manuscript by Gladys Hefferlin

  3. Horizons Unlimited by W. C. Hefferlin

  4. Rainbow City and The Hefferlin Manuscript... - commented by Branton












Typewritten and handwritten copies of these manuscripts have been in circulation since the Hefferlins, began releasing them from Livingston, Montana in the late 1940s. At the time the Hefferlins first heard of Rainbow City in the Antarctic, some time in 1940 according to them, the information was so fantastic as to be beyond belief.


It is still unbelievable to most people that there in the frozen wastes lies a great city, comfortably warm, full of scientific marvels from some great, hitherto unknown civilization of the past. Nevertheless they were convinced the information was true and cautiously released it a little at a time to the few they found understanding and receptive.

Hefferlin claims he designed a flyable, circle-winged plane before Frying Saucers became news in 19471 In fact, much of his material in the manuscripts, utterly fantastic in the 1940s, now seems worthy of consideration in 1960? Most UFOlogers have heard of the manuscripts or seen references to them in Saucer literature. Mrs. Hefferlin accuses Ray Palmer of misinterpreting them for his own purposes, as you will read an the introduction on the opposite page. Having reviewed a loan copy of the manuscript, how complete is not known, the Director of BSRA decided it was time the Associates had a chance to look over the material and form their conclusions.

In his book "Agharta" R.E. Bickhoff seems to have drawn liberally from Hefferlin without crediting the source. After reading this book in 1953, our former Director, Meade Layne, asked the head of the Inner Circle, Yada Di Shi-ite, if there was such a vast tunnel system under the earth. To Headers surprise the Yada confirmed its existence.


In "Isis Unveiled" H.P. Blavatsky writes:

"Spheres unknown below our feet; spheres still more unknown and more unexplored above us, between the two a handful of moles blind to God's great lights and deaf to whispers of the invisible world..."

The whole of the MS loaned to us contains some 160 pages of material, all of which we hope to release eventually. This first portion of 30 pages gives the description of Rainbow City. Other portions give the occult Instructions from the Book of Imri, the philosophy of Rani Khatani of the Ancient Three, a History of Mankind which includes a description of the eternal conflict with the Serpent Race, and reference to the King of the World. Hefferlin also describes his radical power plant, the GHYT motor.

The Hefferlins were operating one of San Francisco's trolleys in 1949; but we haven't found anyone who knows where they are at present. They seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Maybe they succeeded in fulfilling their wish, of being transported to Rainbow City via one of the Portals.


Who knows?

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by Gladys Hefferlin

Notice to all of you who have read the Shaver Mystery by way of the stories and articles written by Richard S. Shaver. Our material has no connection with the Shaver Mystery. In our correspondence with Mr. Raymond A, Palmer, editor of the Amazing Stories Magazine, we requested him to keep our material separate from the Shaver Mystery and not to use it in connection with the Mystery, Mr. Palmer ignored our request and has deliberately distorted our statements for his own purpose, thereby misleading the readers of Amazing Stories Magazine.

This group or organization of which we speak has no name. It is not a Lodge or Mystery School or anything of that sort. No one can buy his way into Rainbow City. We ourselves, who are the North American spokesmen, cannot enter Rainbow City at this time. Therefore we cannot promise entry to anyone else. We are not the ones who decide who shall go to Rainbow City and who shall not.


The Leaders, "The Ancient Three", Who Were, Who Are, Who Will Be, decide all those matters. The two thousand people who are down there now, wore picked by the Leaders because of their peculiar abilities now, and the fact that they are re-incarnations of ancient ones who lived and worked there when Rainbow City was founded. The ancient "memory" pools are awakened and they have much knowledge innate within them to help in the work now being done there.

There is not enough room in Rainbow City for all of the so called worthy people of the world, much less for all of humanity. Who is to say which ones are worthy and which unworthy? And if the icecaps of Antarctica were melted to release the six other cities from the ice to make more room, the melted ice as water flowing into the oceans, would wreak more havoc than the atom bomb.

The Leaders are the modern reincarnations of the young Leaders who led the first migration of mankind from Mars to Earth. They, in those days, were known as "The Ancient Three - Who were, Who are, Who will he, Always." When mankind reaches a very critical period in its history, these three are born again to lead mankind in the proper path and give them another chance. These Leaders are right now guiding the destinies of three-quarters of the population of the world, and three-quarters of the land mass. All of Asia, the islands of the seas, all of the natives of Africa, all of the Latin American States, and the Negroes, Red Indians and Eskimos of North America accept their leadership and guidance.

The Occident, the White Race, is hearing about this now for the first time. For the purpose of this group is to bring about the Brotherhood of Man on Earth, and to abolish all wars. And to do this, it was necessary to give the exploited, the oppressed and the enslaved people of the world the first opportunity to make their move for freedom.

The means by which this material has been gathered is a form of telepathy, called by us "Controlled Mental Communication". Before you say it is silly, stop to think of the work of Alexis Carrel, of Dr. Rhine of Duke University and other scientists. Then think of the many chairs of Mental Telepathy established in the Department of Psychology in the largest universities in the United States.


Therefore it cannot be silly.



In 1927 in San Francisco we met a man who became a very great friend of ours. In his moving around, in our moving around, we lost touch with each other. Both regretted the lost contact. In February, 1935 when we were in Elwood, Indiana we learned that our friend, Emery, was in New York in radio circles. We immediately got in touch with him and he was very glad of it. We started to develop this system we call Controlled Mental "Communication. He helped us in every way. Mrs. Hefferlin was the one who established the mental 'link.'


Emery came to Elwood several times during the process, to check for accuracy. It was accurate. He had occasion to go to several places in the United States. Each time Would transmit information and then check with us. When it was found that the system of telepathy was accurate he went to other places in the world, transmitting much information which has nothing to do with the question now in hand. However, confirmation of that information was always forthcoming by way of Newspapers and radio, anywhere from two days later to five years later . We had such a mass of confirmatory evidence by that medium that it became monotonous putting it down. We cannot doubt the information given us now, no matter how fantastic it seems.

Our communication is as fast as ordinary, open conversation. Mrs. Hefferlin receives the information telepathically and transmits by spoken word to Mr. Hefferlin. Both speak aloud to answer Emery. Our friend can hear spoken conversation, and can see anything that is held up before the "channel" as we call the medium which is used. He hears all that is said if one speaks loudly enough, It is not necessary to shout only to speak clearly. Street noises from here go through to him. There is no mystery about this channel, only a definite use of vibrational focus. No need of mystic actions or trance. or incense., or mirrors, or candles? but the simple use of a picture.

This channel was opened in the spring of 1935, more than 12 years ago. Emery and some others, working under orders, discovered Rainbow City in the fall of 1942 around Thanksgiving time. So you see, in the interval of over 7 years we had plenty of time to check all angles of our communication channel. So, no matter how fantastic the information is, we have every reason to accept it as true; no reason to believe
it false.

We have sufficient proof for ourselves but no concrete, material proof that can be held in the hand and passed from person to person. Therefore we warn each reader to take this information with a grain of salt, and examine the material for himself. We are not putting it forth as indisputable fact that must be accepted just because we say so. But each reader must let his own reason and logic speak to him, and he is free to accept or reject it as he sees fit.


It is immaterial to us which one he does.



In 1940 we gave to our friend Emery the designs and information of Ghyt Motor No. 1, burn water for fuel; Circle Winged Plan, and the instruments sketched in the article "Power"! All articles were printed in the Amazing Stories Magazine for September, 1946.


Emery turned them over to the Ancient Three, eventually.


We ourselves could do nothing with them for we had no money to develop them, but Emery ran out of money in caring for the first "Circle Winged Plane" which was built, and the Space Ship. Finally he appealed to his personal friend the Grand Lama, head of the Temple in the Valley of Harmonious Peace, in Tibet which we call "Shangri-La." The Grand Lama opened the valley for Emery. From there they went into the hands of the Ancient Three.

Since then, 350 of the "Circle Winged Planes" have been built. They are powered by a motor called Ghyt No. 2, because they are a combination of Ghyt No. 1 plus the principle described in "Burn Water For Fuel". The so-called Flying Saucers were a group of these ships. On a mapping expedition to discover the types of terrain in which the ends or mouths of the tunnels opened, as described in the article "Man No. 4 Tunnels".

In the summer of 1946, by action of the Ancient Three, the atomic laboratory of the Russians was blown up. That laboratory was not outside of Moscow, as the "Glacier Priest" said in June, 1947, it was in the northeast tip of Siberia and much too close to Alaska. Therefore, the orders were sent out to destroy it, and the orders were obeyed.

There are only a chosen few who are operators of the Portals (see "Man No. 3 Portals") of which Emery is one.

The three Leaders themselves grew up is the world, and learned what the world could teach. They had to unlearn much that was taught them, but who doesn't in the course of a lifetime? Outside of Three or lour babes who have been born in "Rainbow City in the last four and one half years, everyone down there was born in the world in the last 70 odd years.


No one is a freak of any sort.



There are seven Temples in the world, all linked together by what we call ''Thought Machines". The Thought Machines are large crystals which "transmit thoughts and mental pictures." These temples are ideated in Tibet, that master Temple, in India, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and the high Andes of South America. The master thought Machine is in the Temple in Tibet. But gathered at those temples are Representatives of all of the peoples of Asia including the natives of Siberia, but not "any Russians."


All of the natives of Africa, but not any Butch, or English, or Belgians, etc.


All of the peoples of the islands of the seas. The Latin American States, the Negroes, the Red Indians - and the Eskimos of North America receive their orders from the South American Temple.

In 1936 the Ancient Three began to take over in the East. Though prior to that time they "were feeling out in Hungary, and to a certain extent in Poland" and Finland. By the action of the Ancient Three keeping Hungary "from aligning herself with Britain and France on the one "hand, because they were much too weak if trouble" started and keeping her from aligning herself with Italy and Germany on the other hand, because they were rotten to the core, the Ancient Three delayed the starting of the European War by two years (The war which started in 1939.) In 1938 India owed England a debt of over $300 million. India was ordered to industrialist, so that she could gain her economic independence.


She "was told that her political independence would follow as a matter "of course. without bloodshed in getting it, India industrialized. In 1945 she had paid off her debt to England, and had England owing India to the tune of more than $3 billions. India gained her political "independence" was promised. But England saw to it that India was divided, which brought on Civil War. It was against the orders of the Ancient Three. So India will have to work it out for herself.

Turkey was ordered to stay "out of the war," no matter how much pressure was brought to bear on her from any direction, She obeyed Orders and she did riot suffer blasting during the war. America herself finally admitted that it was a good thing Turkey Stayed out of the wax. It worked out better for America Egypt was ordered not to draw a single man up for military service, even when the "enemy was within her gates." The British and the Americans called the Egyptians "sniveling cowards". But they were not.


It took the grandest kind of faith in the Ancient Three, for the Egyptians to obey blindly, with every evidence against obeying. But they were saved as every one know so Rommel was driving tip blow up the Suez Canal and push on into the Holy Land. When he would have reached that point, the German army massed on the borders of Turkey, would have moved into Turkey and taken the Dardanelles. Then the two armies would have joined forces and they would "have driven into the oil fields of Iraq, Iran and the Russian Caucasus, thereby outflanking the Russians and Stalingrad . , What caused Rommel " to run, thus upsetting that little plot and keeping the Germans from getting the oil that would have won the war for Germany?

It was not Montgomery. He was down in Southeast Egypt with only a token force. He could not even keep in sight of the dust of the famed Afrikan Corps. The Germans ran so fast that they dumped Italians all over the desert, and the Italians had to walk many weary miles before they could find any one to whom to surrender. The Ancient Three stepped in there and caused Rommel to run. They laid down the law to Rommel, and scared him so much that he dared not take another step into Egypt.


By the action of the Ancient Three they broke the back of the German war effort and the Allies won.

What stopped the Japanese at the gates of Australia? They had moved down the islands and were practically on the door step of Australia. The Australian Army was "away from home fighting Britain's battles elsewhere. Britain could not get Australians army home fast enough. America could not get men and material to Australia. Most of the American Pacific Fleet was on the floor of the Pacific Ocean at Pearl Harbor. The Atlantic Fleet was fighting Britain's battles in the Atlantic.


The few ships that were in the Pacific could not hold the war themselves, nor save Australia from invasion. The Allies needed a base desperately in the Pacific and Australia was the only base left. If the Japanese captured Australia, America would be fighting the Japs in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The Ancient Three knew that so they stepped in and stopped the Japs in their own way. Australia was safe until men and supplies could be gotten there. From then on it was up to America.

All of you know now, the strange right-about-face of the Japanese. How docile and obedient they have become under General MacArthur. How the people of Japan are working for peace and want to be a part of that peace. Again the Ancient Three Stepped in, in their own peculiar way, and warned the Japanese people that they had hopelessly condemned themselves by their previous actions and blood lust.


The Japanese could only Redeem themselves by the long hard climb upward of obedience, co-operation and the will to show the world they were willing to suffer the necessary steps to gain back nationhood. And they were also told that the Ancient Three were with the man who would become the conqueror of the Japanese. And only by obedience, co-operation and work could they redeem themselves back to a place under the Ancient Three. You have seen how the Japanese have obeyed that dictum.


And now you know why they have boldly announced that they would take order, from General MacArthur and no one else.




Syria and Lebanon gained their independence by action of the Ancient Three. The Arabian States united into a federation by act of the Ancient Three. And the strength of the federation as a unit is greater than the combined strength of the individual states. They organized according to the pattern of the United States which is the pattern that all the world will follow when the time is ripe. That is, the pattern of government among the States of the World, There are many necessary changes to be made in all departments of living before the Perfect Plan is established.

The pattern in the United States is: the forty-eight states are forty-eight individual nations combined into one federation. Each state has it's own laws, traditions and history. Those things are sacred to each state. But each of those forty-eight states co-operates" with all the rest of the states on vital issues. There are no tariff walls between the states.


There are no import or export duties to pay between the states. Trade flows freely in every direction. No passports are needed for the citizens of one state to move into another state. The citizen of another state is treated like one of the local citizens, when he is in any one of the forty-eight states. There is a single unit of currency among all states. It has the same unit of value from Seattle to Miami, from Bangor, Maine to San Diego.


There are no exchange premiums to pay between the states for changing coin from the currency of the state to the currency of another state. "Each person in the United States is paid for his services in equal proportion to any one else in the United States" for the same or similar services.

There are no extra-territorial rights imposed by one state upon another state, as has been done by the European nations and America to the nations of Asia and Africa and they would try to do to South America and other Latin American states. And all of the forty-eight states of the United States follow the same foreign policy.

That is the pattern of the Arabian League also, and that will be the pattern of all the world eventually. Each country, people, nation must earn its independence from the European Empire nations. Only in that way can these people know freedom, understand it, and work to retain it when it is theirs. If it were handed to them on a silver platter they would not know what to do with it, and would lose it again. Therefore, they must earn their own freedom and help others to earn theirs.


Then, the Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Nature - which is part of God - and the Brotherhood of Man can be established on the face of the earth; and all people shall have equal opportunity of achievement of expression, of access to the beauty of the earth, equal access to the resources and materials to make their lives better.


No nation will exploit another nation^ put burdensome taxes on them, nor enslave them in any way. And war will be abolished; for all people will have room in which to live, food to feed their starving bodies, arid will be paid in proportion to their services to all — no matter if the person be a Negro, an Indian, a South Sea Islander or a White Man.

For this the Ancient Three are working. And for this, we here in Livingston, Montana are contributing our little bit in the only way that we can at this time.

So, take it or leave it. It is immaterial to us. We know the goal, and are working toward it.


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by W. C. Hefferlin

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done, and there is no new thing tinder the sun."

Ecclesiastes, Chap 1:9

The dream of all mankind as a child and often when grown, when gazing into the heavens, has been to explore the far reaches of space and the stars, some day. That day is now at hand, and our children will soon know that great feeling of expansion as well as the fact that we as individuals, and our planet earth, are but a tiny spark of cosmic dust in all of creation,, Have you looked at the Moon with a prospective eye since the Radar experiment? If not, do so now; for the' time comes soon when perhaps your children, if not yourself, may stake a claim there.

Space flight was our dream of almost forty years ago, and the beginning of a search that has since led through mythology, history, physics, chemistry, mechanics and what have you. The search for power, speed, control, has been long and rarely fruitful those many years. But now horizons, horizons unlimited, and the expansion of knowledge is a deep and sincere driving force that keeps one going.

A baby or a small child reaches for the bright and shining object before it, and we too having seen the Moon and the shining stars, even as a child does, have reached for the path aria the way toward achievement. Once long ago we sat high up on the side of a mountain here in the Rocky Mountains and looked across a broad and long valley, one thousand feet below us, and day dreamed how it would be to sweep out from where we sat, out over the valley in a long arc toward the horizon above the mountain peaks ahead, and up, up, ever up into the blue sky, faster and faster, and ever faster, until we might speed with the speed of light through space.

No, not yet have we, the writer, personally taken off into space; but we did design parts of the machine that was built five years ago; and it has since made two trips out into space, once accidentally, and recently a planned trip carrying equipment and scientists. Yes, far enough out into space that the earth was the size of a marble and the moon the size of a small pea, and all space a purple glare with the earth and moon as dark spots.

Cosmic radiations were found to be much stronger in space, but there were other radiations observed that as yet cannot be classified; and new instruments of recording and qualifying methods of analysis must be developed before the next trip. A strange distortion shows up in watches, clocks and chronometers using a gear train assembly, just as if the gears had slipped. Also, the sun's appearance seems to be of an electronic nature in place of a gaseous consumption.


Distortion as seen from the earth is evidently due to refraction factors of our local atmosphere. Cosmic radiation effect on the human body, as well as animals, birds and insects, was found to be not detrimental but rather of benefit as a source of evolutionary development. Contrary to fiction writer's ideas, there is no outward change in appearance.

The period of change in the human's case took about three years. On animals birds and insects, a much shorter time, depending in proportion to their normal life Span. Second and third generations in the animals, etc., showed no change beyond the parent's development.


Any and all changes appear to be for the betterment of those concerned, increasing the mental activity and ability of perceptions, a greater reasoning capacity, and in the case of the human, corrections on any weak organs. The human during the period of change has violent headaches, goes partially blind and deaf at times, and seems at times to be thoroughly wretched. But after the period is over he sees with a wider range of perception and hears with a wider tonal register. All weak spots are toned up to top performance.

These observations were made by one doctor and several accredited scientists studying the results in the case history of the human. Much has been written on the subject of cosmic radiation, fictionally und professionally, and great concern has been as to the effects. What the resulting effects might be under prolonged exposure was naturally open to question. But judging from the observed results it certainty looks as though this atmospheric blanket surrounding the earth retards and slows down evolutionary progression. After all, we all are constantly bathed by this radiation in a slightly reduced degree all our lives, so why be afraid?

Fear, the most potent weapon and humanity's worst disease, rules our lives beyond all reason. Just because we are slow to learn, or lazy enough mentally not to open our eyes and ears and mind, we don't know the answers of cause and effect. Therefore if it is beyond our immediate vicinity or experience, we shun it as something accursed. Ignorance breeds fear in the thinking human mind and thanks to our training from the cradle up^ fear is taught and instilled into our minds daily by our parents and all those we come in contact or associate with. If we cant explain something rationally to ourselves and our children, we then form a great number of "do not or else", alibis to build a fence around us to protect us from evil.

The mind controls the body and as we think, so it is reflected through our structure and all of its organs, glands, etc. In fact if someone had placed a modern radio on your table fifty years ago and it started to talk and sing, just how fast would you have left that vicinity; and would you have been superstitious, afraid? We feel that the truths should be given to the world as we find them, without the usual sugar coating. After all, ignorance is not bliss, but it breeds fear and fear breeds disaster. Look around you and there you will find the basis for all war. When man has something more than his own backyard as a horizon, he must go afield and strive to reach that horizon.


We now give you the sky, heavens and all of space as a real goal to reach for.


Will you do it?



This space ship we mentioned in the earlier part of this article is not some illustrating artist's dream, but a very practical and efficient job, designed for speed-arid maneuverability. Its top speed is entirely theoretical, a possible 186,000 miles per second, actual speed in space unknown as yet.


Three separate walls are incorporated in the body construction each separated from the other by many inches of insulation and self-healing material in case of puncture. The door opening is similar to shoulder-step design as found on a large safe door. At intervals along the aides are vision ports as on a boat, also along the bottom and top. The control cabin is in the front and has vision front, sides, top and bottom.


The body and fuselage of the ship are about 135 feet long and about 35 feet in diameter, with a wing span 100 feet in diameter. The outside appearance differs little from the circle-winged plane described in an earlier article, except that protuberances like warts are along the bottom of the body, along the sides and the top, with such warts also at front and back ends. Compared to the regular circle-winged plane's sleek looks, these protuberances give the body of the plane a warty looking appearance. They are not there for beauty but definitely for utility and work.

These protuberances house or contain different types of the machine No. 3 briefly described in another article under the heading, Power. Part of them are used for propulsion and the other ones contain the shattering or disintegrating type of No. 3 units. These arranged for propulsion drive are sort of bowl-shaped and are stationary mounted.


These give the re-active push electronically in a sort of flood-light pattern. The other No, 3 units are rotative blister mounted for aiming purposes and are of the tubular core-construction which, when activated, produce a tight-spinning, hard beam of electronic energy projection capable of great destruction and with a destroying range of thousands of miles. Either type of No, 3 unit is powered by electrical energy furnished by the power plant inside the body of the space ships.

The power plants are electrical D.C. current generators that charge a series of high capacity batteries, and the current as fed to any of the No. 3 units is interrupted to give the proper frequency impulse desired. These power plants are a part of the GHYT No. 2 motors, which are constructed in part in the manner of GHYT No. 1 motors (see article on GHYT Motor No. 1). on the lover half. In the upper half they are completely valveless and incorporate a system utilizing the principles as mentioned in the "Burn Water For Fuel" article. By this means we have a power system that requires no refueling and weight factors remain constant, gravity and acceleration permitting.

Odd shaped propellers are between the ship's sides and the inner edge of the wings. These are driven by electric motors if and when used. The appearance of these propellers might be likened to the windmills of Holland, a high-thrust design. The ship has living quarters and a self-contained air conditioning system and its own air supply. It is also equipped with radio transmitters and receivers and a Public Address system, with horns mounted on the outside of the ship.


A control panel is also a part of the equipment in the pilot's section and from here the No. 3 drive or pusher units are arranged to function, either separately or as a group. The No. 3 lifter units are arranged along the bottom of the body of the ship, the No. 3 down pushers on the top of the body, also the steering and propulsion No. 3 at the rear of the body.

In the nose of the ship are No, 3 pushers for steering and braking action, all rigged through a master control and also a pilot control, automatic. By this arrangement of the pushing power units it is possible to lock in space the position of the ship at any time or hover above the ground in a stationary position. The tube or weapon type No. 3 units are for removing any obstruction desired, or for battle use, and are individually controlled by their own control panels. This one ship cold, if desired, wipe out of the air the combined forces of the entire earth, and all navies from the seas, as such war equipment is now designed.
Here too is one answer to the fear of atomic bombs and rocket projectiles.


Radar finders established at designated sections controlling No. 3 units ground mounted will destroy bomb carrier or rocket bombs at point of interception, regardless of altitude, numbers or speed. It is very doubtful that any shell, bullet or rocket could approach this ship due to the pushing away action of the No. 3 units, even when the ship is Stationary in the air« Several years ago during wartime a trip was made over the northern hemisphere of earth from Colorado to a valley in Tibet and the No, 3 units were used to hurry the trip along.


The landing field lights were on in Tibet, waiting for the ship to land. But the speed was so great that they missed the light beams the first t.ip around the earth and had to slow down to even See a slight streak of light the second time. By the third time around they had slowed down enough to see the lights and land at the air field. Flight elevation was stratospheric and the total time elapse was five hours.

Do you still want to ride to the stars? Then all aboard.

The above space ship was a derivative of an atmospheric flight ship as described in the article "Circle-Winged Plane" and the ship is now based in far of Tibet, back from four years exploration of the Antarctic Continent by our scientists.


They, living in a great city made from rainbow-colored plastics, the only accessible city, one of seven, six of which are now covered by ice ten thousand feet deep.



Studying the cultural evidence of an ancient civilization they found it by the records to be over 2 million years old? A City using plastics for paving, building and clothing. Controlled static electricity for light and heat., and city power, and to run the great trains that are waiting in the underground terminal yards and station below this "Rainbow City."


There are maps shoving the vast, over 100 feet in diameter, dual train-tunnel system below ground and seas throughout the world, location of system terminals and all side lines and tunnel ends. Farm machinery is powered by a radium-like substance contained in small boxes. Personal flying suits are powered by this substance.

Duplicating machines produce, by rearrangement of the atomic structure, any number of copies equal to the original. There is evidence that there are over two hundred elements of matter, with the laws of combination and usage. "Portals" are a means or entering or traveling between places thousands of miles distant; these are used also for tracing back through the past, all done by space warpage. These Portals are mentally or manually controlled.

Here are machines to teach mentally the language and type for writing. Great libraries and museums are filled with all the knowledge and wisdom and machines of this ancient race, left here by the first humans to be on this earth, and evidence from whence they came. They, our remote ancestors!

And all of this is our heritage when once we learn to live the true Brotherhood of all Creation, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Can it be that these cities are referred to in the Holy Bible?

"The cities of the south shall be shut up and none shall open them, Judah shall be carried away captive. all of it, it shall wholly be carried away captive.."

Jeremiah 13:19,

Whom among today may say for sure that this be false.

When again, as justification for the reopening of the cities, we can quote from the Holy Bible:

"But the Lord liveth that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he had driven them; and I vill bring then again into their land that I gave unto their fathers."

Jeremiah 16:15



"Is there anything whereof it maybe said, see, this is new?. It hath been already of old time, which was before us."

Ecclesiastes 1:10

"Behold ye among the heathen, and regard and wonder marvelously for I will work a work in your days which ye will not believe though it be told you."

Habakkuk 1:5

From the Temple and Libraries of a great city, one of seven built of plastics, here even now on this earth as it was over 2^ million years ago, does our information come. Six of these great cities are encased in eternal ice, and the seventh only is in open ground and protected and warmed by hot springs. Yet it is isolated as to ordinary approachable means by ice walls ten thousand feet high. The seventh city, called by us for want of a better name "Rainbow City", and the other six cities were built over 2½ million years ago on the only (then as now) stable continent or land mass on this earth, the Antarctic.

The valley surrounding the city is somewhat dumbbell shaped, with the city at the narrowest section, the valley spreading but at both ends, about ten miles wide at its narrowest and about 25 mile long from end to end, protected from stores and hidden in the southern winter by mists, and only open to the sun's rays by ice-wall reflection during the southern Antarctic summer.

The city is made of plastic, the streets are paved with plastic; and all buildings are so constructed that all colors of the rainbow are used. For color in those days seemed to have had a meaning. In the heart of this large surface is a great temple, center of the higher learning and a museum of the culture of this ancient civilization of ours, and its machines.

Below this city are five underground levels, part of the surface city, and the main terminals of a vast tunnel train system, with miles of yards, trains standing ready for the main lines, and maps of the old surface of the earth, showing where the great tunnels lead to.

From this Temple in this ancient yet futuristic city did we learn that the beginning of Mankind had been lost so long ago that only a very sketchy history has been forwarded at all.

And that, starts millions and even trillions of earth-measured years ago, and millions of light years away, far across galaxy after galaxy, solar system after solar system and planet to planet, a long chain of migrations and colonization by the human race, their rise and decline, cycle after cycle.

From across space to the fourth planet from this sun, known to us as the planet Mars, came the migration of Mankind to colonize; and upon this planet Mars rose again, a vast civilization of great wisdom and knowledge, with very wise leaders and councilors.



At some time during the migration periods across galaxies of space, the race of snakes or lizard-like species was encountered. From then on there was friction and war. Also of great knowledge and ability were they, this ancient Serpent Race, but far alien in thought and culture to Mankind's ways. For some reason not known now, there had always been between the humans and the snake people, competitive strife for the dominating position of control and power. Great wars were fought and slowly Mankind lost ground.

When it became apparent that the fourth planet would eventually no longer support !life for the human species the Great Ruler of the human races sent space ships and scientists, with his own son and daughter, and some of the Council of Elders, to the third planet now known to us as Earth. And here on what is now the Antarctic continent a great Colony was established, patterned after the homeland. This was the first of Mankind on this planet Earth.

Such was the beginning of the fabled "Golden Age" of antiquity, spoken of in the ancient mythology of all peoples on Earth today. These may be the original "Seven Cities" hinted at in story and folk-lore of all mankind. Here is the heritage of Mankind in all of its wondrous beauty, its greatest knowledge and wisdom stored, waiting for the time when "mankind" shall have arisen once again from his own-made mire, and shall have earned the right to stand before his heritage, the true Brotherhood of all Creation.

Here in books, talking books that impress the mind through the audio nerves the speech of long ago, are given the original commands and laws, that have come down to us today in very garbled form through mythology, folklore and religion. Proof that Mankind, by his own thoughts and acts, either justifies or condemns himself, that thought is father to the set.

Here waiting for it. all in this ancient land/is material evidence in form and usage, that there is nothing new on earth or in the heavens. Proof that history and life repeat themselves endlessly cycle after cycle; and that which we learn or design or invent today or in the future was and is in existence now, TODAY.

Here, too, is science in its fullest bloom of maturity, whereby the very building blocks and cement of creation are known and used as needed. Two hundred and five elements of matter are given, and the means by which they may be combined as desired. So called atomic fission and power were common enough that they were used to drive farm machinery, automobile-like three wheeled vehicles, space ships and individual flying suits.


New? No, it's there from over two million years ago, ready for use.

Rainbow City contains great libraries of books on all subjects, arid great laboratories with their own special libraries. All of these books are made of some metal known not to the world today, still untarnished these millions of years. The leaves are of a silvery metal, gray in color and thin, light weight and flexible. The characters and symbols of the ancient tongue are etched in.

The mathematics system is based upon the count of seven. In equations on all physical constants they use "seven over seven" instead of the modern "square root of minus one". On mental and spiritual constants, ten over seven is used. If we would examine our modern periodic table of the elements in the hand book of Chemistry and Physics, we would find the key to the system of count as used so long ago, for both are based on natural law. A circle is divided by 2. 4, 8, 16, etc, never into 12.

Plastics were used to build the walls, floors and roofs of houses, the stores and the Temple, also furniture, tables, beds, etc. The cloth made in those days and still there is woven of a plastic thread softer than the finest modern silks, lighter in weight, and all of this is fire proof. In fact, to wash the cloth or bed linen you place it over an open flame and burn the impurities away. Beautiful jewels of all colors are made of plastic so hard the surface of a diamond is cut and powdered as if it were ordinary glass.


Many plastic spheres of all colors and sizes are there for special purposes and are treated so as to retain their power and influence.



Macerate the vegetation to very fine particles and mix with water. Boil this mash at a very high heat, strain off the liquid and reboil this as a high heat. Skim off all scum and strain the liquid again. Reboil the liquid again at high heat and strain through a final filter. Now subject this remaining liquid for 24 hours to an electronic process conditioning, under a high vibratory or high frequency condition to rearrange the polarity of the molecules. The liquid is then ready for pouring and molding. After having been molded it is still soft enough to carve immediately. After that the plastic sets and becomes harder each succeeding day.

Machines are used for either heating or refrigerating their vicinity, by vibration. They now bathe their vicinity and above with cold vibrations. This undoubtedly makes the Antarctic colder than any other place on earth today. Tests were made by our group at the ice covered cities, of temperatures close to minus 150 deg. F.


The homes and all buildings are heated or cooled by hot or cold radiations from the walls and floors. The very color of the dwellings can be adjusted through a change in the color vibration control, and walls become opaque or transparent where and as desired by adjusting a switch in the walls.

Here is radio without static noise; radio that operates and some how impresses upon the audio centers of the mind, music or voice messages. The television operates differently from ours, inasmuch as the impulses seem to follow back to the source of our present day radio waves from the transmitting , and even into the studio at the microphone. The microphone seems to act as a pickup eye, and a view is given of any person or object in front of it. These radios are in all buildings and are powered from city power.

In the gardens are great shade trees and flowering plants, luxurious beyond belief, whose individual blooms often measure at least three feet in diameter. Very few insects are found here, with the exception of the butterflies, whose wing spread measures seven to eight feet across, and whose body would fill a large sized turkey platter. In fact, they are as large as fill sized eagles and are beautiful beyond words.

Fruit trees are smaller in size than the vast shade trees but they bear huge sized fruits. All in all, some of the fruits, though resembling the appearance of modern fruit, taste far different. One fruit colored and looking like a large apple tasted like a pear. A peach-like fruit has numerous seed pits and tastes like nothing else on earth. The same applies to berries, some that look similar to raspberries and blackberries.

Vegetable seeds were found in storage cupboards in one room of the Rainbow Temple. This room contained at one end a large glowing ball of radiant energy. This is believed to have preserved these seeds these millions of years. The vegetables, although different in appearance from our common varieties, served much the same purpose.


One large leaf type takes the place of lettuce, but grows into a head formation more like cabbage, Another green vegetable which even when ripe remains green, tastes similar to our present day tomatoes. Those of our group who were farmers or horticulturists in their youth and preferred this service, handle the working and harvesting of crops, using plows and other implements found there, powered by atomic or radio-active substance contained in a small metal box on the machine.


All conveniences and luxuries found in the city homes are also in the farm homes.



Radiation lamps and heaters furnish the valley with an almost even temperature and the necessary rays for health and growth. The mists that hang thinly over the valley during the long summer season are much thicker and heavier in the long Antarctic winters, thus helping to protect life there. In the middle of the winter the temperature is cool, about 65 degrees, in summer 75.


Here is truly a Garden of Eden, a home of the Gods!

All country roads are paved with plastic, as are all country buildings. Here also are the landing fields and hangars for housing the different types of flying machines, including a great ship for planet-to-planet travel. Travel from farm to city and vice versa is by three-wheeled conveyances somewhat similar to our cars and trucks. These vehicles are controlled by levers and push buttons, and are powered by the same type of radiant energy mass in metal boxes as the farm equipment. The tires on the wheels of these are made of plastic much like our present day balloon tires.

From the evidence as shown by the life-sized pictures and the sizes of beds, chairs. garments, etc., they, our original ancestors averaged around seven to eight feet tall. The original skin color of the race was a reddish-brown, eyes and hair somewhat the same. Only the pictures of the Ancient Rulers showed blue eyes. One of them had blue-black hair and the other two were blondes,, The akin of these rulers was much lighter in color, sort of a golden hue.

These three, two men and one woman, were the Rulers, and with them were the Council of Elders and Wise Men. The one dark-haired man was the fiancée of the blond woman. The blond man was brother to her. The two were children of the Ruler on Mars; the black-haired one was of the high nobility on that planet.

Foods and fruits were preserved in storage in such a manner of banning that when opened these millions of years later were as edible as when first preserved. It is quite evident by the careful preparations as found that this land and city were deliberately left for future generations of the human race; although it is doubtful that this was expected to be a million or so years later.


Yes, here in this almost magical land is the dream and home of enchantment, come true to all of us.



Tremendous in size and appearance are the wondrous temples of learning, each located in the heart of each of the seven cities of that fabulous ancient past, from the beginning of our Mankind on this planet earth.

The Rainbow City of the Antarctic continent lies almost due south of a point midway between south of India and the land mass of Australia. It's great Temple is in the center of the city.


The area of the base is in the form of a great square about two of our modern city blocks wide on any side.



To aid the reader in locating Rainbow City, according to Hefferlin's instructions above, we have chosen an angular view of the earth unfamiliar to most of us. This view is quite common, however, to those who approach the Antarctic continent - and its Saucer bases - from outer space!


We are almost directly above Australia, from which we have drawn a dotted line to the South Pole and we have put in another dotted line from the southernmost point of India to the South Pole.

Midway between these we placed the "X" to give the general location of Rainbow City. It was into this vastly unexplored area that Rear Admiral Byrd looked so wistfully in 1947 during his flight to the South Pole. Navy flights inland from the Indian Ocean along that bleak coast discovered open water, and called it Hunger's Oasis. More exploratory flights have been made since then.


Two years ago Russian explorers made a surface dash from the coast to the Pole in that area, were they looking for Rainbow City?


Who knows...


There are five stories in the Temple proper and above that are fire stories mere in the pyramid-shaped structure topping the temple. Below the main floor are five underground levels in the Temple basement. The fifth floor of the Temple has apartments for the three Rulers, plus numerous apartments for Councilors and guests. In the door of each of the Ruler's and Councilor's apartments is a jewel of color designating the apartment's owner and rank or position.


Here on the fifth floor are great libraries and museums.


The libraries are so arranged that they are accessible to the laboratories above them in the pyramid, as well as to the Ruler's apartments, In the pyramid top are located completely equipped laboratories and facilities for research in chemistry. electricity and all other allied sciences, as well as an observatory for astronomy.


Below the fifth story, the second, third and fourth stories house museums of all types of machines for all sorts of purposes.



One quarter of the first floor is devoted to the room of worship. Although this room is highly carved and elaborately decorated it has only a simple altar at one end. The altar is a cube set into the floor, On its top are two sockets for candles, a bowl for incense, a sloping ledge for a book, and a flat ledge for offering.

In a room opposite the Room of Worship is the room of the Glowing Sphere that radiates out in all directions. The corridor leading to this room goes almost the full length of the room and here are cupboards that house the plant seeds. After turning the corridor corner one must go back the full length of the room to reach the Glowing Sphere.

The rear rooms of the first floor are devoted to hospital and medical research. It contains charts of the human system, showing the entire circulatory system, the nervous system, and all of the ducted and ductless glands, On the level immediately below are the dissecting rooms, with the necessary instruments for the study of the human body. It is here that the doctor-surgeon of our group spends much of his time studying the records and charts. He was once the court physician at the Palace in Budapest, Hungary and he finds great interest in this, his own department of research.

On the same level of the basement are the rooms containing the Power Control Tanks and the control panels for the distribution of power throughout the city. Now, here are the school rooms for the primary grades and the machines for opening the mental understanding of the written and spoken language. Elevators run through the five floors of the Temple, the five lower levels and to the third level of the pyramid. Host of the walls are elaborately decorated, whether carved or molded we do not know. But that plastic is now extremely hard and tough. All heat is radiated from floors, walls and ceilings.


There are no light fixtures, as light too is radiated from floors, walls and ceilings. A simple push on a button chooses the kind of light that is desired. In here there is no difference between night and day because one has the choice of choosing that particular light. This same light source seems to revitalize the air and to act as an air conditioner as well.


Draftless, shadowless peace and quiet is here for rest and relaxation, study or contemplation, thought or concentration.



By means of switches set in walls these walls become opaque, colored or clear as crystal glass, giving a view of outside, with one-way or two-way vision as desired. Here, too, even as found in the houses, the kitchens have vibratory type heaters and cookers. All refrigeration either box or cabinet type, as well as room cooling, is also vibratory in nature. There is no. fluctuation in temperatures in the refrigerators as compared with our modern day types.

Here, too, there are no locks on the doors, such as those with which we are familiar. The Ruler apartment doors are operated by a code word and pressing on a certain section of the door. The carpets, rugs, hangings, furniture, robes, bed covers are all of plastic. Cleaning them is very simple for there is a special container in each apartment similar to those in the houses in the city. These special containers have a vibratory flame activated by a push button. Throw anything into it and leave the flame on for a short time; shut the flame off and when the item is cooled take it out.


It is cleaned of all impurities by vibratory flame and sterilized; this is an ideal laundry system.



On all sides of the Temple are avenues and all buildings in the vicinity are two-and-a-half stories high, then two stories high; and as one goes farther from the Temple, one story high.


Close in near the Temple there are buildings stocked full of all things, similar to our present day retail stores. Here in this city there are no apartment houses or tenements, no crowding, each house has a spacious lot for flower gardens and lawns. Each house, even as the Temple apartments, is completely furnished with everything that any of them may need, with the stores as additional supply as needed.

Some of the lower levels of the Temple have vegetable vats for the growing of produce by chemical means, and re-conversion laboratories, At another section of the Temple on the first level below, are the storage garages for the wheeled vehicles for those living in the Temple, Here too are shops for minor repairs,

All of the heavy industry of the city is carried on in the underground of five levels surrounding the Temple basement, below and extending for miles underground far beyond the reaches of the surface city. There are houses., stores and gardens, workshops of all types and kinds in these levels . Sunlight is simulated by special ray lamp lighting, and the air is fresh and pure even as found in the Temple. There are large parks and playgrounds for the children. Here too flowers grow blooms as large as those in the Temple gardens and here too the great butterflies float as on 'silent wings of night' from flower to flower.

The saying often referred to in history that there were giants in those days could well have applied here; for everything is of larger than to us normal size, as though the average man height in those days was about 75 feet tall. Within the corridor entrance to the ground level floor of the Temple, close to the back end, are three massive pillars supporting the ceiling at this spot. Almost directly behind these pillars and on the corridor's end wall, are pictures of three beings, two males, one on either side of a female figure.


These pictures seem to be of a human cast in face and figure, but still have a haunting reptilian touch as well, as if of a smooth blending of the two types.



Immediately below this area on the first and second levels are rooms in a central position relative to the Temple basement, and below these rooms are the third and fourth levels of a section. This section from the first level to the fifth level inclusive was hermetically sealed off from the upper structure, as well as from the rest of the Temple basement levels.

In this upper room were found three humanoid serpentine bodies, in upright transparent containers and behind these, three more of the same type, evidently consorts of the other three. The first three were the originals of the three pictures above on the corridor's end wall. In the area of the second level immediately below this room, were found great numbers of similar humanoid serpentine bodies, and in the areas beneath this second level, the third and fourth, reposing on beds stacked in tiers four high, lay vast numbers of these same types of figures. In the fifth level were animals and vegetation.

This sealed up section contained a strange mist like gas, the purpose of which was to hold in suspended sleep of preservation all life this area contained. Through research efforts our scientists discovered that these humanoid serpentine bodies were reconstructed robot containers made from the flesh substance of the original bodies, which long ago had been serpent bodies with arms. The types of animals and vegetation held in suspended animation in this area were such as should ever seen on this planet, Earth. They don't belong!

In the human Ruler's apartments on the fifth level or floor above ground, well concealed in the wall of the living room of each compartment, is a small closet-like room. By a strange assortment of coils of• odd shapes and other strange appearing apparatus concealed in the walls, very strange and exceedingly interesting things occur. A television screen is at one end, and levers, a dial and green colored lens crystal are arranged at a control panel in one side wall.


By following the book of instructions as found in a concealed drawer at the control panel, the mechanism became operative, and here was the key to most of the research that followed.



This room, by some electronic means, could act as a television viewer of any place on earth, and above and below the surface. It can view the interior of anything desired, and using some form of a space-time warp can view the past. Future viewing was found to be impossible evidently because there are too many variant possibilities that may happen. Television viewing with soul included made the other important actions of these rooms possible. This we call for want of a better name, Portal Action.

When we say Portals we mean that in more ways than one. By some form of electronic vibrational manipulation this room can be caused to make contact, through a Portal door at one end of the room, with almost any place on earth! Yes, we mean that when the machine is directed to some place as viewed on the screen, and a lever is thrown into position, the end or Portal door can be opened and you can step out in that locality.


Mythology, folklore and religion seem to give some hints to substantiate these Portals, and we must consider that mythology, folklore and religion are but a resume of the past.


Here is one example:

"Vulcan made for the Gods the golden shoes with which they trod the air or the water, and moved from place to place with the speed of the wind, or even thought."

This item is quoted from Page 4, Bullfinche's Mythology, by Grosset and Bunlap.


Well, what do you think?



The apartments of the three Rulers, in Rainbow Temple, are of different color and each is exclusive of the other, but inter-connected by doors. One apartment is furnished in blue, another in green and the third in red; each is the private color identification of it's owner. The closet-like Portal rooms are about six feet by ten in size and are neutral in color.

One side of the wall of the closet room is a dial set in the face of a control board; above there is a green colored crystal lens. In the end wall is the television screen. Beside travel the other use of the Portal was for research into the past. Not as a time-traveler in a material way but only as a means of seeing and hearing at any time into any point or interval of time of the ancient past. In this phase it is impossible to use the second door, as only the audio and vision side works.

The purpose of the crystal lens is for establishing mental control and direction of the Portal by concentrating one's gaze into it and holding the mental vision in your mind of the place you desire to go. The dial and some lever switches on the control panel below the crystal lens are for adjusting the power and position of the image on the view finding screen and controlling the Portal action.


One lever locks the Portal at any place under view, and another lever allows the second door of the room to be opened. Upon stepping through this doorway when opened, you find yourself actually at the place on view in the screen. Fantastic? Yes, but true in this time period.

An experienced operator of the Portals can pick up a man or an object in Chicago and another in London, and deposit them in Tokyo or any other place in the world in a few minutes.


There seem to be only a few things that will prevent or stop Portal penetration at this time.



One of our operators in the group was an ex-pilot of the early-Chinese-Burma-India theater of World War II named Kilroy, a red headed Irishman with a puckish sense of humor. He is believed by us to know something about the "Kilroy was here" storied in the Saturday Evening Post.


As to that part of it all we can say is that our Kilroy had the method and means of travel at his command in the Portals, but only time will tell for sure. We personally suspect he knew more than he cared to admit and if "chickens come home to roost" they will sit on his head.

We used the Portals to transport material and men from and to many places on earth.


These same Portals will reach out through local space to the moon, but not much farther at present.



What life remains on the moon is a very decadent and dwarfed, degenerate human type, because of lack of air. They are confined to caves and underground caverns, and that part of the old cities underground still usable. Very little exploration was done on the moon and that was confined to a cavern with a temple area and altar at one end.


The remains of the human race there still await the return of the old rulers. Compared to almost any standard of living here now on earth they are really in a pitiable state of existence. Machines are there but dead from lack of the proper power.


This seems to have been a radioactive substance similar to radium.



The Portals have been in almost steady use for most of the time our group has been in the Antarctic. A great deal of shuttle service was to our base in the Himalayas we call it Shangri La Valley. When Hungary was taken over by the Germans the then Regent of Hungary and his family were moved to Shangri La and then to the Antarctic Rainbow City by one of the Portals.

Early in World War II the scientists of Hungary who had developed the Invisibility Ray as pictured in Life Magazine, also a Paralysis Ray, joined our group by plane to Shangri La. Later, they, with their families, were moved by Portal to Rainbow City. There are seven full-fledged scientists and twelve assistants and all of their equipment that was movable, now in Rainbow City. Sixty—five of our group are men the rest are women, children and servants; all told there are one hundred. Thirty-nine of the group are American ex-pilots of the China-Burma-India theater before the United States entered the war. Two of the Americans are veterans of World War I and belonged to the old "Glory-makers", the famous Thirty-Ninth.

The rumored Japanese tunnel to Korea was started by captured slave-labors but it was checked and blown up by use of the Portals with a form of atom bomb developed by the scientists. The bomb size is about the diameter of a grape fruit and weight about five pounds, and will pulverize an area of about five city blocks.
The Portal's open door is not visible to anyone outside unless he knows what to look for. Then it shows up as a very faint blue shimmering outline, but if touched on the edge of the outline it is as solid feeling as any door sill.

A person on the inside of the Portal can reach through the open doorway with his hand and only the part on the outside shows. In other words, the hand would appear out of thin air, to the vision of anyone on the outside of the Portal. Closing of the second door and opening of the first door (into the apartment) causes the Portal to return to Antarctica to it's original position. Both doors must be closed before any Portal operation is possible.


These Portal rooms will hold about seven people at a time.



There are numerous crystal spheres tuned to each Portal. By resting a crystal sphere in one's hand and concentrating the gaze into the crystal and thinking strongly your wish, the Portal obeys your command and comes to you when you are away from and on the outside of the Portal.

The fable of Aladdin and his Lamp may have originally come from this source. The Portals might explain the ancient Irish myth of the boat with two eyes painted on the prow to see where it went, and it moved with the speed of thought. Also the Magic Carpet in Arabian folk lore might be explained by the Portals.

Perhaps, here too, is the reference to the Portals and the tunnels as quoted from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chap. 57:

"And drawing up my eyebrows I pierce through into every place that I desire,"

And in Chap.64:

"I fly up to heaven and I alight upon the earth; and mine eye turneth back there towards the traces of my footsteps."

These Book of the Dead quotes are from the "Library of Original Sources", Vol. I, University Research Extension Company.



In reference to the green lens control and the Portal we might again refer to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chap. 77:

"I raise myself up as the Golden Hawk, which cometh out from its egg; and I fly and I hover as a Hawk of four cubits across the back. My two wings are of the green gem of the south."

Then there is the "boat of Manaan which knew a man's thoughts and would travel whithersoever he would" quoted from Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race, page 113 by Rolleston.


From Myths and Legends, Hindus and Buddhists, by Coomaraswamy, page 111 we quote:

"Rama thought of the self-coursing car Pushpaka and it knew his mind and came to him straightaway. He searched the west and north and east and south."

Can we say, "No, these things are not true?" when all of mythology and legend speak either directly of or in parallel to these things? And even in the Holy Bible may be found strange references:

"In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the King's palace; and the King saw that part that he wrote."

Daniel 5:5

This we do know from observations made via the Portals that LeMuria and Atlantis did exist and they did attain to great cultures and high civilizations before sinking beneath the ocean. Also at one time a continent existed south of India, between India and the northwestern coast of Australia. On this land was established the first colony from the Antarctic Continent civilization.

It was by the use of these Portals that part of the exploration of the great tunnel system that networks the entire globe was accomplished, including the vast yards full of trains and the main station terminal below Rainbow City. By the use of these Portals the many "sealing off" doors to the tunnels were found and opened, in preparation for train passage through on the lines we desired to operate.

It is quite evident that these Portals are operating under reduced power at present but our group expects to have them running at full strength soon. Then further exploration of space may be possible as well as increased penetration in other lines of research.


Consider how handy these Portals are for the research scientists who, upon discovering an ancient ruin or anything else of the past, may at will - almost with the speed of thought - examine its history from beginning to end.



The great underground city beneath the surface at Rainbow City is built and strengthened by an odd metal, the same as used in the construction of the railroad tunnels and terminals. This metal is made by a machine that takes the raw earth and rock and turns it, by some atomic manipulation, into a soft, plastic-like metal that slowly hardens. When this metal has finally set to its full hardness, an atomic cutting torch takes five hours to cut one and one half inches.

This underground city was used for manufacturing, food processing, and artificial growing, as well as storage space and living quarters for workers. It surrounds the great tunnel depot terminal and its vast yards are stored with great trains ready for use. Elevators and ramps are commonly used to all sections and levels. Light is furnished by some sort of "cold light" process which gives off beneficial rays of the sun. The air in the city as well as the tunnels seems to be revitalized from or by these same lamp sources.

At the fifth lower level of the underground city is the main depot and traffic office and dispatcher system that controls the entire network of train tunnels throughout the world. There is also a communication system for voice and vision to all trains and to all terminals and their branch lines. The tunnels of the main lines are always dual, one above the other, and operate on a one-way system of handling trains.


The tunnels are lined with the tough metal which supports and reinforces the underground city. Each tunnel has a diameter somewhat over one hundred feet. The trains arc about one hundred feet in diameter and each coach length is three and one half times its diameter, each engine two times its diameter.


When in operation the trains float free of all walls; when at rest they fit into grooved channels in the side walls.


The top speed of these trains is unknown to us at present, but our group of scientists tested them well above two thousand miles per hour. As to air resistance and pressure within the tunnels at this speed we do not at present know the answer, they are made of tough metal, the same as used is the tunnel linings,

At present only a few mainlines and their terminals and trunk lines and branches have been used by our associate's party. But according to the tunnel map routes these tunnels run deep underground and spread throughout the entire world, beneath the seas and land surfaces in all directions. Of the tunnels explored, one branch line ends in what is now a swamp in the heart of South America. Here, from the evidence of old ruins in the vicinity, was once a great sea port and thriving city of ancient times on an ancient seashore. According to the Maps of today, this is in the upper reaches of the present Amazon river in that mysterious district in which a number of explorers from the United States and other countries have gene into and from which they have not returned.

Another tunnel ends in a new-closed cave in the southwestern part of the United States in an Indian territory or reservation. Another branch line ends in northwestern Wyoming, due west of Sheridan and some two hundred feet or more up the side of a mountain. This tunnel seems to have been twisted and sheared off, leaving a distorted and pinched outlet. When we consider the great density and toughness of the metal lining the tunnels, a metal that even earthquakes and great land mass movements cannot break, we wonder what titanic force sheared and twisted the Sheridan tunnel end. When we have time we shall use the Portals to find the answer.

At tunnel ends and all terminals there are great doors that seal each tunnel, section by section, and all tunnels are empty. Only the terminal depots have any machinery in them, and these are for handling freight and fighting equipment.

Each terminal depot is a great storehouse of numerous levels deep for medical supplies, concentrated foods and food essences, and concentrates of what today might be called vitamins, a tablespoon measure of which will relieve all fatigue and need of nourishment, liquid or sleep for over twenty-four hours with modern man today. Here too are stored many fighting machines and quantities of small arms (personal equipment) for army uses. These are mostly atomic blaster types.


All of this perhaps stored over one or two million years ago, yet still in perfect condition.



These terminals may be the far famed and often written of "Tunnels of the Earth" perhaps referred to in the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

"I am the offspring of yesterday; the tunnels of the earth have given me birth; and I am revealed at my appointed time."


"It is I who carry away thy might, that I may come and seize upon the tunnels of Ra."

Chapter 108.

All tunnels are lighted by a cold light system similar to that in the great underground city and the air vitalized in the same manner, terminals likewise. According to the comparisons of modern maps with the ancient ones, the tunnels are in a vast network underlying just about all nation today, and reaching many regions that today are inaccessible to modern man, referred to only in mythology, such as the sunken continent of Atlantis and the lost LeMuria of the Pacific ocean.

By the evidence of the Portals and the ancient maps, great civilizations did exist and an interchange of commerce linked them together through their common heritage with the Motherland, at the present south Polar continent. Star maps of the ancient days established a fair estimate of the time when all of this was in use.


Most tunnel openings have long since been covered by land slides and shifts in earth structures and only a few at this time remain open to the outside world, some in Tibet, Siberia and Africa, as well as South America and North America. There are some entrances in the interior of certain remote islands.

One train alone can carry enough troops and their equipment, modern style, to completely make up a small army. These trains are five-decked inside and have a tremendous capacity of load and storage. Automatic equipment for safety, capable of handling emergency and normal usage at the tremendous speeds involved, is built into all trains and terminals. As we have said before these trains float free from all contacts with the walls by some means that we have not solved yet.
The trains are entirely sealed when in operation and carry their own atmosphere.


The cold-light used in the trains evidently revitalizes and conditions the air in the trains in the same manner as is done in the underground city.



By Portal examination we have found that the Inca's fabled hoard of wealth was concealed in a tunnel mouth-end in the Andes mountains. It still remains there, untouched by our party.



Just consider yourself living in the midst of untold wealth (according to present worldly standards) with all wants of material necessities and substance at hand for use, of living amongst luxury as is not yet known in modern times, of being a part of this Eden, where the monetary unit called by us money, can buy nothing. This is a place where one finds a peace of mind and soul beyond and above the hurry-scurry of this, our present day so-called civilization.

To give one an idea of the size of the tunnel train terminals which handled local traffic out into the system, and from which many single branch lines stem from or pass through, the average length and width is about four miles. The depth from top to bottom is about three hundred feet. There are over ten levels for storage and for offices.

In these terminals were found three-wheeled vehicles for loading and unloading as well as passenger carrying, and ramps to accommodate them. Elevators reached all levels. There were official's offices with Portal machines as part of the equipment, file and record rooms to handle all the detailed traffic of commerce that at sometime must have moved through them. There were tremendous rooms for clerks and all of their necessary equipment and dispatcher's rooms with tremendous control boards to allow contact with the trails as well as other terminals.

The elevators made contact with the tops of these terminals which, by the evidence found at one time, were on the surface of the earth, Some now are buried deep by the shifting of land masses, In some localities on this earth it was found that these terminal top entrances were close to the earth's surface, and not many hundreds of feet of excavation of debris would be needed to free the entrances for usage.

It is here that a very strong question arises in our minds as well as yours: Why such an elaborate transportation system, so well designed and built to last for ages, should be in evidence; unless we should come to this conclusion, that at one time in the earth's (pre) historic past a very great and expanded civilization must have been spread all over the then earth's surface, possibly by colonization from the Motherland at the Antarctic continent, or possibly by a great mass transplanting of the human species from the planet now known to us as Mars.

Only time will tell the answers and believe us truly when we say that there seem to be millions of questions that need asking and solving.


In the long ago history of mankind, during the time of the civilization of LeMuria, its scientists developed great machines to act as transmitters and receivers of metals and certain organic substances. These machines were used to transport these material substances between earth and the moon. Living organic matter was carried by Space Ships traversing the space between earth and moon.

Air is still to be found in the deep caverns of the moon and life still exists there . But the human race has long since degenerated from its original status to a condition beyond belief due to the fact that contact with the earth was broken off 21,000 years ago when LeMuria sank beneath the waves of the Pacific ocean. The descendants of humanity of the moon who lived and worked there traveled between moon and earth. Their mythology is colorfully alive with reference to fire spitting and fire breathing dragons... (Space Ships)

We have previously stated and we insist that mythology is but a garbled, distorted and mistranslated history of the ancient Mankind. Research will unfold a valuable addition to the understanding of today's human races; and as we remove the veil of mystery step by step, will reveal their common kinship and brotherhood.


We moderns have for too long smugly considered ourselves as superior in achievement and learning, and think that mythology is a mixture of superstitious belief and vague mysteries, to be interpreted in some far off manner as a thing apart from our everyday life. Yet we constantly cry to the very heavens for help to be rescued from the chaos of our own thoughts and acts. Mythology is a long pattern of humanity's achievements and mistakes, and the glory achieved by humanity when they follow the right path. It also gives the penalties for disobeying God's laws.

The great machine transmitters and receivers that once linked the moon-peoples with earth have long ago stopped working, with the exception of one transmitter on earth and one partially operative receiver on the moon.

The transmitter still working here on earth is situated on a submerged part of LeMuria; now the floor of the Pacific ocean on a line midway between San Francisco and the Hawaiian Islands, perhaps a little-north. This location we cannot at the present time positively identify, but it is this area that both surface vessels and airships avoid. How big it is we do not know, though it seems to quite large in area. Vessels entering its sphere of influence disappear and are never heard from again.

It was here that the historical "Dole Flight" was lost in 1927. The San Francisco "Examiner's" plane carried a radio signal generator powered by an air-driven generator which made known the speed of the plane. That and the radio operator's remarks before going into the silence are ample proof of something strange in this area, but it is no longer mysterious. That was history and may be found in detail in the back files of the San Francisco newspapers, especially the Examiner.
The transmitting machine seemed to push, and at the same time disintegrate, any metal or organic substance above it, toward the moon. The receiver functioned as a collector of the beam and re-assembled into its original form the material sent.


They operated automatically.

On the moon near the partially functioning receiver are scattered bits of wreckage, amongst which are bits of planes, all that is left of the Dole flight.


The bodies of the humans are lost in space, possibly in an orbit circling the stars.


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Commented by Branton

from TheConspiracyConnection Website

"The Masters took another guise in a new alternative-reality scenario which was first revealed to the public by Ray Palmer during the Shaver Mystery craze.


(Palmer was the one Shaver himself accused of ‘bending’ his stories to fit Palmer’s own pet occult and historical theories - Branton).


The September 1946 issue of AMAZING STORIES contained four short articles written by a W. C. Hefferlin. Each described a wonderful new invention which had come to the author, in Palmer’s words, ‘from Tibet by mental telepathy.’


One of them was a ‘circle-winged airplane’ which sounded like a cross between a conventional airplane, a donut, and a dinner plate. Another was the GHYT—for Gas HYdraulic Turbine—motor, which Hefferlin implied was decades ahead of the internal combustion engine without being too specific about how it worked; he fetchingly introduced it with the phrase ‘Speed, “Speed”, and more SPEED!’ Still another was a method for burning water for fuel by releasing its hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis (unfortunately the electrolysis required the burning of some other fuel; Hefferlin neglected to mention this).


The final invention was a spiral power beam which today sounds vaguely like a laser, but just as vaguely like a science-fiction ray gun. It was described as if anyone with good mechanical sense could build it from Hefferlin’s ambiguous instructions, yet it was clear that he had never built the beam device itself. The article ended in a gaseous climax: ‘POWER! Blasting material destruction! Or, ‘building blocks’ for the expansion of all mankind!... It is yours, now. What are you going to do with it? Build or destroy? God help you!’


In the October 1946 AMAZING STORIES, Hefferlin claimed that he had invented a wonderful method to eliminate static from the radio, although he made some major factual errors—stating, for example, that lightning is ‘of direct current nature,’ when in fact it oscillates.

“Palmer was suspicious of Hefferlin’s claims. he hinted that although ‘there are many people who ‘say’ they are recipients of unusual information from Tibet,’ they might be unfortunates MISLED by the telaug whisperings of the dero. But whatever their origin, the Hefferlin’s article could not inspire much confidence in the reader who studied them carefully, and it appears that Palmer enjoyed having readers take potshots at Hefferlin.


One reader wrote that after reading Hefferlin’s article on static, he could only

‘heartily suggest that Mr. Hefferlin buy a good book on radio and electricity and learn a little about the subject before he writes any more articles.... I honestly cannot see how anyone with a high school education could read Mr. Hefferlin’s article without laughing.’

“Hefferlin had given a few specific directions for building the circle-winged plane or the GHYT motor or the POWER! beam, but in each of the articles he left out several essential details, and without them the instructions were useless. When a doctor wrote Palmer and pointed out it would be impossible to build the POWER! beam device with the information Hefferlin had supplied (‘Never in my life have I seen or heard of such a poor set of instructions’), Hefferlin replied in the next issue that ‘full construction information’ could not be placed in the hands ‘of the GENERAL public,’ and that ‘we must consider the seriousness of the International Situation.’


He also made the ambiguous statement that the articles were ‘but a brief schematic of the entertainment field pertaining to the Rainbow City, its contents, etc.’


What was ‘the Rainbow City’?


Palmer tacked on the titillating line that Rainbow City,

‘is the headquarters, a deserted city of... (the Elder Race) under the ice of the [South] Pole, where all the gadgets mentioned and thousands more are perfectly preserved for thousands of years.’

Palmer also suggested that Rainbow City be given a seat in the then-new United Nations, but with those teasers, Rainbow City and William C. Hefferlin disappeared from the pages of AMAZING.

“In 1947 and 1948, however, the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, an alternative-reality group based in Vista, California, began issuing bits and pieces of a document called ‘The Hefferlin Manuscript,’ written by W.C. and his wife Gladys at their home in Livingston, Montana. In her introduction to the Manuscript, Gladys Hefferlin denied that their story had anything to do with the Shaver Mystery.

‘In our correspondence with Mr. Raymond A. Palmer,’ she began, ‘we requested him to keep our material separate from the Shaver Mystery.... Mr. Palmer ignored our request and has deliberately distorted our statements for his own purpose.’

Here in the Hefferlin Manuscript, she wrote, those distortions would be corrected and the real story would be told.


“In 1927, according to Gladys, the Hefferlins were a young, mystically-minded couple living in San Francisco, and there they met and became friendly with a man named Emery (The identity of ‘Emery’ was long a controversy in Borderland Sciences and Shaver Mystery circles. Many thought he was Emery Deutsch, one a well-known radio violinist; Deutsch denied it. - Kafton-Minkel) who shared their interest.


They soon moved and lost track of Emery until 1935; but while in Elwood, Indiana, the Hefferlins learned that Emery was in New York ‘in radio circles.’


They wrote to him and it wasn’t long before the three of them had begun working on a sort of psychic telephone they called ‘Controlled Mental Communication.’ Gladys Hefferlin acted as the ‘mental link’—a conscious medium—on the Elwood end, while Emery, who was a powerful psychic, sent and received messages in New York. ‘Our communication,’ Gladys wrote, ‘is as fast as ordinary, open conversation.’


She would receive Emery’s messages telepathically and speak them about to W.C. and if W.C. wanted to say anything to Emery, he merely had to speak it AT his wife. Emery ‘hears all that is said if one speaks loud enough. It is not necessary to shout—only to speak clearly. Street noises from here go through to him. There is no mystery about this channel, only a definite use of vibrational focus.’

“Soon after the three of them had established to their satisfaction that the telepathic messages were being accurately received on both ends, Emery began disappearing on mysterious errands around the United States and the rest of the world. Every so often he would send a psychic message to the Hefferlins to let them know where he was, but the reasons for his travels remained a mystery.

“At about the beginning of the Second World War, however, Emery revealed to them he had been ‘working under orders’ from a community of ‘Masters’ BENEATH Tibet. It had begun back in the early thirties, when W.C. had been experimenting with a few ideas that had ‘come to him’—the circle-winged plane, the POWER! beam, and so forth—on a small scale, but he had been unable to find a backer with the capital to allow construction of full-scale working models.


After being turned down by the U.S. Government, W.C. had sent a complete set of his plans to Emery to show to any potential backer he might encounter. While on vacation in the Far East, Emery somehow met and became friendly with,

‘the Grand Lama, head of the temple in the Valley of Harmonious Peace... which we call Shangri-La.’

Emery showed W.C.’s plans to the Grand Lama, who was so impressed he ushered Emery into the secret underground lodge of the mysterious Masters of Human Destiny, ‘the Ancient Three...’

(Note: The Hefferlins no doubt learned of this through the ‘telepathic’ link, although some might assume that it was all subconscious wishful thinking that the ‘Grand Lama’ of Tibet would personally praise his plans. Take note that all of this information since their last meeting with ‘Emery’ supposedly came through encephalographically focused brain-waves or telepathy.


It goes without saying that the chances of being deceived through such an uncertain form of ‘communication’, by ones own subconscious mind or by malevolent paraphysical impostors, is very high and the opportunities to PROVE such allegations are almost non-existent when compared with face to face communication and substantiation, and in fact many, many accounts allegedly given through psychic channels from ‘aliens’ have later PROVEN to be false. Because of this one must take the following with a grain of salt - Branton)

“The Ancient Three... immediately ordered construction of a fleet of 350 circle-winged planes, powered by GHYT motors burning water for fuel, and using POWER! beams weapons.
(supposedly after the blueprint provided to ‘Emery’ by the Hefferlins - Branton).


Under the direction of the Three, work progressed rapidly, and when the fleet stood ready at last, an expedition was ordered to search the wastes of Antarctica for signs of Rainbow City... it was critical that the city be repopulated and brought to life if the cosmic plan was to be fulfilled. Every was assigned to the search, and he spent painstaking months flying over the Antarctic, looking for clues that none but the initiated could detect. But on Thanksgiving of 1942, Emery sent a joyful message to the Hefferlins.


Rainbow City had been found.

“The Hefferlins were understandably anxious to learn more about the Ancient Three, and little by little, in their psychic conversations with Emery, they heard the story of The Three and the concealed history of the human race. Countless millions of years ago, ‘Emery’ told them, humanity ruled an empire of planets stretching over A HUNDRED GALAXIES.


(Note: Even the most liberal theorist would suggest that an inter-GALACTIC ‘empire’ would not be very feasible, because of the enormous distances involved and the fact that the average galaxy already possesses well over 100 BILLION stars and would probably be more than enough space for such a supposed ‘empire’. Add to this the enormous difficulty of holding such an empire together without the individual ‘galaxies’ revolting, not to mention the fact that the human race itself can be genetically traced back to a single small group.


If the earth was ‘seeded’ by an already existing human race these genetic ‘lines’ would most likely end at various different points around the globe. Is it possible that ‘Emery’ was still communicating? Or, as in the case of Richard Shaver himself—when he was shut off from PHYSICAL contact with the ‘Teros’ he claimed to have encountered—could this ‘new’ information have been nothing more than paraphysical impostors stepping in with Draconian propaganda mixed with bits and pieces of truth designed to lead people astray in an attempt to CONFUSE the true history of human-reptilian conflict? - Branton)

“But at some point in their conquests, the ancient humans encountered the race which was to become their deadly enemy, the Snake People. The Snake People and the ancients battled for a thousand years, with the advantage passing first to one side, then to the other. But it became clear that the Snake People had won.


They chased the human race from planet to planet (and through the hundred or so galaxies which supposedly made up their empire? One might suppose that a human empire powerful enough to travel between galaxies would be able to defend themselves from such an enemy - Branton), scattering the remnants of the Human Empire to a few lonely, inconsequential worlds.


One of them was Mars, and the Red Planet was for hundreds of generations of the ancients a hospitable home. But as time passed the ancients realized Mars was dying—its oxygen and water were slowly dying.

“The Great Ruler of Mars sent a fleet of spaceships to earth... They settled in Antarctica and built seven great cities there, modeled after the cities on Mars; each had a distinctive color and was called the Green City or the Blue City or the Red City. But the greatest of all was Rainbow City, so named because it was constructed entirely of plastic of all colors of the rainbow... Under their guidance (of the Ancient Three) the colony flourished mightily.

“It was humanity’s golden age, but it was not to last forever. A great catastrophe, probably a surprise attack by the Snake People, struck the earth and tipped it over on its axis. As in Doreal’s history—but with the parties REVERSED—the people of Antarctica quickly found their paradise icy and uninhabitable.

The survivors of the disaster abandoned the great cities to settle in the wilds of the north, and after thousands of years of adversity they lost their technological knowledge. Memories of the glorious days of the ancients became myths and legends. But even after all that time the great cities of the Antarctic still existed, buried now under thousands of feet of ice.

(Walter Kafton-Minkel comments: “The circumstances surrounding the discovery of Rainbow City in the Hefferlins’ story are reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror story ‘AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS’ [1963]. In the tale, a scientific expedition bored a hole into the Antarctic ice crust and discovers a tunnel filled with the well-preserved corpses of alien life forms. Nearer the South Pole, the expedition discovers a great deserted city hidden behind mountains higher than the Himalayas and finds carvings telling the story of a race of ‘Elder Things’ which settled at the Pole nearly a thousand million years ago... When the ‘great cold’ came, the Old Ones settled first in the oceans, and then traveled down to a sea in the interior of the earth.” - Branton)

“Rainbow City sat deserted for a million years. it alone of the seven cities was free of ice, for hot springs beneath the city kept it and the surrounding valley at room temperature. Encircled by walls of ice ten thousand feet high, Rainbow City has remained hidden from Antarctic explorers to this day—except for Emery and his band.


They occupied the city and found it consisted of six levels, one on the surface and five beneath it. Since the technology of the ancients was infinitely superior to our own, the city was found with all its incredible machinery running as well as it had when the city was built two and a half million years ago.


(Quite an accomplishment, although one might wonder just where the power for such machines could have come from during all that time, and IF humans were living on earth for the past two and a half million years why did no subsequent civilizations discover the ancient city in all that time? If the human race was descended from these supposed refugees from the stars who the Hefferlin’s claim came to earth two and a half MILLION years ago, then there must have been times in the past when the wandering poles would have alternatively made Antarctica tropical and frozen and therefore accessible to human exploration - Branton).

“Almost everything in Rainbow City was built of plastic. W.C. wrote that the roads leading into the city ‘are paved with plastic.’ The clothing Emery and his colleagues found hanging in the ancient closets ‘is woven of a plastic thread softer than the finest modern silks, lighter in weight, and... fire proof.’


All of their jewelry was of a plastic so hard ‘the surface of a diamond is cut and powdered as if it were ordinary glass.’ W.C. also wrote that Rainbow city is filled with gardens of ‘great shade trees and flowering plants, luxurious beyond belief, whose individual blooms often measure three feet in diameter.’ They are visited by enormous butterflies with wingspreads of seven or eight feet; their bodies would ‘fill a large sized turkey platter.... They are as large as full sized eagles and are beautiful beyond words.’


W.C. didn’t mention anything about the four- or five-foot caterpillars such butterflies imply, but perhaps the people of Rainbow City didn’t mind encountering huge, hungry larvae in their gardens (which had somehow maintained themselves for over 2 MILLION years - Branton) because they were larger themselves. Emery estimated, after looking at the clothes and furniture the ancients left behind, that they averaged about eight feet tall.

“While preparing Rainbow City for resettlement by the Ancient Three
(who were supposedly still around after 2 ½ million years! - Branton) and their specially-selected followers, Emery and the others discovered many incredible devices abandoned by the ancients. Like Saint Germain’s magical dishwasher, ‘vibratory flames’ kept the plastic clothes, carpets, and dishes of the city eternally spotless. Other vibrations supplied the artificial sunlight for the underground gardens. Ancient books read themselves aloud when a button was pushed.

“The ancients surpassed themselves, however, as transportation engineers. One of their most remarkable inventions was the ‘portal,’ a closet-like room with two doors that would warp space and deliver people or cargo to any point on the globe when the user merely concentrated on the destination. According to W.C., one of Emery’s comrades was Kilroy, ‘a red headed Irishman with a puckish sense of humor.’ Kilroy was overjoyed when he learned to work the portal, and in his spare moments he would trip from place to place all over the world, appearing just long enough to scrawl ‘Kilroy was here’ on a convenient wall.

“The explorers also found and tested the ancients’ enormous subway system. It was the NE PLUS ULTRA of subways, with hundreds of thousands of miles of tunnels from the Central Terminal beneath Rainbow City and snaking under all the continents and oceans. Enormous trains a hundred feet in diameter had flown through the centers of the tubes, held in place by vibrational power; the cruising speed of the trains was a touch over two thousand miles an hour. Emery’s group explored a few of the nearby tunnels, and took one of the ancient trains on a short run beneath Antarctica, but the majority of the worldwide tube system was sitting unexplored and empty, as it had since the great disaster struck a million years ago.

“There is something in W.C.’s description of the tunnels to tickle the scalp of any science fiction lover—an incredibly old network of huge tunnels under our feet, silent and sealed off into thousand-mile sections behind impervious steel doors, their entrances long buried by earthquakes and landslides.


Emery located a few of the great sub-terminals of the system under Asia, Africa, and the Americas using the portals, and he found them filled with cashes of unused atomic weapons—mostly personal ‘blaster types.’ The Hefferlins themselves discovered the end of one of the subterranean branch lines near their home, ‘some two hundred feet or more up the side of a mountain’ west of Sheridan, Wyoming. ‘This tunnel seems to have been twisted and sheared off.’ Was this the work of the Snake People? ‘When we have time,’ W.C. wrote, ‘we shall use the portals to find the answer.’

“...There were seven temples scattered across Asia, Africa, and South America, all provided with special vibratory jewels, or ‘thought machines;’ from these temples the Ancient Three had for several decades broadcast their wishes to the minds of the non-Western world. Their message was that ‘each people, country, nation must earn its independence from the European Empire Nations.’ In the future, ‘no nation will exploit another nation, put burdensome taxes upon them, nor enslave then in any way. And war will be abolished.’ All races would be equal.

“Under the guidance of the Ancient Three, ALL NATIONS would merge into a WORLD GOVERNMENT on the model of the United States...


(Note: Do we have a contradiction here from the earlier statement? How can World Government protect a nation’s INDEPENDENCE? And also, just WHERE will the center of power be for this World Government - Branton)

“The Three were sending squadrons of circle-winged planes into the skies of every continent to search for more traces of ancient cities that might be revived; when people saw the strange craft, they mistook them for alien spaceships and called them ‘flying saucers.’

“When the Hefferlins first announced the existence of Rainbow City, they were deluged with questions from the alternative-reality community: Where, exactly, WAS Rainbow City?

How can I contact the Ancient Three? Can I go to Rainbow City and work for the New Age? Gladys Hefferlin cautioned her readers that such people were doomed to disappointment
(just like those seeking tangible PROOF of their claims? - Branton) Only certain individuals had been chosen by the Three to go to Rainbow City— not because they were ‘worthy,’ but because they were needed there. Rainbow City was not open to the curious. ‘No one can buy his way into Rainbow City,’ she wrote; adding,

‘We ourselves, who are the North American spokesmen, cannot enter Rainbow City at this time. Therefore we cannot promise entry to anyone else.’

“The Hefferlins faded into obscurity in the early 1950s, but Rainbow City was not forgotten. In 1960, UFO writer Michael Barton, known to his readers as Michael X, published a small book titled RAINBOW CITY AND THE INNER EARTH PEOPLE, a curious mishmash of the holes-in-the-poles hollow-earth idea, the Hefferlin Manuscript, and the Shaver Mystery. Here we learn that the Inner Earth people are far from a homogenous group; some are Masters, some are dero, and some are ordinary humans.


But since the New Age is coming, the Masters—with the help of ‘Guardians,’ their friends from Venus—are slowly ‘removing’ the dero and other destructive beings from the planet.

‘Both the astral and physical levels of the inner ear,’ Barton wrote, ‘are being cleaned out in preparation for the coming Golden Age.’ (another title for the so-called ‘New Age’ of TECHNOLOGICAL salvation - Branton)

The Masters and the Guardians used Rainbow City as their way-station when passing in and out of the South Polar Opening.


(As one can see, this whole account has a rather ‘New Age’ slant to it, as do most ‘revelations’ which come through mediumistic, occult or psychic ‘channels’. This very fact should cause one to have caution - Branton)

Barton claimed to have discovered these facts in psychic conversations with a number of astral entities through a channel he called ‘Telethot.’

“...There was another writer who kept Rainbow City alive as well—a man who proposed that the hidden war between planets, between the human race and the Snake People, continues secretly to THIS DAY... Robert Dickhoff told us that the day was not far off when it might be necessary to choose between Mars and Venus in an interplanetary Armageddon.”

(Note: Dickhoff supposes that the interior of Venus is largely inhabited by Reptilians—although others claim that some humans also live there—whereas the interior of Mars is largely populated by the human species. Dickhoff was the one who wrote, in his book ‘AGHARTA’, that an early Asian prince learned of an even more ancient cavern system below the Himalayas. This might be the one below the Potala shrine in Lhasa Tibet within which according to other sources there are also supposed to be perfectly preserved ‘caskets’ containing the remains of a race of ancient human giants.


However the caverns below central Asia were found by this prince to be the abode of the ‘serpent people’ according to Dickhoff, large lizardian hominoids which it was discovered were trying to psychically attack and control minds on the surface through a sinister form of black witchcraft and sorcery. Leading an army of warriors into the caverns, Dickhoff’s Buddhist sources told him, this Asian prince managed to drive out the reptilians and apprehend the prehistoric underground city for themselves. The reptilians from that point on supposedly began using the spelling ‘Aghartha’ rather than ‘Agharta’ in their propagandial psychic messages delivered to their occult human pawns who were oblivious to the fact that the so-called Ascended ‘Masters’ behind such messages whom they trusted were actually reptilians.

This was a type of signal that these reptilian sorcerers, according to Dickhoff, used. Presumably, the serpent race intended to take back Agharta for themselves one day. However, as in Doreal’s and the Hefferlin’s accounts, even though some of the information seems to support the ‘Grand Scenario’ as it is laid out in the mutually corroborating COSCON files and elsewhere, other allegations seem to be embellishments resulting from the occult leanings of the sources, and because of the largely paraphysical origin of many of these ideas it is very likely that such ‘revelations’ are nothing more than psychic propaganda designed to throw humanity off track from the REAL and documentable historical truths - Branton)

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