by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf


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Thousands of people world-wide report almost agreeing on experiences, which sound more than bizarre: they were abducted allegedly in any unsettled way to an unknown place ("spaceship"), where strange small grey "extraterrestrials" with huge black eyes (in America briefly named "the Greys") accomplished medical investigations at them.

Very often people report that they were "sucked inside" the presumed "spaceship" with a kind of ray of light or that they had to cross a tunnel.

During the whole experience people mostly are in a kind of rigidity condition, where they can neither move nor resist against the whole procedure.

Usually is then reported about genetic experiments on a kind of "operation table", about withdrawal of tissue samples, egg or sperm cells, sometimes also about surgical interferences. After the experience time delays often arise, i.e. time passed (often hours or days), over which one does not know what happened.

In very rare cases even physical traces stay, e.g. in the form of fire-pure in the area, or the persons show local burns, scars etc. after such experiences. It will be shown that not necessarily interference of "extraterrestrial spaceships" have to be assumed for the explanation of these effects.

Classical explanations

Information about the well-known explanation models - which are not particularly convincing all - you may call up via the specified links here.

  1. " UFO abductees" are psychologically ill, or they daydream themselves these experiences only after the consumption of too many science fiction films.

  2. " UFO abductions" arise only during hypnotical trance, they are suggested by the therapist or produced unconsciously by the people, in order to please the therapist.

  3. " UFO abductions" are a repressed memory of own birth.

  4. " UFO abductions" are masked experiences of sexual abuse in the childhood.

  5. " UFO abductions" are hallucinations, which are released by electromagnetic waves (Schumann waves).

  6. " UFO abductions" are memories of a real experience, i.e. an extraterrestrial civilization actually visits the earth, in order to abuse humans for their experiments.

  • Due to own research of many years in this field the authors came to the following conclusions: The hypothesis that extraterrestrials abduct humans into UFOs, is not provable.


  • The subjective experiences of humans have a very strongly archetypical character in the sense of the psychology of C.G.Jung, whereby the remarkable uniformity of the descriptions all over the world is explainable. This led it in the past to erroneous-proves to interpret them as "objective experiences with extraterrestrials" (more details for this in the separate article Structure and meaning of the archetypical UFO experiences).


  • Even if the "UFO experiences" can be only subjective realities, they are nevertheless very important, because they hide a more deep-seated experience level, which does not necessarily have to do something with "UFOs" or "extraterrestrials".


  • Insights of modern physics (especially in the field of gravitation), genetics and behavior research (especially about group consciousness) may explain this experience level scientifically.

Therapeutic proceeding

According to experience "UFO experiences" always take place in an altered state of consciousness. Such virtual experiences in altered states of consciousness are not anything unusual. For example our nocturnal dreams run off on a similar level.

For the therapeutic treatment the medical hypnosis is recommended. The experiences are first worked on quite classically linear-analytically by regression techniques, thus by going back to the presumed time of the experience, so as if it would be past real experiences (e.g. from the childhood) or past nightmares.

In view of the bizarre topic one could naturally try to argue with reason arguments and refer the people to the untenability of his memories.

Such a proceeding would be however totally wrong. The modern hypnotherapy by Milton Erickson teaches rather that materials produced by people in hypnotic trance should be taken impartially to the knowledge and be placed into the center of the therapeutic work, independently of whether they represent memories of real experiences or not, in the opinion of the therapist.

Repeated linear working on these materials contents in the sense of the regressive hypnosis (thus in this case - going back to the moment of a hypothetical "UFO experience") leads with time - according to the theory - to the fact that people concerned are automatically able to interpret and/or change these experiences, without standardized interpretations of the therapist would have to be suggested.

In the case of the "UFO experiences" in many cases it actually comes to a state, in which people recognize the fact on their own part that these experiences are not objectively real but that they only mask another experience. Usually next they draw the conclusion that they do not need these archetypical-brutally looking pictures any longer, and they carry on automatically to another experience level.

This process of transcendence of the classical "UFO experience" normally leads to a clear improvement of the general psychical condition. The typical post traumatic stress symptoms disappear.

The virtual communication level

The level which people achieve in this moment is characterized by some important parameters:

The "extraterrestrial" scenery disappears.

A new, again obviously virtual reality comes up instead, that is mostly somewhat more abstractly as the typical "UFO scenery" - and in that people may communicate with an apparently different intelligence.

The so far linear experience, connected with a fixed time, becomes now nonlinear. Even if the starting point were an alleged experience from the past, to which the concerning was led back by the therapist, the experience changes now to a spontaneous transition to "here and now". People may interact directly with the new coming up virtual reality and/or with the apparent intelligence acting therein using a kind of hypercommunication.


Following the descriptions of people this is not a normal discussion dialogue, but answers to questions posed are directly accessible to the consciousness of humans.

The question, with "whom" or "what" humans communicate in such a moment, may not be finally answered.

It is important that people recognize in this moment (this cannot be suggested in any case!), that the scenery is virtual and that they are not helplessly delivered thereby by any means to any objective happening. Their role in the scenery changes itself fundamentally from the passive observer and/or victim of the experience to the active "co-arranger".

If this is once recognized, then the therapist may embody this attitude more firmly in the subconscious mind, by encouraging him to "co-arrange" the virtual scenery from now on even more actively.

The virtual conference room

People are encouraged to visualize themselves a virtual environment in trance after own conceptions, for example a modern conference room with all audiovisual equipments, and next to start hypercommunication with the unknown intelligence in this area.

Thus he gets the feeling to receive even more control on the experience. Usually hypercommunication worked exactly in the same way as in the virtual reality, which had come up automatically after transcendence of the archetypical "operation table scene" in the "spaceship".

In this scenery the therapist may try to ask questions, about which he is sure that their answers are unknown to the client (we usually asked for certain scientific facts, which were even not known to us in many cases).

Normally he gets answers to these questions from his client, which may be (and even have to be) examined afterwards for plausibility, in order to avoid the danger of a naive and credulous interpretation of the situation.

While a part of these answers obviously, not comprehensible or even unreasonable (more details here), another part could afterwards be examined perfectly. Among them were some amazing statements, which were not known to the authors before:

  • A woman described an anti-gravitation experiment in easily symbolically disguised form, but nevertheless scientifically accurately comprehensibly, as it was actually already accomplished in this form.

  • Another statement mentioned that "UFOs" were not spaceships, but only a "carrier of communication", and that for this "mirror masses" are necessary.

On this level people often receive in trance entrance to further, substantially more abstract virtual communication areas, which had a smooth, but from today's view unusual character. Often thereby even the impression of a so far unknown aesthetics came up.

People report during the trance work in such areas to be often confronted with a strong energy. They have occasionally the feeling to withdraw with consciousness from their body (OBE = Out OF Body Experience), and even learn to move in the virtual realities in a completely new and different kind (partly also with their "astral body"), whereby such movements may lead to different results, which we cannot interpret on the today's conditions of science yet.

In view of the fact that virtual realities apply more and more in today's time, for example in architecture or in medicine, philosophers and culture scientists discuss already now the relationship between the virtual worlds of the modern technology and the interior world of humans (the latter existed always!).

In this context also the therapeutic work with virtual communication areas in suitable cases will be more and more important in the future. One must separate these techniques strictly from picture worlds daydreamed purely, as for instance using the well-known therapy of the "katathyme pictures" or other daydreaming techniques. In the case of the virtual conference room the produced internal worlds seem to be neither purely subjective nor purely objective, but in an intermediate range, because comprehensible information is conveyed, and it comes occasionally even to outwardly measurable physical side effects.

Physically measurable side effects

Working therapeutically in trance with people, which had such "UFO experiences", particularly when operating virtual communication areas, leads quite frequently to the fact that it comes thereby in the consulting rooms to measurable physical side effects. For the first time in the history of the study of these experiences the authors could prove that these experiences do not only take place in the brains of people:

  • Measurable electromagnetic fields in the area arise, electronic devices (CD players, tape recorders, bio feedback devices) are disturbed in their function or even damaged.

  • These fields may be measured occasionally even at the body of humans concerned, without having appropriate things with them, which could be responsible for this this.

  • These fields even remain in the area still for a while, if the person already went off.

  • These strange effects can be explained scientifically only by interdisciplinary research, whereby modern insights of physics (above all the gravitation), genetics and behavior biology (group consciousness) have to be taken into account.

Latest scientific results

At the Russian academy for sciences in Novosibirsk, among other things, V.Djatlov and A.Dmitrijev found out that smaller space-time tunnels (so-called wormholes), which after newest insights are kept stable by negative masses (so-called mirror masses), may form so-called vacuum domains in our terrestrial atmosphere. Inside them gravitation may transform into electricity, which leads to dancing luminescent objects, which often resemble the form of UFOs. In similar way natural rotation fields can transform into magnetism and vice versa.

Nearly identically a person in trance described the procedure of hypercommunication with the "UFO as carrier", although these scientific insights were not known to the public at that time (and until today) and were not published in German language.

This should not exclude categorically the existence of material spaceships from other planets, but this way the multiplicity of the UFO sighting may be explained scientifically. Anyway skeptics like critical UFO researchers always remark that much too many UFOs are sighted, so that it is impossible they could be all visitors from the universe. Even still: Even if there should be material spaceships, which visit the earth, then they would avail themselves in all probability - in view of the large distances in the universe - of a space-time tunnel, thus a medium sized, sturdy wormhole. Thus they " would announce themselves " automatically in form of a bright vacuum domain.

Such wormholes deposit themselves however on the level of our body cells, at the DNA, as in Moscow Professor P. Garjajev found out. After newest insights the DNA forms communication channels this way, or more exactly said - the channels of hypercommunication, by which space and time-spreading information may flow.

The DNA molecule is, after the Russian research, a superconducting information memory, which is wrapped by a so-called nonlinear Soliton wave, which is able to store and also send data beyond the material-genetic information. So far science always regarded the genetic code as something static, that developed in the moment of fertilization and programs the organism following a rigid pattern later. Now we know the fact that the DNA molecule is set in oscillation beyond these biochemical characteristics using a carrier wave which changes dynamically and may store and send information.


Thus the DNA may interact also with the genetic substance of other organisms, via the hypercommunication channels.

This could explain the achievements of the group consciousness of many animal species, state-forming insects, which quite obviously communicate with one another with their joint venture works without help of the well-known senses.

If then in addition, humans communicate with one another via the DNA level, then thereby naturally not only hereditary instinct knowledge flows, as possibly with the animals, but all knowledge of mankind also may be acquired. Communication on this level of human group consciousness could be responsible thus for the amazing, scientifically examinable statements in trance.

Since during this procedure vacuum domains in the sense of the theories of Djatlov and Dmitrijev come up, also the presence of measurable electromagnetic fields in the process of such a hypercommunication is explainable, likewise the fact that these fields are still present later, i.e. if humans already went off. A similar phenomenon Garjajev discovered in Moscow with spectrographic analysis of DNA samples: the spectral changes remained for a while, even after the tissue sample was removed from the experimental equipment. In extreme cases this "phantom DNA effect" could be proven still for months.

Modern physics interprets this in such a way that by the accumulation of microscopic wormholes to the DNA sequences the space-time structure itself is locally changed and that these changed structures of the hyperspace - similar as the Soliton wave, the carrier wave of the DNA - are temporally quite stable.

Now the reader shouldn't come to the wrong conclusion, that we consider hypercommunication as a purely mental procedure, and in strict contrast to the material network technologies already existing. A coupling of both aspects, i.e. artificial releasing of hypercommunication with technical aids probably already happened.

An example is the well-known "Persinger helmet" (see hypothesis 5), by which humans were stimulated with modulated Schumann waves (i.e. extremely long-wave electromagnetic waves within the range under 10 cycles per second), to which the human brain reacts. This way UFO similar experiences could be generated with test persons.

Also at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow experiments already were performed to transfer information to the DNA by irradiation of DNA samples with certain modulated frequencies. The results were amazing, because the DNA molecules reacted to this irradiation, by sending for their own part electromagnetic oscillations.

Even if the different virtual realities dissolve with the trance work with such experiences gradually, the core, i.e. the ability for hypercommunication, remains thus the binding to a still unknown consciousness information network, which remains accessible to the humans concerned further. With the time, as experience shows, they learn to deal with these new ability of communication. Fears diminish themselves to a large extent. Quite obviously develops a new form of human intelligence, which one could call network intelligence.

The nature of this network is unclear so far. It appears as safe that it covers human group consciousness (collective subconsciousness), because archetypical pictures arise, and information becomes available, which as a whole is known to mankind (even if it is not to the receiver).

It is not however clear on today's knowledge by any means whether it could concern thereby an open net, so that in this way also different intelligence forms would be attainable, for example animal consciousness, holistic structures of consciousness of ecosystems or - exceeding the range of the earth - hypothetical extraterrestrial intelligences.

Note: More exact information about the proceeding with the trance work with virtual realities, particularly in the virtual conference room, is available from the authors on request.


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