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Sunday, May 22, 2005



Wendelle Stevens published a book, "UFO Contact at Mirassol." This is an update. The author of this article is Dr. Walter Buhler, MD. It has been translated from Portuguese.

Abduction at Mirassol, describes the case of the Brazilian Antonio Carlos Ferreira.
According to a fresh report which appeared in the local Mirassol newspaper, Diario Da Regiao, of 12/18 June 1986, this man has now told Professor Ney Matiel Pires (who has been studying the case since 1979) that he has been picked up again by a UFO twice during the past twenty days, namely in the early morning of Sunday, May 25, 196, and again in the course of Saturday, June 7. This later episode took place at the Ibraco Furniture Factory in Mirassol, when the alien beings even left marks on the door of the plant and inside the section where Antonio Carlos is employed.

On the first of these two occasions, namely in the very early morning of Sunday, May 25, 1986, Antonio Carlos, who, as will be recalled, is employed as a night-watchman at the furniture factory, has told Professor Ney Matiel Pires that he even tried to draw his revolver, as he could no longer put up with the situation in which he was being made subject to these visitations, but he says he was struck by a beam of light which paralyzed him and knocked the revolver to a distance. After that, he remembers only being taken to a craft and then, subsequently, waking up again hours afterwards.

Professor Matiel tells us that Antonio Carlos was not found until 6:00 p.m. on that same day, lying unconscious in a dense thicket near the factory.

The Professor is of the opinion that the man must genuinely have been taken by a UFO, since he himself found certain marks on the ground there which looked as though made by the legs of the craft, and also a larger mark, which could have been made by some sort of descending ramp.
On the basis of these marks, the Professor calculates that the craft must have been three meters wide, and extremely heavy, for the marks were very deep.

Professor Ney Matiel Pires says that the appearances of these alien beings come in cycles of approximately eighteen months, inasmuch as the last occasion was in March 1985.
He says, however, that the latest case of all (Saturday, June 7) is unique, inasmuch as, for the very first time, it took place in broad daylight between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m.

On this last occasion, says the Professor, the faint marks left on the ground suggest that the craft had not actually touched down, but took up the watchman and returned him by means of a beam of light.

Antonio Carlos states that it was just before his scheduled lunch time at 10:30 a.m, on June 7, that he became aware of the presence of the aliens, and that he at once telephoned to the headquarters of the Municipal Night-Watch Department, by whom he is employed, and asked for someone to come quickly. But when his colleagues arrived at the plant, all they found was his hat and his revolver thrown on the ground. And they also found very clear marks on the ground and on the door, as though of burning, as well as a strange circle on the outside of the building. The Police were called, and Professor Ney Matiel Pires also. However, it was only many hours later that Antonio Carlos was found by them, namely at 6:00 p.m. lying unconscious in the nearby thicket.

These last two occasions were the eleventh and twelfth contacts of Antonio Carlos with the beings, and the dossier on him now runs to 63 pages, in addition to many drawings and photographs. Listed in it are the various theories that have been put forward to explain these curious experiences of the almost illiterate night watchman. He has already described, when given regressive hypnosis previously how he had met "green beings" and "brown beings." And how he was forced to have sexual relations with an "extraterrestrial" woman, who had given birth to a daughter (whom he had subsequently met!). On the occasions of the other abductions of him, he had met fair-skinned beings, more like humans, and also dark skinned beings and "hairy" beings.

He also said, during the previous hypnotic regression, that his daughter is dark skinned, intelligent and "better looking than they are," with reddish-coloured hair, and that she has no desire to meet her terrestrial relatives.

In most of the abductions, Antonio Carlos was lifted up into the craft by means of a beam of light, the colour of which is variable. His contact with the aliens is effected by means of telepathy, he himself speaking and hearing without ever opening his mouth.


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