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The Solar System, Part Of A Galactic Hypercivilization?

Posted By: TNT MadDog
Date: 12/17/05 2:13 p.m.

A Solution To The Fermi Paradox: The Solar System, Part Of A Galactic Hypercivilization? By Beatriz Gato-Rivera
[Physicist at the Instituto de Matematicas y Fisica in Madrid] World Mystery Forum 2005, Interlaken (Switzerland)
November 2005 (excerpt) 9 Dec 2005
- Did you have any unusual experiences yourself that motivated the writ- ing of your article?
Not directly; I have never seen a UFO, nor have I tried to see one or to get in contact with aliens, as some people do.
Indirectly, I had a most unusual experience more than twenty years ago that has been a source of inspiration indeed, although
the true motivation to write the article was simply to reply to the ideas of the cosmologist Ken Olum, as I explain in detail in
the article.
- What kind of experience did you have? Could you say something about it?
This is a rather long story. In May 1984 a cousin of mine invited me for coffe at her place and she also invited an old
friend of hers. She warned me about the possibility of hearing strange statements because her friend was in contact with
extraterrestrials for several years already. At her place the conversation was revolving around normal matters. He was a
completely normal-looking guy with a normal job. After one hour or so we brought up the subject of summer vacations. At his turn he said, with a completely normal voice and straight face: 'I will go with my friends in July, we have already arranged
things. We will be a couple of days in the bases of the Moon and then they will bring me three weeks to Ganymede10 again. Last
summer I spent some days in Confraternity City, where there is a terrestrial colony of about 12.000 people. They have a very
interesting museum of History of Earth, where you can see the bodies of the prophet Elijah and the patriarch Enoch. They were
living in Ganymede for hundreds of years until they died'.

Although I didn't believe a word and I really thought he was crazy, I tried to show some interest, mainly out of politeness
(he was very polite himself), and so I started asking some questions. I asked how the view of Jupiter was from Ganymede, how long it takes to travel to the Moon and to Ganymede, how many people inhabit the satellite and what his friends look like. His answers were: 'Jupiter is enormous, it covers almost the whole sky', 'The trip to the Moon takes only two or three minutes, to Ganymede it depends on the spacecraft. In standard ones the trip takes a bit more than three days whereas in cylinder-shaped motherships the trip takes only three hours'. 'There are about two and a half million people in Ganymede, that they call Morlen, distributed mainly in five cities. In Crystal City is the government of Morlen as well as the government of the Confederation to which Morlen belongs. It is a Confederation of the 24 more advanced worlds in our galaxy and the government is called the Council of the 24 Elderly'. 'My friends from the bases on Earth are mainly from Ganymede, although you can meet people from the other 23 worlds as well. Most of them look similar, although taller or shorter depending on which world they come from. In general they are very handsome (angel-looking faces) with long blond hair, white skin and light-colored big eyes (a bit oblique), and most of them look like 40 years old, although they can be 300, 600, 800 years old since they can live until 1.200 (terrestrial) years and they master anti-aging technology. The most impressive-looking ones are the giants from planet Apu, in Alpha Centauri, who are about three meters tall and in addition wear very long, almost white hair.

My friends from Ganymede are also quite tall: more than two meters'.

At that moment I replied back: 'So, they are quite similar to us, although taller and more handsome, and in addition they are
the most evolved people in our galaxy. What a coincidence! How lucky we are that we have such wonderful neighbors!' Then he
said with a serious expression: 'This is not a coincidence, I am afraid, but 10Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter is also the
largest satellite in the Solar System, larger than the planets Mercury and Pluto.

I prefer not to give you the details. You are still too young and you wouldn't be able to handle the facts. Just let me tell
you that they arrived at this part of the galaxy: Alpha Centauri, the Solar System, the Pleyades, etc. almost three million years ago. They established themselves in artificial colonies without any natural life, so they constructed their worlds completely from scratch. They didn't bring animals along and therefore they only have plants and are vegetarian'.

Then I asked him how he got in contact with his friends and how they could understand each other. He said: 'They contacted me, I had never been interested in UFO's and extraterrestrials'. 'They have three glands inside the brain that we don't have. One of them produces very strong telepathic capabilities, so they do not speak with the mouth, only by telepathy. It is very easy to understand them because they speak a 'universal language' that is converted inside the receptor's brain into his/her mother tongue. For this reason they don't use technological devices for communications either, like phones or radios, they communicate exclusively by telepathy, even from one planet to another'.

Then he gave us the advice that we should never try to get in touch with aliens: 'There are some very dangerous humanoids, who come from another universe, that do horrible things to us. Although some groups of people have been lucky and have entered into telepathic communication with people from the Confederation, including some of my friends, the risk of getting
the wrong extraterrestrials is high'. Then I asked: 'What do you mean by another universe, do you mean that they come from
another galaxy? No, I mean another universe. There are 22 dimensions, not just the three that we know in our universe. For this reason there are lots of universes. These guys live in a universe nearby. The entrance to our universe is very close to the Solar System and once they enter they only have to travel for three days to reach Earth. They are not allowed to come here, of course, but they do it anyway. So, these guys are a real nightmare for my friends who do their best to chase them away. In fact, they have crashed more than once during the persecutions because their technology is far below the technology of the Confederation. Otherwise they would have taken over the planet and made us their slaves'. Finally I asked him whether he knew if all the universes are like ours. He said that the universe of the intruders is like ours, unfortunately, but as far as he had heard, many universes are different than ours.

I never saw him again (nor did I want to!). I had no doubts that he had a deep psychiatric illness whereas my cousin defended him saying that she had known him very well for many years and he was neither a liar nor crazy, therefore the story had to be
true, no matter what.

For the following fourteen years or so I did not think at all about the subject of extraterrestrial civilizations. Unexpectedly, one day around 1998 the subject came up somehow when talking to my friend Maite at her place. Then she showed me a couple of curious books about alleged contacts. One of the books, 'Los Manuscritos de Geenom (II)' (The Manuscripts of Geenom (II)) was written by a group based in Madrid, the Aztl´an group, which claimed to be in telepathic communication, once per week and for about twenty years already, with some citizens of planet Apu (the communications were supposed to be transmitted from planet to planet). The other book had for its title 'Yo visit´e Gan´ýmedes' (I visited Ganymede), by Yosip Ibrahim. So, suddenly I got 'teletransported' back to the coffee session fourteen years earlier.

I read these two books and, for the first time, I realized that I had never spent a single minute in my life thinking seriously
about the subject of extraterrestrial civilizations, even though I had always been open-minded regarding the possibility of alien
visitors. I became aware that this issue could be much more important and have much more far-reaching consequences than I,
and most open-minded people, naively could have imagined.

After spending some time thinking about this issue I reached the conclusion that it was not possible to discard the scenario
described by the friend of my cousin, no matter how strange it seemed to me. There were only two crucial questions to be answered: Would a civilization, millions of years ahead of us, be able to colonize places like the large satellites of Jupiter?
and, would such a civilization be able to completely conceal itself from external observers? My answer to these two questions
was undoubtedly positive.

In the following two years Maite and I read a few more books [13] about the Confederation-Apu-Ganymede affair, for our own
records, and that was all. It never crossed my mind to write an article about primitive versus advanced civilizations, and even
less to try to find the 'truth' about the whole issue. However, in March 2003 the article by Ken Olum [14] appeared in the
scientific archives and triggered my attention again to the subject. He was saying that our small terrestrial civilization should be part of a galactic civilization spanning a large region of the galaxy, as followed from his computations, but however we are not part of such a civilization, as observation confirms. Needless to say, this article provoked deep feelings in me, even though I didn't agree with Olum's arguments. So I started thinking seriously again about the issue and shortly after I had the ideas of the Subanthropic Principle and the Undetectability Conjecture. Then I decided to write an article discussing the possibility that our terrestrial civilization could be embedded in a large advanced civilization without being aware of it.

God is an isotropic', ('not changing /in all directions'), line parallel to itself and vibrating on itself at right angles. He is like a system of axes in which the point of intersection of the lines is (isotropic: That which exhibits equal physical actions in all directions. Light is a case in point.) everywhere at the same time/at once. Then He is many, because dimensions are contained within Him, 'when these are per-mutated-to use a terrestrial definition-" n" equals infinity.

Your attention must have been drawn to an interesting peculiarity of electricity: if we turn a rotor in a magnetic field formed by a magnet, we immediately get a flow of electrons which move along the surface of the conductor. I myself used to wonder where these electrons came from. They do not come from anywhere, they were generated within the magnetic field. How? They are the result of a deformation brought about within the magnetic field by the movement of the rotor.

Supposing we take this generator and enclose it in an airtight vessel, we still get a flow of electrons as soon as we start the rotor turning, and if we had a pressure gauge inside the vessel we would see that in spite of the large current flowing between the two conductors, the atmospheric pressure would remain the same. This being the case, we can define the electron as deformed magnetic space, propagated in wave form. An eloquent proof that the electron is a wave form and not a particle is obtained by refracting it through a spectrum.

God supplied the power that brings about the deformation of space and the Sun, by an opposite process, turns it back into energy, thus re-establishing the balance. Everything comes from God and everything returns to Him. That is why neither matter nor energy exist, but only deformed space, which is called matter, and what you call energy is nothing more than a phenomenon of transition between primordial space and deformed space. clip..

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